Relive The Final Showdown Of NYP Groove! 2018

29 Jan 2018 by Teenage

The Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Open House was bustling with various activities, but the NYP Groove! 2018 Finals was definitely the highlight that stole the show on 6 January 2018. It was an intense battle to the finish as a total of 15 talented dance crews from the Secondary School and ITE categories tore up the stage with their fiercest choreographies.


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Drawing a massive crowd of cheering spectators, the atmosphere was explosive as all eyes were on the finalists to see which team would eventually emerge victorious as the overall champions. Dressed to impress in their streetwear finest and rocking killer makeup, each team brought plenty of swag to the stage – jaw-dropping formations, foot-stomping moves, epic hair whips and all. A couple of teams even went the extra mile of incorporating special props into their choreography, but we gotta give kudos to ITE category finalist K-East for cleverly plugging NYP midway through the routine. Way to leave an impression!


While each group was amazing in their own right, it was NAEKADIZE and K-East who ultimately came out tops for the Secondary School Category and ITE Category respectively. Huge congratulations to all the winners of NYP Groove! 2018!

Winners (Secondary School Category)


Sec Sch-Winner-Naekadize-1

1st Runner Up: Alpha Nutz

Sec Sch-1st Runner-up-Alpha Nutz-1

2nd Runner Up: Double JMN

Sec Sch-2nd Runner-up-Double JMN-1

Winners (ITE Category)

Winner: K-East


1st Runner Up: Mischiefs

ITE-1st Runner-up-Mischiefs-1

2nd Runner Up: East Squad

ITE-2nd Runner-up-EastSquad-1

We can’t wait for NYP Groove! 2019 already!

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What You Missed At Teenage Campus Run 2018

23 Jan 2018 by Teenage

It’s a wrap for this year’s Teenage Campus Run! From 4 to 6 January 2018, we headed down to Nanyang Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic to join in the Open House festivities, and boy was it an absolute blast. Follow us as we recap what went down at the various Teenage booths. Let’s go!

#1 Dart you dare?


We’ve had our booths all set up and there were lots of freebies up for grabs, from yummy snacks to free skincare samples. But getting their hands on ’em wasn’t easy; we challenged our visitors to a game of darts which would then decide which activity they were to complete, depending on the coloured zones their dart landed on. Plenty hit the bullseye though, which allowed them to choose any activity they desired – targets locked!

#2 Trying their hand out at Japanese


Have a flair for Japanese? Our visitors had loads of fun trying their hand out at writing Japanese characters using our batch of Pentel pens, and can we just say they’re super kawaii? Taking home an awesome swag bag while picking up a new language (sorta)? Not bad of a deal!

#3 Race to lace


Those were merely a warm-up, here’s the real challenge: those who picked the blue zone were tasked to race their fellow pal to lace up the SKECHERS DLT-A kicks in the fastest amount of time, and things got real intense. Some lucky peeps even managed to score themselves SKECHERS vouchers by subscribing to our mailing list! How easy was that?

#4 Ready for your close-up?

Etude House


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Free makeover, anybody? Leave it to ETUDE HOUSE’s makeup crew to get our visitors all dolled up and looking glowin’ for the new school year ahead. Just take a look at these gorgeous ladies!

#5 Goodie bags galore


After completing the activities, our visitors got to take home their very own Teenage swag bag, which included a set of beauty press nails from MUSE & Co. – just in time to get your digits glammed up for the upcoming Valentine’s Day or Chinese New Year – along with a slew of other awesome goodies from Hello Panda, Lotte Pepero, Nivea, Pentel, SKECHERS and THEFACESHOP.

#6 Skincare woes solved!


Aside from the goodie bags, we also gave away free skincare samples from Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula which has a wide range of solutions for every skin type. Whether you have oily complexion or plagued with acne-ridden skin, this dermatology brand has all your skincare woes covered. Hello beautiful!

#7 Say cheese!

