25 Celeb-Approved Eating Spots In Singapore!

23 Aug 2016 by Johanna Teo

Let’s face it, Singapore’s a foodie paradise and it can get kinda hard to decide where to go and what to eat. We got some local famous faces – Jianhao Tan, Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), The Sam Willows (TSW), Nathan Hartono, Dee Kosh and more – to dish on their favourite eating spots. Who knows, you just might spot ’em the next time you dine there! 

SHIGGA SHAY  recommends:


A photo posted by ShiGGa Shay (@shiggashay) on

Swee Choon Dim Sum, [because you] can’t go wrong with the best dim sum in Singapore.” Plus, this wordsmith loves his Kopi Peng (iced coffee), coffee shop style! 

Nathan Hartono recommends: 


A video posted by Nathan Hartono (@nathanhartono) on

Crawford Lane Bak Chor Mee, Enaq Prata at Jurong East and Katong Laksa. I feel like those three things are just so insanely unique. Even if you’ve had them in other countries, they’ve got nothing on these gems. Also, the mere thought of those three dishes just makes me smile.” We hope Nathan’s not missing these dishes too much, seeing as he’s overseas for Sing! China right now! 

Jianhao Tan recommends: 


A photo posted by JianHao Tan (@thejianhaotan) on

“Firstly, Teowchew porridge at Redhill. The otah is amazing and it opens till 4am. Second, Kith at Sentosa Cove, because it’s really beautiful, and they serve breakfast until 5pm.” 

INCH recommends: 


A photo posted by iNCH (@thisisinch) on

Pek Kio Market. It’s the best hawker centre with the best chee cheong fun, peanut pancake and carrot cake. Also, D’s Joint. I’m a huge fan of Chef Damien D’Silva. Amazing gourmet nasi lemak with no frills. And Park Bench Deli. [They serve the] best sandwiches in the world. I go there for my grilled cheese fix – it’s my comfort food!” 

Sylvia from NOC recommends: 


A photo posted by Sylvia Chan (@sylsylnoc) on

Lor Mee from Old Airport Hawker Centre is a must, because we’ve been to so many SEA countries and [yet] our style of Lor Mee is not found anywhere else. Also, claypot laksa from Alexandra Village which gives a yummy twist to the usual laksa. And finally, comfort food – claypot rice from Holland Drive.”

Aylna from NOC recommends: 


A photo posted by Aylna Neo (@aylna) on

ABC food centre for prawn noodle, chicken rice from Serangoon garden, and fish head curry from Taiseng!”

Sikeen from NOC recommends: 


A photo posted by Sikeen.C (@chansikeen) on

Chicken rice from Block 304 in Woodlands, and Upper Thomson Road’s Bak Chor Mee. Those are my all-time favourites!”

Ryan from NOC recommends: 

Beach Road Prawn Mee, Union Farm, and Rubato!”

Michelle from NOC recommends: 


A photo posted by 🍎Michelle Tan🍎 (@mirchelley) on

Chicken rice at 925 Chicken rice in Yishun and Big Prawn Noodles at Adam’s Road – doing it the hawker centre style. And Indian food at Khansama Restaurant @ Science Park. That’s the beauty of Singapore, you get to [eat] multi-racial cuisine conveniently and easily!” 

Dee Kosh recommends: 


A photo posted by Dee Kosh (@thedeekosh) on

Rochor Beancurd is for sure in my top few places. When friends come to Singapore, I also always head to Hai Di Lao in the middle of the night for some real good soup and steamboat.”

Benjamin from TSW recommends: 


A photo posted by Benjamin Kheng (@benjaminkheng) on

Keppel’s bak kut teh, Adam Road’s maggie goreng pattaya, and anything from Sin Lee Foods.” 

Jon from TSW recommends: 


A photo posted by Jon Chua (@jonchuajx) on

Black pepper crab at Long Beach!” 

Check out the rest of their interviews – where they show more #SGPride, reminisce their teenaged years and more – in our August 2016 issue, out on news stands now! 

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5 Affordable & Gorgeous DIY Gifts Your Teacher Will Love

22 Aug 2016 by Venetia Sng

September is nearing and guess what? Teachers’ Day is just round the corner! We’re sure your teachers will cherish the flowers and/or cards but they’ll definitely appreciate something more practical. With so many teachers to gift and with a limited budget, why not give these affordable and gorgeous DIYs a try? 

#1 Twine Coasters


Get a ball of basic twine for less than $10 at any craft store and twist away! Coil the twine around itself and dab superglue along the twirl until your desired size. You can even draw or paint on initials and simple patterns to make it more personal. 

#2 Peg Frame


Don’t belittle the power of a simple wood peg! They can be repurposed in so many ways, you can read all about it here. As for a Teacher’s Day gift, make a peg frame for your teacher so that none of their memos will be lost! All you need is a cardboard, wooden pegs, glue and an adhesive hook. Let your creative juices flow and cut it into any shape you want!

