In part 2 of our Teenage Gorgeous You! (TGY) Hall of Fame, we continue our recap on our #TGYFamFavourites. TBH, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already following them. 

#1 Goh Liang Yu 


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Photographer, influencer, foodie and even dancer – these are the many hats our TGY! 2015 winner are wearing! Having recently ORD-ed not long ago (Congrats dude!), we’re looking forward to many more mouth-watering snaps from this Insta-foodie. 

#2 Gerald Png


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A familiar face in the local influencer scene, Gerald is quickly rising amongst the ranks with his slew of brand collaborations and freelance gigs. Apart from social media content, Gerald’s also a beatbox/music enthusiast who occasionally posts music covers to his social media platforms. 

#3 Bethia Wee 

Totally embodying #Fitspo (no pun intended), Bethia has totally transformed since her stint in TGY! 2014. From Latin dancer/wushu extraordinaire to social media influencer to competitive bodybuilder and now heading the business development department at a start-up, Bethia’s definitely been keeping her eyes on the prize. 

#4 Cherylene Chan 

One of our youngest TGY! contestants ever, we first met Cherylene at TGY! 2014 and boy did she leave an impression. And her social media following is very impressive considering she’s only 18 years old. Currently a full-time student, you can find her on her various socials (Instagram, AskFm, and YouTube, etc.).

#5 Vanessa Tay 

Off the TGY! 2014 runway and on to countless others, Vanessa is an active TVB artiste and holds the title of Miss Singapore Chinese International 2015. Currently juggling between her school and work commitments, the budding star plans to relocate to Hongkong to further her career! 

#6 Keefe Kayvan


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Currently pursuing his degree, Keefe’s bubbly personality shines through on his social media feeds. Catch him on YouTube for refreshing beauty and lifestyle content – the local scene honestly needs more male beauty influencers, so we’re glad Keefe’s doing his thang! 

#7 Cornelius Koh 


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If you were into Maplestory back in the day, you might have heard of Cornelius: he was somewhat a legend amongst MSEA players for being the first player to hit the max of level 200. There are even several forum threads dedicated to the mysterious Mr_Yandao! Despite hanging up his keyboard quite a few years back, Cornelius still maintains a sizable following on Instagram, where he posts everything from selfies, to shots with Mediacorp’s finest, and more. 

#8 Cassandra Tan


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Fashion, beauty and lifestyle – TGY! 2015 finalist Cassandra covers all the bases with her super strong Insta-game. With her stint as a Clozette ambassador and guest blogger at My Fat Pocket, watch out for more curated content from this petite lady! 

Who were your TGY favourites? Comment down below to let us know. Check out part 1 here – in the meantime, we’re looking for the next TGY! 2017 social media star! If you have what it takes, click here to find out more. Come join our #TGYFam! 

Teenage Gorgeous You! (TGY!) has come a long way since its fetus pageant days, and we’ve seen more than our fair share of talented TGY-hopefuls. In lieu of the upcoming TGY! 2017, we decided to check up on some of our #TGYFamFavourites, starting with our finalists from the most recent 2016 edition! 

#1 Chelsea Teng 

Since winning TGY! 2016, Chelsea has not only been steadily growing her social media following; she has also been keeping busy with a steady stream of freelance assignments, ranging from writing, to social media and events management. Spot her guest appearance on Eden Ang’s 12 Types Of Singaporean Male Clubbers!

#2 Leon Markcus 


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Our resident musician, Leon Markcus blew us away with an a capella rendition of ‘Killer Clowns’, off his debut EP, Mannequin. The TGY! 2016 finalist is hard at work promoting his music through various social media platforms – he released the MV for ‘Killer Clowns’ a couple of months back. Check it out here and remember to #SupportLocal! 

#3 Low Xinyi 


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Xinyi might have joined TGY! 2016, but her best talent lies in dancing. Part of an amazing K-pop dance crew named HTL (Hate To Love),  we first met her through the Teenage Dance Challenge – you could say she danced her way into our hearts. HTL is pretty active in the local dance scene, but seeing as Xinyi’s currently on an overseas study trip, fans would just have to wait patiently till she’s back! 

#4 Johnstan Chua 


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Should we even be surprised at the level of makeup skills our TGY! 2016 Gorgeous Skin winner, has? A simple click onto Johnstan’s Instagram feed shows off his amazing ability to transform into any K-drama/anime/mythical character you can imagine. Apart from his cosplaying, Johnstan has been dabbling with acting, snagging his first minor role on Channel 8’s Mightest Mother-In-Law.   

#5 Benjamin Tan 


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Our TGY! 2016 first runner-up is a man of many ambitions. Aside from being a content creator for his platforms, Ben is also currently studying while providing brands with PR and social media management services. Talk about being well-rounded!  

