The Chainsmokers might come across as just two party-loving fratboys, but their ascension from the viral 2014 smash ‘#Selfie’ to Grammy winners in 2017 is proof that this DJ duo are also musical geniuses. We caught up with the dynamic producers amidst the whirlwind release of their debut album, to chat about bromance, famous friends, and a likely return to Singapore.

Hi Drew and Alex! Congratulations on the debut album Memories… Do Not Open. How does it feel to finally release this body of work?

TCS: Thank you so much, that’s very nice of you to say! It feels amazing, we worked soooooo hard on this album it nearly consumed us. It’s really exciting though, to be releasing something that’s just so meaningful and substantial to us. By substantial, we mean that there is a real message there and we hope when people are done listening, they have a better idea of who we are and learned something maybe about themselves also.

You guys once tweeted that you didn’t see yourselves putting out a full-length album and were going to focus on putting out singles. Why the change of heart?

TCS: (Laughs) Yeah we did say that, I guess we were wrong. There are three main reasons, one – our fans demanded it, two – the music we were making began to feel like it was telling a real story and they all felt like they belonged together, and three – if you only release singles, people can only get so deep into your vision and we really wanted to give our fans the chance to dive in properly.

What is one memory that you both would gladly open time and time again?

TCS: Good question… Probably the feeling when we were at Coachella and just finished our show, it felt like our team and us had really done something big, and pulled it off. 

It’s the year 2030 and ‘Closer’ starts randomly playing at a party. What is your first reaction? 

TCS: Turn that sh*t off ;)

You’ve collaborated with some huge names, from Halsey to Coldplay. Are you usually friends with these people first before deciding to work together, or does the friendship come naturally after the working partnership?

TCS: Umm (sic) it depends. In the case of Coldplay and Halsey we weren’t friends first, I think we were all just fans of each other, of course we are friends now, it’s funny when you are too good a friends sometimes [that] it is a distraction, like Ryan Tedder – every time we try and work, we just end up gossiping the entire time and never get work done.

Who’s next on your collaboration wish list?

TCS: Lorde, Kanye West, Dua Lipa, Khalid…

You guys are now Grammy winners with ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. How did your family and friends react to your win?

TCS: We were actually all together stuck in traffic and we all went crazy, it was a really fun moment!

How do you guys decide on when to have Drew sing on some songs and when to just have the featured artist?

TCS: It’s usually an easy decision largely based on the song itself and what the message is. If it’s something we feel like is best conveyed coming from us and deepens the context of the song, it’s a no brainer. It’s great when Drew sings because then we can perform it as well.

We’re sure touring consistently non-stop together can have its challenging moments. How do you keep the bromance alive?

TCS: Honestly we are super chill with each other, sometimes we have our differences but overall it’s all love. But Alex isn’t a morning person and Drew gets angry when he is hungry so we know to not [play around] with each other at those times.


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You guys decided that Tony Ann, a fan who impressed with a piano cover of ‘Paris’, will be joining you on tour. Why the decision to bring a fan along?

TCS: Why not? He is unbelievably talented and it’s a great story that says hey you never know what can happen, be passionate about what you love doing and let the chips fall where they may.

Do you both have any pre-show rituals to get ready?

TCS: No we are pretty mellow, we just like to get in the zone.

Judging from videos online, your live shows are truly explosive and something else. What are three definitive things that make a good live show for you guys?

TCS: Well its most important that we look like we are enjoying ourselves which we always are. Then you gotta make sure the show has its dynamics, you need lows to have highs, and you need an amazing crowd which we have been lucky to have!

You’ve played small clubs to now doing arenas all over the world. Which type of crowd do you prefer and why?

TCS: It’s always different, after a bunch of arenas it’s nice to play smaller shows, but if we had to choose, we would say big venues…. We feed off the energy and size…

What can fans expect from the tour?

TCS: It’s a hybrid show, we will be playing as a band and as a DJ Duo, so the songs that deserve more of a performance will get it, but we will still be able to go super hard and keep the energy very high. It was important to us that we not lose that level of production and sound as well… so we really went all out planning and working with an amazing team to bring a truly unique show.

We gotta ask then – how likely will we see you guys bring your tour to Singapore!

TCS: Sooner than you think. It might not be the full tour, but it will be something equally as special!

Listen to The Chainsmokers’ debut album Memories…Do Not Open below. Tell us what you think of their record in the comment section below. 

 Featured image: Sony Music Singapore

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On 5 April 2017, through an inconspicuous Instagram post, former Running Man cast member Gary announced that he had officially tied the knot. A declaration that took many by surprise, we round up six of the best fan reactions to his shock wedding announcement below. 

