6 Easy Ways To Get Into The National Day Spirit

7 Aug 2017 by Bryan Yeong

Waving the national flag, camping for fireworks and even dressing up in full red and white are but 3 ways to express your love for Singapore this 9th August. Here are 6 simple ways you can show that we are Singapore, Singaporeans. 

Have A Local Feast


Singaporeans’ favourite pastime is undoubtedly to eat as much as we can and even better, trying (or finding) the latest food fads at every corner of the island. I mean, how can we resist slurping on bak chor mee at Bedok 85 Market or chomping down plates of chicken rice at Maxwell Food Centre? In the spirit of #SG52, why not go all out in treating yourself with local fare only our country could offer by having a zi char feast! Whether it’s Commonwealth’s Two Chefs Eating House or Kok Sen Restaurant at Keong Saik, you can’t go wrong stuffing your face silly with SG-infused dishes only a true-blue Singaporean would know how. And if you’re looking for a little something extra, check out our guide to atas hawker food and eateriesShiok lah! 

Wear Homegrown Labels

Credit: Love Bonito’s Facebook

If you’d prefer expressing your SG pride more subtly than wearing the annually released red and white collections, opt for the bevy of local brands making their mark on the fashion scene. Upstarts like Love Bonito, Graye Studio and Biro Company offer up chic threads of stylish designs and sleek cuts – a refreshing alternative from commercialised fast-fashion chains. Dress your best this National Day and when someone compliments your outfit, you can proudly tell them it’s locally made!

Play Localised Card Games

Credit: Protocol

Gathering at a friend’s high-rise apartment hoping for a glimpse of the NDP fireworks might be the order of business this National Day, and while waiting for the fiery sparklers to light the sky up, chances are someone will suggest a round of dai di or poker. Do it with a local flair thanks to Protocol’s pack of fifty-two playing cards – each designed with iconic SG landmarks, characters and trinkets to trigger that warm, fuzzy feeling of our homeland.  

Celebrate SG TV

Credit: Mediacorp SG

Ahh, there’s nothing quite like kicking back and indulging in a quality local drama. While there are some new series worthy of a watch, it’s older classics that truly resonated with the masses and hit a soft spot close to our hearts. Marathoning Mediacorp favourites like Holland V, Under One Roof and Moulmein High on Toggle will surely reel in those uninitiated and rekindle fond memories of those familiar, just in time to ignite your inner patriot.

Learn About Our Heritage

Credit: SISTIC

Singapore celebrates its 52nd birthday this year, but the 52-year-long journey from independence towards the first-world city it is today has been an arduous one, only made possible thanks to our brave forefathers. The National Museum of Singapore honours our deep-rooted history with gallery exhibitions from now till 30th September, giving you an in-depth lesson on the makings of our country. Celebrating National Day is a joyous occasion, but fully understanding the importance of it will give it that much more meaning.

Listen To Local Music

Credit: SOI Music TV

You have to admit that National Day songs are not every citizen’s cup of tea, but that’s fine. Singapore still boasts many other tremendously talented individuals crafting tunes to excellence. Young acts like R&B siren Sam Rui, pop wunderkind Falling Feathers and gutsy rapper Axel Brizzy have all recently put out new material to positive fanfare, and we couldn’t be prouder of their achievements. Time to curate that #SGPride playlist and crank it up!

Featured image: Today Online

For more local goodness, pick up a copy of our August issue out on newsstands now. It also comes with a freebie!

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Whether it’s going on a date at an amusement park or sharing a romantic moment on a shipwreck, live out the dream of your favourite K-dramas at these iconic sites!

#1 Navagio Beach – Descendants Of The Sun

This is undoubtedly the most memorable location to Descendant of the Sun (DOTS) fans as it was where they watched the relationship between Big Boss and Beauty blossom. Off the coast of Zakynthos Greece, the Navagio Beach is home to a famous shipwrecked vessel from the 1980s, which captivated DOTS screenwriter Kim Eun Sook during her visit to the island. Feeling adventurous? The grounds are also bounded by towering cliffs, so you can give a 200m base-jump off the ledges a shot. Do keep your eyes peeled when you’re exploring the area though, as you might just meet your very own Captain Yoo there!

Recreate this: Who could ever forget the scene during the last episode where the Song-Song couple fulfilled their promise to return to the beach together? Better yet, if you have an oppa who just completed his national service on your arm, you can even recite the same lines that our cheesy lovebirds recited in the drama. Captain Yoo would definitely approve!

#2 Gyeong-Gijeon Shrine – Love In The Moonlight

Credit: Robert Koehler/Tumblr

Filled with lush bamboo groves and portraits of Joseon Dynasty founder King Tae-jo, the Gyeonggijeon Shrine was used for a multitude of scenes in Love in the Moonlight. Besides being the location of the first meeting between the Crown Prince and Ra On, also nestled within the shrine is the Jeonjusago National Archives Building which appeared in episode 10, where the Crown Prince became jealous upon seeing the other eunuchs assisting Ra On after she hurt her foot.