Wait, we’re not done.  Stay tuned for more TGY Hall of Famers – but in the meantime, click this link to sign up for Teenage Gorgeous You! 2017. We’d love to welcome you into our TGY fam!


#BuySingLit So Lit, You Just Can't Miss It

23 Feb 2017 by Chew Hui Ling

Let’s face it: as much as we are obsessed with new technology, there’s nothing quite like burying your nose in a good ol’ book. From 24 to 26 February, avid bookworms can revel in the literary playground that is #BuySingLit – a #SupportLocal movement where you can indulge in storytelling sessions, go on book treasure hunts, watch stories come to life through interactive installations and more. With over 40 programmes for you to choose from, there’s plenty to satisfy your inner bibliophile. Here’s our pick of exciting activities you shouldn’t miss out on!

Whisper through the telephones

#BuySingLit The Whispering Wallpaper

Relive the old-fashioned days of tin can telephones (aka lover’s phone) with this interactive collage of whimsical illustrations adapted from local authors. The magic lies within each character on the wall, which allows visitors to hear whispers of an excerpt from the picture book where the character is from via a ‘listening cup’. Plus, it totally makes for a relationship goals-worthy shot!

The Whispering Wallpaper
Date: 24 – 26 Feb
Venue: Plaza Singapura
Admission: Free

Stitch your heart out

#BuySingLit SingLit Stitch BooksActually

Pop by BooksActually and check out the beautiful artworks displayed around the book store, each featuring a quote from a work of Singapore literature – all meticulously stitched up by embroidery artist Jamie Teo.

SingLit Stitch
24 Feb, 6pm – 9pm
Venue: BooksActually, 9 Yong Siak Street
Admission: Free

Discover poems on the streets

#BuySingLit Singapore Poetry on the Sidewalks

When it rains and you’re taking a stroll along the Singapore Art Museum, stop and look down; you might just stumble upon secret poems of well-loved local verses stamped on the sidewalk, which will only magically show itself when it pours. Try spotting as many as you can!

Singapore Poetry on the Sidewalk
From 20 Feb
Venue: Singapore Art Museum
Admission: Free

Design your own story

#BuySingLit StoryCards Games Club

Not your ordinary deck of cards, aspiring writers can enjoy dreaming up your own story based on the imagery – planting metaphors, foreshadowing the next plot twist… oh, and don’t forget that annoying cliffhanger. Who knows, perhaps it won’t be long before you get to pen an actual novel!

StoryCards Games Club
26 Feb, 1pm – 2pm; 6 – 8 pm
Venue: VivoCity, West Boulevard; National Library Building, Plaza
Admission: Free 

Take home a piece of lit

#BuySingLit Buy SingLit Festival

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books and that’s kinda the same thing, amirite? At this two-day book fair, not only are you able to get your hands on literary works from established and independent authors, you can also sit in for programmed talks which offers you a cohesive perspective of Singapore’s literature scene.

Buy SingLit Festival
25 & 26 Feb, 10am – 7pm
Venue: Gillman Barracks, Block 7
Admission: Free 

There’s a treasure trove of hidden literary gems waiting to be discovered, so be sure to show your love for Singaporean authors and content makers by supporting local! #BuySinglit is happening from 24 to 26 February. Head over to to find out more info!

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Teenage Gorgeous You! Social Challenge 2017

15 Feb 2017 by Teenage

Teenage Gorgeous You! Social Challenge is back! If you think you have what it takes to be an influencer, we want you! Open to both genders, aged 16 to 25 years old, register now and get ready for an exciting journey!

Teenage Gorgeous You! 2016

See what happened during the Teenage Gorgeous You! 2016 Finale here!



Teenage February Issue: Seeing Red

7 Feb 2017 by Teenage

Gigi Hadid: Next-gen supermodel, style icon, and all round #Girlboss. Needless to say, she’s so much more than a pretty face. This issue, we rewrite the model’s most scathing headlines, from the likes of “Furious Supermodel Lashes Out At Prankster” to “Fearless Supermodel Defends Herself Against Attacker”. Haters gonna hate? Not if we have anything to say about it. 


Love is in the air this month as we explore matters of the heart. Check out our unique date ideas, budget-friendly gifts and best local dining spots – we’ve got you lovebirds covered. And because love ain’t all about romance, we feature Instagram personality Yafiq Yusman on chasing his passions for photography and more. In month’s What’s Your Story column, millennials share touching letters to ‘The One I Love The Most’. These aren’t your usual love confessions.

Also inside, Park Bo Gum, Ed Sheeran, BIGBANG, EXID, AOA, Girl’s Day, Selena Gomez and more.

Grab your copy of Teenage magazine, out on news stands, Magzter or click here to subscribe to us. 

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