There’s just something about Korean boy group SEVENTEEN that makes them so likeable – perhaps it’s their solid live vocals that never fail to blow us away; or their crisp, synchronised moves that you couldn’t help but awe at.

For us, one thing became very apparent when the 13-member hit machine took the stage for their IDEAL CUT concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium: they know exactly how to entertain a crowd. It was clear how much the boys actually enjoy being on stage, and it just made the whole show that much more personal despite being held at such a large venue.

“Our goal for the concert is to make Carats happy,” the band announced, and they’ve definitely achieved that. In between the blistering performances, energetic unit stages and comical banter, Carats were showered with unbelievable amounts of fan service that will make even the most stoic of non-fans break into a smile. For those who missed out on the showcase, here are our top moments that – in line with their latest album You Make My Day – made our day.

#1 When Seungkwan asked the crowd to cheer in ASMR style

As one of the members in SEVENTEEN’s resident gag trio, Seungkwan had us tickled pink when he made the hilarious request of asking the audience to cheer in ASMR-style. Which failed terribly, as everybody simply ended up cheering at the top of their voices instead. A flabbergasted Seungkwan then proceeded to playfully chide the fans for having “no sense”, inciting another round of laughter from the crowd.

#2 When SEVENTEEN cosplayed as Caratbongs

Undoubtedly our favourite moment of the night was when they dressed up as Caratbongs (SEVENTEEN’s official lightstick) during their performance of ‘Thinkin’ Of You’. Donning their diamond headbands, the boys were literally exploding with cuteness as they enthusiastically paraded around the stage. BRB, we’re slipping into the diamond life.

#3 When DK, Mingyu and Jun gifted roses to Carats

As the rest of the members scurried off the stage, DK, Mingyu and Jun stayed behind to deliver a swoon-worthy serenade of ‘Hello’. Taking a moment to interact with fans, the boys decided to take a sit along the extended stage and started throwing out roses to the front rows. Singapore Carats are indeed a lucky bunch! 

#4 When Mingyu flaunted his smooth BLACKPINK moves

SEVENTEEN is no stranger to girl group dances. From Girls’ Generation to Mamamoo, Red Velvet to Twice, they can do no wrong. But leave it to Mingyu to give BLACKPINK a run for their money, as he showed off his smooth moves to ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’. Petition for Mingyu to drop a full cover!

#5 When the other members decided to abandon Seungkwan

What’s SEVENTEEN without their usual trolling shenanigans, right? When Seungkwan was busy doing his model-like sashay during the sexy dance segment, the other members decided to prank him by ditching him midway and leaving him all alone on stage. Unfazed by their antics, Seungkwan took the opportunity to declare it as his own solo concert titled The Ideal Boo (Boo is his surname). What else can we say, we stan an unbothered king!

#6 When Vernon teasingly chose chilli crab over Carats

We all know how much of a tease Vernon can be, but we certainly weren’t ready for this attack. During his ending ment, he claimed that he missed chilli crab the most but it wasn’t even a second later that he started cracking up. “I’m just kidding,” he grinned. “Of course it’s our Carats!”

#7 When The8 was being all romantic on a rainy day

Although the weather was pretty gloomy during the concert day, our hearts were warmed by The8’s words during his ending ment. “It was raining a lot today, right?” he spoke carefully in Chinese. “It’s kind of romantic to spend time with all of you in the rain. I hope you can think of us on rainy days, just like how I would always think of you guys. See you in our dreams tonight!” Can anybody say awww?

Before we know it, it’s time for goodbyes…

We weren’t quite ready to say our goodbyes, but it seemed like the SEVENTEEN members were just as reluctant to go. Because in SEVENTEEN’s books, one encore is apparently not enough. Just as the members started to retreat backstage and the audience got up to leave, the group bounced back to hit replay on their final song ‘Very Nice’. And we weren’t just fooled once, but twice (not that we mind).

All good things had to come to an end, but not without a resolute promise from leader S.Coups to come back to Singapore very soon. And when they return, we bet they will be drawing bigger and greater crowds than ever.

Featured image: Fast Track Events

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