#3 Frame Flowers

Framed Flowers DIY Gifts

Why get fresh flowers that won’t last forever when you can make a pressed flower display that will! Sandwich the flowers or leaves in a tissue and press them with books – once dried, place them in the frames. Get two frames and use both glass panels for one display so that the pressed flower will be in place and viewable from both sides.

#4 Textured Spray Paint Stationery


Don’t fork out extra money for those pretty granite textured stationery you see at novelty stores. Give a pencil holder or file divider that expensive stone-veneer look instantly with textured spray paint! You can even play around with pens, pencils, paper clips, staplers and scotch tape holders.

#5 Dip Dye Pots


Help brighten up your teacher’s desk with these adorable dip-dyed mini pots! Fill up a bowl halfway with water and pour in some fabric dye in your favourite hue. Dip your ceramic pot halfway, hold for 5 seconds then remove from water. Dip the pot again, lower then the first line and hold for 10 seconds and remove. Dip the pot for the third time and hold until your desired darker shade. Leave it to dry and you’re done!

Image credit: Squarerooms

If you’re whipping up bake goods for Teachers’ Day, check out these baking charts that will make you a pro and impress everyone with your baking skills.

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Weekend List - #SGNightFest

18 Aug 2016 by Teenage

With the Singapore Night Festival happening this weekend, there isn’t anywhere else you need to be. Here are our recommendations on what you can eat, attend and watch at the first weekend of SNF 2016!


CATCH: Les Aquamens

19 & 20 August
8.00pm – 8.30pm: National Museum of Singapore to SOTA to SAM
9.30pm – 10.00pm: Festival Village at SMU
11.00pm – 11.30pm: Armenian Street to National Museum of Singapore

How would you try to communicate with someone with a jar full of water and swimming goldfish stuck on their head? I would definitely want to catch the aquamen just to see how they interact with passers-by.

EAT: Whatthefish!

Whatthefish Singapore

When heading to festivals, I always pick the easiest food to eat ’cause the place might not be the most conducive for a nice long meal. So imagine my excitement when I saw that there would be bite-sized fish and chips. This is not your regular fish and chips, it’s Oh My Cod & Chips! Deliciously fried cod fish with fries and special dips for picking served in decorated tin cans to fit the #SGNightFest theme. Guess who’d be the first in queue this weekend.

Whatthefish! is located at booth 5A along Li Ka Shing Library.

ATTEND: This Building, My Canvas – Talk by NOVAK (UK) & Groupe LAPS (FR)

KEYFRAMES y Groupe Laps

Join the artists behind the works that illuminates Singapore Art Museum and National Museum of Singapore as they discuss the design challenges of public art. Find out why they chose light as a medium for their artwork, and be inspired to view your own urban environment as a creative space of expression!

Admission is free. Participants may register here.


CATCH: Shifting Interactions

Shifting Interactions

19 & 20 August: 7.30pm – 2am
21 August: 7.30pm – 10pm
Glass Atrium Level 2, National Museum of Singapore

We’re incredibly proud of how far our local dance scene has grown throughout the years, and now our talents from LASALLE College of the Arts are spreading their wings at Singapore Night Festival with a dynamic performance piece of sound, light and movement. And the cool thing is, they also incorporated a series of static and animated objects into their routine to make this truly a work of Shifting Interactions.

EAT: Sofnade

Sofnade Cake Donut Balls

What’s donuts when you can have ’em in little donut balls? This new kid on the block serves sinfully good cake donut balls with a generous drizzle of your favourite toppings, plus handcrafted soft serve and refreshing lemonade to help you chill out under the humid weather while you’re exploring the festival grounds.

Sofnade is located at the first booth near Li Ka Shing Library. 

ATTEND: Imaginary Worlds – Talk by Acrojou (UK) and A Dandypunk (USA)

The Wheel House

I had the chance to witness the rolling acrobatic performance of The Wheel House by Acrojou at the mainground outside National Museum of Singapore – where a couple travels in a tattered circular home on a road to nowhere – and it was absolutely phenomenal. So if you’re interested in dystopian universes and possess incredible imagination, join Acrojou and A Dandypunk in this Perspectives talk where they’ll share the inspiration behind their fantasy.

Admission is free. Participants may register here.

Want to know more about the going-ons at #SGNightFest for this weekend? Read all about the highlights here!

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Fruits to Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight

16 Aug 2016 by Venetia Sng

Not all fruits are as healthy as you think and may even be harmful when not consumed moderately. If you’ve been eating healthily and exercising regularly but have no idea why you just can’t seem to shed that few extra kilos, you might just be consuming too much of these fruits. 

#1 Banana

Weight Gain Fruits Banana

Bananas are great energy boosters because they are packed with glucose and fibre BUT a single banana has about 100 calories so don’t eat a whole bunch at one go if you can help it! Remember, moderation is the key.

#2 Mango

Weight Gain Fruits Mango

Mangoes are absolutely delicious especially in our hot and humid weather, I mean, who doesn’t like this refreshing fruit right? They are a great source of vitamins and fibre but they also contain high amounts of sugar, which means more calories. 

