Meet The Final Top 11 Members Of Produce X 101's New Boy Group, X1!

20 Jul 2019 by Chew Hui Ling

First came I.O.I, then came Wanna One and IZ*ONE – and now their hot-blooded successors are poised to shake up the K-pop world as the next big boy band to watch. Meet X1.

After a gruelling three-month long journey for 101 young hopefuls, the fourth season of Mnet’s hit survival reality franchise Produce X 101 had wrapped up on an emotional yet heartwarming note. There were cheers, tears and hugs as the final 11 members of the K-entertainment behemoth’s new boy group project, X1, were finally unveiled to the public. A whopping total of 14,988,884 votes were cast during the grand finale on 19 July (that’s equivalent to more than one-fifth of South Korea’s population – let that sink in), which would eventually determine the final lineup of the Top 11.

Unlike the previous seasons, the temporary group will be promoting under an extended contract of five years – two and a half years will be spent exclusively on group promotions, while the other half will involve activities in the members’ respective companies. That’s pretty much the contractual lifespan of any other K-pop act, so it’s safe to say fans can have plenty of content to look forward to in the coming years.

Without further ado, here are the winning boys of Produce X 101 who will make their long-awaited debut as X1.

#1 Kim Yo Han (OUI Entertainment) – 1,334,011 votes

Produce X 101 Kim Yo Han

There’s really no doubting the popularity of the nation’s centre. Since coming in first during the first round of rankings, the OUI Entertainment trainee has successfully won over the hearts of viewers with his impressive vocal and rap skills. Despite only having three months of experience as a trainee, the former taekwondo champ has shown tremendous improvement throughout the show – proving that he’s certainly worthy of the crown.

#2 Kim Woo Seok (TOP Media) — 1,304,033 votes

Produce X 101 Kim Woo Seok

It was a nail-biting moment for Wooseok, who notched the runner-up spot after going head-to-head with Yohan for the centre position. Known for his smooth vocals and top-notch visuals, the UP10TION member now has a second shot at debuting and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented lad!

#3 Han Seung Woo (Plan A Entertainment) — 1,079,200 votes

Produce X 101 Han Seung Woo

Having risen in popularity thanks to his powerhouse vocals and charismatic stage presence, the VICTON leader is no doubt an important addition to the group. Plus, with his brilliant leadership skills, we couldn’t think of anyone better to lead the team than Seungwoo.

#4 Song Hyeong Jun (Starship Entertainment) — 1,049,222 votes

Produce X 101 Song Hyeong Jun

He may look cute as a button, but don’t be fooled by his baby-faced charms – this cutie from Starship Entertainment has some sick moves! Having taken charge of the choreography in class X previously, we think Hyeongjun has a pretty good chance of being one of the main dancers in X1. Oh, and did we mention he’s totes adorable?

#5 Cho Seung Youn (Yuehua Entertainment) — 929,311 votes

Produce X 101 Cho Seung Youn

A true triple threat, this all-rounder UNIQ member can go from belting out the highest notes to spitting rapid-fire rap verses in a snap. Besides his idol prowess, Seungyoun is also well-known in the field as a songwriter and producer – his most notable body of work being ‘It’s Okay’ from Chinese reality survival show Idol Producer.

#6 Son Dong Pyo (DSP Media) — 824,389 votes

Produce X 101 Son Dong Pyo

As the centre boy of Produce X 101’s official theme song ‘X1-MA’, this young but tenacious trainee from DSP Media is a force to be reckoned with. Having showcased his versatility in pulling off various concepts – from oozing major cuteness in ‘Pretty Girl’, to killing it on stage with his powerful performance of ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons – there’s really nothing else Dongpyo can’t do.

#7 Lee Han Gyul (MBK Entertainment) — 794,411 votes

Produce X 101 Lee Han Gyul

At first glance, Hangyul may look like your typical bad boy thanks to his chiselled looks and aloof image, but he’s got a mischievous side to him that makes him all the more endearing – which is why it’s of no surprise that the chap managed to charm his way up the ranks, deservedly so.

#8 Nam Do Hyon (MBK Entertainment) — 764,433 votes

Produce X 101 Nam Do Hyon

Debuting alongside his fellow labelmate Hangyul is 15-year-old Dohyon, who will be the official maknae of X1. He may be the youngest contestant on the show, but his rap skills are not to be underestimated. Fun fact: the MBK Entertainment trainee was also a participant in MBC’s survival programme Under Nineteen!

