Here's Where You Can Buy Muji-esque Products For Less

23 Aug 2017 by Isabel Pang

If you’re into minimalist, MUJI-esque aesthetics, you’ll definitely enjoy the product offerings from homegrown brand, IUIGA. 

IUIGA is a local brand rooted in the belief that quality does not equate to luxury. Sourced from manufacturers across South East Asia, you will find items from IUIGA similar to those at well-known home and living stores in Singapore at a fraction of a price.

From our sneak preview at the IUIGA launch earlier this week, we’d best describe the brand as a cross between Japan’s MUJI and Miniso – with minimalist aesthetics mirroring the former, and the affordability of the latter. All the better to pretty up your spaces with! 

Here are our top picks off IUIGA’s catalogue: 

#1 Quilt Cover Set
Bedspread Teenage IUIGA affordable Muji

IUIGA 100% Cotton Jersey Quilt Cover Set: $59.90 
MUJI Organic Cotton Jersey Duvet Cover: $89 – $99
*Same manufacturer as MUJI

Nothing is cosier than Cotton Jersey. IUIGA Quilt Cover Set comes with 2 pillow cases so you can envelope yourself in absolute comfort for restful sleep. 

#2 Bean Bag 
Beanbag Teenage IUIGA affordable Muji

IUIGA Canvas Blend Bean Bag Sofa: $129 
MUJI Beads Sofa Body: $169
*Same manufacturer as MUJI

While the IUIGA Bean Bag comes with a free sofa cover in the colour of your choice, the MUJI Bead Sofa covers have to be purchased at an additional cost (ranging from $49 to $79).

#3 Hooded Neck Pillow

Hooded-Neck-Pillow Teenage IUIGA affordable MujiIUIGA Hooded Neck Pillow: $19.80
Muji Neck Cushion with hood: $46

*Same manufacturer as MUJI

Both travel neck pillows are filled with super comfy Japanese micro beads. Sleep like no one’s watching because the hoodie shields you from pesky friends who might try to snap unglam photos of you while you snooze!

#4 Basic Tee
Shirt Teenage IUIGA affordable Muji

IUIGA Basic Tee: $8.80
Muji T-Shirt: $15.90
*Same manufacturer as MUJI

Both IUIGA and Muji T shirts are made of 95% bamboo fibre. IUIGA shirts are of a longer cut but you can expect the same soft touch of fabric.

#5 Pencil Case
Pencil-Box Teenage IUIGA affordable Muji

IUIGA Pencil Case: $3.30
*Same manufacturer as MUJI

Muji fans who were disappointed when they stopped producing their minimalist pencil case can rejoice again! IUIGA produces the same ones at a cheaper price. 

#6 Pastel Oil-Based Pen Set
Muji-Pens Teenage IUIGA affordable Muji

IUIGA Pastel Oil-Based Pen Set: $3.70
*Same manufacturer as MUJI

Pick between a range of water- or oil-based stationary. Their super cute pastel hues would probably make you more excited for schoolwork too. 

#7 Japanese Wooden Milk Cup

Wooden-Cup Teenage IUIGA affordable Muji
IUIGA Japanese Wooden Milk Cup: $9.80

Aside from this hipster looking milk cup, most of IUIGA’s elegant glassware and rustic wooden utensils come from the same manufacturer Muji uses. 

#8 Set of 2 Glass Ring Holders

Glass Ring Holders Teenage IUIGA affordable Muji

IUIGA Set of 2 Glass Ring Holders: $8.90
Muji Porcelain Ring Holder: $4.90
*Same manufacturer as MUJI

An elegant organiser to keep your rings in one place, the only downside to this is the lack of colour choices; MUJI has ’em in a variety of cheery colourfuls that’ll spice up your storage space. 

#9 Cosmetic Acrylic Organiser Insert Acrylic Organiser Teenage IUIGA affordable Muji

IUIGA Cosmetic Organiser Insert: $10.90
Acrylic Stand with Partation: $29
*Same manufacturer as MUJI

Clear acrylic organisers truly exudes minimalist vibes. Plus, the dividers on IUIGA’s cosmetic organiser allows you to neatly section out each product instead of leaving ’em in a messy cluster. 

