'80s Hawker Fare To Feast On For As Little As 50¢!

24 Jul 2017 by khairulnizam

The upcoming 50 Cents Fest is truly the marriage between two of Singaporean’s true loves – food and all things cheap! Happening on 29 and 30 July, get ready to be transported back to the ’80s when Chinatown Food Street brings back local heritage dishes for diners to enjoy for as little as 50 cents. Check out our guide on some of the lesser known refreshments that you just can’t afford to miss out on, along with the best ways to soak up the nostalgic atmosphere. 

Rickshaw Noodles

rickshaw noodles Hungry Island Image Credit: Hungry Island

This dish, famously dubbed after rickshaw pullers of old who traversed the streets of Singapore, comprises of Hokkien noodles in a pork broth topped off with fried garlic and shallots. This tasty creation only costs 50 cents.

UFO (Fried Oyster Cake)

UFO (Fried Oyster Cake)

The fried oyster cake, more affectionately known as the ‘unidentified fried object’, gets its name from its unique rounded base that comes about as a result of being fried using a ladle. This savoury treat contains oysters, prawns, Chinese parsley and peanuts. It is also able to stay crispy on the outside while being deliciously soft on the inside, even after being friend. This treat costs only 50 cents!

Paper Wrapped Chicken

Paper Wrapped Chicken

This simple yet brilliant Cantonese creation was founded by Union farm in 1953. The technique used to paper wrap the chicken allows the essence and aroma of chicken to be trapped inside. The full flavour is unleashed onto your taste buds only when you take a bite. You’ll be able to grab some Paper wrapped chicken at only 50 cents.

Abacus Seed

Abacus Seeds

A traditional Hakka delicacy, this dish is believed to signify wealth and prosperity and were made to mimic the abacus beads due to their people’s niftiness with money. It consists of rounded yam balls with dimpled centres friend together with condiments such as diced prawns, cuttlefish and even mushrooms. The best part? A bowl of this will only set you back a dollar.

Red Glutinous Wine Chicken

red chicken MeatmenImage Credit: Meatmen

The name of this dish may seem like a mouthful, but we assure you that the flavour of this particular Hakka cuisine will make you feel otherwise. Do not let the blood red colour of the chicken scare you off! This one dollar delicacy is marinated in red glutinous rice wine with special seasoning, thus explaining its very unique look.

Satay Bee Hoon

satay bee hoon SG Food On FootImage Credit: SG Food on Foot

The Satay Bee Hoon was crafted by the Teochew immigrants in Singapore. This yummy dish combines bee hoon with key ingredients such as beansprout, cuttlefish and even tau pok. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a generous topping of chilli-based peanut gravy. Get yourself a plate for only a dollar!

Ma La Baby Lobster

lobster StarTasterImage Credit: StarTaster

Did someone say seafood? Indulge in baby lobster cooked the Cantonese way at two dollars for four, only at The 50 Cents Fest. Cooked and marinated in a ton of delicious spices, this particular delicacy is not for the faint-hearted! The spicy but flavourful lobster flesh is sure to stir fond memories of Singapore past. 

Mini Wa Ko Kueh

wa ko kueh FlickrImage Credit: Flickr

These little delicacies are also known as steamed rice cakes and are sure to bring back fond memories of your childhood. They are made from fermented rice and rice flour and usually eaten together with shredded coconut and orange sugar. A pair of these colourful treats will cost you only 50 cents!

Michael Jackson

mj Lemon FilmImage Credit: Lemon Film

You might’ve heard about this unique combination of grass jelly and soya bean milk at your neighbourhood hawker drink store, but nobody’s really sure why its named after the late King of Pop, perhaps after his song, ‘Black Or White’? Anyway, there’s no denying how delicious this drink is, especially in our hot weather  – two cups of Michael Jackson at The 50 Cents Fest will only set you back a total of 50 cents! 

Pineapple Drink

pineapple NaiiseImage Credit: Naiise

Ah, this drink brings us back to the good ol’ days. The uncle or aunty usually displayed this yellow-coloured delight in a large clear container filled with ice. It would then be scooped out into a plastic cup using a large metal ladle. Sounds familiar? Get yourself a cuppa or two for only 50 cents!

Ice Ball

Ice Ball

This old school dessert is sure to be a hit, especially amongst the younger generation who may have missed out on this experience growing up! This sweet treat is essentially a palm-sized ball of ice that is drizzled in different kinds of syrup, wrapped in plastic for you to enjoy from the palm of your hand. Each ice ball is going for 50 cents.


