Have a passion for fashion? For those who’ve recently thrown your mortarboard in the air – congratulations on graduating! – and are certain that fashion is your calling, MDIS School of Fashion and Design (SFD) could be your first step to pursuing a thrilling career in the sartorial world. If you’re still unsure whether the fashion industry is a good fit for you, here are some reasons why you should consider applying to SFD to get yourself started.

#1 Gain a headstart

For those who are serious about turning your passion into a career, SFD opens up a world of opportunities to help you get your proverbial foot in the door. Learning doesn’t just take place in a classroom – students will also have the chance to collaborate with famous designers and major brands as well as participate in fashion shows such as the Singapore Fashion Week during or after their course of study. Not only does it help you to score regional exposure, it’s also a great platform to make and expand your connections within the industry.

#2 Get Your Hands Dirty

In the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of fashion, it’s all about gaining experience. SFD emphasises on hands-on learning based on live projects, which allows you to familiarise yourself with real-world assignments. To further prepare you for the workforce, they also offer internship placements in local and international companies for students to explore their career interests. Internships are where you can learn on the job, plus they make for killer resumes that could give you a competitive edge over the rest. And if the bosses are impressed with your creativity and work spirit, they might even offer you a full-time position in the future!

#3 Learn From The Best

Armed with a dedicated pool of professionals, you’ll be in the good hands of lecturers and technicians who hold a wealth of experience under their belt. These are people who are experts in the field and who better to learn from than the ones who know it best? Besides, you’ll be surrounded by like- minded peers who are just as passionate and driven as you are, which is an awesome way to spark ideas and keep yourself motivated.

#4 Equipped For Success

Apart from boasting well-established networks and an industry- relevant curriculum, SFD also prides itself on creating a conducive and inspiring learning environment with its top-notch facilities. In addition to the well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, students also get access to the on-campus Fashion Labs, where they can try their hands on pattern making, fabric handling, sewing and more.

#5 The Possibilities Are Endless

Although competitive and hard to break into, it’s a dynamic industry with plenty of areas you can specialise and carve your own niche in. For those who are business savvy and have a creative eye, the International Foundation Diploma in Fashion Design and Marketing should be right up your alley. Interested in finding out more about the various industries? Consider the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion Product and Promotion instead, where you get to learn everything from styling to merchandising, portfolio development to events management.

#6 Ready To Get Hired?

An exciting host of job prospects await upon completion of the programmes! With ample formal training at SFD, you’ll graduate with a glowing portfolio that could give you a jumpstart on your creative career. Having a diverse portfolio not only showcases your professional work, but also reflects your personality and design sensibility. Whether you’re an aspiring costume designer, a budding stylist or simply interested in fashion, your future is bright at SFD!

Interested in finding out more? Check out the various programmes that MDIS School of Fashion and Design has to offer here.

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