22 Stylish Cases To Dress Up (And Protect) Your New iPhone X

13 Nov 2017 by Johanna Teo

Protect your pricey iPhone X with hardy yet stylish casings that’ll fit your every demand.

Apple’s most expensive and most fragile phone to date, the recently released iPhone X boasts a nearly bezel-free, gorgeous edge-to-edge glass construction that most reviewers have guaranteed will shatter at the first drop, which is troublesome (and cost inefficient) to say the least. Luckily, there have been plenty of casing options released that’ll both act as a barrier (to whatever life brings) and keep your pricey iPhone X stylishly pristine while at it. Here are 22 casings that have caught our eye. 

Image: CaseStudi

Image: LifeProof

Featured image: CaseStudi

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Informatics Jan 2019

No matter your relationship status, there’s no excuse to miss out on the crazy Singles’ Day sales. To help you navigate the biggest shopping holiday of the year, here’s a quick rundown of all the 11/11 sales worth checking out!



If you thought homegrown retail brand IUIGA’s offerings were crazily affordable, then check out their prices this Singles’ Day! The lifestyle retailer is offering 20% storewide to shoppers who participate in an interactive game that’s available on IUIGA’s ‘Buy Lesser, Buy Better‘ game page which was created to invite customers to shop with conscious consumption. While you’ll only be able to apply the promo code if you buy three items or less, it’s still a great deal nonetheless if you consider IUIGA’s already super competitive prices. 


A mainstay on our list of shopping apps, Shopee a major player in the 11/11 sales. This year, there are super-sized offers including their best-sellers (at the lowest price guaranteed), hourly flash deals off up to 90% off, daily giveaways and other discounts and promos. Apart from the $11.11 deals and Buy 1 Get 1 sale, the 11.11 Shopee Super Sale event day features 24hours of non-stop deals from over 10,000 sellers, including a $1.10 flash sale and discounts off popular brands on Shopee Mall, Shopee Mart 1+1 bundle deals, etc. You might even win a Bali trip for four during this massive blow out sale! The event starts as soon as the clock strikes midnight, so camp out here for the best deals in town!  


Watsons 11 11 Sale

Joining in on the festivities, Watsons has organised a Double 11.11 Shopping Carnival that offers free delivery, buy one get one deals, extra 11% off as well as even bank promos for online shoppers. Happening from now till 15 November (say hurray for extended sale periods!), you’ll be able to get your hands on popular brands such as Bio-essence, Dettol, Toni & Guy and more. Head here to check out all the exclusive promos and offers available. 


Lazada 1111 Sales 2017 

With its extensive brand offerings across lifestyle, beauty, fashion, tech, etc. categories, Lazada is definitely a site for sore eyes (geddit?). This Singles’ Day, the online retail giant is offering up to 90% off goods, over 110 flash deals and over $110 vouchers up for giveaway. With 5,000 local sellers and over 3,300 deals available across brands like Laneige, Fitbit, Huawei and more, you’ll be sure to give your inner shopaholic a good workout. 


Shopback 11 11 Sales

If you haven’t used Shopback’s cashbacks to save even more, now’s the best time to start. They’re offering up to 11% cashback and x2 Super Cashback on selected items for the Lazada Taobao Collection, up to 33% Upsized Cashback for Taobao + Tmall Hongbao Grab, 3.5% Cashback off ASOS (which is also having a 30% storewide sale), and up to 10& Cashback on Shopee  _ amongst other enticing cashback offers. Saving even further? 


Zalora 1111 Sale

From now till 12 November, take advantage of Zalora’s 11.11 Singles’ Day sale which will offer up to 60% discounts off brands such as Mango, Converse, Daniel Wellington, Aldo and more! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Zalora-exclusive deals to snag even better loots. 


Sephora 11.11

Makeup lovers who spend over $150 online at Sephora Singapore will be entitled to receive either the limited-edition Makeup Junkie or Skincare Lover gift box! While it isn’t exactly a sale or discount per say, getting these beauty freebies with your existing purchases is a pretty sweet bonus. 


Sasa 11.11 Sale

The great thing about Sasa’s 11.11 sale is that they offer online and in-store sale options; up to 80% discounts for selected brands plus $5 off free shipping at Lazada, up to 50% discounts with GWP and free shipping on Qoo10, as well as in-store sales offering Buy 1 Free 1 (mix and match across over 200 brands), and $11 discounts on their special in-store picks. Is this the best of both worlds or what? 