#10 Alloy Frame Luggage
Luggage Teenage IUIGA affordable Muji

IUIGA Alloy Frame Luggage (40L): $84
Samsonite American Tourister (33L): $130
*Same manufacturer as Samsonite

The most coveted item on IUIGA, this hard cased luggage comes from the same manufacturer as Samsonite – a brand known for its stylish yet durable products. And it costs a whopping $46 dollars less!

IUIGA’s catalogue of products are updated every week with new releases. Visit to find out more. Happy shopping!

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It’s the start of the Hungry Ghost Festival, a month-long affair that is observed during the 7th month of the Lunar calendar. As Taoists and Buddhists believe, the souls of the deceased are released from Hell to roam freely amongst the living – during this time, you’ll see offerings in the form of food, joss paper and entertainment (getai) for the hungry ghosts. And as most would caution, one should pay extra care during the 7th month lest you cross paths with them or even worse, anger these spirits.

You’d already know the more obvious taboos to stay away from, like not stepping on joss offerings or staying out late at night. But whether you believe in the supernatural or not, we share some lesser-known taboos to help you stay under the ghostly radar. 

#1 Avoid places with bodies of water

It is believed that vengeful spirits of those who have drowned would be looking for a ‘substitute’ to take their place so that they can leave the place and be reincarnated – they would be otherwise stuck there, unable to move on.  The first place we’re avoiding? Bedok Reservoir…

#2 Don’t kill any moths/insects 

One that we’ve heard of since young, is that spirits might be reincarnated or appear in the form of animals and insects, especially moths. In the event you spot any winged pals, don’t kill ’em! Instead, leave them be or gently move them outside your place. 

#3 The front row seats at Getai shows are off limits to the living

The Getai shows held during the Hungry Ghost Festival are specially put on to entertain the otherworldly beings. And while these performances are attended by the living as well, you’d notice that the front row seats are always unoccupied. Don’t take the opportunity to snag these VIP seats though – they’re meant for the true guests (who aren’t the living). 

#4 Don’t hang your clothing out to dry overnight

If you have the habit of doing your laundry at night, avoid putting damp clothes outside to dry as it is believed that it might invite wandering ghosts to try them on and as a result, be brought back into your house when you eventually collect your dry clothes. 

#5 Don’t leave wet umbrellas outside either

With the weather being so unpredictable recently, this rule is kinda tricky. Basically, it’s unadvisable to leave umbrellas open outside at night, as it may attract spirits to take shelter under them. Also, opening up an umbrella inside your house after it was used at night is also considered taboo as you may bring in spirits. Perhaps invest in a raincoat? 

#6 Don’t turn around if someone calls you from behind 

One of the most common signs that something isn’t right in Asian horror flicks, remember not to turn around if you hear someone calling after you, especially if you’re walking in a dark and deserted area! If encountered – *touch wood* – simply keep walking straight and do not acknowledge it. Also, if someone (living or dead) taps you on the shoulder, do not turn your head around to respond as you’ll snuff out the protective flames (one on each shoulder) that human beings are believed to have. Instead, turn your entire body and not just your head to respond. 

#7 Be happy!

Apparently, being in a sad and emotional state weakens you, which might attract spirits to possess and harm you. Thus, avoid getting upset – especially at night.

#8 Say no to selfies 

Forget your selfie game this month. According to traditional beliefs, cameras are able to ‘trap’ spirits and you might even spot ghostly figures in your images. Likewise, do not snap photos of religious ceremonies you chance upon as well, because not only is it rude, you might attract unwanted attention too.

#9 Don’t be greedy

If you spot some coins lying on the ground, it’ll be better luck for you to leave them there and walk on by. During the 7th month, the possibilities are higher that these coins either already belong to ‘someone’ (and taking them will piss the spirits off), or that they may be placed there as a bait to possess the unsuspecting person who picks it up. Either way, it’s not a ‘finders keepers’ kind of situation. 

