6 Essential Tips For Surviving The F1 Weekend

14 Sep 2017 by Bryan Yeong

Whether you’re a F1 newbie or seasoned race attendee, don’t neglect these tips to guarantee a fuss-free time amongst the high-octane sets and buzzing action this weekend at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix!

Pack Light

Worth noting is that there will be bag checks stationed at every entrance of the circuit, so best make sure to speed up the process of getting in by packing only the essentials in a small bag, like a handy fan and tissue packets. You wouldn’t want to regret lugging a bulky backpack around when soaking in all the action!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

To beat the afternoon sun and night humidity, you gotta have your trusty bottle of water to hydrate at all times. Heres the good news: you’re allowed a clear plastic bottle of no more than 600ml (phew!), so make it count by picking one up before heading down. Plus, you can always refill for more inside the venue grounds.

Arrive Early

Wanna get #InstaWorthy photos of Ariana Grande mid-choreography or intending to have a front row view of Calvin Harris helming the decks? Then you’d want to head down early to the Padang Stage to get a prime spot before the swarm of fellow race revellers start packing in right before the performances.

Take Public Transport

Planning to head down via car? Think again. Most roads around the area will be blocked or diverted in lieu of the race, so your safest bet to reaching the gates without a hassle is likely by train. Fingers crossed that there won’t be any breakdowns or delays then…

Dress Appropriately

Unless you enjoy perspiring buckets under the sweltering heat, we advise you to keep your #OOTD to a single layer. Leave your cardigans, jackets and pullovers at home and opt for a comfy tee instead, or simply cop one of the official merchandise at the booths to wear your F1 pride out loud. For shoes? Avoid slippers, or your toes might get trampled on by the overwhelming crowd – especially when heading for the exits after the festivities!

Plug It In


Chances are, your eardrums will be having a workout all weekend courtesy of fast cars and faster-paced action at all turns. But you gotta save your hearing for the concert performances that cap off each night, so make a mental note to pick up a free pack of earbuds given outside each entrance gate should you need to give your ears a sense of comfort!

Featured image: Singapore GP

Now you’re all set for three days of racing action. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram (@TeenageMagazine) for live updates during the F1 weekend!

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5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Poly Holidays

14 Sep 2017 by Teenage

Do away with the books and bid a hermit life goodbye, the poly holidays are upon us – Ce la vie! For those of you complaining about how there’s nothing to do in Singapore, we’re here to prove you wrong with these tips on how to make the most out of your break.

Be a Local Tourist

If you can’t afford 
to travel to a killer destination, why not be a tourist
 in your own hometown!
 Singapore may be small, but you’d be surprised at how much there is to sightsee, and how little you probably know about our little red dot – discover hidden street art at Jalan Klapa, visit abandoned landmarks like Rochor Centre before they become part of history, or go museum hopping through lesser-known galleries like the Peranakan Museum. Remember to flash your student cards for sweet discounts!

Glamp it Up

Glamping Society
Photo: Glamping Society

The word ‘camping’ might make some shudder knowing that it usually equates to being at the mercy of mosquitos – and we don’t blame you. Opt for a night of ‘glamping’ (short for ‘glamourous camping’) instead, where tents are swapped out for luxurious teepees and BBQ pits are replaced with breakfast baskets. For an additional fee, the good people of local startup Glamping Society can even provide a hammock and an inflatable pool for you and your pals.

Beef Up Your Resume

Why not capitalise on your newfound freedom and earn some side income while picking up valuable work experience? Internships expose you to the real working world and instills discipline and punctuality – think of it as a ‘trial period’ to help you understand if the industry is truly suitable to your liking. Having multiple internships under your belt will make your resumé stand out in the competitive job search and increase the likelihood of landing a full- time gig post-graduation.

Give Back to Society

As much as you enjoy living it up during your break, there’s nothing quite as gratifying as giving back; Volunteer your time at one of the many non-profit organisations around Singapore, whether it’s helping out at an animal shelter, becoming a playmate at a children’s ward or donating blood
at your community blood drive. While you’re at it, make the conscious effort to be nice to people!

Pick Up a New Skill

What if we told you that you could learn how to play the guitar or master the Korean language (oppas, we’re coming!), at absolutely no cost? Online platforms such as Coursera, allow you to learn for free in the comfort of your own home. Be it modules like learning a new language or attaining specialised skills like coding, the options are endless. The bonus? You get a printable certificate after completion – who says you can’t spend productive time on the Internet?

This article was adapted from the September 2017 issue of Teenage

What will you be up to during the short break? Let us know what’s up in the comment section! 

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Surprise! Apple released not one, but three different iPhone handsets! So what’s up with the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8, and what’s the difference between them? We give you the lowdown.  

Check out the infographic below to see the main differences between the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 (that you’ll actually care about):

THIS iPhone8,iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus

What Exactly Is The iPhone X?

