Who would’ve thought there’d ever be a day when we can get our hands on some legit “Made by BTS” kicks right here in Singapore? Having fronted campaigns for the footwear brand since 2015, it’s been recently announced that the K-pop trendsetters are the latest global ambassadors of Puma starting this year – and will soon be rolling out the brand new PUMAxBTS collection internationally. And guess what? Singapore is included!



Set to launch in Korea in March, the collaborative line will then make its way to stores worldwide in July. The new range will include sportswear basics as well as the classic Puma TURIN trainers, which features the lovely detail of a gold shoelace plate engraved with BTS’ debut date ‘20130613’ at the front. How meaningful is that?


Additionally, SG ARMYs can also expect a follow-up capsule collection to be released later this fall. Couple wear AND shoes with BTS? Just take all our money, Puma!

Huge news, K-style lovers: leading Korean fashion retailer TWEE has officially opened doors to its first flagship store at the heart of Singapore!

Twee Singapore

Located at [email protected], the spankin’ new 4,030sqf store opened with much fanfare on 9 February 2018. It offers a diverse selection of Korean runway-inspired apparel and accessories for both men and women – from everyday basics to edgy streetwear, casual pieces for the weekend to dressy outfits for formal occasions. That’s not all; the folks at TWEE will be stocking 400 new styles every month so there’s always something to look forward to with each visit.


While you’re shopping to your heart’s content, don’t forget to check out the makeup counter where you can get your hands on beauty essentials from SUPERFACE and receive makeovers by TWEE’s in-house makeup artists. Apart from Korea, the Korean cosmetic brand can only be found in New York, Japan and now Singapore.

TWEE Singapore is located at [email protected] #03-16 to 21, Singapore 238895.

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These Classic New Balance Kicks Just Got A Pastel Makeover

2 Feb 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

Fellow sneakerheads have been sporting the iconic silhouette of the New Balance 574 for years. This season, the footwear brand’s sweetening things up with a dreamy array of pastel-perfect shades just in time for spring. Available in a selection of candy-coloured hues – think millennial pinks, baby blues and cool mints – the uppers are constructed in in suede and vintage-inspired mesh for some major throwback vibes.

Scroll through the gallery to peep at the entire collection. Psst, these babies are only available for a limited time only, so be sure to cop yourself a pair before they fly off the virtual shelves!


An array of pastels crafted for you. Available online tomorrow.

A post shared by New Balance Singapore (@newbalancesg) on

 The New Balance 574 Classic Pastel collection retails at $119 each and is available on the New Balance pop-up e-store from 1 to 11 February 2018.

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to look like a walking ang bao (red packet) when you’re out house visiting, would you? Consider your CNY #OOTD solved with these stylish alternatives that will make your cuzzies go “where did you get that?” instead. Shop away!

Paradise Bow Front Top in Lilac, $35, Andwelldressed
Paradise Bow Front Top in Lilac, $35, Glimmer Embroidered Mesh Skirt, $38, Andwelldressed

Style tip: Pair this pastel crop top with delicate floral prints for an ultra-feminine, sophisticated look while showing off an unexpected hint of skin.

Keiko Cami Top in Wine, $32, Arcade
Keiko Cami Top in Wine, $32, Arcade 

Sahana Button-Down Midi Dress, $39, The Editor's Market
Sahana Button-Down Midi Dress, $39, Venice Wide-Leg Denim Pants, $39, The Editor’s Market

Style tip: To dress down your outfit, layer this flowy number over a pair of casual denim jeans for a laidback style.

Amber Belted Wide-Leg Pants, $45, The Editor's Market
Amber Belted Wide-Leg Pants, $45, The Editor’s Market

Crescendo Asymmetric Pleats Dress in Rust, $41.50, Andwelldressed
Crescendo Asymmetric Pleats Dress in Rust, $41.50, Andwelldressed

Style tip: If you don’t want to commit to going full-on red, warm rust tones are a great option to give your outfit a subtle pop of prosperity without looking overly obiang (outdated).

