Once upon a time, posters of Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Alyssa Milano graced your bedroom walls, but now it’s time for a new generation of heartthrobs to take the throne. This summer, Netflix is releasing a slew of movies chockfull of fresh faces who are stealing viewers’ hearts – one episode at a time. Check out the new hotties on the block below (and don’t worry, we’ve already got you covered with their Instagram handles for your stalking pleasure).


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Who: Jacob Elordi (@jacobelordi)

Where: The Kissing Booth

When: Now streaming

Our first cutie stars in the recently released romcom flick The Kissing Booth. Jacob Elordi plays the role of Noah Flynn, a football player and high school heartthrob who gets entangled in a forbidden romance. But let’s be real, we would jump at the chance to romance Jacob, forbidden or not.


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Who: Noah Centineo (@ncentineo)

Where: Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

When: 7 September

Next on the to-crush-on list is Noah Centineo, the star of the upcoming high-school comedy series Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. Girls in his high school are all vying for his attention – and rightfully so – because who could resist that alluring side smirk of his, along with those adorable twirls in his hair? For fans of Stranger Things, you’ll love this show just as much as you adore Barb!


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Who: Joel Courtney (@joel_courtney)

Where: The Kissing Booth

When: Now streaming

Even in just a plain T-shirt and jeans combo, Joel Courtney is an absolute snack. Starring alongside Jacob in The Kissing Booth, Joel plays the role of Lee Flynn, the dorky best friend of Elle Evans. He’s got the “nice guy” game going for him in the show, but you’re in for a treat if you ran a quick Google search on him.


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Who: Joey King (@joeyking)

Where: The Kissing Booth

When: Now streaming

Speaking of Elle Evans, she is played by Joey King, yet another American sweetheart on our watchlist. Elle is the main protagonist of The Kissing Booth, as she loses her first kiss to one of the hottest guys in school. Who could it be? Watch the movie to find out. Hint: you already know him.


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Who: Lana Condor (@lanacondor)

Where: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

When: 17 August

Last but not least, we have Lana Condor in the upcoming teen romance film To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The 21-year-old takes on the role of Lara Jean, a hopeless romantic who daydreams and writes secret love letters to her imaginary lovers. However, trouble strikes when a mysterious person mails out all of her love letters to the people she wrote about.

Swooning over these Netflix up-and-comers yet? Tell us who managed to gain a follow from you in the comments below!

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