Any unassuming passerby who passed by the Singapore Indoor Stadium on a certain weekend might think there was a World Cup screening going on, but no – it was a K-pop concert staged by none other than the hottest girl group of the moment, TWICE, as part of their TWICE 2ND TOUR ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park.

Commanding a 8,500-strong crowd of hardcore ONCEs, it was a treat for the army of testosterone-filled fans who turned up in full force: dreamy stage set-ups, fun performances and endless fan service. The audience certainly lapped it up in delight, armed with candy bongs in hand as they roared and chanted along to every song. Here are the thoughts that ran through our minds over the course of the three-hour set:

#1 “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

The TWICE girls made their grand entrance decked out in breathtaking white gowns, looking ever so angelic as they descended on stage in a row of elevated swings. It wasn’t even one song in that they switched up their costumes for cute floral dresses, promptly launching into a sequence of familiar melodies such as ‘Like OOH-AHH’, ‘Cheer Up’ and ‘Likey’. Transforming the stage into a winter wonderland complete with snowflake embellishments and whimsical fairy lights, they winded it down for a couple of mid-tempo numbers including ‘Someone Like Me’ and ‘Turtle’. Check out how gorgeous the set-up was!

#2 “Gotta love those girl crush vibes!”

Ever since ‘Like OOH-AHH’, TWICE has stuck with the same ol’ formula of sweet bubblegum earworms that fans have come to love. So we couldn’t help but wonder when would they change up their concept – and boy, did they surprise us with a total image overhaul. Ditching their cutesy appeal to showcase a more refined look, the ninesome returned to the stage in dashing pinstripe suits as they delivered a solid repertoire of remixes. “A lot of our songs are bright and bubbly, but we wanted to try something cool this time round,” explained Momo. Hey JYP, can we propose a ‘Touchdown’ 2.0 for their next comeback?

#3 “Can we please debut these sub-units?”

You know TWICE for their addictive bops, but we often forget that they’re made up of unique personalities that aren’t always translated to their presence in the group. Thankfully, each member got a slice of their own spotlight with solo performances and special unit stages: Dahyun showed off her fierce charisma with a killer rendition of Rain’s ‘Rainism’ (or rather, ‘Dahyunism’), Jihyo, Momo and Tzuyu channeled their inner Beyoncé for ‘End Of Time’, Jungyeon and Nayeon swapped gender roles for a sizzling cover of Baek Ji Young and Taecyeon’s ‘My Ear Candy’.

#4 “We love inclusive queens!”

Don’t worry, we didn’t leave out Mina, Chaeyoung and Sana on purpose. In fact, we wanted to give special mention to the trio, who performed the throwback hit ‘Oppa’ by Wax. Although it was intended as a treat for their oppa fans (an endearment term for older brother), Sana didn’t forget to give a shoutout to female as well as younger fans. “There are a lot of people here who are unnies (older sister) and dongsaengs (younger brother/sister) too,” added Sana, before rallying the other members to greet the fellow unnies in attendance.

#5 “How cool would it be to have a Winner x TWICE collab?”

Remember when TWICE performed EXO’s ‘Overdose’ and SEVENTEEN’s ‘Pretty U’ during their Singapore show last April? This year, the nine-member group once again impresses with their electrifying cover of WINNER’s smash hit ‘Really Really’. Needless to say, we’re really really loving it!

#6 “Who says TWICE can’t sing? Fight us.”

Admittedly, TWICE doesn’t have the cleanest of reputations when it comes to live singing. The use of backing tracks was a tad too obvious at some points, but we understand it’s strenuous enough having to keep up with the back-to-back choreography, let alone hit those notes effortlessly. However, that doesn’t mean the ladies can’t hold a tune – just check out this acoustic performance of ‘What Is Love?’. We sure hope they can have more opportunities to show off their vocal skills in the future though!

#7 “Aww, don’t cry!”

Before the night comes to an end, ONCEs surprised TWICE with a special fanmade video while holding up banners that read “We will wait for TWICE to return”. Touched at the gesture, a teary-eyed Jihyo took the time to thank fans: “I can’t believe we have doubled the amount of ONCEs we can meet today. Thank you so much for always loving and supporting us!” Wrapping up the show with a promise to return next year, they proceeded to walk us down the TWICE memory lane with a medley of all their greatest hits so far.

Is it too early to start prepping for #TWICELAND3inSG? We think not.

Featured image credits: ONE Production

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