12 Stylish Outfits To Inspire Your Daily Wardrobe

5 Nov 2017 by Lynette Goh

Pondering hard for your week’s #OOTD? Your planning just got easier with these 12 bangin’ outfit inspirations!  



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The Formal

Have an important event to attend this week? Draw inspiration from Chiew Ye who struts with confidence in a pair of wide-legged culottes and a flowy blouse. Keeping to her blend of earthy neutrals cobbles a look that screams sophisticated chic, effortlessly. 



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Athleisure Chic

Need we say more? This is the booming trend where workout clothes are worn at every setting possible and it is perfect for your laid-back days when comfort triumphs everything else. Pair your usual joggers with a structured leather jacket to give that otherwise informal outfit a sharp edge. 



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Orange You Glad It’s Fall?

Fall is the season of layering and despite the warm weather in Singapore, Melody shows us how you can still rock the fall fashion trends by pairing together a silk emerald slip dress with pleated ends and a black mesh blouse. The light but luxe fabrics are perfect layering pieces to create a look that’s totally Vogue-worthy. 



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The Tropical

Perks of living in Singapore include being able to dress like its summer all year round. This red kimono dress filled with tropical prints like palm leaves is perfect for a brunch date with your girlfriends. Mongchin pairs her ensemble with flats for a daytime romp but you can glam the outfit up with a pair of stilettos, letting this piece take you from day to night. 



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Errands Day

White wide-legged culotte – this time made to look more casual and relaxed with a beige – is a versatile piece that goes with almost everything. Audrey keeps her accessories simple yet chic with a black statement belt, loafers and mini bucket bag to look effortlessly put together. 



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Studded Denim

Sophia displays her own take on the denim-on-denim look by pairing light-wash jeans with a studded denim jacket. She includes little touches like a metal chain belt and studded ankle boots, infusing her own style in an otherwise simple outfit. 



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Dark Neutrals

Men fashion trends for F/W 17 includes darker neutral tones than typical summer hues. Moss green, grey and navy blues are common colours that are easy to pair while keeping to the Fall palette. Louis combines an army green shirt with black ripped jeans and shoes – safe yet stylish choices that’ll bring you from the classroom to an adventure outdoors. 



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When it comes to stylish outfits, we can always count on Andrea. Sticking to the three-colour palette rule, she pairs a black camisole with a white slit skirt and pointed-toe heels as well as a matching caramel-brown cardigan and bag. These are what Sundays are made of.



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The Formal Sleepwear

Rocking one of the staple trends in F/W 17, Benjamin dons an oversized, statement silk shirt with ripped jeans and a cowboy hat. At first glance, it might seem like a popular musician standing in his PJs but take a closer look and you will notice how Ben works the piece by injecting a casual element into an otherwise overly formal outfit without overdoing it – achieving the perfect balance between both styles. 



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Men’s Athleisure

The sporty luxe look has proliferated our generation due to its comfort and effortless styling. George pairs a preppy navy blue shirt with grey sweatpants and white sneakers while keeping his accessories simple. With a simple ensemble like this, there is really no reason to look sloppy the next time you go for class or anywhere that doesn’t require much dress up. 



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Denim Overalls

Overalls are definitely back in trend after the break it took from the mid-90s. Daniel puts on a black ripped denim overalls and paired it with a printed monochrome muscle tee. Keeping the palettes consistent, he accessorises it with a snapback of similar tones. A gold watch and a pair of black loafers help give a polished look to the grunge-laden outfit. 


Casually Graphic

 ’90s grunge fashion is still in trend and that means torn and tattered graphic tees are too. Loose fitting and comfy, pair your T-shirt with jeans like Benjamin does. You can either choose to go creative with your accessories (to express yourself like it’s the ’90s) or pare it down for an understated everyday outfit.

Which is your favourite outfit inspiration? Let us know in the comments section!

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