Launched to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, the iPhone X features a Super Retina HD display on an all-glass exterior. True to rumours, the iPhone X does not have a bezel and a traditional Home button. So how does one unlock an iPhone X, you ask? It uses Face ID – a 3D facial recognition technology to unlock the phone – this feature can also be used for Apple Pay and other banking apps. We’ll explain more later. 


The premium handset boasts a Super Retina HD Display. This is Apple’s name for the OLED display, which is similar to what Samsung already uses. The benefits for using OLED tech instead of the usual LCD screens used on the iPhone 8 series? True HDR display, higher contrast ratios, the ability to produce much deeper black shades by turning off pixels that are rendered black as compared to LCD screens, which keep the pixels on. This results in an improved battery life. 


All three models come with 12MP back cameras and 7MP front cams, but the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus have an additional rear camera sensor (the iPhone X’s sits vertically, while the iPhone 8 Plus has it horizontal). Similar to iPhone 7 Plus, these dual cameras come with wide angle and telephoto. However, the iPhone X offers optical image stabilisation for both its cameras whereas the iPhone 8 Plus only has that feature for its wide-angle camera. Additionally, the iPhone X supposedly has an advantage over the iPhone 8 Plus when it comes to low light and depth of field shots thanks to its f/2.8 aperture telephoto lens (the latter has f/2.4 aperture while the iPhone 8 has only a f/1.8. 

The three handsets boast a Quad-LED True Tone Flash with slow sync, but only the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus has a Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting in beta. Portrait Lighting is said to be able to change lighting effects within a portrait shot. Also, the 7MP front-facing cameras on both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus haven’t seen an upgrade – the iPhone X has a 7MP TrueDepth camera that offers facial recognition, Portrait mode and Animojis (animated emojis). 

Face ID 

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone X’s Face ID replaces the usual fingerprint Touch ID sensors. Using its TrueDepth camera – the system packs a punch with not only a regular front camera but also an infrared camera, a dot projector, a flood illuminator, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor – consumers can unlock their phone by simply looking at the gadget and swiping up. According to reports, the Face ID feature is attention aware as well, which means it won’t unlock your screen when you don’t want it to (even though you’re looking right at it), such as when you’re reading new notifications.  

Battery life & Wireless Charging 

In an attempt to do away with wired chargers altogether, the three new iPhone models all have the ability to charge wirelessly – simply rest it on a charging pad and watch your battery fill back right up! As stated in the infographic, the iPhone X lasts up to two hours longer than its predecessor, while the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus lasts about the same as the iPhone 7. For those pressed for time, you can fast-charge all three models via a USB-C power adapter (50% in 30 minutes). 

Storage & Price

Consumers will be able to choose from two storage capacities, 64GB and 128Gb. As stated on Apple Singapore’s website, the iPhone X starts at a whopping $1,648 for 64GB storage capacity. The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8‘s retail prices begin from $1,308 and $1,148 respectively. 

The iPhone X will be available on 3 November 2017. Pre-orders start from 27 October onwards. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be available on 22 September. Pre-orders start from this Friday (15 September)

Will you be getting the iPhone X? What are your thoughts on Apple’s latest releases? Tell us in the comment section! 

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8 Fun Mobile Games You Can Play Without Using Data

11 Sep 2017 by Isabel Pang

We’ve all played that treacherous “will it bust or not?” game with our data cycle. Worse yet, if you’ve gone over the limit well before the cycle reset date – which leaves you with nothing to do during long commutes and other in-between moments. Instead of living like a slave to the wifi zone, try these games that you can play without internet connection.

BB Tan

No Wifi Games Teenage BB Tan

BB Tan is a no-brainer; bounce balls and bust blocks labelled with a number, signifying the number of times it needs to be hit before it bursts into a pixelated firework. You lose when the block touches the bottom of the screen!

Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

Triple Town

No Wifi Games Teenage Triple Town
The addictive puzzle game is a unique game play that combines the match-3 concept with city-building elements. Using elements of nature, you can form churches, castles and houses. The aim of Triple Town is to build an established little town on the 6 by 6 grid with strategic planning. Your score is determined by the number of structures you build; the coins you earn can be used to buy special items during the game play!

Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store


No Wifi Games Teenage Popong

Click on the intersections of matching tiles to wipe them off the screen. The level starts off with solid coloured blocks and progresses with more complicated patterns through the levels. Requiring both speed and focus, time will zoom right by!

Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

10-10!No Wifi Games Teenage Ten Ten

A relaxed version of the classic Tetris game without the impending doom of raining blocks; 10-10! gives you the freedom to place random shapes anywhere on the grid in your own time. The same rules of Tetris apply, challenge yourself and clear as many lines as possible for a higher score.

Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

Pocket MineNo Wifi Games Teenage Pocket Miner

Turn off your thinking caps and dig deep – the game is repetitive and not restricted to the number of lives you have. Playing as a miner, you collect diamonds, gold and interesting treasures the further down you dig. You can also upgrade your pick and buy explosives to aid your underground expedition.

Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

Lunar Flowers
No Wifi Games Teenage Lunar Flowers

There are no instructions, so the first level is excruciatingly slow and you’d instinctively want to quit the game that feels beneath your intelligence, but it quickly picks up pace! The night scene, mystical design and the enchanting girl gliding across the screen is extremely soothing in spite of the challenge; play it with the background sound for extra effect. 

Free, only available on Apple iTunes App Store

The roomNo Wifi Games Teenage The Room

Use your detective skills and unravel the mystery; construe riddles and solve puzzles. You are immediately planted in a room with a giant safe that requires inventive thought and keen intelligence to crack open. Beware – you’ll feel stuck in this obscure world even after you’ve closed the app.

Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store with in app purchases

Agent AliensNo Wifi Games Teenage Agent Aliens

You are an alien spy on a mission to rescue your fellow alien friends, armed with your superb jumping skills and a gun that is programmed to shoot automatically in the face of enemies. Upon completing each level, the alien buddy you rescued joins your team and aids in the retrieval of the others.

Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

What do you do when you run out of data, share with us in the comments below!

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9 Deals To Score On Shopee's 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day

7 Sep 2017 by Bryan Yeong

Flex those thumbs and charge your smartphone batteries in preparation for Shopee’s second annual Mobile Shopping Day blowout sale on 9th September 2017.

Everyone loves a good shopping spree, and you’ll be in for a treat for 24 hours this Saturday thanks to mobile app Shopee’s massive deals for their 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day. Instead of scrawling through your phone screen in anticipation on the day itself, we suss out 9 bargains amongst many others – from fidget spinners to makeup sets – that you absolutely can’t miss out on. Got your credit card ready yet?

99 Cent Steals

 Tsum Tsum Luggage Tags

Add a dash of cuteness overload to your holiday baggage with a Tsum Tsum luggage tag that comes adorned with your favourite Disney characters reimagined in even more adorable form, from Mickey Mouse to Buzz Lightyear. And at only 99 cents each, they’d also make great matching gifts for your travel squad too!

Fidget Spinner


It’s not too late to hop on the fidget spinning bandwagon to relieve stress and exercise your fingers – especially when they’re only going at less than a dollar! The trend is nothing more than a cheap thrill after all, which makes this offering justifiable of its price and too good to resist.

9.9 Flash Deals (Commences 12nn on 9th Sep)

Meixin Marvel Mooncakes

Original Price: $65
Sale Price: $25.99

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 4th October this year, and with the date looming quickly on the horizon, it’s timely to cop a tin of these mooncakes themed after our classic beloved superheroes Spider-Man and Iron Man, on sale for a super limited time this Saturday. Spidey’s box features custard-filled bite-sized delights with his instantly recognisable web-slinging hand sign while the Iron Man edition is green tea flavoured with the iconic Avengers logo. A must-get for every Marvel fanatic!


Original Price: $99
Sale Price: $49.99 

Beauty enthusiasts rejoice! Released earlier this year in lieu of Chinese New Year, this SK-II bundle (that contains a facial treatment mask, clear lotion and essence) is the three-step approach to a healthier and more radiant skin. And with 50% slashed off the original price of this gem, you’ll definitely need to be on standby to pick this up before it’s gone.

Everything Under $9.90 Deals

NASA T-shirt

Price: $6.99

Celebs like Anne Hathaway and Pharrell have been photographed rocking the straightforward NASA logo tee, and you can get your very own geek on in a similar design from Shopee – at the jaw-dropping price of only $6.99. In this age where slogan tee reign supreme (Thrasher anyone?), this #OOTD staple will be a warmly welcomed addition to your wardrobe, whether you really know your astronomy or not. 

Comic Print Pillow Cases

Price: From $5.26

Add a pop of #Boomz to your home decoration with these cheeky comic-inspired cushion cases. The eye-catching art pop aesthetics are on full display with striking words like ‘Zap!’, ‘Pow!’ and ‘Kaboom!’ emblazoned, that will surely spruce up your bedroom or living room. 

9.9 Curated Boxes

Not particular about what to buy but just want to cash in on the deals? Then stay up for 12 midnight on 9th September to score yourself a specially curated box by Shopee themselves at a special price of $59.90 – that comes in three different ranges to suit your preference. For the girls, choose between the Glam Palette and Spa Essentials for your beauty indulgences and for the lads, treat yourself with gadgets galore in the Guy On The Go Box. Sneak a peek at what’s inside the boxes below but you might wanna hurry too – these boxes come in limited quantities!

Shopee - Glam Palette Shopee - Guy On The Go Shopee - Spa Essentials

Featured image: Psst! PH

Join the countdown and learn more about Shopee’s 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day here. Shopee is available for free download on all mobile platforms via Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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