Here's How You Can Look Like An Off-Duty Celeb

22 Nov 2017 by Isabel Pang

Don’t let the crushing workload that comes with being a student on assignment deadlines squash your swag. The next time you’re thinking of rolling up to lectures clad in your most presentable sleepwear, take some inspiration from these jet-setting celebs and recreate their killer off-duty styles. 

Pop of Colour


A baggy muscle tank and ripped jeans would be considered dressed down were it not for the spicy pop of reds from Zendaya’s top and platform heels. If rocking sky high pumps aren’t your thing, swop ’em out for a pair of classic sneakers, making sure to accessorise with a statement necklace for an extra oomph. 

Baggy Silhouettes


Rihanna pairs a slouchy hoodie with a structured outerwear (worn off-shoulder of course) to add a hint of shape to her outfit. She keeps it simple by accessorising with high socks and white strappy sneakers.

Solid Colours


Reaching for solid coloured pieces are way easier for lazy days with no time to fret over your outfit. Gigi Hadid pairs her all-black jeans and T-shirt combo with subtle metallic accessories to create a classy look with minimal effort. For a complete ‘dressed down yet chic’ look, slip on a comfortable pair of sneakers. 

Graphic Tees


Plain T-shirts can hold any casual outfit together, and they’re also the best to grab if you’re running late. Upgrade your t shirts with fun prints like IU did with cactus graphics so you can still look fashionably cute even on those hasty days. 

Strategic Accessories


We’re all familiar with the typical sleeveless tops and denim shorts that most teenagers reach for, but this dressed down look doesn’t have to be boring. Be strategic with your accessories – Cara wore chunky high cut Nike’s and a bright red beanie that injects her fun personality and draws attention away from the standard outfit.



Dress down days are synonymous with jeans – you can even pull off a sophisticated look with the right cuts! Selena Gomez looks extra leggy with bootcut denim jeans and platforms that elevate an otherwise basic pullover. Pull your hair back into a ponytail to save time on styling your mane and let a pair of glam hoop earrings do their thing. 

Cover Up


Lee Sung-Kyung layers on a long wooly sweater over a white crew neck and black denim shorts, instantly turning a beach-day outfit to a getup that’s good for hitting the town. Even Miranda Kerr knows the magic of throwing a blazer over a casual outfit.  

Little Black Dress


The fashion classic doesn’t have to be a skin tight situation. For those lazy days, a black loose-fitted T-shirt dress or a skater dress will go with any accessory and shoes – don’t have to worry about mismatched tops and bottoms, the LBD makes those ‘I just rolled out of bed’ days so much simpler.

What are some of your favourite lazy day outfits?

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8 White Sneakers You Can Rock Every Day

22 Nov 2017 by Lynette Goh

Sneakers are a staple in everyone’s shoe closet and it ain’t surprising; they’re comfortable, functional and perfect for a day of  running errands without having your feet scream in pain. The athleisure trend has no plans of slowing down and neither do the sneakers. 


A post shared by CL (@chaelincl) on


A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

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Fashion Inspirations For Your Next Outfit

19 Nov 2017 by Lynette Goh

Need a dose of fashion inspiration for the upcoming week? Here are five outfits that can be easily recreated with the basic pieces you have in your wardrobe. Have fun!

AIMEE SONG (@songofstyle


A post shared by Aimee Song (@songofstyle) on Nov 15, 2017 at 10:52pm PST

We aren’t quite done with autumnal palettes yet and Aimee’s favourite shades for fall are ours too! Her combination of earthy understated hues: a beige nude knit pullover, well-tailered terracotta pants and nude flats makes for an ensemble that will bring you from street to fleek in an instant. 

CLAIRE MARSHALL (@heyclaire)


A post shared by Claire Marshall (@heyclaire) on Oct 22, 2017 at 3:35pm PDT

Need to upscale a casual outfit? There’s nothing a cute bag can’t fix. Claire’s rocking grunge with an oversized muscle tee tucked into vintage high-waist jeans and grey boots, but balances the tough look with her mini classic Chloe bag that adds a whole new level of chic. 

NARELLE KHENG (@narellekheng)


A post shared by relle (@narellekheng) on Nov 1, 2017 at 10:53pm PDT

Looking exquisite with a statement back lace blouse (complete with ruffles and puffy sleeves), Narelle ditches the run-of-the-mill options and opts for a rugged brown skirt with frayed hems to offset her otherwise too elaborate ensemble. Throw in a pair of gold shades and she’s all set. 

