8 Sneakerheads To Follow On Instagram

24 May 2016 by Venetia Sng

Think you’re a sneaker addict? Think again. These Instagrammers are hardcore sneakerheads, are proud of their collection and aren’t ashamed to show it off. Be prepared to drool over these lust-worthy shoes.

#1 Robin Wemmers 

How many Air Max does one need? Apparently, it’s never enough.


A photo posted by Robin Wemmers (@robin_we1) on

#2 Matthew

Reflection game on point.


A photo posted by Matthew (@689r) on

#3 Sascha Priesters

Mint sneakers for summer? Yes please!


A photo posted by Sascha Priesters (@themoldernway) on

#4 Juanma Jmse

How about his and her shoes.


A photo posted by Juanma Jmse (@juanma_jmse) on

#5 Jemuel Wong

When you love a brand so much.


A photo posted by T Y (Jemuel) Wong (@jemuelwong) on

#6 Dylan Ratner

Jordans FTW!


A photo posted by DR (@dylan_ratner) on

#7 Maj Veloso

When walking is too mainstream.


A photo posted by Maj Veloso (@marcjoshveloso) on

#8 Dominic Salvatore Ciambrone

For those who’re into luxury.

Have shoe envy yet? Who’s your favourite sneakerhead on Instagram? Share it with us in the comments below!

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10 Gorgeous Classic Choker Necklaces

17 May 2016 by Venetia Sng

You can run but you can’t hide, the choker is a #throwback ’90s fashion item no more! Pair them with every look, from beachwear to a classy night out – instead of the stretchy tattoo chokers, think thick velvet, satin, leather and lace. Here are 10 gorgeous classic choker necklaces you can wear that will not go out of style.

#1 Urban Outfitters Vegan Leather Wrap Necklace, US$24Vegan-Leather-Wrap-Necklace-Urban-Outfitters

#2 Urban Outfitters Forever Choker Necklace, US$34Forever-Choker-Necklace-Urban-Outfitters

#3 Urban Outfitters Filigree Choker Necklace, US$20Filigree-Choker-Necklace-Urban-Outfitters

#4 Nasty Gal Bulletproof Heart Velvet Choker, $26Bulletproof-Heart-Velvet-Choker-Nasty-Gal

#5 Nasty Gal Here Kitty Satin Choker, $29Here-Kitty-Satin-Choker-Nasty-Gal

#6 Etsy Quartz Choker Necklace, $12.07Quartz-Choker-Necklace-Etsy

#7 Zara 2-Pack Chokers, $39.90Chokers-Zara

#8 ASOS Satin Choker Necklace, $10.72ASOS-Satin-Choker-Necklace

#9 ASOS Wide Velvet Choker Necklace, $12.86ASOS-Wide-Velvet-Choker-Necklace

#10 ASOS Velvet and Cross Charm Multirow Choker Necklace, $17.15ASOS-Velvet-Cross-Choker-Necklace

Any other accessories you’d like us to feature? Let us know in the comment box below!

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UNIQLO Yukata - Traditional Japanese Casual Dress

11 May 2016 by Venetia Sng

Forget sushi and anime, if you are a true blue fan of all things Japanese then you need to own a piece of traditional Japanese apparel! You must be thinking who would be in the right mind to wear a thick kimono in our weather right? Uniqlo got that covered with their 100% cotton Yukata! The Yukata is a casual garment that is typically worn during summer – it keeps the wearer cool and comfortable even when perspiring, perfect for Singapore’s humid weather!

From muted blues to bright florals, there’s something for every lady. Priced at $79.90, it doesn’t hurt that it’s very affordable as well.



No idea how to put on a Yukata? No worries! There’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to wear the Yukata and the Obi belt.

The new collection of Yukata is now available online and in selected Uniqlo stores!

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8 Black Flats For Every Occasion

4 May 2016 by Venetia Sng

What are your spending vices? For most ladies, shoes usually take the top spot – the common excuse being needing different footwear for different activities. A pair of flats for school/work, heels for a fancy night out and wedges for the weekend. But if you need just one pair of shoes for any and every occasion, it would be the classic black flats. Here are our picks!

#1 Topshop Rose Flat Point Shoe, $66.90Topshop-Embellished-Pointed-Flats

#2 Melissa Space Love Special, $112Melissa-Space-Love-Special-Black

#3 Rubi Serena Sheer Point, $24.95Rubi-Sheer-Scallop-Flats

#4 H&M Suede Ballet Flats, $79.90HM-Lace-Up-Ballet-Flats

#5 Charles & Keith Rope Knot Ballerinas, $49.90Charles-Keith-Ballet-Flats

#6 Rubi Elliott Point, $24.95Rubi-Studded-Pointed-Flats

#7 Melissa Colour Feeling II, $112Melissa-Colour-Feeling-II-Black

#8 Charles & Keith Pointed D’Orsay Ballerinas, $49.90Charles-Keith-Black-Pointed-Flats

Image Credit: fashionsensored

Which pair is your favourite? Let us know in the comment box below!

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9 High Waisted Bikinis For Every Body Type

25 Apr 2016 by Venetia Sng

Beach season is coming around and if you’re worried about not having that “perfect” bikini bod, don’t sweat about it! Having a healthy body is most important and it doesn’t mean that you must have rock hard abs. So show off that figure of yours with these high waist bikinis that will look good on any body shape!

#1 Urban Outfitters Out From Under Bikini, US$86Urban-Outfitter-High-Waist-Bikini

#2 ASOS Meadow Floral Print Bikini, $81.47ASOS-High-Waist-Bikini-3

#3 ASOS Seersucker Stripe Square Bow Bikini, $68.60ASOS-High-Waist-Bikini-2

#4 ASOS Juliet Floral Print 50s Longline Bikini, $81.47ASOS-High-Waist-Bikini-1

#5 Forever 21 Crisscross Bikini, $33.80Forever-21-High-Waist-Bikini-2

#6 Forever 21 Metallic Bikini, $35.80Forever-21-High-Waist-Bikini-1

#7 Forever 21 Mesh-Panel Stripe Bikini, $33.80Forever-21-High-Waist-Bikini-3

#8 Nasty Gal Alethea Braided Bikini, $98Nasty-Gal-High-Waist-Bikini-2

#9 Nasty Gal Beach Riot Bianca Bikini, $306Nasty-Gal-High-Waist-Bikini-1

And if you need that bit of extra cover, here are our recommendations!

ASOS Fringed Tassle Bandeau Beach Co-ord, $90.05ASOS-Beach-Wear

Urban Outfitters Beach Blanket Feeder Stripe Duster Poncho, US$49Urban-Outfitter-Poncho

Urban Outfitters Out From Under Open Knit Beach Pant, $49Urban-Outfitter-Beach-Pants

Nasty Gal Robe Trotter Embroidered Robe, $98Nasty-Gal-Robe

We want to see you work that high waist bikini! Tag us @TeenageMagazine on Instagram!

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