#3 Jumunjin Break-water – Goblin

Located at the northernmost part of Gangneung, the Jumunjin Beach is where Ji Eun Tak first summoned the Goblin after blowing out the candles on her birthday cake in the popular K-drama. But what you may not know is that there are at least five identical man-made breakwaters around the beach – crystal clear waters, azure skies and all. Just look out for a huge signboard along the shores and you’ll be on the actual breakwater where the Goblin stars filmed the scene!

Credit: Minigoblin/Tumblr

Recreate this: Grab your beau and head out to recreate your own ‘wishing-for-a-goblin’ scene. And just in case you didn’t prepare your own red scarf and buckwheat flower, you can rent it at a small fee onsite – there’s even a ‘photographer’ who can help you take a shot! Be prepared to queue though, as there’s bound to be a long line of Goblin hopefuls waiting their turn.

#4 Jangsado Sea Park – Uncontrollably Fond

Decked out in gorgeous flora all year round, the 1.9km long Jangsado Sea Park can thank its gorgeous landscape and breath-taking scenery for making it the prime backdrop in dramaland. In Uncontrollably Fond, it was at this island where Noh Eul finally found Joon Young after the latter went missing. Bonus: if you have some time left after exploring the park, take a trip to the neighbouring Oedo Island – home to a botanical garden chockfull of picturesque blooms and majestic sculptures (read: Instagram photo ops galore).

#5 E-World Amusement Park

Credit: KpopStarz/MBC

Amusement parks have long been synonymous with romantic gestures in K-drama (ferris wheel kisses anyone?), so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the E-World Amusement Park was featured in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. What was meant to be a date went a little awry with Bok Joo’s friends showing up, but it still saw many heart-fluttering moments between the two leads when they first held hands while watching fireworks light up the sky. Not to mention the scene where our sway couple came face-to-face when they both ducked down to share a drink? Totally aww-inducing!

Recreate this: Well, you’re at an amusement park so the options are endless – try on cute headbands and have an aegyo battle; hop on a Viking ship or a Frisbee ride for the daredevil couples. Better yet, if you’re there with friends who are willing to join in on the fun, you can always do your own take on the scene where Bok Joo and Joon Hyung’s friends crashed their date – photobomb, anybody?

This article was adapted from an article in the Teenage July 2017 Issue. 

Which filming locations would you like to visit? Tell us in the comment section!

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How Hype is Your Hypebeast Game?

3 Aug 2017 by khairulnizam

Do you live and breathe streetwear? Do brand names like Vlone, Ellesse and Vetements send your heart racing? Are Kanye West, Jonah Hill and Justin Bieber amongst the top few fashion icons that you model your style after? If you’ve replied yes to one or more of the above questions, you might just be a hypebeast in the making. Find out what it takes to be one in our little guide below.

You take pride in the extensive collection of streetwear, luxury and vintage sportswear that you own


A post shared by 👊🏿👦🏿 (@ak.sams) on Mar 17, 2017 at 3:28am PDT

A walk-in shoe wardrobe for your Nike Air Force 1 collection? Check. Glass display case lined with the latest snapbacks from Supreme, Stussy and Huf? Got it. An outdoor rack above your bed to peg the merch’ you bought from The Life Of Pablo pop up store? Don’t mind if we do.

It’s not enough that people check out your collection when you wear it out, they have to see it even when you’re not! You thrive on the compliments you get on how you managed to turn your room into a hypebeast shrine of sorts. You even start charging a small fee to friends who take their #OOTD shots with your sneaker collection. After all, this lifestyle ain’t gonna pay for itself.

Brand first, everything else is secondary


A post shared by HYPEBEAST (@hypebeast) on Jul 12, 2017 at 5:11pm PDT

As a self-proclaimed hypebeast, it is imperative that you pick up the latest streetwear drops, no matter how impractical or outrageous it may look. As long as the tags scream brands like Bape, Givenchy, Off-White, or even Palace, you gotta cop. Who cares if your new distressed Life of Pablo denim jacket makes you look kinda scruffy? Ignore the haters who claim you need to know how to skate before flexing a Thrasher tee. You do you, fam.

Extremely curated pictures

If you’re going to be a hypebeast/hypebae, your Insta game has to be strong. Hypebeasts can usually be identified by their extremely curated Instagram feed, usually featuring them rocking the latest streetwear drops (and tagging the corresponding brands, of course) in front of a vast-looking background with lots of open space. Finally, the filters applied to these photos are usually those from VSCO’s Hypebeast pack (surprise, surprise) although some of them do prefer going for the monochrome look instead. However, both versions of these hypebeasts can agree on one thing: photos are cooler only if you look away from the camera lens. Don’t forget to load your Instagram post with tons of hashtags!