Teenage Campus Run 2018

We’ve had an amazing time with everyone who popped by our booth to say hi, and of course, we weren’t gonna let ’em go without snapping a picture for keepsake. Check out all the happy faces who struck their best poses with our adorable photo props courtesy of our generous sponsors and partners!

While we were busy at our booths, we also didn’t forget to soak in the Open House vibes. Each polytechnic provided an entirely different experience, so follow us as we recap what went down at the different campuses.

Nanyang Polytechnic


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The moment we stepped into NYP, it was already bustling with potential students all eager to get a glimpse of the vibrant campus life. There were lots of activities going on, but the highlight of NYP Open House was definitely the explosive performances put up by NYP talents. And of course, gotta give a shoutout to our ‘lion city kia’ Shigga Shay for delivering an epic set as always!

Republic Polytechnic


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At RP Open House, there were plenty of opportunities for you to take part in activities and try out their equipment at the various course booths, which gave students a firsthand experience of what it’s really like to be an RP student. Think immersing yourself in virtual reality, piloting a legit drone, and watching robots in action!

Singapore Polytechnic

What really set SP apart is the accessibility of transport with Dover MRT right at the doorstep. Upon stepping out of the station, we were immediately greeted by a line of friendly faces ready to welcome you into the campus. And you just couldn’t help but feed off their infectious energy!

Temasek Polytechnic


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From crafting chocolate, to making our own slime (it’s 2018, but we ain’t letting slime die!), to realising our pilot dreams in an actual flight simulator, there was hardly a dull moment at TP Open House. Aside from the array of workshops available, we also got to meet TP’s social robot Bobbie while we were exploring the campus grounds. Hey TP, can we adopt him please?

Replay the highlights: 

See you guys next year for Teenage Campus Run 2019!




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Heading down to the Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Open House? Don’t miss the dance extravaganza of the NYP Groove! 2018 finals at the NYP Open House to see which crew takes top honours. Here’s what else to expect from the big stage come 6 January! 

#1 Perfectly-Coordinated Outfits

NYPGroove - Outfit Coordination

Whether it’s baseball jerseys, customised bodysuits or carefully DIY-ed costumes, any self-respecting dance crew should know the impact of matching ensembles. There’s definitely strength in formation fashion, and you won’t want to miss all the unique threads that the finalists will showcase on stage! 

#2 Thrilling Performances

If you think the auditions were tough, wait till you witness the intensity of the finals for yourself. All the dance crews are set to bring their A game, along with their craziest choreographies and innovative moves. With a total of 15 teams set to take the stage, catch your breath and come along for the ride – we promise there won’t be a dull moment!

#3 Hard Work Paid Off

NYPGroove - Hard Work

What we’ll see on stage during the big day might leave us in awe, but behind each performance lies endless amounts of practice and rehearsals. Lend your support to the hardworking folks who’ve put in relentless time and effort in perfecting every move. Who knows? It might even inspire you to start picking up dance as a hobby yourself!

#4 Teamwork and Showmanship


The beauty of dance is the flawless routine that requires every member to be on-point – and when a dance move is executed to perfection, there’s nothing quite like it. Which is why we can’t wait to see the teamwork play out among the various dance troupes and how well they can buzz up the crowd to vie for the coveted title as overall champions!

#5 Undeniable Talent

NYP Groove - Talent

With 15 finalist crews spanning across two categories – the Secondary School category and ITE category – you could say that great things truly come in small packages; the youngest contestants are still only in secondary one! Which makes these youths’ poetry in motion that much more impressive on stage. After all, who can resist a good ol’ talent competition? And trust us, NYP Groove! 2018 will have no shortage of that!

#6 Mashups Galore

NYP Groove - Mashups 

What’s a dance routine without an impressive soundtrack to accompany it? Street dance is famed for its fast pace and song selections and boy, do the contestants have a heap of surprises in store for show day. Expect mashups of EDM drops, hip-hop swag and R&B smoothness from the likes of Skrillex, Rihanna and G-Eazy to help bring forth the crews’ spectacular dance moves and leave you thoroughly wonderstruck. We can’t wait!