Of course, such a festival wouldn’t be complete without traditional games and performances! Take a trip down memory lane by playing hopscotch with some friends or enjoy Xin Yao performances by young and talented Singaporeans. You can even buy freshly baked biscuits from a traditional ’80s shop while catching some of the many performances available throughout the day.

The 50 Cent Food Fest will be held at Chinatown Food Street, Smith Street, Singapore 050335 on 29 July (Saturday, 12pm – 11pm) and 30 July (Sunday, 11am – 11pm)

Are you planning to head down to the 50 Cents Fest? Tag us (@teenagemagazine) in your Instagram photos and you might just be featured!

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Recently revealed as the face of the new Milo Gao Siew Dai, we had the opportunity to sit down with Joseph Schooling and his mother, May as they joined us all the way from Texas, chatting about Joseph’s love for Milo, and his preparations for the upcoming FINA World Championships and the SEA Games.


A post shared by Joseph Schooling (@josephschooling) on

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that everyone in Singapore grew up drinking Milo, so we think it was only apt that our resident golden boy, Joseph Schooling – who hasn’t shied away from declaring his love for the drink in the past (Milo dinosaur anyone?) – was introduced as Milo’s brand ambassador for the brand’s newest product, Milo Gao Siew Dai.

He said of the ambassadorship, “As a child, I grew up drinking Milo. Today, it remains relevant in my life as an adult and the beverage provides me with the energy and nutrients I need to take on the day’s challenges, be it at training or in life. Whatever you put in your body is whatever you get out of it. The new Milo Gao Siew Dai is 50% less sugar and 30% more protein and you know that’s a great balance – you’re getting a great tasting drink with better nutritional benefits for yourself, and that’s a win in my books.”


A post shared by Joseph Schooling (@josephschooling) on

But while Milo is not as big of a drink in the States as it is here in Singapore, Joseph has actually never met anyone there who didn’t like the drink, cheekily adding “honestly, if they don’t like it, I don’t like them either so I’m sorry (laughs). But yeah, I was kinda shocked as I didn’t know how they would feel towards it, but everyone I introduce Milo to in the US loves it, so it’s well received and it’s amazing.” 

And even though Milo is readily available in the US, the swimmer still prefers the ones from back home. “Mum and Dad used to bring Milo by the packets, maybe six or seven packets each trip, every time they come over. And the one before the Gao Siew Dai was the Milo Iced, so you could just put cold fresh milk in it – that’s my favourite. Oh my gosh, if you top it off with more Milo, like a “Milo Dinosaur with milk”, that’s the easiest way to my heart, honestly it’s amazing.” (girls, ya’ll listening?)


A post shared by Joseph Schooling (@josephschooling) on

With the upcoming FINA World Championships happening between 23 – 30 July 2017, the Olympic champion has made no secret of his intention to break the World Record there, and as far as preparations go, he’s ready for what’s about to come. “I’m excited to post a time officially and my goal is to have the fastest time going into Worlds (he went 48.74sec in the 100m Free event and 50.96sec in the 100m Fly event at the recent Speedo Southern Zone Long Course Sectional Championships) – I think that’s gonna send a message to everyone. I feel confident about it, I’m excited, and I just want it to be here already.”

As for the upcoming SEA Games at Kuala Lumpur next month where he’ll swim in six events, Joseph is raring and ready to go. “Like I’ve said time and time again, my goal is to win, break records and help Team Singapore as best as I can. And with how I’ve been training over the past few months, I’m happy and confident to say that I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna hit my goals, I’m gonna hit my targets. I’m ready as I’ll ever be and I’m ready to fight – and fight well.”

Feature image credit: Today Online

All the best for your upcoming events at the 17th FINA World Championships and the 2017 SEA Games, Joseph! We’ll be cheering for you from back home!

You don’t have to travel far to devour authentic cuisine around the world – from Japanese cheese tarts to Taiwanese sponge cakes, check out all the latest international outposts that have landed in Singapore.

Dookki, from Seoul, South Korea

Dooki editedAddress: 3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-107, Singapore 038984

Time to round up you K-foodie crew! South Korean F&B franchise Dookki, which has over 100 outlets around the world, is not your typical all-you-can-eat destination – enter Singapore’s first tteokbokki (rice cakes) buffet restaurant which is known for its unique two-meal dining concept. At just $18.80, you can enjoy an endless carb-loaded feast in a simmering hotpot along with an assortment of ingredients to choose from; then finish the meal kimchi fried rice cooked with leftover tteokbokki sauce (you can DIY you own customisable sauce!). But here’s where the real fun starts: order the Double Cheese Ring at an extra $9.80, which comes served in a molten ring of dippin’ goodness. Can anybody say “cheese pull”?

