Glam Up Your Uniform With These Functional Yet Fashionable School Bags

4 Oct 2017 by Isabel Pang

Sacrificing aesthetic for comfort might be familiar for students when it comes to choosing an appropriate school bag, thanks to all the stuff you’ve to lug around on a daily basis. But fret not, for we’re here with a catalogue of potential bags that’ll fit at least a laptop and a few books without compromising your sense of style. 

Coloured hair ties, trendy earrings and flashy sneakers might warrant a stinky eye from your DM, but bags are the only unregulated fashion piece we can rock without fear. Show off your edgy style with the structured Cratte backpacks that come in muted tones or make an impressionable personal statement with the Skinnydip Pink Glitter Backpack from ASOS. 

Although classic backpacks provide an unmatched comfort suited for heavy duty textbooks, don’t limit your back-to-school wardrobe; trade in the backpack for a modern hobo bag or use a slouchy tote for a dress down day.
BODY Charles and Keith Blossom Tote Bag 2

What are some of the other fashion recommendations you’d like to see? Share your requests with us in the comment section!

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Get Your Fall Wardrobe Ready With The Weeknd x H&M's Second Collection

2 Oct 2017 by Johanna Teo

Banging out steamy chart-toppers might be The Weeknd’s forte, but Abel’s got more fashion tricks up his sleeve. Check out the singer’s 18-piece collection collab with Swedish fashion retailer H&M which drops just in time for Fall. 

The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye’s sophomore collaboration fuses both style and comfort with deep Fall hues (think purples, greys and blacks), and grab-and-go outerwear pieces that’ll make dressing up for sweater weather a total breeze. 


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The H&M presents The Weeknd Collection is available online and at H&M stores island wide.  

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8 Fashion Personalities Over 40 To Follow On Instagram

28 Sep 2017 by Johanna Teo

Why follow recycled yesteryear fashion trends when there are actual social media stars – that have legit been rocking the fashion game since the 1970s (at least) – to follow? 

Lyn Slater


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University professor and Instagram star, 64-year-old Lyn Slater’s foray into fashion began when her stylish ensemble caught the eye of Japanese journalists who were covering New York City Fashion Week – they started snapping photos of her and thus, an ‘accidental icon‘ was born. With a stylishly eclectic wardrobe that favours the likes of Japanese designers Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo and a confident attitude that shines through her carefully curated IG feed, it’s no wonder Lyn has gained a 252k (and counting) following. 

Philippe Dumas

With a keen nose for fashion and a glorious beard that’ll put millennial hipsters to shame, Philippe Dumas started his modelling career at 60 after he retired from advertising, and even landed high profile modelling campaigns after photos of him went viral on Reddit. To keep fit, the Frenchman goes to the gym five days a week, does weightlifting, cardio and even ballet dancing “for the fun and a good body posture”. Time to hit the gym! 

Chuando Tan

An influential photographer who has worked many top fashion campaigns, 51-year-old Chuando found himself in an ironic reversal of roles after gaining global attention for his chiselled good looks and top physique, which he credits to a balanced diet and a dedicated exercise routine. While his IG account isn’t as fashion-centric as the rest on this list, Chuando’s sharp sense of style can be seen via his various works (which he uploads occasionally) and random #OOTDs. 

Jenny Kee


A post shared by Jenny Kee (@jennykeeoz) on

Quirky, loud and proud of it, the ever-youthful Australian designer Jenny Kee serves up bold and iconic designs (on both herself and her models), all while rocking her signature pixie cut and bright red glasses. Just scrolling through her Instagram feed infuses us with her vibrant and artistic energy – time to upgrade your wardrobe with bold splashes of colour!

Lure Hsu 


A post shared by ⭐️許路兒⭐️ (@lurehsu) on

Peppered with a good range of stylish outfit shots and gorgeous selfies, Lure Hsu’s Instagram account reads like any other fashion conscious millennial’s would – except she’s 41-years-old, and could easily pass for someone half her age. With that being said, Lure has cemented herself as a style inspiration in our books thanks to her penchant for casual (yet totally bomb) street wear. 

Linda Rodin


A post shared by Linda Rodin. (@lindaandwinks) on

Former fashion editor, model, stylist and now beauty mogul, Linda Rodin’s enviable resume reads as impressively as her impeccable fashion style. A fan of ’60s and ’70s trends, Linda’s wardrobe consists of vintage pieces she shops from flea markets and fun statement accessories that lend extra personality to her elegant outfits. 

