It’s been more than a year since we last heard from Taylor Swift after her unapologetic rebrand with Reputation – but the queen of pop is back with a new single and music video for ‘ME!’, which features a collaboration with Panic! At The Disco’s frontman, Brendon Urie. If you’re an observant fan, you might notice that her music video isn’t just filled with whimsical elements and adorable cat cameos. In true Tay-Tay fashion, ‘ME!’ has also been peppered with some hidden easter eggs. Here are six that we’ve discovered so far.

#1 Saying goodbye to the Reputation era 


Having embraced the snake moniker she got from the internet, Taylor had adopted this persona which led her to include a rather permanent member of her tour that came in the size of a 63-foot inflatable cobra named Karyn. In the music video, viewers are greeted with the representative snake before it transforms into a group of butterflies – which fans speculated to be a symbolism that Taylor has successfully shed her darker, Reputation-era self and is now ready for a new chapter of her life.

#2 Possible country music collaboration?


Blink and you might just miss the seemingly hilarious wall of baby chick paintings which hints at a possible collaboration between Taylor Swift and country girl group, The Dixie Chicks. If you look closely, you’ll also spot a photo of the band at the centre of the gallery! While nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems that the band in question has also responded with an ambiguous tweet, which further fuelled talk that her upcoming album might see her returning to her former country roots in one of the tracks.

#3 A new member of the Swift family


Shortly before the music video dropped, Taylor had joined her fans in a live chat via YouTube where she announced that she has a secret she’s been keeping for months which can be seen in the video. Though she didn’t explicitly confirm what it was initially, Taylor’s latest social media announcement is the confirmation we need that the pop icon’s hidden secret was the addition of a new furry member to her family (named Benjamin Button), who made a cameo as the kitten she happily accepts from Brendon Urie after rejecting his flowers and engagement ring!

#4 No beef with Dua Lipa


If you noticed a similarity between Taylor’s pantsuit style and Dua Lipa’s wardrobe for ‘IDGAF’, this might be T-Swift’s clever way of squashing any lingering opinions on a supposed feud with the British singer, who had previously picked Kanye West over Taylor during a rapid-fire question game on a talk show.

#5 She is not secretly engaged


After spotting the empty engagement box with ‘No’ spelled in jewelry from ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, fans have theorised that it was perhaps related to her rejecting former flame Calvin Harris’ proposal in real life. Now, after facing multiple tabloid speculations that she’s secretly engaged to her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn, Taylor has publicly responded with a rejection of an engagement ring in her new music video. Guess wedding bells won’t be ringing anytime soon!

#6 Is this the title of her next single?


For the eagle-eyed Swifties, you’d probably have seen the pink neon ‘lover’ sign located just below the unicorn’s head during a scene on the rooftop. Similar to what she did in her music video for ‘…Ready For It?’ where we saw a message that hinted at the follow-up single ‘Gorgeous’ for Reputation, we’re pretty sure this means that the next track of her new album will be called ‘Lover’.

Watch Taylor Swift’s music video for ‘ME!’ below, and see if you can spot any other easter eggs!

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