For avid followers of K-pop, it’s a well-known fact that Seungri has a stupendous sense of humour, which the chap effortlessly demonstrated when he took centre stage at his long-awaited solo concert in Singapore last Saturday (23 Feb).

The BIGBANG member, who performed in front of an intimate crowd of 1,600 at The Star Theatre as part of The Great Seungri Tour, was loud, wildly entertaining and at times self-deprecating. Not exactly the kind of person you would expect from one of the most well-loved K-pop groups in the industry, but that’s precisely what makes the 28-year-old even more likeable in our books.

Seungri SG 1

Despite promoting without his fellow hyungs, the natural-born performer was more than capable of holding his own on stage. The set-up was fairly minimal, with the presence of two male dancers and occasional smoke effects to complement his pared-down yet robust performances. But that didn’t hinder the seasoned idol from putting on a bangin’ show for his dedicated legion of local VIPs.

From showing off his Singlish chops to jokingly calling out his agency, his comedic antics never failed to draw peals of laughter from the audience. Here are Seungri’s best golden quips of the night.

“You guys can sit down, y’know? This isn’t a dance song!”

Kicking off the show with an upbeat performance of BIGBANG’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’, Seungri got the crowd up on their feet right from the get-go as he brought the atmosphere to a high. Thereafter, he winded it down with a cover of Jay Chou’s ‘The Longest Movie’, which is a slow ballad number. Despite his pleas in getting fans to sit down, he was met with a chorus of no’s which prompted him to play along, “Don’t be mad, I’m trying to be nice!”

“I have the best Singlish accent among Korean artistes. No one else can say it like this.”

No stranger to our sunny shores, the K-pop star is known for being friends with notable personalities such as local socialite Kim Lim and has made numerous visits to Singapore in the past year alone. Thus, it’s of no surprise that the chap had managed to master our colloquial language. “Are you having a good time lah?” he began, before proudly declaring that he has the best Singlish accent. “I’m the best [at Singlish], because I love Singapore so much.”

“Because my company didn’t give me the job, I have to find work myself.”

One can obviously tell that this concert tour was arranged by Seungri himself. There was nothing fancy about it – no dramatic pre-filmed VCRs, no live band like what VIPs are used to at BIGBANG concerts, just two lone backup dancers – but he pulled it off nonetheless. “I didn’t plan to do a tour, but it’s all thanks to your support,” said Seungri, who didn’t forget to take a jab at YG Entertainment for the lack of resources. Even though he meant it in a joking manner, fans started booing over the mistreatment. He quickly laughed it off, “C’mon guys, this is life.” We love an unbothered king!

“If you wanna propose, let me give you guys one tip: bring this bass.” 

“This show started last summer. I wanted to bring the best production in the world to the stage,” he explained with a hint of sarcasm that didn’t go unnoticed, before going on to demonstrate how each component plays an important part – from the flashing lights (“Doesn’t it look like a Christmas tree?”) to the theatric smoke effects (“This isn’t Universal Studios BTW!”). When it came to the woofer for the bass sound, he playfully told the male audience to use the venue’s woofer bass for their proposals to amplify their love, literally. Hear that, lads?

“After seeing this picture, I can’t eat tamagoyaki anymore.”

Although the other four members are currently away for their military duties, Seungri always made sure to mention the group in any situation, be it on variety shows or during his concert ments. In a segment where he displayed funny BIGBANG images that he grabbed off Google, the cheeky maknae took the opportunity to poke fun at G-Dragon’s famous centre-parted blonde hair which looked similar to tamagoyaki (Japanese egg roll). “I really love Japanese food,” he said. “But after seeing this picture, I can’t eat tamagoyaki anymore. Sorry, I just cannot.”

“You guys can stay with me because I’m not a bad guy.”

Towards the end of the two-hour show, Seungri noticed that fans were holding up banners with the words “I’ll stay with you” written in Korean and blurted, “You guys can stay with me because I’m not a bad guy. I don’t know why BIGBANG has a bad boy image.” He later pointed out the hilarious irony of the group releasing a track titled ‘Bad Boy’ in 2014, but GD and Taeyang contradicted themselves by dropping ‘Good Boy’ one year later. He exclaimed in disbelief, “What the h*ll? You want to be a bad boy or a good boy? You decide and tell me.”

“I promise I’m not gonna become fat. I’m gonna be more shuai, ok mah?”

Things ended on a rather bittersweet note as Seungri said his last goodbyes to Singapore VIPs. After wrapping up promotions for this tour, the 28-year-old will soon be enlisting in the army later this year (G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang and Daesung will be discharged from June onwards). Sensing that fans would be sad to see him go, Seungri jokingly assured them that he will not get any fatter or uglier, and return “more shuai (handsome)” than before. Before bidding farewell, the warm-hearted singer brought out our national flag and paraded the stage as he took one final bow.

Photo credits: CK Star Entertainment

What was your favourite moment of the night? Tell us in the comments below!


