Not A Fan Of CNY Gatherings? These Netflix Families Got Your Back!

10 Feb 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

Chinese New Year will soon be upon us! As much as we look forward to stuffing ourselves with pineapple tarts and collecting ang baos, you know there’s always that one relative who never fails to fuss over your outfit, pry about your relationship status… you get the idea. Don’t get us wrong though, we totally love ’em – but if your family shenanigans are becoming a tad overwhelming, why not seek refuge in these virtual fams instead? Check out this Netflix flowchart to find out which house you belong to!

Netflix Family Flowchart

YOU GOT: A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events

They’re as loyal as a pack of wolves, but not just to anybody. The Baudelaire trio is inseparable, and despite some unavoidable family squabbles, it’s almost as if they are telepathically connected. Sister sneaking out for a date? You’d have her back. Mum left the pineapple tarts in the oven too long? You’d say they’re toasty, not burnt. If you’re the type to ride or die, this family is for you.

YOU GOT: Orange is the New Black

Orange Is The New Black

No family dinner at the OITNB house(prison?)hold is quiet as everyone wants to have a say in something. They may not agree all the time, and there may even be instances where a frigid silence permeates the prison. But those pseudo hostile moments rarely last long because in the end, you know everyone’s got the family’s best interest at heart.

YOU GOT: Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet

They’re a bunch of toughies and are unequivocally the bearers of hard truths. What sets them apart from the rest is that they are unapologetic, but often cause more good than harm. Just as Sheila and Joel’s passive-aggressive banter stems from affection, you’ll fit right in if you appreciate a bit of tough love!  

YOU GOT: Friends


They enjoy the company of their friends the best. Nothing makes them more pumped up than hanging out with their favourite people because they just get each other. Boundaries? They don’t exist. Secrets? Can’t keep them under wraps for more than two seconds. Whatever happens, you know that you will always have your special circle of friends that are as tight as a family can be.

YOU GOT: The Sound of Your Heart

The Sound of Your Heart

People may consider this Korean household to be ‘different’, but it’s just the path less travelled. Quite like how Jo Seok drew cartoons in his own quirky way to success, you’re a believer of alternate realities. If you love the fact that your cousin’s a professional dog cuddler or your uncle’s a feng shui master, you’re with the right fam!

Image credits: Netflix Singapore

At the end of the day, every family has its fair share of drama. Besides, a family that binge-watches together, stays together – so gather your family members and bond over these feel-good Netflix picks together. Happy CNY!

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It's Official: Nathan Hartono Will Be Making His Debut In China!

6 Feb 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

It’s no secret that we at Teenage have been longtime fans of Nathan Hartono since his fetus days – whether it’s because of his swoon-worthy vocals, winsome personality or penchant for humour – so we are beyond stoked to hear that the local heartthrob will be finally making his official debut in China.

Nathan Hartono

Two years after the nail-biting national phenomenon that is Sing!China, Nathan is staging his long-awaited comeback to the music scene with his first ever Mandarin release ‘Electric Love (爱超给电)’ – a “recharged” version of his 2016 single ‘Electricity’ which will be included in a full EP slated to drop later this year. And judging from the rockstar vibes in his latest set of publicity images, it’s safe to say we’re in for some electrifying action. Fans can also look forward to reinterpretations of his earlier discography, along with a handful of pop originals that will see him embracing a whole new direction and sound.

“I’ve been extremely excited for so long now to finally get the ball rolling with new music, so I’m curious to see how the audience responds to my new stuff,” says the 26-year-old in a press release. “I’m going for something fun yet unpredictable. The journey so far into a new country has been such a learning experience, and it’s all just very exciting because I’ve never done anything quite like this before.”

Nathan Hartono’s ‘Electric Love (爱超给电)’ will be released exclusively on Tencent Music Entertainment Group in China on 7 February and made available to the rest of the world on 9 February across all digital platforms, distributed exclusively via Warner Music Singapore.