#3 Avocado

Weight Gain Fruits Avocado

Avocado milkshake, sushi rolls with avocado, avocado sandwich – no matter if it’s in a form of a drink or part of our meals, we just can’t get enough of it. However a single fruit has more than 350 calories plus it’s also high in fat, so think twice before you order that extra serving of guacamole next time. 

#4 Cherry

Weight Gain Fruits Cherry

You know how once you start on a box of cherries, you just can’t stop? Well, time to have some self-control ’cause the amount of sugar in a cup of cherries is equivalent to 4 teaspoons of sugar and the recommended sugar intake for adults is 6 teaspoons a day. 

#5 Dried Fruits

Weight Gain Fruits Grape

Dried fruits are denser than fresh fruits in all aspects due to their dehydrated nature, so one cup of raisins has seven times more calories than a cup of fresh grapes. Some brands even add more sugar to the already high sugar density dried fruits, therefore avoid these if you can.

#6 Durian

Weight Gain Fruits Durian

Our favourite fruit of all time, the king of fruits, durian. Everyone tends to overdose on durians when it’s in season but we all ought to practise some constraints ’cause these babies will make you gain serious weight. Consuming a regular sized durian already takes up more than 50% of our recommended calorie intake, so beware.

Image Credit: Pixabay, Getty

If you need that energy boost for that dreary mid-day, give these energy boosting superfoods a try!

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Weekend List: Pokémon Go Edition

12 Aug 2016 by Teenage

We don’t need to be wizards to know what everyone will be up to this weekend. The Teenage team recommend hotspots for rare Pokémon and other things you can do in the same area so that your weekend will be a fulfilling one.


#1 VivoCity
SPOTTED: Snorlax, Dratini, DragonairVivocity Sky Park

EAT: Shin Kushiya

Shin Kushiya Celebration Set

Hungry after hunting Pokémon the whole day? Head on down to Shin Kushiya with your fellow trainers and indulge in some delicious Japanese food! They are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with some pretty awesome sets everyone can share.

Shin Kushiya is located at 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity#02-120, Singapore 098585

#2 Chinese Gardens
SPOTTED: Gyarados, Blastoise, MagmarChinese Gardens Singapore

GO TO: The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum

Turtle Tortoise Museum Singapore

The garden is definitely a hot spot for Pokémon hunters but other than that, why not do some good and pay a visit to The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum? All admission fees collected and donations go to caring of the turtles and tortoises that call the museum home – some of them were abandoned by previous owners.

The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum is located at 1 Chinese Garden Road, Singapore 619795

#3 Marina Bay Sands
SPOTTED: Jynx, Lapras, Pikachu, Clefairy, AbraMarina Bay Sands

VISIT: FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science

Future World Exhibition Art Science Museum

Take a break from Pokémon hunting and go get lost in the visual spectacle of the Future World exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. Explore a fully immersive digital universe, where 16 spectacular art installations are brought to life and evolve in real-time!

The ArtScience Museum is located at 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974


#4 Punggol Waterway Park
SPOTTED: Vaporeon, Wartortle, Dewgong, Ponyta, GrowlithePunggol Waterway Park Sunrise Bridge
Credit: Susanlimgp

EXERCISE: Cycling/Inline Skating

Punggol Waterway Park

After an adventure on feet (pro tip: camp at the spot near the Adventure Bridge for the optimum Poke-experience – it’s a PokéStop galore there!), why not explore the rest of Punggol Waterway Park on wheels? Hop on a bike or strap on a pair of inline skates, and explore the scenery while skidding along the promenade. Psst, we’ve also heard that cycling helps to hatch your eggs, but just be mindful not to go too fast or it doesn’t count!

#5 Hougang Block 401
SPOTTED: Gyarados, Dratini, Tentacruel


A photo posted by Weixiang Lim (@weixianglimsg) on

EAT: KPT Kopitiam

KPT Kopitiam Hougang 401
Credit: crazygirlallovertown

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d probably have already heard of the newest gathering spot for Hougang-ers. Specifically, a playground at Block 401 of Hougang Avenue 10 that attracts hordes of ambitious Pokémon trainers flocking here for a rare catch. But before this area’s known as a Pokémon Go hotspot, let’s not forget there’s a famous supper haunt nearby that serves some good ol’ fish soup, rojak and oyster omelette. Gotta fill your tummies before you hunt, right?

KPT Kopitiam is located at Blk 401, Hougang Ave 10, Singapore 530401

#6 Resorts World Sentosa
SPOTTED: Pikachu, Electrabuzz, Electrode, MagnetonResorts World Sentosa

ENJOY: Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Resorts World Sentosa is another goldmine of rare Pokémon, especially if you’re on the search for electric types – check out this handy location guide prepared by RWS. Travelling all the way to Sentosa is quite a journey, so why not make it worthwhile? For the month of August, Pokemon trainers can visit Adventure Cove Waterpark at only $51 (usual price is $68). Having a splashing time while catching ’em all? Count me in!

The Adventure Cove Waterpark is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore 098269

Need some tips on how you can gain XP fast, collect Pokécoins and when to evolve your Pokémon? We’ve got all the answers here.

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