Teenage Gorgeous You 2016: Millennial's Guide to Singapore

13 Sep 2016 by Venetia Sng

Our finalists were tasked to explore our sunny island for the second part of the final challenge for our Teenage Gorgeous You! The Social Challenge 2016! Want to know which ulu part of Singapore they covered? Read on!

Featured Image Credit: Chelsea


One of the most common thing millennials love to do when they go out is to take outfit photos, or more commonly known as OOTD shots.

Xanelle recommends taking some #OOTD shots at the colourful building which is the House of Tan Teng Niah at Little India.

TGY 2016 Challenge 4.2 Xanelle 1Photo Credit: Xanelle


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While Shipei stumbled upon this photogenic bridge near Pasir Ris park.

TGY 2016 Challenge 4.2 ShipeiImage Credit: Shipei

And Joseph couldn’t hide his excitement of finding numerous OOTD spots and old school stuff like a pay phone that you don’t commonly see around anymore in Geylang

TGY 2016 Challenge 4.2 Joseph 4

TGY 2016 Challenge 4.2 Joseph 3Image Credit: Joseph

#2 Shopping

Finding quaint and unusual places to shop at is definitely another activity millennials love to do.

Johnston found the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore’s Thrift Shop (MINDS Shop) whilst exploring Woodlands. Though he missed their closing time, it was a good find and we would certainly drop by for a thrift hunt next time!

TGY 2016 Challenge 4.2 Johnstan 1Image Credit: Johnstan

The quiet neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru is filled with charming shops like Book Actually, Strangelet, Curated Records and so many more. We’re very sure you’d be able to spend a day checking out all the shops like Chelsea here without getting bored.

TGY 2016 Challenge 4.2 Chelsea 2Image Credit: Chelsea

#3 Food

Rest assure that they didn’t forget about food. Heading out to eat nowadays is all about finding places with the yummiest and most Instagrammable/Snapchat worthy grub.

No matter if it’s hanging out at a small ice cream shop like Wayne’s Chill Out tucked in a hidden corner at Punggol.

TGY 2016 Challenge 4.2 LeonImage Credit: Leon

Or enjoying a hearty bowl of ban mian with a plate of fried dumplings at Geylang

TGY 2016 Challenge 4.2 Joseph 1Image Credit: Joseph

Or cafe hopping at Tiong Bahru.

TGY 2016 Challenge 4.2 Chelsea 1Image Credit: Chelsea

Hunting for good food is part of our culture and we are proud of it.

Want to know more about their adventures? Check out the videos below! 

Leon – Punggol

Johnstan – Woodlands

Benjamin – Telok Ayer

Joseph – Geylang

Yixin – Lakeside

If you missed out on the first part of the final challenge, watch their hilarious lip sync battle here!


Everything You Need To Know About iPhone 7

8 Sep 2016 by Venetia Sng

Finally, the new Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is out but only for preorders on the US site now. Though there aren’t any major updates from the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the new phone still boasts some pretty impressive upgrades. Here’s everything you need to know about the spanking new phone.

#1 New colour

Apple iPhone 7plus

Apple iPhone 7 7plus

The iPhone 7 is generally sleeker and lighter compared to its predecessor, 4 to 5 grams to be exact. They also have 2 new colours, Black (matte finish) and Jet Black (glossy finish), available for both 7 and 7 Plus.

PSA: It is recommended for you to get a phone cover if you’re thinking of getting the Jet Black as its glossy surface is more prone to scratches. 

#2 Water and dust proof

YES! The new iPhone is water, splash and dust resistant! No need to hide your phone from the rain or have a panic attack when your phone drops into the pool. It can be submerged for around 30 minutes and up to 1 metre deep. Now they just have to make it drop resistant for the next one.

#3 Better cameras

Hurray to better selfies! All new wide-angle lens with a f/1.8 aperture and a high-speed sensor that’s 60 percent faster than before, superior photos that can be captured from either front or back facing cameras. Also did you notice that the 7 Plus has dual cameras? It uses the same camera as the iPhone 7, but there’s another 12-megapixel camera next to it. This one’s a 56mm-telephoto lens with an f/2.8 aperture which has a built-in zoom feature. 

#4 No headphone jack

Apple iPhone 7 Airpods

Apple iPhone 7 Airpods 1

We all saw this one coming with all the rumours going around before the release that Apple was going to do without the headphone jack for the newest iPhone. But hey look at the bright side, no more tangled wires! The AirPods has sensors to detect when you’re listening and when you’re speaking, so everything is better, just without the wires. It lasts up to 5 hours per charge and up to 24 hours if you bring the pods out in the case that it comes in. Our next question is, how to make sure that we don’t misplace any of the AirPods? They aren’t cheap you know.

