Guide to STGCC 2015

9 Sep 2015 by Venetia Sng

Calling all the nerds, geeks, cosplayers and everyone else who’re into toys, games and comics! The annual Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) is back and there are so many things to look forward to this year so here’s a gist of what to expect at STGCC 2015!

Exclusive Merchandise

Ironman-Mark-3-Stealth-Mode-Version-Collectible-FigureCredit: STGCC

Expect loads of yummy merchandise at STGCC! It’d be a world premiere of the Iron Man Mark III (Stealth Mode Version) Collectible Figure and fans at STGCC will be the first in the world to be able to purchase and bring home this unique figurine. Psst.. it will be available in limited quantity only!

TIP: Go early and bring cash, just in case the NETS machine breaks down.

Walk of Fame

Jim-Cheung-Adam-HughesCredit: STGCC

Get your comics and merchandise signed by artists like Jim Cheung and Adam Hughes! Both boasts impressive portfolios like Iron Man, Young Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Wonder Woman and Catwoman. Take note of the Walk of Fame schedule here!

TIP: Do not try to get the artists to sign any bootleg items, or images printed off the internet! Authentic works by the artists themselves are very much appreciated.

Panels to Attend

STGCC-2013-Cosplayers-PanelCredit: POPCulture 

Enjoy various panels organised by STGCC! Catch cosplayers Tadaaki “Jacky” Dosai and Stella Chuu at the ‘When East meets West’ panel as they share about how different it is to cosplay in the West. And if you want to know about what’s coming up next for your favourite comic, make sure you chop a spot for the ‘Talking Comics’ panel where comicdom’s biggest names Adam Hughes, Jim Cheung, Adi Granov and CB Cebulski talk about their works.

TIP: During an ongoing panel, do not talk loudly or ask questions when there isn’t a Q&A session. It’s kinda freaky.

Checking out the Cosplayers

STGCC-2014-Cosplayers-Star-Wars-Stormtroopers-Darth-VadarCredit: STGCC

How fun would it be to see your favourite characters come to live and maybe take some photos with them too? Professional cosplayers from overseas and tonnes of local cosplayers will be there to show off their stuff, so take this opportunity to fangirl/boy over your idols and ogle at some eye candy. 

TIP: Be respectful to all cosplayers! Everyone is there to have a good time so keep your hands to yourself! 

For more information, do visit their website here!

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Vote for your favourite teacher and the Teenage team might just drop by your school to celebrate Teachers’ Day with you! 

Voting closes on 1 Sep 2015.

If you’ve not nominate your teacher, send us your entry to [email protected] with the subject title: Teenage Favourite Teacher Award. Include these particulars: your name, NRIC No., email address, school & class, name of teacher, photo of teacher (can be a class photo with the teacher), a message dedicated to your teacher. 

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Guide to Singapore Night Festival 2015 - Part 2

28 Aug 2015 by Venetia Sng

Missed out on Singapore Night Festival last weekend? This weekend is your last chance before the antagonising wait for next year’s festival begins! Clueless about where to go and what to do? Here’s the Teenage guide to the second weekend of #SGNightFest!


If the organisers say these are the programmes that you shouldn’t miss, then you should totally check these out!


Singapore-Night-Festival-2015-ProgrammeCredit: Bras Basah Bugis Facebook 


Just want to chill and not run around chasing after each programme? Here are the must-see activities. 

Garden of Angels by Theatre Tol (Belgium) at National Museum of Singapore

Singapore-Night-Festival-2015-Garden-Of-AngelsCredit: Nightfest.sg

Be wow-ed by Theater Tol’s latest performance! A vibrant parade starting from Armenian Street brings to life a surreal world of dancers, musicians, flowers and animals that take to the streets in revelry. The parade culminates at the National Museum of Singapore, with a spectacular aerial carousel of angels descending from the heavens and showering gifts over everyone.

Pixels Wave 2015 by Miguel Chevalier (France) at National Design Centre

Singapore-Night-Festival-2015-Pixels-WaveCredit: Nightfest.sg

Take flight on this giant light carpet inside the National Design Centre, featuring multi-coloured graphic scenes and geometric patterns that react to visitor movement and interaction. A collaboration between artist Miguel Chevalier and local designers Carrie K and Depression, this new creative work utilises optical illusion to create the sensation of a shifting kaleidoscopic floor. Totally #Instaworthy!

The Local People X Singapore Art Museum Night Fest Art Market


Singapore-Night-Festival-2015-The-Local-People-Art-MarketCredit: SAM Facebook

This Saturday, the ever popular The Local People X Singapore Art Museum Night Fest Art Market is back again with an even bigger treasure trove of locally made artisanal goods, food and drinks. It’s for ONE NIGHT ONLY people! So head on down, get lost in the music, treat your mouth and shop shop shop!

Food Glorious Food

Churros by Bakes and Crafts at Festive Village

Trust us when we say that these are a must-try when you head down to the village this year! They serve 3 main flavours – Pandan Churros with Gula Melaka Sauce, Red Velvet Churros with Salted Caramel Sauce and the classic Churros coated with cinnamon sugar. We highly recommend the Pandan with Gula Melaka flavour, it’s the bomb!