#1 It’s Surely Just A Delayed April Fool’s Joke… Right?

gary laughing

With the news coming just four days after April Fool’s, many fans were left wondering if Gary was just playing a prank on his fans. After all, there haven’t been any photos or reports of the rapper out and about with any other lady (besides Running Man co-star, Song Ji Hyo that is), much less one that he would go on to call his wife, which brings us to the next point…

#2 How Did He Manage To Keep The Whole Relationship A Secret?!

running man confused gif

He must be a ninja of the highest level for being able to keep this serious relationship under wraps! Bear in mind that this is a guy who has all eyes on him wherever he goes on a daily basis, but according to multiple reports, it seems like most of his close celebrity friends didn’t even know he was in a relationship, let alone that he was about to get married! Even his agency didn’t know about the relationship, adding that “[we were] notified right before [he uploaded the post].” Watch out world, Gary Kang is the ultimate king of keeping secrets. 

#3 Detective Mode On: Who Is This Mysterious Woman?

running man detective gif

From her name to her image to how she managed to capture Gary’s heart the moment they met, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little bit curious as to who the lucky lady was. Maybe it’s time to go “ninja-mode” and try to find out as much as we can about this mysterious lady.*

*Jokes aside, please refrain from actually stalking out the newlywed couple! While we hope Gary will reveal who she is in time to come, everyone should respect their privacy even if her identity is kept a secret forever!

#4 Props To Gary For Wanting To Keep This Personal Milestone Relatively Private

thumbs up gif

If there’s one major downside of being a celebrity, it’s that there’s a high chance you wouldn’t be able to keep your personal moments (especially romantic relationships) private. But we’ve got to give major props to Gary for wanting to keep this moment just for himself and his beau, allowing the both of them to enjoy the newly-married life without the intrusion from outside parties. 

#5 When It Finally Hit Us That Our Monday Couple Can No Longer Be

gary and ji hyo

As one of the longest running and beloved pairings on Running Man, Gary and Ji Hyo stole our hearts as the Monday Couple. With their undeniable chemistry and countless aww-inducing interactions with each other, many fans of the show wanted them to be a couple in real life. But nevertheless, it sure looks like this ship has sailed (much to the disappointment of MC-shippers everywhere). Is it just us, or is anyone else also waiting to hear what Ji Hyo has to say about the marriage announcement? 

PS: Isn’t it crazy how everyone had been shipping the Monday Couple when Gary was already very much taken? Yikes. 

#6 Ultimately Having To Accept The News, No Matter How Much We Don’t Want To


No matter what emotions you felt when you read the announcement, at the end of the day, it doesn’t change the fact that the superstar’s married. He’s clearly in a committed relationship and is very much in love with his new wife, and as fans, we should want the best for him. Don’t worry Gary, we’ll support you even more from now on! 

In case you haven’t heard the news, check out the Instagram post below:

“I got married to the person I love today. There was no wedding, but the two of us became a married couple through our own expression. My wife is a non-celebrity woman, who shook my soul in a moment. Though there may be those of you who are shocked by the marriage news, I hope you bless our new future with a happy heart. I’ll live well and happily for the rest of my life. Posted by Gary.” (Translation courtesy of allkpop)

When it comes down to it, all that matters is that our oppa is happy, and we wish him all the success in the world with his lady love. Congratulations to the happy couple once again! 

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The Most #Lit Moments From Coldplay's AHFOD Tour In Singapore!

3 Apr 2017 by Germaine Cheah

The much hyped about Coldplay concert has come and gone but the memories from those nights will forever remain. As we bid farewell (for now) to the band as they carry on with the rest of their A Head Full Of Dreams tour, here are some of the wondrous, technicolour moments that we’ll relive on loop till Coldplay comes back. 

When They Paid Tribute To The Late David Bowie


The world collectively mourned when the great Ziggy Stardust passed away last January, and the boys paid tribute to the legend by performing Bowies’ hit ‘Heroes’. David Bowie aside, tributes were also paid to Prince and George Michael, legends who had passed on in 2016. While it was a sombre and touching moment, it was also one of triumph – reminding the audience that “we can all be heroes, even if it’s just for one day”.

When They Showed Support For The LGBTQ Community

It’s no secret that Chris Martin and the rest of the guys are avid supporters of the LGBTQ community and their human rights, and that support continued during their performance of ‘Viva La Vida’. At first sporting the Singapore flag from the back of his pocket, the singer soon spotted an audience member holding up a rainbow flag, and quickly made the switch. It might have only been a small and simple gesture, but it was one that spoke volumes. 

When Will And Jonny Sang Lead On ‘Don’t Panic’


We all know of the vocal prowess that is Chris Martin, but the frontman let go of the reins and allowed guitarist Jonny Buckland and drummer Will Champion have their turn on lead vocals when they performed ‘Don’t Panic’. While the duo helps out with backing vocals from time to time, it was refreshing to hear their voices front and center  – because boy oh boy do they sound absolutely amazing. We’re in love!