Image credits: Leslie Kee, Warner Music Singapore

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It seems like GOT7 just cannot be stopped! Following news of the their long-awaited 2018 comeback in late February/early March, the seven-member K-pop outfit just made the huge announcement that they’ll be embarking on a world tour this year. The tour is set to kick off in May and the group will be hitting major cities in Europe, South America and North America, as well as stops in Bangkok, Macau, Taipei, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Singapore.

On 4 February, GOT7’s official YouTube account initially put up a video revealing the confirmed tour dates, only to take it down shortly after and uploaded a brand new trailer sans the dates. We’re not sure if it was a technical mishap, but we’ll let it slip right here…

Mark down your calendars for 4 August 2018!

No further details are revealed so far, but keep a lookout for updates from the folks at One Production. Meanwhile, check out the cinematic trailer above. 


2018 World Tour GOT7 Eyes On You Singapore

GOT7 2018 World Tour ‘Eyes On You’ in Singapore
Date: 4 August 2018
Time: 4pm
Venue: [email protected] Box
Ticket prices: $288 (VIP), $248, $208, $168 

VIP package includes two exclusive gifts and one lucky draw chance for a hi-touch session with GOT7. Tickets will go on sale from 10 June, 12pm via www.apactix.com. SingTel mobile customers can also enjoy 1-day priority sales on 9 June.


Super Junior Was Full Of Oppa Charms At Super Show 7 In Singapore

2 Feb 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

If there’s anyone who knows how to put on a good show, it’s Super Junior. Despite being four members down, it didn’t stop the K-pop veteran powerhouses from commanding a 7,500-strong crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. With explosive stage performances, cosplay mayhem and fan service at its maximum, there was hardly a dull moment during the three-hour show. Ahead, we pick out seven highlights of Super Show 7 in Singapore.

SS7 in Singapore 1

#1 When they gave us the ultimate princess treatment

“This is not a concert,” Leeteuk announced. “Tonight, it’s a reunion between the seven princes and all the princesses here.” Just hearing the last line made a few of us (and even Leeteuk himself) cringe a lil’, but we’d be lying to say we didn’t enjoy being treated like royalty throughout the show. The entire concert revolved around a rather The Great Gatsby-esque concept, peppered with interval VCRs that showcased the SJ boys looking dashing in their fine suits as they went on romantic escapades with their ‘princess’ – aka their beloved ELFs. Call us self-indulgent if you will, but we couldn’t help but feel like we were the leading lady in question at times (who wouldn’t?).

To make their fans feel even more adored, they even went the extra mile of preparing an extended stage that was able to reach the first row of the seating section. It’s not everyday that you get to be so upclose and personal with your favourite stars at such a huge venue, but SJ did just that. Who needs binoculars when you have oppa right in front you, amirite?

#2 When they knew (!) we love a good tease

Super Junior knew exactly what fans want, and they delivered. All decked out in their sparkly jackets, they rolled through the first three songs of ‘Black Suit’, ‘Scene Stealer’ and ‘Mamacita’ effortlessly. Pausing to greet the crowd, the boys did their usual introductions as they slowly started taking off their jackets with a knowing grin. “Isn’t this too sexy?!” exclaimed the other members as Siwon not-so-unintentionally revealed his chiselled physique through his sweat-soaked shirt, much to the delight of all the fervent fangirls.

#3 When they went down the memory lane

As much as we love Super Junior’s recent hits, there’s still a special spot in our hearts for the old-but-gold tracks of yesteryears. As if entering a K-pop time capsule, they launched into a string of unavoidable old-school throwbacks such as ‘It’s You’, ‘Mr. Simple’ and ‘Bonamana’. But what really stole the show for us was when they performed a rock version of their 2009 breakthrough smash ‘Sorry Sorry’, turning the concert into an all-out dance party.