NYP Groove! 2018 Finals
Date: 6 January 2018 (Sat)
Time: 1pm
Venue: Nanyang Polytechnic

Find out more about NYP Groove! 2018 here.

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Meet The Talented Finalists Of NYP Groove! 2018

19 Dec 2017 by Teenage

Just when you thought NYP Groove! couldn’t get any better, this year’s edition of the popular street dance competition sets the stage for yet another epic showdown. Here’s what you missed during the auditions!

NYP Groove! 2018 kicks off with a nail-biting round of auditions, and boy was it a wild ride from the start to finish! Organised by Nanyang Polytechnic in partnership with Teenage, we witnessed a multitude of talented dance crews across Secondary Schools and ITE colleges battling it out for a coveted spot at the finals.

Decked out in their best ensembles and armed with killer moves, everybody brought their A-game with slick routines in a bid to impress the judges. It was a tough call, but only a total of 15 teams made it into the NYP Groove! 2018 finals. Which group will take home the ultimate crown? Head down to the NYP Open House on 6 January, 1pm to support your favourite crew and find out who will emerge victorious!   


Here are the finalists who have gotten through to the NYP Groove! finals.

Secondary School Category Finalists (in alphabetical order)

  • Academy of Nutz
  • AlphaNutz
  • DoubleJMN
  • Jazzix LMC
  • Naekadize 

ITE Category Finalists (in alphabetical order)

  • Chuckiez
  • EastSquad
  • Foursaat
  • K-East
  • K-East 2.0
  • Mischiefs 
  • Missy Urban
  • Qassa
  • Realness Ally
  • Team Koufu

Congratulations to all 15 dance crew finalists! Want to catch these talented squads in action? Head down to NYP Open House 2018 to watch them battle it out for the top spot! 

NYP Groove! 2018 Finals
Date: 6th January 2018, Saturday
Time: 1pm
Venue: Nanyang Polytechnic

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13 Winning Moments From Teenage Dance Challenge 2017

10 Nov 2017 by Teenage

This year’s Teenage Dance Challenge (TDC) was phenomenal! Held at NEX Serangoon on 14 October, the TDC 2017 finals saw epic moves and choreography by our ever-talented dance crew finalists across the Street Dance and K-pop categories, and exciting guest performances from Akif Halqi and STARRESECONDS which had the crowd (which literally filled out the entire area and the storeys above) bopping along to every beat. Not to mention fun stage games by MDIS where selected audience members won awesome goodie bags. Let’s dive right in! 

The Incredible Human Wave 

Jiving perfectly to the hip hop beats of T-Pain and Kanye West, Alpha Nutz wowed the audience with their infectious energy. Just check out the human wave these Street Dance Rookie finalists whipped up! 

Dishing Out Sugar & Spice 

Sugar, spice and everything nice, Ratchet Nutz (sister group to the Alphas) brought their sassiest game to the stage, dancing to the likes of Queens Beyonce and Rihanna. Their routine included fierce hair whips, flirty gestures and sashaying in perfect formation – pint-sized divas, check! 

Getting Up In The Air

Competing in the Street Dance Open category, Stepsistaass‘ fiery set incorporated a touch of gymnastics that had them cartwheeling and building cheerleader-worthy formations to the empowering tunes of CL, Jessie J and MIA. Saving the best for last, the girls hoisted their sista into midair and HELD her there while smiling winningly at the judges. Slow claps*

Happy Death Drops 

Don’t be fooled by their name; there’s nothing ratchet about So Ratchet Crew! We’ve had our eye on these golden ticket receivers since the auditions and we knew they wouldn’t disappoint. Lo and behold, the group came through with powerful moves and diva realness that had the crowd gagging for more. Just watch So Ratchet Crew’s co-ordinated death drops (which ironically brought us to life) and you’ll know what we mean. 