#10 Stand up properly

We’re all guilty of leaning against the wall when waiting around for our friends outside, but try to avoid doing that during this month. It is believed that spirits prefer to ‘stick’ near the walls and/or dark corners. 

#11 Keep quiet 

Have a penchant for whistling or bursting out into song randomly? It is unadvisable to do that (especially at night) because these noises might attract unwanted attention. 

#12 Avoid red and black 

We aren’t sure what’s the reason behind this belief, but superstition has it that spirits are particularly attracted to red or black clothing. The same goes for dark coloured manicures – having black nails might mislead the ghosts into thinking that you’re part of the gang and they might try to lead you back to their ‘home’ as well. 

#13 Avoid going into the wild

With hiking becoming more popular, you might unknowingly commit the error of going to trek or even camp in the jungles. It is believed that spirits tend to wander around here because the shade provided by the trees makes the ‘yin’ energy strong. 

#14 Ignore strange sounds or smells 

Just like in horror movies, if you see something strange, run! Forget about investigating any strange sounds or even smells – pleasantly sweet scents might be an indication of something paranormal… 

#15 Be mindful of where you place your cutlery 

When dining with chopsticks, avoid stabbing them onto your bowl of food as it will resemble joss stick offerings. Not only does this indicate to the spirits that the bowl of food is theirs, you’re also supposedly indirectly cursing yourself to die. *touch wood again*

#16 Close the doors 

While cracking the main door open at night provides ventilation and the night breeze, it may invite wandering spirits into your place as well. Keep those doors shut! 

#17 Talk to everyone but yourself

If you tend to mumble to yourself offhandedly, try not to do so. It is believed that spirits will be attracted to interact with you (because it’ll seem like you’re talking to thin air). 

#18 Avoid wind chimes

This one might come as a head scratcher, but apparently we should try to stay away from wind chimes as the clanking metal but be interpreted as an invitation and attract spirits…

Featured image: Warren Wong on Unsplash

Believe it or not, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. What are some of the superstitions you’ve heard of? Share them with us in the comment section!

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Held over two weekends this year, the Singapore Night Festival celebrates their 10th anniversary of melding together the night with modern art. We shed the spotlight on 10 attractions of the fest you absolutely can’t miss.

1 – Nostos: Records of the Self (Aesop)
Where: National Museum of Singapore, Gallery 10
When: 18 – 26 August, 10am – 12am

NOSTOS Records of the Self. Image credit to Marc Tan (1)
Photo Credit: Marc Tan / Singapore Night Festival 2017

Art isn’t just for your eyes – arouse your sense of smell at the Aesop exhibition, whereby different scents from sandalwood to bergamot guide you through the exhibition instead of relying on your sight. Only 20 people are allowed in at any one time, elevating the experience for you to new heights. Can anyone say scent-sational?

2 – Tessellations of Time 
Where: National Museum of Singapore, Main Ground
When: 18 – 26 August, 7.30pm – 12am

Tessellations of Time by Litewerkz x 3M
Photo Credit: Singapore Night Festival 2017

What is certain to be a draw for your Instagram, these colourful, pod-like structures are sprawled across the lawn outside the National Museum, making them impossible to miss. You can even enter the spectrum of hues to immerse yourself fully in the lights, which undoubtedly makes for some cool, futuristic shots. 

3 – Convolutions
Where: National Museum of Singapore façade
When: 18 – 26 August, 7.30pm – 12am

Convolutions by Ez3kiel (2)
Photo Credit: Singapore Night Festival 2017

Following the interactive installations within the museum compound, cross over to the opposite side for a majestic view of the National Museum in all its visual glory for Convolutions, a main draw at every Singapore Night Festival. Witness the transformation of the building’s exterior as projection lights, laser, images and music come together for a dazzling feast for all your senses. It’s a staple, so you can’t miss out on this!