#4 When they transformed into Super Rangers

When it comes to crazy cosplay action, nobody does it better than Super Junior. Avengers? Been there. Frozen? Done that. Just when we thought they’ve exhausted every fictional character imaginable, they took to the stage in full Power Rangers garb as they performed a comedic rendition of ‘Rokuko’. We couldn’t stop cracking up!

#5 When they appeared in Produce 101 uniforms

To say that we were surprised when the members came out donning school uniforms starkly similar to Produce 101 Season 2’s would be an understatement. Although we half-expected them to parody ‘Nayana’ (spoiler alert: they didn’t), they still gave us plenty of laughs with an entertaining performance of ‘Runaway’. “How many of you are students?” they asked, eliciting a chorus of screams as everyone – both the young and well… young at heart – raised their hands in response. To which the boys hilariously called ’em out for deceiving them. 

#6 When the backup dancers took the spotlight

Backup dancers hardly ever get the opportunity to shine especially when it comes to big-scale concerts, but not for Super Junior’s dance team. Not only did they manage to fill the presence of the missing members with their charismatic moves, they were also given the chance to perform a dance medley of ‘U’, ‘Oppa Oppa’ and ‘Can You Feel It?’. After which, the group came out to show appreciation for the hard work of their dedicated crew.

#7 When Leeteuk proposed to ELFs

“I can never forget 13 March 2010, the day I first met Singapore ELFS,” Leeteuk read out a heartfelt letter written for the fans with the instrumental for ‘Marry U’ aptly playing in the background. “Time has passed, but you guys are still by our side. We are forever grateful for your relentless support. We may not be perfect for you, but would you accept our proposal?” It wasn’t even a heartbeat later that Leeteuk’s ‘proposal’ was met with a resounding ‘yes’, before the rest of the members joined the leader onstage for ‘I Do’.

SS7 was no doubt, a super show indeed.

Image credits: ONE Production

What was your favourite moment of #SS7inSG? Drop us some love in the comments below!

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Another day, another new meme taking over the Internet. The latest social media sensation that’s all the rage now is inspired by the iconic liner (“Oh well, karma’s a b***h”) on the TV series Riverdale, spawning a viral craze that sees netizens going from drab to fab in seconds with the Cryptex mashup of ‘Antique Gucci’ on blast. Talk about a glo-up!

While we patiently await for the actual Riverdale cast to jump on the bandwagon, we found a whole whack of other equally hilarious memes on the popular Dou Yin app (think of it as China’s answer to Musical.ly and Vine) that deserve the viral treatment just as much – compiled by Twitter user @mel_it_hing. Check out a handful of our favourites:

#1 As long as you’re handsome

This runs a similar vein to the karma meme, featuring a bunch of guys playing around with a filter that distorts their facial features to make them appear ‘ugly’ while lip-syncing to a dialogue that translates to “as long as you’re handsome, you’ll have no problems wooing a girl”. Said man then transforms into a downright attractive dude in the blink of an eye. Voila!

#2 Long legs are better

Short people problems, anybody? This meme is a play on the height difference between someone with “short legs” and those with “long legs”, in which they compete in stretching out their legs on a flight of stairs. How adorable is this?

#3 Hairy situation

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen this one floating around your Facebook feed at some point of time. It starts off with the girls posing and flaunting their lustrous locks, before tucking them behind their ears to reveal their adorable chubby cheeks. We think they still look totally gorgeous though!

#4 Give and take

We just can’t get enough of this hilarious meme, which involves someone giving a spoonful of their own food to the person across the table then scooping up an even bigger portion off the latter’s plate. Don’t you just enjoy watching all the different reactions?

#5 Need a hug?

Take a cue from this aww-inducing meme – walk up to a stranger and ask for a favour, get them to stretch out their arms and clasp their hands together, and off you go swooping into their embrace. Smooth or what?

Give these memes a try and show us how you fare by tagging us on Instagram!

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