#MeToo Hits Korea: 5 K-Idols Who Spoke Up About Female Empowerment

7 Mar 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

Since last October, the #MeToo social campaign has been sweeping the entertainment biz, inspiring others to come forward with their own accounts outing major Hollywood stars. It was only a matter of time before the Weinstein effect snowballed into the K-pop industry – and it’s finally here, with allegations against several high-profile actors and entertainers coming to light day after day. In light of the ongoing movement, fellow celebrities have also been stepping out to join the conversation.



The f(x) member has always been vocal about standing up for issues she care about, and she couldn’t have said it any better. One of the first Korean celebrities to speak up about the topic, Amber took to Instagram back in October to show her support for the movement: “It happens everywhere, even [in Korea]. I want to add my voice as well. Not only from what I have experienced but also from what I have seen my friends and loved ones have to go through… and because it’s so common, I hate to say it.. the feelings became so numb and we all felt that we just had to ‘deal with it. As the human race, let’s continue to show love, compassion and respect towards one another.” Say it louder, Amber!



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Apart from being total girl crush material, we love that Sunmi has never been one to shy away from addressing controversial topics. In a recent interview, the former Wonder Girls member opened up about the double standards of being a female idol. “It’s a difficult world for women to live in because the standards for a female artiste are strict. Whether it’s dating scandals, personal abuse or sexual harassment, the blow is even bigger for female celebrities just by looking at the comments section. I wanted to be reserved about it, but it made me so mad these days. It gets unfair sometimes.” ‘Nuff said, Sunmi is the ‘Heroine’ we all deserve. 



During the recent press conference for her upcoming drama My Husband, Mr. Oh!, UEE commented: “As I read things online, I feel sad and shocked thinking that such things have happened. As a woman, I would like to voice my support.” The former After School member is the latest celebrity to get on board with the campaign, and we sure hope more stars will follow suit. 

Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri

In a televised broadcast with Newsroom, Kim Tae Ri expresses how she relates to the movement as an actress who started out in small plays. “I think I felt more of those feelings because I know all too well about the perpetrators’ social positions and that their power is too great. I do not dare assume that I know how much pain the victims feel,” she shared. “However, I know the horrible structure that would make me also have to be silent if I were in that situation. I think this series of events is a miracle. I hope that this kind of movement doesn’t just end with exposures and apologies, but will result in creating a better society.” 

BTOB’s Hyunsik


 It’s not just the female celebrities who are taking a stand for themselves – BTOB’s Hyunsik is one of those who openly advocated for women’s rights. A 2013 interview resurfaced in light of the recent events, where the then 21-year-old revealed that he detests “people who are like trash and commit crimes against women because they believe women are weaker”. And for a rookie idol who was merely one year into his career, it’s refreshing to see Hyunsik shedding light on the issue.

With more and more celebrities speaking up about #MeToo, we hope it will keep the conversation moving forward and spark a change. If you or someone you know have faced sexual assault, please seek help by calling the Sexual Assault Care Centre at 6779 0282.

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When you think of girl power, you think of Fifth Harmony. We all know that the 5H girls are the ultimate queens of pop right now, with their charismatic charms, insane vocals and catchy tunes. From the brilliant bops of ‘Down’ and ‘He Like That’, to indelible melodies like ‘Make You Mad’ and ‘Angel’, there’s no doubt that the fabulous foursome knows how to put the bass in the beat. Ahead of their PSA Tour in Singapore, we caught up with Dinah Jane for a chat on their new album, her thoughts on female empowerment and more!

You’ve come so far since X-Factor! If you could share a piece of advice with your X-Factor self, what would you say?
I was 18 at that time and I feel that confidence was something I struggled with. So I would probably tell myself to surround yourself with people who truly love you because they’ll build your confidence. They know your worth so they can help you grow. With them by your side, you’ll blossom into who you’re meant to be.

You’ve sung many of your tracks in Spanish and they all sound incredible. If you woke up one day, fluent in any language you’d like to be fluent in, what language would you speak?
I think Spanish is a sexy language and everyone can agree on that. I wish I learned Tongan growing up though! I was raised with my grandparents and when I was learning it, my mum would be like “she’s from America so she’s got to speak English”. So I would definitely love to learn Tongan.

You were more involved in producing your new album. How has this new creative freedom shaped you as an artiste?
I feel more fearless now. This self-titled album sparked something in me and I feel more capable now to write my own music. It opened a whole different door for me. Ever since [the album], I feel so inspired and so moved to go out there and speak the truth. I always say it’s easy to write a love song, but the difficult part is writing something super personal to you. Ultimately, it’s all about not letting fear hold you back. Whatever comes first to your mind creatively, run with it. Marry it.