#9 Cha Jun Ho (Woollim Entertainment) — 756,939 votes

Produce X 101 Cha Jun Ho

This Woolim Entertainment trainee’s uncanny resemblance to INFINITE’s L has gotten him plenty of attention at the start, but there’s more to Junho than his eye-candy visuals. Check out his stellar vocals in the position evaluation stage of Paul Kim’s ‘Me After You’!

#10 Kang Min Hee (Starship Entertainment) — 749,444 votes

Produce X 101 Kang Min Hee

Minhee has come a long way since his days in class X and there’s still so much room for this talented vocalist to grow. Months of hard work paid off – the Starship Entertainment trainee has finally made it into the debut lineup after taking the backseat in most of the episodes. We couldn’t be more proud!

X Lee Eun Sang (Brand New Music) – 3,164,535 votes

Produce X 101 Lee Eun Sang

A fan favourite since the start of the show, the Brand New Music trainee has been maintaining his rank throughout the competition – up till the last episode where he had to compete for the ‘X’ spot along with Lee Jin Hyuk, Kim Min Kyu and Goo Jung Mo. For the uninitiated, the ‘X’ position is the contestant who earned the highest number of accumulated votes out of those who did not make the Top 10.

The red-headed fella eventually emerged victorious with over 3 combined million votes, making him the final member of X1.

X1 will make their debut on 27 August with a debut show-con at Gocheok Sky Dome.

Who’s gonna stan? Show us some x1 love in the comments below!

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Unless you’ve been living under the sea, you should have already heard about Disney’s bold and forward-thinking move to cast R&B singer Halle Bailey of duo Chloe X Halle as Princess Ariel in the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

As filming will only begin in early 2020, Disney has yet to reveal the full cast at time of writing – including the actor who would star opposite Halle as the dreamy Prince Eric. However, following the announcement of the female lead, fans have been flooding social media in a bid to champion for their ideal casting of a Prince Eric. From BTS heartthrob Jimin to British crooner Harry Styles, here’s who we think might make a good fit for the role.

Zac Efron


In addition to having already worked with Disney, we all know Zac Efron’s prince charming material. Plus, he’s also got a set of solid vocals on him, which is evident in his roles on The Greatest Showman, Hairspray and the High School Musical franchise. To top it all off, the actor has a pair of baby blue eyes just like Prince Eric, which makes him a strong contender in our books.

BTS’ Jimin


Probably one of the more popular hypothetical dream casting that made its round on Twitter, was Park Jimin of K-pop supergroup BTS. Given that Jimin is known for his royal-like boyish charms and dreamy vocals, it’s not hard to imagine why so many of his fans are championing for the idol to fill the role.

Shawn Mendes


If there is anyone who seems like royalty in real life, it’s Shawn Mendes. Apart from his smoldering good looks and undeniable talents, the singer-songwriter also appears to possess uncanny physical resemblances to the animated Disney prince. From his chiseled jaw to his tousled hair, there’s just something about the ‘Senorita’ singer that screams Prince Eric for us.

GOT7’s Jinyoung


Apart from already proving he has the acting chops since his first lead role in He Is Psychometric, fans of GOT7 would know that Jinyoung easily emits princely charms wherever he goes. Coupled with his flawless singing voice that might come in handy, we don’t see why he can’t be considered as one of the contenders!

Harry Styles


Probably known as the front-runner to take the role, Harry Styles is reportedly already in talks to officially play Prince Eric. And it’s not surprising either as the One Direction heartthrob already has the perfect wavy locks and coy smile that will melt any girl’s heart. Plus, with Harry’s history of stylish outfits, he would easily pull of any of Prince Eric’s iconic ensembles!

Who else would you like to see as Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid? Comment down below!

Upper East Siders, rejoice: Gossip Girl is back! The hit 2000s CW teen drama is set for a Hollywood reboot through a 10-episode series on WarnerMedia’s new streaming service, HBO Max.

For the uninitiated, Gossip Girl was originally a young adult book series that eventually got picked up for television by The CW and ran for six consecutive seasons from 2007 to 2012. The live-action series was extremely influential on pop culture, garnering a huge cult following of girls adopting the preppy style and inadvertently causing a rise in the sales of tights and leggings. Thanks to its inexplicable reach, the series had spawned several successful Gossip Girl fashion and cosmetic lines that were inspired by the two female leads.


In a nutshell, the original plot followed the lives of Serena van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf as they dealt with teenage drama and boy troubles. Presiding over each episode was the ubiquitous blogger, aptly named Gossip Girl, who seemingly sets the scene through her documentation of the lives of these Manhattan elites, and peppered her account with more than a few of their scandalous secrets along the way.