Profound stamina and willpower


A post shared by Jeanne (@junqueries) on Jul 13, 2017 at 12:02am PDT

For real though. You gotta give props to hypebeasts and their ability to wait in line for around 12-24 hours just to cop new releases from their favourite brands. The Guess X A$AP Rocky collab’ at the Marina Bay Sands outlet boasted a line of almost 200 people, some who started queueing the night before the store opened. The Louis Vuitton X Supreme collaboration in July at the ION Orchard outlet attracted twice more, with hardcore fans lining the streets a week before the actual drop. By now it should be clear that being a hypebeast takes grit and pure determination to brave obstacles such as inclement weather and queue-cutters. Their only known weakness? Train delays and MRT breakdowns. A 15-minute wait for the train will only mess with their flow’.

Plan to fail, fail to plan

Another tell-tale sign of a hypebeast is their immaculate ability at finances and planning. Hypebeasts are able to anticipate an upcoming streetwear drop and prepare the necessary funds in order to cop whatever they need. There are no limits to the lengths a hypebeast will go to just to rake in the cash to supplement this lifestyle. Methods include going on a instant noodle-only diet a month prior to save money, staying in overtime at work, picking up a part-time job while balancing school, and finally, doing odd jobs around the house for the parents in exchange for some extra cash. Committed hypebeasts have already done aftermarket math even before buying anything, so don’t be surprised to see them ballin’ after reselling the merch they managed to snag for a much higher profit. Whatever their methods are, you can’t help but to respect the hustle. 

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A massive catalogue comprising categories like Electronics, Beauty, F&B etc., competitive pricing (and promo codes) and 2-hour delivery service, here’s why Amazon Prime Now’s arrival on our digital shores has gotten everyone buzzing. 

After months of delay, global e-commerce behemoth Amazon has finally launched its services in Singapore – the first of its kind in South-east Asia – kickstarting it with Amazon Prime Now!


A post shared by Jaime Teo (@jmeteo) on

For those unfamiliar with Prime Now, it’s an express grocery service for Prime members, offering same-day or next-day delivery at next to no cost. Which gives Amazon a huge advantage because customers will be able to enjoy the privilege (and convenience) of skipping the queue without having to wait days for their purchases to arrive.

This means you’ll be able to literally purchase presents you forgot to buy, a nifty float for a last-minute pool party or even get toilet paper delivered to you if you’re stuck in the toilet (and willing to wait for 2 hours or pay extra for a shorter waiting time). Simply download the Amazon Prime Now app and tap away! 

Download the app for free on Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Store 

How to use Amazon Prime Now:



Step 1: Enter your postal code to start. Currently, they deliver to any location in Singapore and Sentosa, but they do not service outlying islands. 

Step 2: Shop Amazon Prime Now’s catalogue of items. You can either browse directly on the main page or click on the ‘Shop by Department’ tab located at the side bar.

Step 3: Add items to cart by clicking the square orange cart located at the right side of each description. 

Step 4: Once you’re ready to check out, decide on your delivery options and schedule. Prime Now delivers 7 days a week, from 10am – 10pm. For orders below $40, you will have to pay a $5.99 delivery fee for 2-hour delivery, or $9.99 per order for 1-hour delivery. Take note that the availability of the 1-hour delivery option is subject to your postal code. 

Step 5: Place order. Prime Now accepts several payment methods: Credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). Do note that Amazon Gift Cards cannot be applied to Amazon orders in SG. 

Once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive tracking updates via text message. You can also track your order based on a map that’ll be available under the ‘Your Orders’ tab.

Should you wish to change or modify your order, do note that Amazon Prime Now states that due to their short lead time, it will not be possible to change things like the delivery time, address or additional order details.

However, it may be possible for you to cancel the order and place a new one as long as your purchase has not been prepped for delivery. Likewise, if you’re unavailable during the scheduled delivery time, your order will be returned for a full refund. 

Prime Now is currently open to non-members for a limited time, with free 2-hour delivery for Amazon Prime members. Shoppers will get $20 off their first order by entering the promo code <VISA20> at check out. Alternatively, you can get $10 off your first order with <$10PRIMENOW>

Will you be shopping with Amazon Prime Now? Let us know in the comment section! 


'80s Hawker Fare To Feast On For As Little As 50¢!

24 Jul 2017 by khairulnizam

The upcoming 50 Cents Fest is truly the marriage between two of Singaporean’s true loves – food and all things cheap! Happening on 29 and 30 July, get ready to be transported back to the ’80s when Chinatown Food Street brings back local heritage dishes for diners to enjoy for as little as 50 cents. Check out our guide on some of the lesser known refreshments that you just can’t afford to miss out on, along with the best ways to soak up the nostalgic atmosphere. 

