Katy Perry was a powerful Egyptian queen, out-of-this-world Space princess and gorgeous pastel-haired Nature Goddess rolled into one during her coincidentally 140th Prismatic World Tour concert here in Singapore. Showing off her penchant for incredibly embellished costumes, dazzling stage effects (which must’ve cost a bomb), outrageous props and her love for all things colourful, it’s clear that Katy Perry doesn’t need Left Shark to make her gig memorable. #VisualFeastMaximum 

#1 She had unparalleled #HairGame

Katy Perry Prismastic World Tour Hairstyles Colour

Katy’s #HairGame was en pointe, with multi-hued wigs and elaborate hairpieces galore – the woman changed a hairstyle every time she had a wardrobe change! We especially loved her pastel-rainbow coloured curls which she showed off during her rendition of ‘By The Grace Of God’ and acoustic mashup of ‘The One That Got Away’ and ‘Thinking Of You’. That, and the sunflower-adorned gown makes for a very hippie Katy. 

#2 It’s all in the detail

Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour OutfitCredit: Aloysius Lim

Katy’s pretty hard to beat in the costume department. Honestly, her everyday wardrobe is already littered with cartoon-esque pieces (anybody remember her pizza onesies?). We’re just glad her outfits were more stylish and less vaudeville, even though the Kitty-themed fashion show was a bit… much #Sorry. Her backup dancers had super detailed pieces as well, which adds to the uniformity. 

#3 Props To Perry

Credit: MTV Asia


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Let’s be real here – Katy set a high bar with her no expenses spared stage props. Although the horse she brought out for ‘Dark Horse’ wasn’t the huge-ass Tiger/Lion she rode in on during her Super Bowl 2015 Halftime performance, it was admittedly pretty neat. We also spied a gilded whip, an inflatable car, poop/taco/lipstick balloons and even 3D glasses that were distributed F.O.C before the show! 

#4 Loving The Katycats


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We’re gonna risk sounding sappy to say that Katy’s affection for her fans was pretty beautiful to witness. Apart from inviting a lucky fan onstage to teach her Singlish/Mandarin before taking a selfie with the light stick-adorned boy, we saw Katy scoop up as many fan letters and gifts off the stage floor as she could before heading backstage.

#5 More Than Fireworks 

The icing on this glittering cherry was being treated to a breathtaking light show.Katy Perry The Prismatic World Tour laser lights 1

Credit: Aloysius Lim

We’re pretty impressed because not only do the lights look gorgeous, they’re carefully arranged to induce the best visuals possible. #WhatSorceryIsThis


A photo posted by wen (@illusivity) on

 We looked up at the ceiling at one point and saw this sky full of ‘synthetic stars’.  See what we mean?


A photo posted by Steven Neo (@neosaybin) on

 We’re giving Katy Perry full props for her Prismatic World Tour in Singapore. This diva is always outdoing herself with each performance, and we’re got to witness Katy set the bar even higher for future acts to come. Well played, Perry. 

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