4 – Piece of Peace World Heritage Exhibition built with Lego Brick
Where: Fort Canning Arts Centre
When: 27 July – 3 September, Mon – Thurs, 10am – 9pm; Fri – Sun, 10am – 12am

Over at the Fort Canning Arts Centre, step into a reimagined world made entirely out of Lego bricks. Appealing to both the young and old, the exhibit features World Heritage Sites – including Singapore Botanic Gardens – meticulously created from ground up piece by piece, with the aim of promoting peace and love. And in today’s landscape of the world we live in, it’s heartwarming to see a positive project coupled with the nostalgia of Lego bricks.

5 – The Tree That Blinked
Where: Banyan Tree, outside National Museum of Singapore 
When: 18 – 26 August, 7.30pm – 12am

The Tree That Blinked by Karel Bata (1)
Photo Credit: Singapore Night Festival 2017

No, your eyes are not fooling you. At The Tree That Blinked installation just outside the National Museum, the projected images on the tree manipulate and shift over time to form images only you can interpret in your own way. Are the leaves moving? Or is it just the wind? Observe the mastery illusion for yourselves to find out.

6 – Secrecy (The Rat Pack)
Where: Armenian Church
When: 18 – 26 August, 7.30pm – 12am

Artist's impression of artwork.  (2)
Photo Credit: Singapore Night Festival 2017

Make sure to bring your DSLR cameras for the magical sight at the Armenian Church. The holy ground is lighted up thanks to neon decoration that frame the exteriors, calling to mind Tumblr imagery or The 1975’s last album cover that stands out among the sea of other Night Fest attractions. It might not seem much, but the simple, stylistic installations set a mystical tone for your evening.

7 – Les Hommes Debout (The Standing Men)
Where: Singapore Art Museum
When: 18 – 26 August, 7.30pm – 12am

Les Hommes Debout (The Standing Man) by AADN
Photo Credit: Singapore Night Festival 2017

In what seems like a scene straight out of American Horror Story or Westworld, 16 humanoid mannequins align at the grounds of the Singapore Art Museum. And they speak! The figurines are voiced by Bras Basah.Bugis residents and change colours upon interaction, making them super cool, yet super creepy at the same time. 

8 – Phosphene | Praxis+
Where: National Design Centre, Design Gallery I
When: 18 – 26 August, 7.30pm – 12am

Phosphene by Prraxis + (2)
Photo Credit: Singapore Night Festival 2017

Every art festival needs an Instagram-worthy exhibition and your social media feed will be happy to know that this is likely it. Enter a tunnel showered with sparkling lights of a spectrum of colours, guiding your every step through the walkway. Expect nothing less than #OOTDs galore to litter your IG feed over the weekends soon. #sorrynotsorry

9 – Yantronomy
When: 18 – 26 August, 7.30pm – 12am

Yantronomy by Tina Fung (1)
Photo Credit: Singapore Night Festival 2017

If the crowds at the main area hotspots aren’t your cup of tea, make your way over to CHIJMES where a trippy, hexagonal structure awaits you. Based off Stanley Kubrick’s black monolith in his cult classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, the art piece is a mirrored wonder symbolising the possibility of multiple realities. Strike a pose in front of it, or simply watch and be amazed at its grandeur – you decide.

10 – Music Performances
Various timings and locations

Photo Credit: Singapore Night Festival 2017

What’s an arts fest without some rollicking good tunes to accompany your night? Local music takes the stage too over the second weekend. Bust out your dance moves to Riot! In Magenta (24 Aug, 9.45pm – 10.30pm), get lost in the ambient pop of Jasmine Sokko (25 Aug, 8.30pm – 9.15pm) and cap off the weekend of festivities at ATTAGIRL!’s DuriO’s deejay set (25 Aug, 10.30pm – 12am). There’s acts to discover all around the festival vicinity, so make sure to catch these local talents work their magic too.

What’s your favourite feature of the Singapore Night Festival 2017? Sound off in the comments below!

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Singaporeans Recount Spooky Paranormal Experiences

16 Aug 2017 by khairulnizam

Pontianaks, Toyols and even water ghosts. We’re no strangers to spooky stories growing up, often told by parents to scare us into behaving or by friends for the good ol’ rush of adrenaline that comes from getting scared senseless. Check out some of the stories we gathered from people who’ve had spine-chilling encounters with the paranormal. Real or fake, you decide.

