It's Official: Nathan Hartono Will Be Making His Debut In China!

6 Feb 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

It’s no secret that we at Teenage have been longtime fans of Nathan Hartono since his fetus days – whether it’s because of his swoon-worthy vocals, winsome personality or penchant for humour – so we are beyond stoked to hear that the local heartthrob will be finally making his official debut in China.

Nathan Hartono

Two years after the nail-biting national phenomenon that is Sing!China, Nathan is staging his long-awaited comeback to the music scene with his first ever Mandarin release ‘Electric Love (爱超给电)’ – a “recharged” version of his 2016 single ‘Electricity’ which will be included in a full EP slated to drop later this year. And judging from the rockstar vibes in his latest set of publicity images, it’s safe to say we’re in for some electrifying action. Fans can also look forward to reinterpretations of his earlier discography, along with a handful of pop originals that will see him embracing a whole new direction and sound.

“I’ve been extremely excited for so long now to finally get the ball rolling with new music, so I’m curious to see how the audience responds to my new stuff,” says the 26-year-old in a press release. “I’m going for something fun yet unpredictable. The journey so far into a new country has been such a learning experience, and it’s all just very exciting because I’ve never done anything quite like this before.”

Nathan Hartono’s ‘Electric Love (爱超给电)’ will be released exclusively on Tencent Music Entertainment Group in China on 7 February and made available to the rest of the world on 9 February across all digital platforms, distributed exclusively via Warner Music Singapore.

Image credits: Leslie Kee, Warner Music Singapore

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