Charles & Keith

Charles & Keith 11 11

Hesitant about buying shoes off the web? Don’t fret ’cause shoe-holics can grab up to 50% off selected styles at Charles & Keith’s Singles’ Day online sales – and you won’t have to worry about the sizing or quality ’cause this local brand offers nothing but the best for your feet! 


ezbuy 11 11 sales

For those who can’t navigate Taobao, Ezbuy’s definitely the next best option! Apart from giving away over $800 worth of shopping vouchers, Ezbuy will reportedly have 20 rounds of crazy flash deals that offer up to 90% discounts, have free shipping from China, Korea, Taiwan and US, and special $1 shopping zones – flex your shopping digits ’cause this spree’s gonna be intense! 

Will you be shopping up a storm this Singles’ Day? Tell us in the comment section! 

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Informatics Jan 2019

While venturing overseas with your best friends might seem more appealing as compared to going on a family vacation, it’s undeniable that being on holiday with the parents does have its perks. Ahead, 11 millennials share their innermost thoughts on heading abroad with the fam. 

Millennial thought #1: “Which parent takes better IG-photos?”


A post shared by (@expediasg) on

“Our family discovered my mum’s photography potential during a family trip to Paris a few months ago. I really wanted a nice OOTD shot outside the Louvre and didn’t have anyone to take it for me, so I asked my mum to stand in. It took a couple of tries (which was kinda awkward because I had to pose shamelessly in front of many people) but it turns out, she’s awesome at taking IG-worthy photos. She became the official #InstaMum for the rest of our vacation.” – Gina, 18

Whether it’s skiing down snowcapped mountains in Sweden or lazily lounging on the beaches of Bali, documenting your experiences via Instagram is definitely a given. But what do you do during those fab outfit days where #OOTDs are a given and there aren’t any IG-savvy friends in sight? You turn to your parental units (as you always do) and give ’em a crash course in photo-taking of course! Here’s a thought: after you’ve gotten that Insta-worthy shot, remember to return the favour by snapping some solid shots for your parents too. 

Millennial thought #2: “There’ll always be someone more responsible/ prepared than me.”

“I went on my grad trip last year and I realised that travelling with friends versus family is very different. My parents would take care of everything (like keeping the important documents, making sure we had enough money, figuring out the transport system…) whereas I had to figure it out on my own. While I had a rewarding experience, I really appreciate (and missed) having my parents around.” – Paul, 22 

Ran out of battery and didn’t bring a portable charger? Fresh out of napkins after spilling gelato on your brand new outfit? Forgot your sunscreen? Chances are your parents will be prepped with everything you could possibly need (way before you knew you needed it), and have it ready at your disposal – because they’re awesome and all-knowing like that.  

Millennial thought #3: “This is a great way to prove my #Adulting skills!” 


A post shared by (@expediasg) on

“My parents used to be really strict, but they’ve loosened up ever since I showed them that I’m perfectly capable of functioning on my own when we went to Korea. And all it took were little gestures, like ordering on behalf of my fam in restaurants to navigating around the train stations – I guess watching all those K-dramas paid off!” – Althea, 19 

Pro tip: Wow your parents even further by searching up flight and hotel discounts easily on Expedia

Millennial thought #4: “Yay! All my expenses are covered.”

“I didn’t realise how much a vacation actually cost until my friends and I started planning a short trip overseas. With our student budget, we couldn’t realistically afford nice accommodations, flights at our preferred timing (because they tend to be more expensive), and we had to be more frugal when it came to meals and shopping as well.” – Li Ting, 19 

We’d be lying if this thought didn’t make it onto the list – one perk that comes with travelling with your parents would be that they’d settle every and any trip expense. From airfare to hotels, food to shopping, chances are they’d spare nothing to ensure the family has a fun and memorable time. With that being said, don’t forget to show appreciation for their generosity. Perhaps you could chip in for a family meal, or at the very least, drop them a heartfelt note thanking them for bringing the fam on holiday. Alternatively, if you’re on a long vacation away, try mailing your parents a cool postcard so they’ll receive it by the time you guys arrive back home. 

Millennial thought #5: “I never knew that about my parents!”  


A post shared by (@expediasg) on

“For my parents’ 25th anniversary, we went to Venice (where they had gone for their honeymoon). The family had a fun time experiencing the sights and sounds while our parents offered us mini tidbits from their time there two decades ago. Their little trips down memory lane were cheesy at first (especially since it’s hard to imagine the two of them as young and hip adults), but by the end of our vacation, I could totally relate to them on a different and more personal level.” – Gabriel, 22 

Millennial thought #6: “I feel so much safer with my parents around.”

