95% – was what MXM rated their chemistry with each other at the open press conference for their [MATCH UP] Fanmeeting in Singapore.

We’ve always known that Youngmin and Donghyun are inseparable since their Produce 101 days, so it comes as no surprise these two would make an unbeatable pairing as MXM. And fans are more than convinced that their impeccable teamwork isn’t just for show when they were in town last week, all sunny smiles and bubbling with infectious energy as they bounced around the stage. Can’t get enough of them? Here’s a collection of moments that proved they’re the perfect duo.

#1 They have the same variety sense.


When asked what kind of variety shows would they want to appear on during the press conference, MXM spared no hesitation in answering Running Man as they’re both very active. “We’d love to take part in a programme that throws us in the wild and allows us to pick up survival skills and do everything from scratch,” Youngmin shared, which immediately brings to mind Law of the Jungle. Donghyun added, “We enjoy cooking and travelling as well, so Three Meals A Day or a travel show would be fantastic.” Hey fellow producers, how does a love call to Rhymer sound?

#2 And they love teasing us.


One of the most adorable moments during the fanmeeting was when they were asked what fans could expect from the show, to which the crowd playfully called out for the boys to show off their six-packs. “Not today, maybe next time!” quipped an amused Youngmin, while Donghyun cheekily patted his tummy and looked around for his non-existent abs.

Check out their hilarious reactions below!

#3 They’re same same, but different.

To further prove their strong bond with each other, MXM played a quick game where they attempted to match up their answers to a series of ‘This or That’ questions. Although they had differing opinions on a couple of questions – Youngmin prefers summer while Donghyun prefers winter; Youngmin likes coffee while Donghyun likes tea – they still have plenty in common with one another. For instance, both of them chose the colour black over white. Not to mention they have the cutest bro-handshake ever. Friendship goals!

#4 Their fan service game is A+.

When it comes to dishing out fan service, MXM never disappoints. Besides blessing us with top-notch live performances, the two-hour set was peppered with mini game segments where fans could get upclose and personal with the lads. Some lucky fans were even able to walk away with a selfie polaroid with the boys, much to the envy of everyone else in the audience.

However, the rest of us had our fair share of perks too as we were treated to a mandatory high-touch session and a group photo opportunity after the show – no one was left out. Both of them were clearly worn out towards the end, but they showed no signs of exhaustion and entertained fans throughout it all. With this alone, we have no doubts that MXM will certainly go far in their music career.

#5 They are humble at heart.


As this was their first time performing in Singapore, fans put in extra effort to make it an unforgettable experience for MXM. Not only did they specially prepare banners that read “Let’s be together forever”, they also made a video montage and brought out a diamond-shaped cake as a surprise for the boys – which was a huge success. “We feel like we’ve received a lot more than what we gave you today. We are so grateful for your love and support,” Donghyun enthused, overwhelmed with gratitude as both of them bid farewell to their adoring fans.

Three hours later, we left the venue with heads swimming and hearts oh so full.

Image credits: IME Singapore

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