There’s a lot to love about N.Flying’s leader Lee Seunghyub – not only does the 27-year-old possess superb vocal chops and rap skills, he is also known to have a heart of gold.

In a recent incident that occurred on 29 May, Seunghyub has been receiving much attention for his thoughtful actions towards a frightened fan, who commented that she was being followed by a drunk man during the former’s live broadcast on Instagram.

Upon seeing the comment, the quick-witted idol told the fan to put him on speaker mode and increase the volume so people around her could hear him. “Let’s act like you’re on the phone with me,” Seunghyub whispered, before pretending to be in a conversation with her.

“Where are you? What’s taking you so long? Do you know what time it is? It’s almost 4! Hurry up and go home,” he said loudly, making it sound like he was going to meet her. “Should I come out to meet you? Come out to the front of the convenience store and wait for me there, alright?”

After ensuring that the fan was safe, Seunghyub then reminded her to always have friends send her home or leave in a taxi when it’s late at night. He also explained that he’s no stranger to dealing with such instances as he, too, has an older sister who has experienced similar situations before. He told fans, “Whenever that happens, make sure to call someone and turn on your speakerphone.”

Fans have been swooning over his sweet gesture and he has gone viral ever since – for all the right reasons, may we add.

While it’s fortunate that nothing bad happened to the fan, we’re glad that Seunghyub noticed her comment and managed to save her from imminent danger. Bravo to the dude!

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