Singapore ReVeluvs were treated to a night of memorable performances by K-pop sweethearts Red Velvet at their first solo concert in Singapore.

Known for their dual-concept charms that see them alternating between quirky earworms like ‘The Red Flavour’ and ‘Dumb Dumb’ and sensual tunes like ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘Peekaboo’, the five-member group delighted the 4000-strong crowd with a highly-entertaining set peppered with spontaneous banter, flamboyant costumes changes and lots (we repeat – lots) of fan service.


All went well, until Joy sustained a shoulder injury on stage and had to be rushed to the hospital midway. Despite being one woman down, the remaining four members Seulgi, Irene, Wendy and Yeri soldiered on and ended the night on a successful note. We hope for a fast recovery for Joy, and we can’t wait for the girls to return to our shores as five again!

Here are some of the most memorable moments of #REDMAREinSG.

#1 When they taught us the moves to ‘Power Up’

Taking the stage in their dainty white tops and red skirts, the quintet kicked off the concert with their definitive hits ‘Russian Roulette’, ‘Power Up’ and ‘Cookie Jar’. While most groups would simply do their self-introductions, the ladies of Red Velvet took some time to teach the audience their iconic ‘baby shark’ and ‘banana peel’ moves from their latest summer smash ‘Power Up’.

However, it seemed like everybody already knew how to dance to it almost perfectly – much to the girls’ surprise. “You guys seem to know the moves even if we didn’t teach you!” exclaimed Irene.

#2 When they rocked animal-themed outfits

Things were just starting to get wild, literally. As the stage transformed into a safari theme, the members appeared sporting colourful animal-themed outfits as they continued on with the energetic bops of ‘Mr. E’, ‘Zoo’ and ‘Happiness’. Just look at how adorable the Red Velvet girls were!

#3 When they quick-wittedly covered up for Joy

Shortly after performing ‘Bad Dracula’, Joy was seen bent over in pain and ended up retreating backstage as soon as the song ended. While waiting for Joy, the other four members decided to spend some time interacting with the audience – where they talked about everything from their new hair colours, to their favourite local food (chilli crab and kaya toast).

They even went to all corners of the stage to get upclose and personal with fans, which made the concert feel all the more intimate. “It feels like we’re having a fanmeeting because we’re talking to you for a long time,” Yeri added. “We don’t get to see you guys often, so let’s talk a lot today!”

#4 When they handled Joy’s absence professionally

What was supposedly a malfunctioning in-ear turned out to a shoulder injury when Joy emerged from the curtains in tears. With her right arm in a sling, she apologised in-between sobs for not being able to perform any further as she had to head to the hospital to receive treatment, leaving the remaining members to power through the rest of the show as a quartet.

Despite the unfortunate incident, we were in awe at how the girls swiftly took over most of Joy’s lines to fill in for her absence and improvised their way through the set without any hiccups. Also, can we just take a moment to cry over how they’d always leave an empty spot for Joy? OT5 feels!

#5 When Red Velvet noticed (!!!) the fan projects 

Fan projects are a common sight at K-pop concerts, where fans are expected to raise up banners during certain songs to show appreciation for our favourite artistes. Before the concert, local ReVeluvs were handing out pink hearts and slogans with the words ‘Go go, Red Velvet’ to the audience – which managed to catch the attention of Red Velvet. Fan project success!

#6 When they ditched their usual cutesy image

As much as we love Red Velvet’s usual brand of bright peppy melodies, we just can’t get enough of their charismatic ‘velvet’ side. All decked out in sequin outfits and killer heels, they were oozing major girl crush appeal as they performed a fierce rendition of ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘Peekaboo’. They then proceeded to further hype up the crowd with a remix of ‘Dumb Dumb’, which included an unexpected robot dance break. Gotta love that beat drop!

#7 When they couldn’t stop apologising to fans

Two hours went by in a flash, and soon they were getting ready for their encore stage. Switching up their elaborate costumes for casual T-shirts and shorts, the girls came out to greet fans one last time before saying their final goodbyes with ‘Ice Cream Cake’ and ‘Day One’. Towards the end of the show, the members didn’t forget to reassure us that Joy had reached the hospital safely.

Instead of simply saying their individual farewell speeches, they took turns apologising and thanking fans during their goodbye ments. “We are apologetic because we couldn’t show you a perfect stage, but it’s because of all the energy you’ve given us that we can finish the show well,” said Seulgi. Wendy also added, “Next time when we come back, it will be the five of us!”

As the girls promised, we shall see Red Velvet as five when they return to Singapore – bigger, stronger and better than ever before.


Photo credits: ONE Production

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