More often than not, video games are what keeps people up at night – whether you are attempting to complete a game in one go, ranking for the best prizes or simply too excited to put it down – it is the undisputed fact of life. One game company, however, is hoping to debunk that mindset once and for all through the famous Pokémon franchise’s latest smartphone app in the works, Pokémon Sleep.

Before delving into the intriguing dreamscape of this yet-to-be-released game, one must understand that this isn’t just another game to Pokémon’s mother company Nintendo. The wildly popular Pokémon Go had taken the world by storm and got even the most reclusive gamers to get out of their rooms and hunt for wild Pokémon – and while the hype for that has died down somewhat, there are still dedicated communities for the game, so much that recent Pokémon Go events such as the Safari Zone reel in a good amount of visitors.

After creating a fitness lifestyle app through Pokémon Go, the company then turned towards another important health necessity: sleeping. Of course, Pokémon Sleep isn’t the most imaginative name, but we reckon it gets the point across easily, even if it did spawn a number of memes.

So, what details have been released so far? During the 2019 Pokémon Press Conference in May, it was revealed that the app will be used in conjunction with a new device known as Pokémon Go Plus+. This device is able to track one’s sleeping habits using Bluetooth, as long as the user’s smartphone is placed next to them in bed. Based on the analytics, your gameplay experience will then be adjusted according to your sleeping patterns. This means you’ll soon be able to wake up with Pokemon every morning – who knew sleep could be so entertaining?

The game remains still shrouded in mystery for now, but as it aims to be released in 2020, more information will be sure to surface soon – maybe even as close as during the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the world’s largest video game industry trade event.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Go had celebrated the news by announcing a higher appearance rate of the rare sleeping Snorlax – the Pokémon best known for sleeping the day away. Go catch ’em snores!

Watc the 2019 Pokémon Press Conference here:

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