BLACKPINK’s Jennie might be known as the Human Gucci, but her wardrobe choices in her solo debut MV take her sartorial game to the next level.

With her top-notch visuals, charismatic stage presence and impeccable fashion sense, it’s about time our resident style chameleon gets her own solo debut. Aptly titled ‘Solo’, Jennie’s hypnotic music video sees her rocking a plethora of show-stopping costumes – 22, to be exact – in the span of 2:56 minutes. Her outfit changes are so aplenty that you’ll miss it if you blink, so we took the courtesy of capturing all her stunning looks in one post. Ready for some wardrobe envy?


Things begin with Jennie in this flowy velvet number with a lace detail around the neckline. Don’t we all just love moody Jennie?


Then she wakes up with a fur coat draped over her shoulders, just like any other ordinary human being would.


A while later, she got rid of her fur coat for a snug sweater with a shoulder cut-out.


Actually, scratch that – this pop art sweater looks way cosier.


Heading out to the pool to do some light reading, she changes into a dazzling blue sequin dress that looks right at home amidst the azure waters.


Looking ever so angelic in a whimsical floral gown, she spends the afternoon basking in the sunlight in a garden surrounded by scattered flowers.


The camera pans out to show what we assume is her majestic abode (it’s what she deserves), while Jennie dances across the pool in a mustard mini dress.


Retreating back indoors, she turns on the charms with a sensual dance routine in an elegant midi dress with a cowl neckline, adding instant drama to her ensemble.


She heads to the laundry shop in a feminine pink dress, then proceeds to fling it into the wash like how she’s throwing away her feelings.


We love an independent woman in leopard prints!


Can we just talk about Jennie in this Chanel bodysuit? It hugs her curves in all the right places – talk about total #BodyGoals!


In place of her pink dress, she tugs out a black denim jacket that’s ripped around the collar to reveal her chunky necklace. We’re loving the girl crush vibe!


She hits up the club in a slightly more casual get-up, paired with a sheer outerwear and a pop of blue on her lids for a head-turning look.


There’s just something about Jennie in a biker-style leather jacket that screams “don’t mess with me”.


Only Jennie can avoid looking like a disco ball in this multi-coloured sequin dress – the graffiti alley also makes for a great backdrop to complement the rainbow outfit.


Gotta give her stylist some serious coordination points for matching her yellow floral dress to the carousel!


And she’s back on the streets serving looks in an all-red ensemble.


Who knew a pair of wings and floral boots would look so good together?


Stripping it down for a sporty look with a printed skirt and ripped tights, we’re now convinced that she looks great in anything she wears.


Yes, even when she’s dressed in a plain blue tee.


One of our favourite scenes in the MV, Jennie steps out of her car in a monochrome combo as she lets her emotions out in a dark alleyway.


22 outfit changes later, she declares herself a “shining solo” in a sultry red outfit and bright red lips accompanied by an all-female dance crew. POWERFUL.

Watch Jennie’s music video for ‘Solo’ in all its fashion-filled glory!

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