What are some of your favourite lyrics from the new album?
I especially love ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’ and my favourite lyrics are “Don’t promise me tonight without tomorrow”. I think that would make a great Instagram caption.

Sam Smith mentioned that he wants 5H to sing at his wedding during Carpool Karaoke, so we want to know – who would you like to sing at your wedding?
Sam Smith! (Laughs) We have to do another karaoke session because that just wasn’t enough. I would love for Sam Smith to sing ‘Latch’ at my wedding! His angelic voice while I’m walking down the aisle, you know?

If you had the chance collaborate with anyone you’d like, who would it be and why?
I’m a huge reggae girl, so Bob Marley – it would be incredible working with him. Bob Marley and the Wailers are just everything to me. Or Miguel! I love Miguel! He’s such an amazing artiste. I love how lyrically awesome and how witty he can be so I think we can create something cool.


We love how you guys are so vocal on social media – from advocating for social injustice to self-empowerment. How important is having a social media presence for an artiste today?
It’s super important to stay connected with your fans so that you can hear their stories and what they’re going through. We’re always told that we’ve saved so many lives through our music.

What are some issues do you wish people would care more about?
I love kids, so anything to do with children. We visit a lot of children’s hospitals and it just sparks something in me. We go there to sing some songs, let them know there’s hope and help them with what they’re going through.

With all the female empowerment movements that are gaining traction right now, what does girl power mean to you?
Unity. We all come from different backgrounds and have walked different paths. So with our experiences we can unite as one and empower each other and strengthen each other.


everything’s blurry but the feelings are real

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Thanks to Sony Music Singapore for the interview opportunity!

ICYMI: Fifth Harmony will be coming to Singapore for their PSA Tour on 14 March at [email protected] Box so don’t forget to get your tickets to the show before they’re all gone. Don’t say you didn’t get the memo!

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9 Fifth Harmony Lyrics To Make You Feel Like A Total Girl BO$$

2 Mar 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

It’s no secret that Fifth Harmony is one of the biggest girl groups in the world right now. With their powerhouse vocals, fierce personalities and girl power vibes, the foursome continues to be a symbol of female empowerment through their feel-good anthems. In the wake of the #MeToo movement and with International Women’s Day coming up, we’ve gathered some of our favourite lyrics to make you feel like a badass from the baddest BO$$es in the game. Who run the world? 5H!

ICYMI: The pop divas will be bringing their girl power mantra to town on 14 March at [email protected] Box as part of their PSA Tour so don’t forget to snag your tickets to the show right here. Girls gotta support girls! 

Did your favourite 5H lyric make the list? Drop ’em in the comments below!

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It ain’t a fantasy: K-pop sweethearts TWICE will be back to get your hearts shaking on 17 June 2018 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium!


Following news that the nine-member girl group will be kicking off their second concert series TWICELAND Zone 2: Fantasy Park with a three-day concert in Seoul, our good friends at ONE Production just dropped the bomb that the girls will indeed be including a Singapore leg to the tour!

After a hugely successful albeit smaller-scale show at The Star Theatre last April, they are set to perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, previously graced by K-pop royalty Super Junior and EXO this year. Now, add TWICE to the hall of fame. Despite the bigger venue, we have no doubts that they’ll be able to fill the stadium in a matter of seconds so be sure to snag your tickets once the details are out – don’t even think twice about it.


Date: 17 June 2018
Time: 5pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Ticket prices: $288 (VIP – inclusive of 2 exclusive gifts and 1 lucky draw chance for a hi-touch session), $248, $208, $188, $168

Tickets will go on sale from 15 April, 12pm via www.sportshubtix.sg

Watch the music videos of their latest bops ‘Heart Shaker’ and ‘Likey’:

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Since their last music release back in July, fans have been eagerly waiting for fresh tunes from our homegrown pop darlings The Sam Willows. And it’s finally here in the form of not one, but two singles – ‘Robot’ and ‘Papa Money’ – much to the excitement of those who’ve been endlessly putting ‘Save Myself’ and ‘Keep Me Jealous’ on repeat. To celebrate their double music drops, we caught up with the spunky foursome for an interview and things got pretty wild (as usual). 

Watch the Willows do their best robot impersonations, dish details about their upcoming album… and what’s this we hear about ‘Robot’ and ‘Papa Money’ being a “social experiment”? You’ve got some explaining to do, Ben!

‘Robot’ and ‘Papa Money’ are now available for purchase and streaming.

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