#1 “Uncle”


This actually happened to my younger brother when he was a toddler. I was twelve at that time and this incident happened in my house. During that period, my younger brother loved playing with his ‘imaginary friend’ and would often play hide-and-seek or catching around the house in the afternoon and sometimes at night. When quizzed on who his special friend was, his reply would only be ‘uncle’. My parents and I let him be and attributed these little games to his colourful imagination. However, we started getting worried when these interactions became more personal. An incident I recall clearly was when he offered a cup of water he was drinking from to an unseen presence in a dark room while he innocently asked “Uncle, do you want a drink?” My parents decided to call in a friend of theirs who was adept at all things supernatural to try to chase ‘uncle’ out of the house. During the ritual, my younger brother ran around playing games with the unseen presence again, this time with a more worried expression on his face. He mentioned that ‘uncle’ was angry and that ‘it’ wanted to catch him. My parents then asked “how do you know uncle is angry?” His reply made the hairs on the back of our necks stand.

“Because ‘uncle’ came up to me and did *this*”. My little brother balled his fists and placed them on his hips while pulling the ugliest face he could, while grunting in a low voice.

My parents and I were so freaked out and hoped that this evil presence could be driven out as soon as possible. Thankfully, my family friend managed to drive the spirit away. He mentioned that it was a passing spirit that followed us home during one of our late nights out and had taken a liking to playing with my little brother. This prompted the spirit to linger and eventually take refuge in our house. Ever since then, my family vowed to cut down on our late night outings to avoid a repeat of such an incident!

#2 Playing with fire


My friends and I pride ourselves on being daredevils despite being a group of four girls. We love seeing the shocked look on our friends faces when we tell them about the many horror ‘hotspots’ we’ve explored all around Singapore. So late one night, the four of us yet again decided to go ‘ghost hunting’ together, this time at one of the cemeteries around Singapore. When we arrived at the said location, we felt unusually nervous and hesitant to enter the area even though it wasn’t our first time going on these night escapades. However, being the self-proclaimed leader of the group, I urged them to enter with me and begin our ‘hunt’.

Throughout the walk we became increasingly frustrated that we could not spot any paranormal activity and I started remarking loudly to my friends that this place didn’t live up to its hype. Just then, I accidentally kicked a bunch of offerings placed on the ground near one of the gravestones, scattering the items everywhere. I brushed it off and jokingly taunted that this would give more reasons for the spirits to appear and punish me for my wrongdoings. The night passed without incident and I sent my girlfriends home accordingly. After parking my car, I started walking towards my block but had a strange and uneasy feeling of being watched. This feeling dogged me throughout my lift ride up to my floor and even up to my doorstep. As I was unlocking my door, I suddenly heard a very feminine giggle behind me, from the area beyond my parapet. Panicking, I fumbled with the keys but managed to enter the house, slamming the door behind me. I washed up and ducked under the covers of my bed in the lower level of a double decker bed that I shared with my younger sister. I must have drifted off asleep after a while, but I was jolted awake by the sound of the same feminine giggling again, this time from the inside of my room. Shivering with fear, I saw a pair of legs dangling and swinging casually from the top deck of the bed! What made it worse was that I realised my sister was overseas on a school trip and would only be back next week, so it couldn’t be her. Muttering all the prayers I knew, I kept my eyes tightly shut until the morning light. Thankfully, nothing else happened but I learnt my lesson. Playing with fire will get you burnt!

#3 Mysterious visitor


This particular incident happened to my friends and I at a class chalet that we had. It was a fairly ordinary evening that started off with a barbecue and ended with the usual activity us guys enjoyed – trying to spook each other with the best ghost stories. Our storytelling session carried on late into the night and it was almost 2 AM when we decided to venture out around the chalet area to grab supper. By then, some of our classmates decided to go home as well, so only five of us were left to stay on for the night.