Daphne Selfe


A post shared by Daphne Selfe (@daphneselfe) on

 From strutting down the catwalk for luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, to working with massive beauty brands like Nivea and Olay to being featured within the pages of Vogue and Marie Claire, 89-year-old Daphne Selfe headed back to modelling 20 years ago and hasn’t slowed down since. Touted as the ‘world’s oldest professional model’ (she’s in the Guinness Book of Records!), we love Daphne’s flair for layering and bold colour choices – take your cues, budding fashionistas! 

Who do you follow on Instagram? Sound off in the comments section! 

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6 Easy Tips To Keep Your Shoes Looking Fresh

18 Sep 2017 by Bryan Yeong

Shoe addict or sneakerhead, we know the pain of having your brand new kicks getting creased, stained and worn with constant wear. Here are six handy tips to follow to extend the shelf life of your footwear! 

Put In The Work 

Photo: Holystic Sneaker Laundry

Don’t let that sneaker collection you saved arduously for fall victim to dirt and grime – your kicks need a loving touch to look as good as new. Avoid throwing them in the washing machine as it damages the material, and opt to hand wash them with fabric shampoo and water instead. Scrubbing them down can be a workout, but getting ‘dem stains out are totally worth it. Too lazy to do it yourself? Hand them over to the good folks at Holystic Sneaker Laundry, and pick them up looking fresh and clean! 

Polish Them Up

Credit: The Shoeshine Redemption

Your dress shoes and leather boots deserve to shine, which makes a polishing session every two weeks to a month in order. Just lay out the newspapers, load on leather polish onto a cotton cloth (Saphir’s your best bet) and massage “new life” into your pair. If you’re still completely clueless, you can also head over to The Shoeshine Redemption or Mason and Smith Shoe Shine Bar to service your shoes, get maintanence advice, and pick up a bottle of polish while you’re at it!

Give Them A Suntan

Got caught in the rain? Chances are, your shoes bore the brunt of it – the soaked and squishy soles says it all. So how do you dry ’em out while ensuring minimal damage? The quickest and most effective step would be to air-dry them at room temperature near an open window for a day or two so it has time to dry out naturally (via the sunlight), which minimising bacteria growth. Point to note: avoid using hairdryers or heaters as this might harm the fabric. 

Invest In A Shoe Tree

Credit: Mason and Smith Shoe Shine Bar

Some shoes might lose their shape after a while, which is a why a shoe tree is a worthy investment. These form-keeping gems come in plastic and wood, with the latter preferred for freshly worn pairs as the material helps to absorb excess moisture. These underrated accessories will come in handy for any footwear diehard, and you can pick one up at any shoe-repair shops or department stores.

Keep Your Newspaper On Standby


If buying a shoe tree isn’t in your budget, reach for old newspapers instead. Stuffing your shoes with dry newspaper can actually also help to absorb moisture after a day of wearing them, and helps to maintain its shape as a temporary solution. So before your mom wants to sell stacks of newspapers off to the karang guni, don’t forget to keep a few copies on hold for your future shoe-cleaning needs. 

Alternate Your Pairs

We totally understand the urge to wear brand new shoes multiple times in a row to show ’em off, but wearing them consecutively would also shorten the shoes’ shelf-life. As much as possible, try alternating your shoe routine to reduce premature wear and tear – a rule of thumb would be to let your shoes ‘rest’ for a day in-between wear to let them dry out and maintain their shape. 

Featured image: Holystic Sneaker Laundry

What are your tips for keeping your shoes in tip top shape? Share with us in the comments below!

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Herschel Supply's New Apparel Line Has All The Fall-Ready Outerwear You'll Need

4 Sep 2017 by Johanna Teo

Launching their debut apparel collection with a range of Fall 2017 outerwear essentials, Herschel Supply Co.’s chicly utilitarian designs will have you stylishly covered through your wanderlust-driven travels or sporty weekend hikes. 

Herschel Supply Co. has long been one of our go-to brands for fashionable yet campus-friendly backpacks and accessories, so boy were we excited when it was first announced that Herschel would be releasing their first ever apparel collection. And it’s finally here! There are two key categories in Herschel’s Supply Fall outerwear line: Voyage and Forecast. Voyage is perfect for those constantly on the go, with light, breathable and wind-resistant material that can be packed into an internal storage pocket for easy toting. And the latter is perfect for rainy seasons, with a waterproof fabric that’ll shield wearers from heavier showers.



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Shop Herschel Supply’s Fall 2017 apparel collection at Tang Plaza, Level 3 and TANGS VivoCity 

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