Rickshaw Noodles

rickshaw noodles Hungry Island Image Credit: Hungry Island

This dish, famously dubbed after rickshaw pullers of old who traversed the streets of Singapore, comprises of Hokkien noodles in a pork broth topped off with fried garlic and shallots. This tasty creation only costs 50 cents.

UFO (Fried Oyster Cake)

UFO (Fried Oyster Cake)

The fried oyster cake, more affectionately known as the ‘unidentified fried object’, gets its name from its unique rounded base that comes about as a result of being fried using a ladle. This savoury treat contains oysters, prawns, Chinese parsley and peanuts. It is also able to stay crispy on the outside while being deliciously soft on the inside, even after being friend. This treat costs only 50 cents!

Paper Wrapped Chicken

Paper Wrapped Chicken

This simple yet brilliant Cantonese creation was founded by Union farm in 1953. The technique used to paper wrap the chicken allows the essence and aroma of chicken to be trapped inside. The full flavour is unleashed onto your taste buds only when you take a bite. You’ll be able to grab some Paper wrapped chicken at only 50 cents.

Abacus Seed

Abacus Seeds

A traditional Hakka delicacy, this dish is believed to signify wealth and prosperity and were made to mimic the abacus beads due to their people’s niftiness with money. It consists of rounded yam balls with dimpled centres friend together with condiments such as diced prawns, cuttlefish and even mushrooms. The best part? A bowl of this will only set you back a dollar.

Red Glutinous Wine Chicken

red chicken MeatmenImage Credit: Meatmen

The name of this dish may seem like a mouthful, but we assure you that the flavour of this particular Hakka cuisine will make you feel otherwise. Do not let the blood red colour of the chicken scare you off! This one dollar delicacy is marinated in red glutinous rice wine with special seasoning, thus explaining its very unique look.

Satay Bee Hoon

satay bee hoon SG Food On FootImage Credit: SG Food on Foot

The Satay Bee Hoon was crafted by the Teochew immigrants in Singapore. This yummy dish combines bee hoon with key ingredients such as beansprout, cuttlefish and even tau pok. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a generous topping of chilli-based peanut gravy. Get yourself a plate for only a dollar!

Ma La Baby Lobster

lobster StarTasterImage Credit: StarTaster

Did someone say seafood? Indulge in baby lobster cooked the Cantonese way at two dollars for four, only at The 50 Cents Fest. Cooked and marinated in a ton of delicious spices, this particular delicacy is not for the faint-hearted! The spicy but flavourful lobster flesh is sure to stir fond memories of Singapore past. 

Mini Wa Ko Kueh

wa ko kueh FlickrImage Credit: Flickr

These little delicacies are also known as steamed rice cakes and are sure to bring back fond memories of your childhood. They are made from fermented rice and rice flour and usually eaten together with shredded coconut and orange sugar. A pair of these colourful treats will cost you only 50 cents!

Michael Jackson

mj Lemon FilmImage Credit: Lemon Film

You might’ve heard about this unique combination of grass jelly and soya bean milk at your neighbourhood hawker drink store, but nobody’s really sure why its named after the late King of Pop, perhaps after his song, ‘Black Or White’? Anyway, there’s no denying how delicious this drink is, especially in our hot weather  – two cups of Michael Jackson at The 50 Cents Fest will only set you back a total of 50 cents! 

Pineapple Drink

pineapple NaiiseImage Credit: Naiise

Ah, this drink brings us back to the good ol’ days. The uncle or aunty usually displayed this yellow-coloured delight in a large clear container filled with ice. It would then be scooped out into a plastic cup using a large metal ladle. Sounds familiar? Get yourself a cuppa or two for only 50 cents!

Ice Ball

Ice Ball

This old school dessert is sure to be a hit, especially amongst the younger generation who may have missed out on this experience growing up! This sweet treat is essentially a palm-sized ball of ice that is drizzled in different kinds of syrup, wrapped in plastic for you to enjoy from the palm of your hand. Each ice ball is going for 50 cents.


Of course, such a festival wouldn’t be complete without traditional games and performances! Take a trip down memory lane by playing hopscotch with some friends or enjoy Xin Yao performances by young and talented Singaporeans. You can even buy freshly baked biscuits from a traditional ’80s shop while catching some of the many performances available throughout the day.

The 50 Cent Food Fest will be held at Chinatown Food Street, Smith Street, Singapore 050335 on 29 July (Saturday, 12pm – 11pm) and 30 July (Sunday, 11am – 11pm)

Are you planning to head down to the 50 Cents Fest? Tag us (@teenagemagazine) in your Instagram photos and you might just be featured!

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