Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’d have noticed that everyone on social media has been obsessed with two new Snapchat face filters: one that lets you swap genders by making you look like the opposite sex, while the other transports us back to our fetus days.

Of course, how can we talk about the baby filter without giving special mention to our favourite baby-faced idols in the world of K-pop? From BLACKPINK Lisa’s doe-like eyes to BTS Jin’s squishy cheeks, who knew they’d look so ridiculously cute as kids?

Here are some of the best ones!



If this doesn’t prove that Lisa is a literal babie, we don’t know what will. We see no difference here – she’s no doubt BLACKPINK’s resident maknae!

Jin (BTS)


Okay, so… baby-Jin is a lot for us to take in. On second thoughts, we think he (kinda?) looks better in Jungkook’s self-made filter collage.

Chen (EXO)


We didn’t know how badly we needed the baby filter on Chen until now. Just look at how adorable he is!

Kang Daniel


Although we have mixed opinions about this ‘cause baby-Daniel looks borderline creepy, the dude still pulls it off pretty well. But let’s just say we’d prefer chiselled, grown-up Kang Daniel in his full 1.8m glory.

Jungyeon (TWICE)


Probably our most successful transformation attempt of all. With a face like this at such a young age, we wouldn’t be surprised if this version of Jungyeon started out as a kid ulzzang!

Try the baby filter for yourself and show us your results – tag us on @teenagemagazine on Instagram and we might just give your masterpiece a shoutout.

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