Since her appearance on hit reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race (RPDR), American drag queen Shangela has evolved into a bonafide superstar with a huge fan base. From her surprise addition to the season three contestants to her shocking elimination on All Stars 3, here are eight moments when Shangela left us all shook.

#1 First queen to ‘death drop’ on RuPaul’s Drag Race


Before Laganja Estranja’s death drop entrance on RPDR season six, Shangela was the first queen to introduce the death drop during her lip-sync performance which not only shook co-judge Michelle Visage, but also all of us watching. Needless to say, this iconic move eventually became a staple in the show whenever queens are up for elimination.

#2 Popping out of a box in a surprise reveal


Following Shangela’s elimination from RPDR season two, viewers thought that it was the last time they’d be seeing her… until a mysterious pink box appeared in the werk room in season three. It turned out that RuPaul had added Shangela as the surprise 13th contestant!

#3 The new and improved Shangela


The main qualm most RPDR fans had with Shangela was that the diva did not have enough experience doing drag during her season two and three appearances. But when Shangela appeared as a contestant seven years later on All Stars, everything about her (especially her makeup) had significantly changed for the better, instantaneously making her the fan favourite of the season.

#4 Shangela’s comedy-gold portrayal of Mariah Carey


As part of the main challenge of this episode, the queens had to each embody an iconic pop diva while performing a tribute live medley of RuPaul songs. Shangela was given the role of Mariah Carey, which she brilliantly and hilariously played from rehearsals till the actual performance in front of RuPaul and the judges.

#5 Recreating an iconic Beyonce moment for a runway challenge


If you are not watching RPDR for the drama, then you’re probably watching for the stunning costumes these queens make. For her runway challenge ‘Flower Power’ in All Stars 3, Shangela left the judges gagging with her smart recreation of Beyoncé’s pregnancy photoshoot — which also gave her the win for the challenge.

#6 Not even a controversial fat suit can stop Shangela


During one of her lip sync performances, Shangela made a controversial move by coming out in a fat suit which offended some viewers, but made for a genius strategy to win. Not only did she leave everyone in stitches,but  it also won her a place in the finals.

#7 When Shangela lost All Stars 3


Despite everything that she has achieved in the season, Shangela still lost in what is now known as the biggest upset in RPDR’s herstory. While we have seen many other queens dive straight into the waterworks and conspiracies, Shangela’s calm and accepting demeanour shows just how much of a trooper she is and why her fan base just keeps on growing.

#8 Shangela’s Game of Thrones look


Throughout All Stars 3, Shangela has often referred to herself as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. While we always thought it was a referral to her personality, but consider our wigs snatched when she appeared at RuPaul’s Drag Con 2018 in this glorious get-up befitting the mother of dragons.

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