When They Stayed True To Their Word 

When the band asked for fans to upload which song they would like see performed on Instagram, requests were uploaded by the masses, and many were left wondering which song(s) would make the cut. Alas, it turned out to be Til’ Kingdom Come (31 March 2017) and In My Place (01 April 2017) – they even played the video clip of the fan who sent in the request for both songs, we can only imagine how smitten they must have been! It was an amazing moment, and fans were savouring every bit of it.


A post shared by RQ (@rebsnaps) on

Bonus: Having made a mistake during ‘Til’ Kingdom Come’, Chris requested for the band to redo the chorus, but not before pleading to the audience to not upload the error on YouTube. “Let’s maintain the illusion of professionalism”, the lead singer said. Sorry Chris, if it’s not YouTube, then it’ll have to be Instagram – social media beckons!

When Marriage Proposals Were Made

A Coldplay concert wouldn’t be complete without a marriage proposal, and the Singapore crowd didn’t disappoint! During their performance of ‘Fix You’, a fan got down on one knee and proposed to his lady love, to the cheers of other audience members nearby. Accompanied by the perfect backdrop, the aww-inducing moment will definitely be one to remember. Congratulations to the happy couple!

When They Composed A Song Just For Singapore


While this only happened on the second night, it was still a super nice gesture to have the band dedicate a special impromptu track just for us. Clearly inspired by the deafening support of the audience, Chris showcased their love back to the crowd, singing “Singapore, Singapore, Singapore / We’ve played here four times before / But the way the crowd they roar / Means we’re gonna play here a helluva lot of times more“. Sounds like a promise, Chris – one we’re intending to have you keep!

Featured image: Aloysius Lim/Live Nation Lushington SG

A huge thanks to Coldplay for a magical two nights of laughs, tears, song and dance in a kaleidoscopic wonderland. We hope to see you soon!

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Talk about Lee Joon Gi and ‘kkotminam’ would probably be the first come to mind. After all, the Hallyu heartthrob is arguably the Godfather of all flower boys (The King and the Clown, anybody?) – and even has the nod of approval from fellow Scarlet Heart Ryeo co-star Kang Ha Neul, who voted him as the most prince-like amongst the cast. But before you think the actor is anything like his prince charming characters, the 34-year-old is quick to reassure you that he’s far from it. Or is he?

We beg to differ, after meeting him when he was in town for the press conference of his [Thank You] Asia Tour as part of the HSBC Women’s Championship Music Festival. The Korean star was full of cheeky antics as the cameras flashed away at his galore of finger hearts and adorable poses. But when it’s time to be serious, he spared no time in snapping back into professional mode and tackling the questions that came firing up. Here are some of the highlights you’d missed on out!



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“I’m a little embarrassed to call it a Hollywood debut because it wasn’t a major role, but more of a special cameo. I still have a lot to work on and a long journey to go, but the entire experience was a really enjoyable one. I see it as a blessing and I’m very honoured to be part of the production. Till this day, I still keep in touch with director Paul Anderson and told him to keep me in mind for future works. I’d always drop hints to him (laughs). He joked that perhaps he could create a reboot chapter to Resident Evil where I come back as a zombie or something!”


“I had so much fun filming with the cast of [Scarlet Heart Ryeo]. Most of the actors are at least 10 years younger than me, so I was a little concerned that there might be a generation gap at first. But when the cameras started rolling, we interacted so well together and the chemistry was great. They also brought a lot of refreshing angles and creativity to the set, which was something we all could learn from.”


Lee Joon Gi Two Weeks

“It’s part and parcel of being in action scenes to have minor injuries here and there. As much as I’d like to pull off those stunts myself, I put in ample preparation in order to prevent any potential accidents from occurring. The most dangerous action scene I could recall was from Two Weeks, where I had to be put in threatening situations such as falling into the river, being in car accidents… That was when I thought I should be really careful, if not the investors who have put in money into the production and the fans who have spent time supporting it would all go to waste.”


“I think it’s the opposite. My character as Wang So had the least prince-like traits. In fact, I was really inspired by Kang Ha Neul’s role as the Eighth Prince because he portrayed how a prince should be like perfectly on the show. He has a warm and impressive side to him that Wang So lacks, so I wouldn’t say I’m more ‘princely’ than Kang Ha Neul.”


“If Wang So had a chance to be transported forward in time, I feel that he’d still be a very good-looking character. But because of his aggressive personality, he probably wouldn’t be able to fit into the modern culture very well. He’s the kind of guy who likes to be in control and take the lead, and there’s also an inconsiderate side to him… so he may not be in harmony with the people around him. Nevertheless, I think he’d still be as charming as ever. (Laughs)” 

Verdict: Lee Joon Gi’s definitely not your typical actor, but one thing’s for sure: whether he’s saeguk prince, an action hero, or a modern-day gent, he’d be an absolute charmer regardless of his roles. And we look forward to seeing more dynamic sides of him in the future!

Main image credit: UnUsUaL Entertainment

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