#5 Higher processing power

The A10 Fusion is a 64-bit quad-core processor that’s 40 percent faster than the A9 in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The better processor also improves the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’ graphics and it also comes with 2GB of RAM, whereas the 7 Plus offers 3GB.

#6 Longer battery life

Best news of all? The new iPhone 7 will last 2 hours more than iPhone 6S, and the iPhone 7 Plus will last 1 hour more than iPhone 6S Plus. Time for more Pokemon Go!

Preorders for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus starts on 9 September at 3pm from the Apple website. Prices start at $1,048 for a 32GB iPhone 7 and $1,248 for a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus. No word on when iPhone 7 and 7 Plus be available for preorders from our local telcos yet but no frets ’cause we’re sure it will be soon.

There’s finally a solution for the whole Samsung Galaxy Note7 battery fiasco! In case you didn’t already know, the tech giant started a global recall for their Galaxy Note7 last Friday after reports surfaced of these devices catching fire while charging due to battery cell issues. Here’s what you need to know about getting your Samsung Galaxy Note7 replaced from 16 September to 2 October. 

1. Are you eligible for a phone replacement?

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Exchange Programme

To be eligible for the Samsung Galaxy Note7 replacement programme, your phone must be purchased from local telecommunication operators, major consumer electronic stores, authorised mobile retailers, Samsung Experience Stores and Saumsung Lazada Singapore Online Store.

2. How does the replacement programme work?

It’s simple. Submit your preferred mobile collection time slot online at www.samsung.com/sg/note7exchange within the booking period of 9 to 25 September. You will be able to opt for self-collection at Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Level 2, The Crescent by free home delivery. 

3. What’s the earliest date I will be able to receive my phone? 

While the booking period starts on 9 September, the actual Galaxy Note7 exchanges will not start till 16 September (the programme ends 2 October). In the meantime, Samsung has officially stated that “Courtesy devices are available for loan (subject to stock availability) to Galaxy Note7 customers, while they wait for their Galaxy Note7 exchange”. 

4. What will users be getting as a replacement? 

Galaxy Note7 users will be exchanging their existing Galaxy Note7 mobiles for an entirely new set in the same model and colour as purchased. 

5. What should you bring for the exchange?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Box
Photo credit: Pocketnow.com

Bring along your Galaxy Note7 (complete with the box and all additional accessories that came with it), the appointment email or screenshot of it, and your NRIC. The original Galaxy Note7 device has to be returned to the Customer Service Consultant before you will be able to receive your replacement set. 

6. Will users with an already damaged Galaxy Note7 still be able to replace it? 

Yes! Fortunately, Samsung will be replacing any and all Galaxy Note7 during this replacement programme, screen cracks, water damage and all. Users who have already done a one-for-one phone exchange prior to the recall will still be eligible for the exchange. Handle your new phone with care! 

7. What about users’ phone warranty? 

Don’t worry about it. In addition to the replacement sets, all Galaxy Note7 customers who participate in the exchange programme will have the warranty period on their device extended to commence from the date of the exchange

For more information, visit www.samsung.com/sg/note7exchange or call 1800-SAMSUNG. 


Teenage Gorgeous You 2016: The Ultimate Lip Sync Battle!

5 Sep 2016 by Venetia Sng

For the first part of the last challenge for our Teenage Gorgeous You! The Social Challenge 2016,  we got our finalists to go all out in a lip sync battle where they had to lip sync to their favourite song by local artists! Needless to say, they all brought their A-game and the results were hilarious! Check out their videos below and let us know whose video is your favourite!

Featured Image Credit: Benjamin



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Achieve gorgeous acne-free skin (even like Bennita) by following the pimple hacks our TGY 2016 finalists use here.

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BIGBANG MADE [V.I.P] 10th Anniversary Tour in Singapore

2 Sep 2016 by Teenage

Good news for all VIPs in Singapore! BIGBANG is coming down to Singapore for their 10th anniversary tour for one day only! *throws confetti* We can’t tell you how excited we are for this, especially Venetia ’cause she missed their concert last year. More details on the concert below and reminisce their MADE journey in the gallery above!

Date: Sunday, 2 October
Time: 5pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets: $148 – $288

Get your tickets here.

Unfortunately, T.O.P will not be joining due to the difficulty in his schedule arrangement. He has expressed his deepest apologies to the fans who have been waiting to see him on the stage. It’s okay, you’re forgiven oppa! We’ll see you next time. 

Image Credit: YG Entertainment

To more years to come! BIGBANG FOREVER!

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