Before you get excited about this soon-to-air series, fans of the OG Gossip Girl should know that this will be a re-imagination of its predecessor. Though the new iteration will still be based off the exact same book series (and helmed by the original series writer and executive producer), the story is set take place eight years after the Gossip Girl website went dark, as the ever watchful blogger now follows a new generation of New York private school teens using updated social platforms. The modernised context aims to highlight how much social media has changed over the years to become more than just a communicative tool amongst friends.

Are we gonna see a more relatable and relevant side of Williamsburg? Will Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf be making a comeback? Only time will tell.

Any OG Gossip Girls fans out here? Drop us some XOXO in the comments below!

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This year’s edition of Neon Lights looks set to be biggest one yet as it returns for its fourth run at Fort Canning Park with two exciting acts – Mumford & Sons and Honne – set to headline the two-day festival this November.

Touted as a one-of-a-kind outdoor music and arts festival, Neon Lights had previously played host to heaps of notable names such as Damien Rice, Sigur Ros, Foals and Interpol – but this year’s lineup is nothing short of spectacular.

Mumford & Sons Neon Lights

The first artiste to join the bill is none other than Grammy-Award winning British rock band Mumford & Sons, who will be performing on our shores for the first time ever on the Saturday stage. It’s also their only show in Asia other than their outing at Fuji Rocks 2013 in Japan, so you wouldn’t want to miss this one-night-only performance.

HONNE Neon Lights

Playing ahead of Mumford & Sons on the first day of the fest will be electronic duo Honne, who recently concluded two sold-out shows in Singapore earlier in March this year. Expect to be enthralled by crowd-favourite tunes such as ‘Day 1’, ‘Coastal Love’ and ‘Me & You’.

Only two acts have been revealed so far, but the lineup’s already looking pretty darn epic. We can’t wait for the rest of the festival bill to drop in the coming weeks and months!

Neon Lights 2019 takes place on 23 and 24 November 2019 at Fort Canning Park. Limited early bird tickets for 23 November go on sale 19 July, 9am via www.neonlights.sg and SISTIC at $108. Standard single-day tickets are priced at $128. 

Shortly after making their highly-anticipated comeback with their latest EP FANCY YOU, K-pop darlings TWICE took their show on the road as they made their way around the glove for their TWICELIGHTS World Tour.

Since performing here last year, their latest tour stop in Singapore would be their third visit as a group. However, two days before the girls were due to perform here, JYP released an announcement that saddened fans of the ninesome. According to the notice, Mina would be taking a temporary break from the ongoing tour due to “sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity towards performing on stage”.

However, the show must go on.


Being the first stage they would perform on since Mina’s hiatus, the vocal parts, choreography and on-screen visuals were noticeably adjusted to accommodate the missing member. But even with these obvious changes, the eight remaining members of TWICE were still able to dazzle the 10,000-strong crowd with impressive professionalism that never once waned in energy throughout the set.

Delivering different vibes for every performance

TWICE rocked a snazzy black concept as they kicked off the show with a figurative and literal explosive performance of ’Stuck in My Head’. As compared to the fantasy theme of last year’s concert, the girls upped their game with a more mature look for a different sensory experience, complemented by various remixes of popular tracks such as ‘Cheer Up’ and ‘Heart Shaker’.

Showcasing their vocal and dance prowess

In addition to their discography, they also performed an upbeat, choreographed version of Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’. Twirling golden batons as they sang clear, precise lines in English, the girls electrified the crowd while keeping the energy levels at an all-time high. The group also proved that there was more to their talent than just bubblegum pop tunes, when they took to the stage in gorgeous white gowns to deliver a never-before-seen performance of their ballad, ‘After Moon’.

Impressive unit stages

From a sultry dance routine to a lyrical dance interpretation, it felt like the girls of TWICE were determined to show their fans just how much they’ve grown as performers since their debut. About mid-way through the show, the members broke into different sub-units for the highlight portion of every concert. Comparing to their cover performances from TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park, the unit stages took a more sophisticated approach, with each group expressing their sense of maturity in their own ways.

Their commitment to stay professional

Fan videos are no exceptions at K-pop concerts, but the one that aired for TWICE during their encore was exceptionally poignant for both the members and the audience. Even as the girls tried to remain professional, it was evident that the girls were feeling incomplete with Mina’s absence – some of the members were spotted subtly wiping away their tears once the lights came back on.

Despite feeling emotional, the group remained professional in their delivery of their closing words; each of them constantly reassuring fans that they will return to Singapore with a better performance when they are back as nine. Aww!

Photo credits: Live Nation Singapore

ONCEs, what was your favourite moment of the night? Tell us your most memorable concert highlight in the comments below!

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