April’s Bakery, from Bangkok, Thailand

April's Bakery editedAddress: Tampines MRT #01-31, Singapore 529538

Pies are having a huge moment now thanks to the arrival of April’s Bakery, the Bangkok-based establishment well-loved for its homemade Cantonese-style pastries ($2 each). Think of it as your traditional wife biscuit/sweetheart cake with a contemporary twist. Look forward to a colourful medley of sweet favourites like taro, matcha and black sesame as well as savoury options like honey pork and honey chicken. Although, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the flavours – and it doesn’t hurt that they are all equally instagrammable – the Thai milk tea is hard to beat. Psst, this one’s a bestseller so be sure to head down early if you want in on the cha yen action!

25 Degrees, from Los Angeles, United States 

Address: 200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980

When a restaurant is named after “the precise temperature difference between a raw and well-done hamburger”, you know they take their craft seriously. No stranger to the likes of your favourite A-listers, 25 Degrees has finally brought its distinctive West Coast flavour to our sunny shores. Located at Hotel G, this freshly-minted 40-seater retains the original Hollywood charm of an all-American burger shack – complete with old-world décor, vintage vibes and a snazzy soundtrack. Only five burger varieties are on the menu but its signature Number One ($14) featuring a juicy Angus beef patty, Canadian smoky bacon and cheese galore is enough reason for us to drop by. And just think, we haven’t even gotten to the milkshakes, truffle fries and French toasts yet…

LE Castella from Taipei, Taiwan

Address: Tampines One #B1-32, Singapore 529536

It’s no secret that Singaporeans love to queue, so it isn’t surprising to see snaking lines outside LE Castella’s newly opened local outpost – all ready to sink our teeth into these Instagram-approved blocks of fluffy sponge cakes. And you know the hype is real when people queue simply to witness the showmanship, where freshly-made batches of Castella cakes are wheeled out every 15 minutes to be flipped and sliced before being stamped with the brand’s logo in all its jiggly glory. Limited flavours are available as of now – original ($9.90), Cheese ($11.90) and the soon-to-be-launched Chocolate – but we heard they’ll be rolling out a uniquely Singaporean flavour soon so keep that kiasu streak going!

PABLO, from Osaka, Japan

PABLO editedAddress: Wisma Atria #01-02/38, Singapore 238877

Can’t get enough of the cheese tart wave? Hot on the heels of BAKE, “the most famous cheese tarts from Japan” is set to spark another frenzy. Come July, Osaka-based franchise PABLO will be serving up their signature 15cm cheese tarts (from $13) at their new 80-seater café in the heart of Orchard Rad. Flavours include cheese, matcha cheese and chocolate cheese, but we recommend the premium cheese tart which is lightly torched to create a candied glaze that cracks satisfyingly on top of its creamy cheese filling – it’s pretty much crème brulee in a tart form! In addition, to the baked goods, you can also expect other cheesy delights ranging from smoothies to cookies and even iced coffee topped with cheese soft serve (yes, it’s a thing!).

Featured Image: Dan Gold on Unsplash

This article was adapted from the Teenage July Issue 2017, out on newsstands now.

Did any of these delicious international treats catch your eye? Tell us which did in the comment section! 

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Millennials Play VR Games For The First Time

5 Jul 2017 by Bryan Yeong

It’s important to dream big, but also not to lose touch of reality – especially virtual ones. And our TGY! 2017 finalists learnt this no better than during their icebreaking session at V-Room . To have an idea of what could go down when experiencing it for yourself – we summarised it in GIF form. You’ll likely…

…get nervous

One of the many instructors will brief you before you venture into virtual world, and the thought of entering a new reality might get you understandably apprehensive. But just like Chloe and Vivien, laugh it off, hold back your nerves and expect the unexpected. You’ve got this!

…Get Scared

From zombie shooters to out-of-this-world space adventures, your gaming possibilities are endless at V-Room. And don’t be alarmed assuming you won’t be able to choose your own experience like Syahira was pranked into thinking – all game options are open for your freedom of choice! Although watching your fearful friends fend off the flesh-eating walking dead would definitely be a sight to behold

…Look Silly

Once you’ve donned the VR goggles and gotten ahold of a suitable controller, get ready to have your senses fully immersed into a brand new world – just like Maya did… albeit a little too much. Be cautioned that VR games will promptly dive your conscious right into a new state of environment and make you oblivious to your actual surroundings, which could result in you being an unpredictable hazard. Try to avoid walking into a wall or hitting your unsuspecting friends!