As we were walking back to the chalet after supper, my friend Adam* and I noticed something strange. As our chalet was two-storeys high, we could see that the room light on the second storey was still switched on and that there was a figure standing by the bed. Our other two friends were absorbed in conversation while our friend John* seemed absorbed with something on his phone. Gulping, we decided not to alarm anyone and entered the chalet as per normal. John and our two friends decided to sleep upstairs that night, but were puzzled about why the room light was switched on as they distinctly remembered switching off the lights before leaving for supper. Needless to say, Adam and I decided to sleep downstairs that night. The next morning, Adam and I decided to come clean with the rest of our friends on what we saw as we were walking home from the chalet the night before. As expected, they laughed at our story claiming we were hallucinating from the lack of sleep. John then left to take his shower in the toilet upstairs, but quickly ran back to us with a pale look on his face. He urged us to come with him to the toilet to take a look at something. Bracing ourselves for the worst, we followed behind him to see what had caused such a reaction in him. Littered around the sink were strands and strands of long black hair that could only belong to a female. My friends and I were from a boys school, so there were no girls at the chalet since last night. Also, no cleaners had entered the chalet since last night as we had not checked out. It was safe to say that we were one of the earliest guests to check out from that chalet that day!

#4 Uninvited guest in the toilet


This happened during my National Service days, but I won’t reveal which vocation nor unit I belonged to. The level my bunk was located on was infamous for many paranormal activities. This included things like hearing children’s laughter outside of the doors, or small feet running up and down the hall in the middle of the night. We were simply told to ignore it as ‘what you don’t bother will not bother you either’.

Anyway, my story involved a scary incident that happened when I visited the toilet one night. It was in the middle of the night when I woke up with a full bladder. Failing to wake my buddy up, I decided to venture to the toilet at the end of the hall on my own. As I walked to the toilet I realised that the automated light was not switched on, meaning that it did not detect any movement and hence there was nobody else in the toilet. I felt uneasy but decided to carry on anyway. When I entered the toilet, I automatically headed for my ‘favourite’ cubicle all the way at the end due to fact that it was more spacious than the rest of the cubicles. As I edged closer to the cubicle, I strangely smelt the sweet fragrance of jasmine which was unnatural in such a place like the toilet. Nonetheless, I continued inching slowly towards my desired cubicle ignoring all the warning bells ringing in my head. When I finally pushed open the door to the cubicle, I got the shock of my life. Squatting on the toilet bowl was a strange, black and hairy creature! What’s worse was that the moment I made eye contact with this creature, ‘it’ started screeching in a very high pitched voice. I could barely register who or what this foreign entity was as my adrenaline took over and my quivering legs whisked me out of the toilet at top speed. My terrified screams woke my bunkmates up as I jumped straight under the covers in fear, but they needed no explanation. That night on, nobody else dared to visit the toilet without the company of at least one other person.

*Names have been changed to preserve anonymity.

Featured Image: Andrew Amistad on Unsplash

Do you have any encounters of the paranormal kind that you’d like to share? Share them with us in the comment section! 

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9 Places To Get Your Burger Cravings Fixed

10 Aug 2017 by Fabian Loo

There’s little a good burger can’t solve, other than your diet plans. For days when you’re feeling down, or just peckish for a moorish bite, let our list guide you (and your tummy) to the best burger places in Singapore. 

For the best cheeseburgers

Omakase Burger @ Picnic Food Park
435 Orchard Road, #03-15, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877

omakase-cheeseburgerImage credit: Omakase Burger

Their tagline reads: Serving the best cheeseburgers in Singapore. And it ain’t some presumptuous claim. They’ve got a glowing review from news outlets and food critics, so you know that you’re digging into a really, really good burger. Their Omakase Cheeseburger ($14.90) comes with succulent hand-ground beef patty, fluffy toasted artisanal buns, melted American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and drizzled with their secret Omakase sauce to top off this winning dining experience.

For a local twist

17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149

artistrychillicrabburgerImage credit: Artistry

Those craving for some chilli crab can now get a single serving fix with Artistry Chilli Crab Burger ($25). It comes with a handpicked blue swimmer crab patty stuffed with loads of crab meat. And the side of housemate chilli crab sauce comes with enough fiery kick, making it great to dunk your burger in, or as a dip for the side of fries. You’ll get all the familiar flavours from the chilli crab, but without the mess of wrestling with the shell.