“A cockroach appeared in the hotel room I was sharing with my best friend and we totally freaked out. We had to leave the room and ask one of the hotel staff to help us get rid of it – all the while I was thinking how nice it would be if my dad were there to catch it for us. (Laughs)” – Michelle, 20

Isn’t it funny how most of our fears are instantly quelled when our parents show up? Whether it’s battling unwelcome insects, dodging potential tourist scammers or trying to stop getting freaked out over spooky hotel room vibes, there’s nothing like having your parents around to make you feel totally secure. 

Millennial thought #7: “Thank goodness I don’t have to plan the itinerary!”


A post shared by (@expediasg) on

“My friends and I all pitched in to plan our Korea trip itinerary, but we made the rookie mistake of planning to go to summer attractions… in the winter. Luckily, we managed to find other places to visit so the trip out wasn’t a complete waste of time.” – Desiree, 20

Heading on vacation with your friends is one thing, but pulling off a successful trip is another. And let’s be honest here; planning a holiday with your crew might even feel uncannily like doing project work – where anyone who doesn’t contribute might be branded a ‘freeloader’. With that being said, yet another good point of going overseas with your parents would be the high chance of you being able to wriggle your way out of mundane tasks like planning the itinerary or booking the accommodations. 

Pro tip: Do your part for your family trip by sourcing out the cheapest flight and hotel booking on Expedia! Package savings can come up to almost 80% for certain destinations, and the travel site recommends fun activities and events in your area of interest in case you have spare time on your trip. 

Millennial thought #8: “I can totally be myself, 100% 24/7.”


A post shared by (@expediasg) on

“I have a peculiar habit of having to leave the toilet door open when I’m using it when I’m abroad (because I’m afraid of creepy things springing up on me in the shower), which made things a little awkward for the friends I was travelling with at first (Laughs).” – Esme, 23

One thing that comes with holidaying with your fam is the utter ease and comfort that comes with being around loved ones who’ve known you your entire life. And there won’t be any awkward or embarrassing moments; whether it’s having to hog the toilet after getting overly adventurous with street food, or even getting into mini arguments about which touristy spot to spend the afternoon. Family’s for life and you’re ‘stuck’ with each other either way, so there’s definitely no need to feel paiseh.

Millennial thought #9: “Thank goodness my parents can bargain better than I do!”

“I used to get embarrassed by my mum’s haggling because she could get really persistent, but I definitely picked up a thing or two, which comes in handy when shopping overseas. Money saved is money earned!” – Bing Da, 21 

While bargaining isn’t for everyone, haggling pretty much comes with the territory of cheap shopping, and there’s no doubt that scoring discounted prices will give you more leeway with regards to your travel funds. 

Millennial thought #10: “Vacations = family quality time.”


A post shared by (@expediasg) on

“Between juggling my part-time job and school commitments, I haven’t been spending much quality time with my parents. The family could finally get together properly when we headed to Perth, Australia a couple of months back and it was nice being able to catch up and bond. It reminded me that I should always make time for my parents no matter how busy I am!” – Dan, 22

Featured image: Stacy Wyss on Unsplash | Additional images: Expedia Singapore Instagram 
This post was brought to you by Expedia Singapore

Guess what? Expedia is giving away a dream family staycation (worth up to S$3,000)! Click here to find out more details. 

Informatics Jan 2019

 We’re swinging in the limbo between Halloween’s aftermath and the frenetic buildup towards Christmas, but fret not ’cause there’s no lack of things to do this November! 

Panic in The Park


Good news for Halloween junkies, the Gate of Hell is still open at Wild Wild Wet! The first ever Halloween-themed run to be held at a water park, protect your soul tags from the hungry ghouls lurking in the dark waters and make it to the safe zone before it’s too late. Remember, you can run but you can’t hide…

Date: 4 November
Time: 4pm to 6pm 
Venue: Downtown East

Tickets from $45, for more info,

Park Seo Jun Live Guess Who in Singapore


Guess who’s coming to town? We’ve got a new K-drama heartthrob to fall in love with, and it’s none other than Park Seo Jun. Best known for his swoon-worthy roles in Fight For My Way, Hwarang and She Was Pretty, get ready to be swept away by the actor’s charming antics come November. 