BRIANNA WONG (@briannawonggg)


A post shared by Brianna W. (@briannawonggg) on Oct 25, 2017 at 7:06am PDT

Look preppy and cute with this red polka-dot top that’s from The Closet Lover, a company co-founded by Brianna and her sister. The millennial entrepreneur wears it with a pair of denim jeans and white sneakers, keeping her accessories minimal to draw attention to the eye-catching piece instead.

JOYCE (@joycesayshello)


A post shared by Joyce (@joycesayshello) on Oct 21, 2017 at 5:58am PDT

Pants-day need not be boring when you’ve got these redwood flare pants. Joyce pairs it with a knit crop top, but we think this versatile piece will match well with anything, be it a sleek button-up or a casual camisole. You can keep the outfit simple with minimal accessories, or glam it up with some arm candy and a necklace. Either way, these trousers will take you from day to night easily.

Featured image: Songofstyle

What are some of your favourite outfits this week? Let us know in the comments section!

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In between study revisions, part-time jobs and social commitments, it’s understandable if your everyday outfit consists of whatever freshly laundered clothes you can find. Ahead, we share 13 wardrobe essentials to have, to help you pull together a chic outfit in five minutes or less! 

White Oversized Top 


A post shared by Joanna Lim (@joannalhs) on

The perfect grab and go piece, you can’t go wrong with a white shirt. We like how Joanna sleeked up her oversized blouse with a bright pink belt, giving her outfit an extra pop of colour. 



A post shared by MAE TAN (@marxmae) on

Mae is known for her eclectic sense of style, but we love her pared down, all-black look too. While Mae is pairs her figure-hugging LBD with classic vans and an understated black cap, you can easily swop ’em out for chunky heels and a leather jacket for a quick evening ensemble. 

Denim Jacket 


A post shared by AYLNA NEO ☁️ (@aylna) on

Denim jackets are a definite essential. You can shrug it on for an extra grunge edge, or wear it with denim cut-offs and sneakers for that street casual vibe that Aylna’s rocking. 

Denim Skirt


A post shared by Charlotte Lum 👑 (@charlottelum) on

A piece that’s both trendy and classic, the denim skirt will never go out of style. Charlotte’s bringing a hint of summer by throwing it together with a yellow flutter top, but you can wear virtually anything with this piece and not go wrong. 

Plain T-shirt 


A post shared by M I Y A (@mykxii) on

Who says plain Ts can’t be stylish? From shabby to street chic, check out how Miyake easily transformed this plain white T with her black jeans and oversized shades combo. 

Midi Skirt


A post shared by Andrea Chong (@dreachong) on

An essential in any modern millennial’s wardrobe, you can pair your midi skirt with a T-shirt and sneakers for a pared, down everyday look, or a blouse and heels for a more polished outfit.

Wide Leg Pants


Pastel vibes in @fashmob pants #iwearfashmob #vwxfashmob

A post shared by Valerie Wang (@valerie_wang) on

A chic staple that instantly jazzes up your outfit, a good pair of wide legged pants is extremely figure-flattering. Just check out how Valerie’s using it to elongate her petite frame! 

Layering Pieces


A post shared by Naomi Neo 梁文珊 (@naomineo_) on

Mesh tops, lace bralettes and slip dresses – layering pieces are all the rage and there seems no sign of this trend slowing down. And your outfit will seem that much more co-ordinated with zero effort needed! 

Structured Blazer


A post shared by Trishna Goklani (@trishnarawr) on

We’re in love with any outfit Trishna throws on (can you blame us?!) and this matching blazer set is no exception. Slip on a structured blazer to glam up any casual outfit in an instant– yes, even the standard jeans and T-shirt combo. 

Black Ripped Jeans 


A post shared by Nadia (@skinnykatwoman) on

The risk of others judging you for the rips in your jeans is worth it – check out how fierce Nadia looks in her all-black get up! 



A post shared by CHRISTABEL (@bellywellyjelly) on

Sweater weather or not, Cristabel’s stripped crop sweater fits right in no matter the season. 

Leather Jacket


A post shared by MIN G. (@girlwhocriedwolf) on

Need a glam outfit that doesn’t scream “trying too hard”? Take your cues from Guan Min, who looks effortlessly chic with her black leather jacket. 

Black Sleeveless Top 


A post shared by 👀 (@gracelsyy) on

A step up from the super basic tank top, a loose sleeveless top like the one Grace is wearing is an absolute must-have for any wardrobe. 

What are your go-to outfit essentials? Share ’em with us in the comment section!

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