A photo posted by Linda (@njtlinda) on

Drinks with illuminated ice cubes by Kapok at National Design Centre

They serve a wide array of concoctions but it’s really the super cool ice cubes we want. How awesome does it look?!

Creamsicles by Neh Neh Pop at Festive Village

Double-coated creamsicles packed with outrageous flavours! Grab these pops before they go *pop*, they are super popular with festival goers and there were only 2 flavours left towards the end of the first night last weekend! Flavours to chiong for are the Mango Sticky Rice and Milo Dinosaur!


A photo posted by Fyq Dms (@bdlckbstrd) on

Crispy Roast Pork by Uncle G’s Handmade at Festive Village

In for something savoury? Go for Uncle G’s Handmade Signature Crispy Roast Pork! Though we didn’t try this dish personally, we’ve heard so many people rave about it and the never-ending queue really speaks for itself. 


A photo posted by Denise Q (@dreeeeamcatcher) on

We want to see #SGNightFest through your eyes, tag us on Instagram @TeenageMagazine! For festival programmes, detailed guides and maps, visit NightFest.sg

JCube Christmas Market


Guide to Singapore Night Festival 2015 - Part 1

21 Aug 2015 by Venetia Sng

The annual Singapore Night Festival is back for their eighth year and how else to celebrate the nation’s golden jubilee but with lots of Glitz and Glamour. Heading down to #SGNightFest this weekend but still kinda lost as to where to go and what to do? Here’s the Teenage guide to the first weekend of #SGNightFest!

Gear up with these necessities

Singapore-Night-Festival-2015-ProgrammeCredit: Bras Basah Bugis Facebook

It’s going to be packed, it’s going to be squeezy, it’s going to be hot and humid! So be prepared by heading down to the Singapore Night Festival with the right gear.

Be at the right place at the right time

Not going to plant yourself at a particular zone? Take a walk around and check out these performances, installations and activities highlighted by the organisers themselves! I mean, it must be good if they took the time to do these guides right?


Singapore-Night-Festival-2015-ProgrammeCredit: Bras Basah Bugis Facebook

Highlights that you shouldn’t miss

But if you feel that the guides above are too intense and you just want to catch some of the highlights, here are our recommendations!

Anooki Celebrate Singapore by David Passegand & Moetu Batlle (France) at National Museum

The Anooki (Anook and Nooki) are the world’s smallest Inuits! Watch these adorable characters come to live and run riot across the facade of the National Museum in a story specially created for the festival. Dance and sing along to their irresistible tune and soak up their contagious energy.

Drawn in Light by Ralf Westerhof (Netherlands) at National Museum


This 12-metre-wide installation is made from metal wires, hand-bent into the form of a typical Amsterdam-style canal building. The sculpture not only reflects light but also hovers and rotates above the ground, inviting visitor interaction.

Alchemy by Starlight Alchemy (Singapore) at Singapore Art Museum

Catch the exhilarating fire and light performance by the Starlight Alchemy! Their spectacular showcase of multi-disciplinary flow arts combines a variety of aerial and large custom-made fire props, as well as LED technology performance props.

Live performances at Festival Village (SMU Campus Green)

Singapore-Night-Festival-2015-ProgrammeCredit: Nightfest.sg

There will be a non-stop showcase of our very own local talent at the Festival Village Stage. Some of the local talents to be featured include music groups The Lost Hat, The Glad Stones, HubbaBubbas, The Lorong Boys and popular Malay singer-songwriter Awi Rafael.

How can we forget about food

Singapore-Night-Festival-2015-ProgrammeCredit: Nightfest.sg

There will be a huge variety of food and drinks at the Festival Village this year as well! We already have our eyes on creamsicles by Neh Neh Pop, rosti and luncheon meat fries by Ma Ling Soo, Thai iced milk tea by Soi 55, durian creme brulee by The Quarters and SO MUCH MORE!

We want to see #SGNightFest through your eyes, tag us on Instagram @TeenageMagazine! For festival programmes, detailed guides and maps, visit NightFest.sg

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Teenage September Issue: Stress Busters

20 Aug 2015 by Arissa Ha

As exam period approaches, we know how important it is to wind down for the longer road ahead. Let Teenage magazine help you bust the stress this September! 

Image credit: adidas

“File check”!

If that didn’t send a shudder down your body, you’re honestly a trooper. For the rest of you, Teenage magazine is here to alleviate your stress. 

We’ve got a list of quiet cafes in Singapore for you to escape to for some R&R, food you can snack on to help relieve stress (yes, it’s true!) as well as steps you can take to get a good night’s rest

There’s no better way to talk about your problems than to sing it aloud – much like how cover girl Selena Gomez has been singing about her relationship with Bieber. We list the other issues she should wax lyrical about to shut the rumour mills down once and for all.

Plus, we pit the biggest K-pop groups against each other in the most explosive summer comeback showdown. Fans of Girls’ Generation, GOT7, Beast, SISTAR, Teen Top, Super Junior, Infinite, AOA and Girls’ Day need to pick up this issue, stat! 

Can’t get enough of BIGBANG? Neither can we! Find out what you missed out in their concerts around the region. 

PS: We’ve also included posters of Selena Gomez and Beast in this issue. 

Get your copy of Teenage magazine, out on news stands, Magzter or click here to subscribe to us.

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