Barely three months after wrapping up the Singapore leg of their 2018 Continue Tour, iKON was back in town to perform at Resorts World Theatre as part of Samsung’s Unleash Next Gen Bold event yesterday evening (21 Feb).

The private event saw over 1,500 lucky iKONICS in attendance, where they had the opportunity to experience the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series while getting upclose and personal with their favourite idol group. Besides performing three of their hit singles ‘Love Scenario’, ‘Killing Me’ and ‘Bling Bling’, the K-pop septet also sat down for a short interview with the hosts where they indulged fans by showing off their best selfie poses, breaking into a floss dance battle and more!

For those who weren’t able to make it, here’s a recap of the epicness that went down.

#1 Who did the floss dance better?

FYI, if you’re a fan of Fortnite, you’ll be thrilled to know that Samsung has made a K-pop skin modelled after iKON’s lovable maknae Chan, exclusively for those who will be purchasing the upcoming Galaxy S10 Plus. Of course, we can’t talk about Fortnite without mentioning the popular floss dance (we all know that the iKON members, especially Bobby, are super good at it). After a short dance demo by our resident muse, the rest of the members split into two teams for a floss dance-off – with Chan serving as the judge. Check out their moves!

#2 Their selfie game is strong AF.

It’s no secret that iKON adores taking selfies – just take a scroll through their individual Instagram accounts and you’ll know what we mean. So obviously we can’t leave without getting a few tips from the selfie experts, can we? Each member took turns to show off their favourite poses – from Chan’s adorable finger heart to Ju-ne channeling his inner Angry Bird – and we just can’t get over how cute they were!

#3 Wefies? No problem!

When asked about the feature they liked the most about the Galaxy S10, they confessed that it’s difficult to squeeze all seven members into the frame when taking a group shot – but thanks to its wide lens camera, they can now take wefies in ease. Using the new smartphone, the iKON members put the camera functions to the test by taking a photo with the audience. Yay, we’re in the same picture as oppas

#4 Fans are as beautiful as… the beach?

Three words to describe iKONICs? While Ju-ne went with the politically correct answer of “Love”, Jay took one for the team by ambiguously describing fans as the Sentosa Siloso Beach because it’s “beautiful” – just like iKONICs! While it may seem like a rather aww-inducing response, we have a sneaking suspicion that it’s to promote their upcoming show at Skechers Sundown Festival, which would be held at none other than the sandy shores this April. So much for being subtle, Jay!

#5 Flexing the S10 like–

At the end of the night, the iKON members were presented with their very own Galaxy S10 phones. While the rest of the audience looked on in envy, the ever-so-cheeky Bobby teased fans by jokingly showing off his new treasured possession.

Okay, you got us, Bobby – we’re off to preorder the phones.

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It’s been two years since Korean indie-rock icons HYUKOH was last here, but the adorably awkward quartet had no trouble filling up all four levels of the Esplanade Theatre on Monday, which was literally packed to the rafters.

On the back of their latest EP 24: How To Find True Love And Happiness which was released last year, the four-piece has been making the rounds on their first ever world tour. The diverse crowd that turned up was vastly different to your typical K-pop concert, but everyone was instantly captivated by the band when they kicked off the show with ‘Skyworld’. They then launched into the massive hit song ‘Wi Ing Wi Ing’ from their very first album, before going back to their newer tracks.


Their off-beat fashion and don’t-care attitude resounded with the fans, who lost themselves in the music. With a quick greeting from lead vocalist Ohhyuk because “they told to me to say something on stage” which prompted huge laughter from the crowd, the charming singer then shared that he named the latest album “How To Find True Love And Happiness” because he wants to find it – and a part of us hoped that he found it here on this very night. With the release of 24, the band has found their signature sound of guitar-heavy ballads and stuck to it as themes of love, loss and life feature heavily on their latest album. The songs are slightly more upbeat than their previous albums, but are equally raw and emotive.

Hyukoh performed every song off the record and more, and even treated us to the live version of Superorganism’s remix of ‘Gang Gang Schiele’. It only took a gentle prompting from Ohhyuk as he shyly told the audience “You know, you guys can stand up if you want”, before the whole concert hall took to their feet. HYUKOH’s energy seemed to rocket to another level as everyone started dancing together, while the band powered through their songs relentlessly. Ohhyuk then showed off his trilingual chops as he sang in Chinese for an epic rendition of ‘Wan Li’. And what we found particularly amazing was that, no matter the language they sing, it didn’t stop anyone from humming along to the songs – proving that music is truly universal.


Other fan favourites like ‘Hooka’ and ‘Gondry’ were also on the setlist, and everyone brought out their flashlights for Tomboy to create a sparkling sea of yellow lights. The night ended off on a high note with the upbeat ‘Love Ya’, a tribute to all the lovers out there.

Despite the few words and limited interaction with the crowd, HYUKOH lets their music do the talking. Drawing energy from the fans, Ohhyuk even shyly asked the crowd if he could play one more song after the encore, which he promised was “really the last, last song of the night”. Obviously everyone screamed yes, and we were treated to an encore where they showed off their instrumental prowess before finally bidding goodbye.