Date: 04 November 2017
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Resorts WorldTM Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
Ticket price: $248*, $208*, $158* (*exclude $4 ticketing fee)

For more info, head to

Seasons of Life


Leave it to the Hungarians to turn our everyday drama into a work of art. Encapsulating the ups and downs of life with their traditional folklore dance, watch the four seasons unfold in this captivating two-hour performance.

Date: 10 to 12 November (Friday to Sunday) 
Time: Friday, 8pm / Saturday, 2pm and 8pm / Sunday, 1.30pm and 7:30pm 
Venue: Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa

Tickets from $38 onwards, for more info, head to

Shilla Beauty Concert


Shawols and Reveluvs are in for another treat this November! Just three months after performing at Music Bank in Singapore, K-pop darlings SHINee and Red Velvet will be back for a one-night only concert to celebrate the launch of the new Shilla Duty Free store at Changi Airport T4. Spend $500 worth of beauty products at the stores  or to score a pair of tickets.

Date: 24 November 
Time: 8pm (doors open at 7pm)
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre, Hall 601 – 604 

For more info, visit

C3 Anime Festival Asia


Otakus unite! The anime fest is back for its 10th edition to quell your J-obsession, bringing onboard an extensive three-day lineup of Anisong powerhouses including FLOW, ClariS and May’n. While singing your hearts out to the Naruto theme song, don’t forget to get your hands on the exclusive merchandise flown in straight from the land of the rising sun!

Date: 24 to 26 November
Time: Friday and Saturday, 9:30am to 8pm / Sunday 9:30am to 7pm
Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center 

For more info, visit

HYUKOH Live in Singapore


Who needs boyish good looks, slick choreography and coordinated outfits when your music alone speaks volumes? Dubbed as the ‘band of the new generation’, indie quartet HYUKOH will be bringing their unique brand of shoegaze meets soft-rock to our shores. Expect an eargasmic night filled with soulful acoustics and smooth guitar licks.

Date: 24 November (Friday)
Time: 8pm (doors open at 7pm)
Venue: Zepp @ BIGBOX Singapore



Tickets from $98,

MØ Live in Singapore


Danish pop sensation MØ will be bringing her electric live show to Singapore for the first time. Besides her memorable chart-topping collabs such as ‘Lean On’ and ‘Cold Water’, get ready to be enthralled by her own brand of electro-pop hits from her upcoming album.

Date: 26 November
Time: 7pm to 11pm
Venue: Zouk Singapore

Tickets from $78,

What will you be getting up to this November? Tell us in the comment section! 

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Informatics Jan 2019

 Want to achieve your K-pop bias’ toned physiques without the crazy diet fads that come along with it? That’s where KpopX Fitness comes in. We speak to Maddy Lim, the gorgeous brains behind the new generation workout that combines MV routines for a high intensity exercise! 

With experience accumulated over 8 sportswoman awards, Maddy saw the calorie-burning potential in the Korean music her friends were so crazy about. Both brain and brawn behind KpopX Fitness, she manages the business and designs the routines.

Teenage Maddy Lim KpopX Fitness

A typical KpopX Fitness class goes through a few choreographies accompanied by Kpop tunes. And even though every piece burns and tones the flab, fun remains as the top priority so you won’t be repeating the same old box step or foxtrot in the name of exercise! To come up with her routines, Maddy watches the music videos on repeat so that her choreography would accurately capture the song’s unique swagger and signature moves.  

Teenage KpopX Fitness Maddy Lim

Unlike other aerobic exercises, KpopX Fitness runs on mainly 130 beats per minute (BPM) which is 20 counts slower than the usual 150BPM. The choreography is also catered to dance rookies, so don’t let that missing groovy bone hold you back from hitting the dance floor – according to Maddy, even the most green of beginners would be nailing the moves by the fourth lesson! And don’t expect only female K-pop fans showing up, because KpopX Fitness draws in attendees of all ages and genders. 

When we asked about the music we can expect in each class, Maddy claims no bias even though she professes her love for BlackPink’s style and tunes – who doesn’t love the catchy beat of ‘Boombayah’? And while fast-paced K-pop ear worms would be the prime pick for a high intensity aerobic workout, but Maddy still challenges herself with any chart topper, including the ballads. Sweating it out to the beat of ‘Blood Sweat Tears’ by BTS and warming up to the sweet melody of Beautiful by Crush? Sign us up please!

For 3 years running, KpopX Fitness has been involved with Got To Move Singapore 2017. They’ve certainly made a name locally and Maddy says she plans to host a KpopX Fitness Concert one day! You can sign up for their classes here

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