Narsha Button Sash Dress in Blush, $43.90, Love, Bonito
Narsha Button Sash Dress in Blush, $43.90, Love, Bonito

Pop x Back Dress in Pink, $33.80, Young Hungry Free
Pop x Back Dress in Pink, $33.80, Young Hungry Free

Wild Flower Embroidered Cami, $29.80, Young Hungry Free
Wild Flower Embroidered Cami, $29.80, Young Hungry Free

Wheeler Polkadot Blouse in Poppy Red, $25, Modparade
Wheeler Polkadot Blouse in Poppy Red, $25, Modparade

Style tip: Channel retro vibes with this kitschy polkadot blouse (gotta love those puffy sleeves). Love it or hate it, but your folks would definitely approve!

Basic Single Button Blazer in Red, $64, Pomelo
Basic Single Button Blazer in Red, $64, Luciano Strappy Heels in Rose Gold, $79, Pomelo

Style tip: Who says you can’t rock a power suit during CNY? Opt for a loose fit in a subdued burgundy shade for a sleek evening-ready look.

Featured image credits: Young Hungry Free, The Editor’s Market

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Pursuing your dream career in a foreign country takes courage and self-belief, as we find out from Cambodia-born fashion designer Meas Sothmeta. 

“In society, we have to play a role and put on a mask at times to be accepted and successful,” says 23-year-old Meas Sothmeta. The budding fashion designer translates her worldly observations into wearable works of art, evidenced by her thought-provoking collection ‘Alienated’ which features pierced ring hardware, buckles and even wax adorns. Her labours of love have proven successful since chasing her dream – taking her from humble beginnings in her hometown, to the glitzy runways of the recent Singapore Fashion Week 2017. We caught up with the creative wunderkind on parental pressures, the challenges she’s faced, and the changes she hopes to see in the world.


Congratulations on your graduate showcase at Singapore Fashion Week 2017! How was the experience? 

Thank you! It was surreal to watch my designs being showcased to the public and remembering my four years of hard work as a MDIS student. I was thrilled to be part of this tremendous event. 

Was it your first runway showcase? How did you prepare for it?

Yes, it was my debut runway showcase. In order to make sure my collection was executed well, I checked through each of my pieces carefully and ensured all the details were up to standard.

How did you discover your passion for fashion design?

I have always been fascinated with fashion design and wanted to make a career of it. My grandmother was my biggest source of inspiration – she was once a tailor and I grew up hearing stories about her work. I also like how clothing can reflect character and tell a story. For me, fashion is really a form of art.

What made you decide to enroll in MDIS School of Fashion and Design?

Upon doing my research, I discovered that MDIS partners with the renowned Nottingham Trent University in the UK to deliver the fashion design course. I felt that it would be exciting to study with people from all over Asia, and I learned a lot from my lecturers and classmates who come from different backgrounds and cultures. We shared and exchanged so many ideas. It’s amazing to be surrounded by creative people.

How did your family and friends react to your decision to pursue fashion design as a professional career? Were they supportive?

Not in the beginning. It was difficult to decide between following my passion and adhering to my family’s wishes. As fashion design did not appear to have a future in Cambodia, my parents suggested that I think twice and pursue more lucrative majors like pharmaceuticals, medicine or finance instead. Hence, I enrolled in a business economy course in Cambodia for a few months, but it just wasn’t me. When I decided to change courses, my parents didn’t object. In fact, they ended up being very supportive. I think they are happy to see me finding my own calling now.


The graduate showcase was themed ‘Shades of Millennials’. What does being a millennial mean to you?

I feel like being a millennial is always progressive. You’ve got to be fast and smart in every step, and not play it safe all the time. 

What’s a misconception about being a millennial that you would like to set straight?

People might think that we’re obsessed with technology, but for me, I use technology as a tool for my work. Being a millennial is a big challenge because there are always negative comments about us being so much different from the earlier generations.

What are your plans after graduation?

I’d like to explore new things, meet new people and be inspired. There’s always room to grow and improve oneself. I also want to learn new designing skills so that I can always be progressive and on track with my designs.

What’s one piece of advice you would like to share with aspiring designers?

Be true to yourself, and do not give up on your passion. Work so hard that you don’t have an excuse to fail and believe in what you are doing. Hard work can beat talent, but once talent and hard work are combined, that’s all it takes to create amazingness.

All photos by: Meas Sothmeta. This article was adapted from the December 2017 issue of Teenage.

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