Photo credits: Dominic Phua for Now/Live

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5 Things You Need To Know About JYP's New Girl Group ITZY

21 Feb 2019 by Chew Hui Ling

It’s no secret that JYP has perfected the girl group formula. Just take a look at their history of female-fronted acts like Wonder Girls, Miss A and TWICE, who are inarguably among the most influential girl groups of their respective generations. Following in the footsteps of their predecessors, the entertainment behemoth is back to reclaim their place on the charts with a new team of young pop mavens – and they are poised to lead the next era of K-pop.

A five-member outfit consisting of Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna, ITZY dropped their debut track ‘Dalla Dalla’ to immediate success and fanfare – their music video has already broken the record for most views in its first 24 hours for a K-pop debut, and has since racked up a whopping 53 million views as of 20 February. And if these rapidly-rising numbers are any indication, they’re only about to get even bigger in time to come.

Before they officially take over the world, we bring you up to speed on all things ITZY.

#1 They’re different.

As the title of their debut album It’z Different aptly suggests, ITZY isn’t your typical girl group. An enjoyable departure from TWICE’s usual brand of bubblegum pop anthems, these sassy femmes played into the girl crush concept that seemingly draws influences from Wonder Girls and Miss A. Their banger of a lead single ‘Dalla Dalla’ incorporates an infectious blend of EDM and hip-hop, which makes it sound experimental yet insanely catchy all at once. Now, BRB while we hit replay.

#2 They have a message to tell.

While many modern day K-pop acts tend to stick to the tried-and-tested formula of lighthearted love songs accompanied with a repetitive hook, ITZY is all about being different. At first glance, ‘Dalla Dalla’ might seem like just another bop – but read between the lines and you’ll realise that it’s actually an empowerment anthem that encourages fans to love themselves rather than succumbing to society’s expectations. Besides, what’s more attractive than a group of confident ladies who aren’t afraid to be different?

#3 They’ve got the moves.

Can we just talk about how lit the choreography for ‘Dalla Dalla’ is? From the powerful hair whips to the killer floorwork, the girls hit every move in perfect synchronisation with the beat – all while oozing major swagger and attitude. Check out their dance practice below!

#4 You might find some of them familiar.

Prior to their debut, some of the ITZY members have already gained a ton of attention from their appearances on several TV shows. Ryujin previously competed on YG’s reality programme MIXNINE, while Chaeryeong took part in JYP’s survival show SIXTEEN back in 2015. Yeji also had a brief stint on SBS music variety series The Fan, where she captivated audiences with her smooth rap and dance skills.

#5 Two of the members starred in BTS’ MVs.

If you’re a fellow ARMY, you might’ve spotted Ryujin and Yuna in BTS’ Love Yourself highlight reels. Ryujin was the girl who danced alongside J-Hope and Jimin, while Yuna played Jungkook’s partner and even had a hospital romance going on. Now that they’ve made their debut, we sure hope ITZY and BTS get to meet on the same stage one day!

Are you ready to stan ITZY yet? Drop them some love in the comments below!

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If there’s anybody that knows how to throw a party, it’s the team at Skechers Sundown Festival. Touted as “Asia’s definitive music and arts festival”, the annual extravaganza is back for its 10th and biggest edition yet.

To be held at Siloso Beach Sentosa from 19 to 21 April 2019, festival-goers can look forward to a larger-than life 3D2N party unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – complete with an exhilarating lineup of international and homegrown acts that aim to celebrate the diversity of Asian music.

Just last week, the organisers have already welcomed a handful of stellar artistes such as Korean rap collective MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy), Chinese hip-hop outfit Higher Brothers, Japanese heavy metal band Crossfaith and Taiwanese DJ Shogun. Local favourites like Charlie Lim, Sam Rui and Shigga Shay are also set to join in the festivities.

Skechers Sundown Festival 2019

While it seems like the bill couldn’t get any better, Sundown Festival has just announced the final wave of big-name headliners to round up the festival lineup. Fronting the stage is K-pop boy band iKON, who are making their return to Singapore shortly after concluding their 2018 Continue Tour back in November. Alongside iKON, there will also be performances by Korean-American DJ TOKiMONSTA, Vietnamese EDM producer Hoaprox and Taiwanese singer-songwriter Karen Cici.

Here’s the full music lineup:

  • A$$KID
  • REV DJ
  • DJ MOE
  • RGRY 

For music lovers with a penchant for arts and films, you can also enjoy the screening of award-winning films, while immersing yourself in the array of sustainable art installations across the festival grounds. To cap off the festival vibes, Sundown Festival is offering a dedicated glamping experience at Campville, which will come furnished with comfy beds, fresh linen and can accommodate up to four people per tent. Or if you’re a camping enthusiast, you can choose to pitch your own tent at Freedom Camp.

Forget Fyre FestivalSundown Festival’s the real deal.

Skechers Sundown Festival runs from 19 April to 21 April 2019 at Silosa Beach Sentosa. Tickets are available at


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