This Is How A Fan Got MONSTA X To Make A Cameo On We Bare Bears

17 May 2019 by Megan Cheah

It’s no secret that South Korea loves We Bare Bears. The tale of three adoptive bear brothers Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear, and their diverse bunch of friends including a Korean prodigy named Chloe Park, have made waves across the country and even (sort of?) made cameos on K-dramas such as Goblin.

The adorable, fluffy bears’ allure is not lost on the idols themselves, with many stars proclaiming their love for the hit series to their fans. There are none whom have expressed this more so than MONSTA X’s leader Shownu, who the fans have compared to the bears multiple times. So, when one Monbebe directly mentioned We Bare Bears creator Daniel Chong on Twitter with a plea to have the boys on their show, we wouldn’t say it was entirely unsurprising that Chong was quick to answer.

That was more than a year ago, and now it seems like Chong has made MONSTA X and Monbebes’ dream come true with the seven idols set to appear on the next episode of the American cartoon series, scheduled to be aired on 27 May in the US. A preview of their guest appearance was released on 16 May – coincidentally, just two days after MONSTA X’s fourth anniversary – and stan Twitter absolutely exploded.

In another tweet, Chong confirmed that the original mention by that particular fan was what got him to work with the boys.

Monbebes were also quick to point out the subtle references to the seven-member group’s most meme-worthy moments and iconic looks. A fan managed to narrow down the various eras that each member represented – truly an in-depth look at MONSTA X’s whole discography!

Of course, we can’t go without mentioning the straight-faced Shownu (in a white hoodie!) looking similar to Ice Bear.

And who can forget the iconic Starbucks GIF featuring Hyungwon, which elevated his status from group visual to meme king across all of K-pop? Here, the pink-haired vocalist is seen sipping on a drink as he invites Ice Bear to “chill” with them.

For comparisons, here’s the original meme in its full glory:

Hyungwon Monsta X

Even the Marvel Cinematic Universe got a shout-out – we’ve got Marvel fanboy Jooheon whipping out Thor’s hammer in his surprise.

Finally, fans also dug out a VLive video where Jooheon shared that he’d like to voice-act in animation one day. Playing himself in a Emmy-nominated cartoon? We reckon its definitely one for the record books.

Check out the full preview of MONSTA X’s appearance in We Bare Bears here:

The special episode featuring MONSTA X will air simultaneously on Cartoon Network (StarHub TV CH 316 and Singtel TV CH 226) and Oh!K (StarHub TV CH 816 and Singtel TV CH 525/611) on 9 August at 9am in Singapore, and will be available for viewing on the Cartoon Network Watch & Play app as well.

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