For a classic American diner experience

OverEasy Orchard
541 Orchard Road, #01-01 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881

overeasy-orchard overeasy-truffleburger-2Image credit: OverEasy

You’ll head to a cha chain teng for a polo bun, a kopitiam for some char kway tiao, and an American diner for some burgers and milkshake. And OverEasy is everything you love in an American diner – retro furnishings, and most importantly, good ole’ comfort food. Think spicy buffalo wings and root beer floats to go with The Truffle ($23), a wagyu chunk bend patty with Swiss cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms, and truffle mayo.

For the extensive selection

Three Buns, Potato Head Folk Singapore
36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143

potato-head-singapore-three-buns-restaurant threebuns-burgersImage credit: Potato Head Folk

Come for the extensive burger selection, but stay for the wild interior, which is as colourful as their creative burger choices. They’ve got everything from the classic Baby Huey ($16) with aged Hereford Angus beef, to the ever-popular Honky-Tonk ($15) with buttermilk fried chicken and den miso mayo, and the (somewhat) healthy version of The Roots ($15) with seasonal vegetables, and cheese fritter in a wholemeal bun. Perfect for a night-out with a bunch of your friends.

For a reimagined burger

Little Hiro
559 Bukit Timah Road, #01-01, King’s Arcade, Singapore 269695

littlehiro-ramenburgerImage credit: Little Hiro

For a burger unlike any other, try Little Hiro’s specially created selection of ramen burgers. They’ve swopped the usual bun for Japanese ramen, making for a unique fusion dish unlike any. Try their Japanese-inspired Chicken Karage Ramen Burger ($10.20), or opt for the BBQ Bacon Bleu Ramen Burger ($12.20) for an East-meets-West dining experience.

For those with a huge appetite

13 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249674

roadhouse-burgerImage credit: Foodchallenges

If you’re really, really, really hungry, why not try the Terminator Burger Challenge from Roadhouse. The meal’s completely free if you can finish their giant burger of epic proportions in under 20 minutes. And by epic, we mean ‘six classic beef patties, six slices of cheese, streaky bacon, jalapeños, chilli, sesame buns, coleslaw, and fries’ kind of epic. You’ll even get to go on their wall of fame if you succeed.

For the burger of your dreams

38 Orchard Road, Singapore 238836

187 Upper Thompson Road, Singapore 574335
122 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118544
29 Lorong Mambong, Holland Rd, Singapore 277689
11 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557263


fayboys-burgerImage credit: Fatboy’s

Tired of wiping off the mayonnaise from your burger bun? Or you hate picking out slices of onions? Create a burger with the only the ingredients that you truly want with Fatboy’s ‘build-your-own-burger’. Boasting over 25 toppings, 11 sauces, four bun types and patties, there’re over 4400 different permutations for you to create that one burger you can call your own.

For those Ramly burger craves

331 North Bridge Road, #03-07, Odeon Towers Extension Rooftop, Singapore 188720

loof-ramlyburgerImage credit: Loof

For the times when you’re craving for that Ramly burger but can’t seem to ever find a pasar malam anywhere, you can now fulfil that craving with the Loof Original Ramly ($23) where an Australian beef patty comes wrapped in an omelette and drizzled with their secret sedap sauce. Besides, this place has all the marking of a hipster hangout – neon signs for the gram’, locally-inspired bites, and a gorgeous al-fresco rooftop dining area.

For a guilt-free indulgence

44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419502

veganburg-burgersImage credit: VeganBurg

If you’re watching your waistline, here’s a sort of healthy alternative to help you get over that massive burger craving. VeganBurg serves up a 100% plat-based menu that doesn’t compromise on taste. You’ll be surprised if you thought that their burgers would look like it came from a garden. The Char-grilled Satay ($9.90) features a grilled soy patty with rich satay sauce sandwiched in a fibre-filled bun. And with meaty patties made from soy or mushrooms, chances are you probably won’t even notice the difference.

What are your go-to burger places? Share your recommendations in the comment section! 

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