…Get The Hang Of It

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, chances are you’ll slowly get accustomed to the game controls and familiarising yourself with the hand-eye coordination needed to ace the VR game. Take a cue from Don and remember to keep your patience and maintain your composure to master the art of racking up the perfect score. #NailedIt! 

…Get Secretly Teased

Like Joanna, there’s a strong chance of becoming the unknowing victim of your friends’ playful teasing and taunting while having your turn at the VR game. Being unaware of what’s going on around you in the real world works to your disadvantage, but it’s sure to incite shared laughter when you realise your friends’ antics. Otherwise, be the jokester like Derrick and take revenge on them during their round!

For more information on having your own virtual experience fun, check out V-Room!

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5 Types Of Kuih Raya You'll See At A Hari Raya Open House

24 Jun 2017 by khairulnizam

You’ve got to admit that food makes up a huge part of our identity as Singaporeans. Be it Chinese New Year, Deepavali, or even Christmas, the arrival of these special celebrations brings about a plethora of yummy delicacies. Similarly, Hari Raya Aidilfitri also comes with its own special set of treats and goodies that you can find when you visit friends and family members at their ‘open house’. The treats that you usually find inside of jars or served on a tray in the living room are called ‘kuih raya’! Below is a guide to five of the most common kinds of kuih raya you’ll encounter at a typical Hari Raya open house.

Kek Lapis

Image Credit: The Kitchen Guardian

Image Credit: The Kitchen Guardian

The Kek Lapis happens to be one of the most common kuih of all, and you can usually find it at most of the open houses you attend. Its name literally translates to ‘layer cake’! This particular kuih also comes in alternate but equally delicious forms such as lapis prune, lapis durian and even lapis oreo!

Tapak Kuda

Image Credit: Gulezky

Image Credit: Gulezky

The Malay word ‘Tapak Kuda’ translates to ‘horse foot’ and we can totally see why! This hooved-shaped delicacy is made up of a chocolate filling surrounded by a spongey vanilla-flavoured exterior. Another mouth-watering variation includes a chocolate filling made entirely out of Nutella!

Kuih Makmur

Image Credit: Food To Love

Image Credit: Food To Love

This sugary treat comes in various colors like white, yellow and even green at times! Butter, ghee and flour are combined to create the shell-like outer layer while the inside of the kuih is filled with coarsely chopped peanuts. To top it all off, the Kuih Makmur is then coated with a layer of icing sugar. Did someone say sugar rush?!

Kuih Tart

Image Credit: Aku Bukan Bidadari

Image Credit: Aku Bukan Bidadari

The Kuih Tart is no stranger to the average Singaporean as these goodies pop up during Chinese New Year and Deepavali as well! The copious pineapple filling is surrounded by a sweet doughy crust that simply melts in your mouth when you bite into it. Yum!

Honey Cornflakes

Image Credit: WarpPortal

Image Credit: WarpPortal

These little golden baskets of goodness are a hit among adults and children alike. It’s astounding how such a basic kuih made from basic ingredients can taste so good! Combine sugar, honey, butter with a bowl of cornflakes and voila! Don’t forget to leave some for the other guests!

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Avoid wearing too revealing or tight-fitting clothes when you visit Muslim friends for their Hari Raya open houses. Instead, wear something modest and comfortable as a form of respect to your host and the culture. Or even better, try out the baju kurung look for the day!
  • Avoid using your smartphones to surf the net or the various social media sites. Instead, socialize with your host and friends! Take this opportunity to mingle with new friends and catch up with old ones over good food and drink. We’re sure scrolling through Facebook can wait till later.
  • Feel free to indulge in the food and drink provided by the host! As the hosts of the open house, it is their duty to ensure that your belly is filled before leaving. Hence, declining to partake in the lovely spread may hurt the host’s feelings. Have a small bite at least, otherwise enjoy the kuih raya provided!
  • Because Hari Raya is known as a day of giving, the host may sometimes hand out little green packets filled with small amounts of money called duit zakat (think angpows). Always remember to say thank you and open them only once you have left!

Do you make your own kuih raya? Tag us (@teenagemagazine) in your Instagram photos and you might just be featured!

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