The Femme Fatales 

It is infinitely difficult to pin point a single winning moment from POSSE’s performance because their act was im-posse-bly perfect (geddit?). Watching these glamazons confidently taking over the stage served up a good dose of empowerment that had us going “yas mamas!” 

Sneak Peek 

BOYZBE definitely burned it up onstage with their oppa-esque attitude and slick moves. And while dancing to tracks from GOT7, Wanna One and Teen Top was more than enough to get the audience going, the boys turned it up a notch with a teasing reveal of their toned bods. Can’t say we disapprove! 

Shake It As If It’s Your Last

K-pop dances aren’t easy to master, but I.D.C took to every step effortlessly – which is extra impressive considering they’re an all-male group covering BLACKPINK’s biggest hits. Sashay away!

The Leap Of Faith 

GJAT may be one of our youngest finalists but that certainly doesn’t intimidate them. With a BLACKPINK-themed choreography, the girls had to devise ways to stand out amongst the other groups who also chose to use BLACKPINK tracks. And they rose to the occasion by pulling off iconic moves (like the ones shown in the GIF above) perfectly! 

Dancing Daredevils 

DXM didn’t come to play games – striding on stage in black cloaks similar to the ones EXO donned in ‘Mama’, the boys upped the ante by dancing while blindfolded. And the incredible thing? None of them missed a beat! EXO would be proud of these dudes for sure. 

Revenge Of The Lolita

A new face to the competition, LUNABY took us all by surprise when they scored a golden ticket at the auditions. But this powerhouse group stood out from the rest with song choices that seem more anime than K-pop (in a good way) and Lolita-inspired costumes. And their efforts definitely paid off! 

Seventeen Again

The largest group to join Teenage Dance Challenge 2017, these K-pop Dance Cover finalists manoeuvred the stage easily, taking charge of SEVENTEEN’s simple-but-complicated dance moves like utter pros. They even had the crowd shouting fan-chants throughout their performance! 

All Eyes (And Ears) On Him 

Fresh off his Best Vocal Award win at the KBS K-pop World Festival, Akif Halqi aka the leader of STARRESECONDS took the stage to perform a stunning rendition of Taeyang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’, throwing in a few slick moves while at it. Needless to say, Akif charmed everyone present with his velvet vocals – notice us, oppa! 

Oh So Starry! 

Local dance crew STARRESECONDS stormed the dance floor and schooled everyone present with their mix of hip hop and K-pop dance. It’s amazing how far this ultra talented squad has come since the Teenage K-pop Dance Battle back in 2010, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll bring to the table next. 

Prior to the finals, we asked you guys to vote for your favourite TDC 2017 dance crew. And the winner of the Most Popular Dance Group award goes to… Domin8


It’s time to reveal the winners of Teenage Dance Battle 2017! *Cue drum rolls* 


First up, the Street Dance Rookie category! 

1st Runner-up: Ratchet Nutz
2nd Runner-up: Domin8


And the winner of the TDC 2017 Street Dance Rookie category is… Alpha Nutz


Here are the results for the TDC 2017 Street Dance Open category: 

1st Runner-up: POSSE
2nd Runner-up: Stepsistaass 


The winner of the TDC 2017 Street Dance Open category is… So Ratchet Crew!


Moving on to the TDC 2017 K-pop Dance Cover category!

1st Runner-up: DXM 
2nd Runner-up: TMVMT 
3rd Runner-up: HTL
4th Runner-up: SYC


Here’s the winner of the TDC 2017 K-pop Dance Cover category! Congratulations LUNABYTDC-KPOP-Winner_-Lunaby

Can’t get enough of TDC 2017? Head over to our YouTube channel to watch all of our finalists’ and guest performances! Also, check out our Facebook page for more photos of what went down! 

Teenage offers our warm congratulations to all TDC 2017 winners! We’d also like to thank all the participants, sponsors and everyone who showed your kind support. You know the drill: we’ll see you next year!

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