Eat For A Good Cause At These 7 Local Eateries

16 Oct 2017 by Chew Hui Ling

From a coffee academy that empowers youths, to an edible garden that supports the socially disadvantaged – these social enterprises are doing business with a heart.

Bettr Barista


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Address: *SCAPE #02-08, Singapore 237978
Opening hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon to Fri), 10.30am – 2pm (Sat) | Closed on Sun
Contact: [email protected] | 6383 5030

Operating on the mantra of “making the world a Bettr place, one barista at a time”, Bettr Barista Coffee Academy offers vulnuerable youths and marginalised women – from school dropouts to single mums – a shot at a brighter future. Beyond brewing a simple cup of coffee, trainees also go through physical and emotional training to better equip them for life. They don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, but do stop by and drink up that good karma at their cafe concept corner located at *SCAPE.

Ugly Cake Shop


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Address: GB Point #01-06, Singapore 339351
Opening hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon to Sat) | Closed on Sun
[email protected] | 8228 8300

Don’t let the name of fool you; the Ugly Cake Shop whips up beautiful, whimsical bakes that look as good as they taste, such as the Ombre Cake (from $120) which comes adorned with gorgeous layers of pastel hues and floral swirls. These artisanal creations contain none of the artificial flavours and grainy frostings, instead all lovingly handmade using only natural ingredients. What scored them extra brownie points is that while you’re indulging your sweet tooth, you’re also helping to feed undernourished kids in Timor-Leste with every treat you purchase. Win-win!

Edible Garden City

Address: 60 Jln Penjara, Singapore 149375
Contact: [email protected]

Do good while going green at the Edible Garden City, which champions the movement of growing your own food – Open Farm Community, Open Door Policy and Artichoke Cafe are some of the places they’ve sowed seeds at. What’s more, they also work with the Autism Resource Centre and Down Syndrome Association of Singapore to provide employment opportunities for those with intellectual disabilities at their urban farming collective, Citizen Farm. Although it’s not open to the public, they host regular open houses, guided tours and workshops so feel free to come flex your green thumbs!

The Company of Cats

Address: 6B Mosque Street, Singapore 059486
Opening hours: 10am – 7pm (Tues to Thurs), 11am – 10pm (Fri to Sun) | Closed on Mon
Contact: [email protected] | 6220 3835

Don’t dismiss The Company of Cats as just another cat cafe. Apart from giving 10 of their rescued kittens a second home, these good folks also seek to raise awareness for animal welfare in Singapore. Even better, they’ve committed to donating a portion of their profits to Animal Lovers League – so if you’re a cat lover, do your part by hanging out with these adorable furballs at a small fee. They also organise charity bake sales and craft workshops to advocate for the cause, so swing by for some wholesome kitty-lovin’ fun!

Crossings Cafe


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Address: 55 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187954
Opening hours: 8am – 10pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 10pm (Sat & Sun)
Contact: [email protected] | 6338 2669

Not your ordinary eatery, Crossings Cafe takes pride in serving up good ol’ comfort food at pocket-friendly prices – there’s nothing over 20 bucks on the extensive menu, and you get everything from Western delights to Asian cuisine. On top of channeling all their profits to charitable causes, the Catholic cafe also takes in the socially disadvantaged to help them realise their potential. Currently, they are partnering up with Assumption Pathway School to provide work and internship opportunities for students.

Kerbside Gourmet


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Contact: i[email protected] | 9298 4888

Touted as Asia’s first ever gourmet food truck with a social vision, Kerbside Gourmet rolls out soul food on wheels – think Bak Chor Mee Hotdog, Aussie Beetroot Burger and Cauliflower Fried Rice. Running on a ‘Buy A Meal, Give A Meal’ basis, the nomadic startup teams up with volunteer welfare organisations to deliver food to needy families with every meal purchased. The catch? It’s always on the move, but chances are you might be able to spot Kerby at the latest carnivals or music festivals. If all else fails, track the truck via their socials!



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Contact: [email protected] | 9771 6648

The next time you feel like gorging on junk food, grab some healthy munchies at BoxGreen instead. At just $19.90, this subscription-based platform sends packs of nutritionist-approved treats straight to your doorstep on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis; or you can choose to purchase individual bundles at their online shop. More reason to feel good about snacking? For every box delivered, part of their proceeds goes towards providing meals for the less privileged. Giving back to a cause has never been easier!

This article was adapted from the October 2017 issue of Teenage.

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You'll Get Spooked For Halloween With These Mobile Apps

16 Oct 2017 by Bryan Yeong

With the annual fright night creeping around the corner, get into the Halloween spirit with these spooktacular apps.

For Freaky Filters 


#1 Halloween Makeup Makeover – Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store

#2 SNOW – Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

#3 The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself – Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store 

Ditch your go-to flower crown filters and slap on some terrifying lenses for that serious scare factor. Get ‘dolled’ up like Annabelle with the SNOW app or be ‘zombified’ by The Walking Dead’s official app. For the usual suspects of masked murderers and creepy clowns, Halloween Makeup Makeover will also do the trick.

For Horror Games

Halloween2 (1)

#1 Limbo – $5.98, Available on Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store

#2 Spooky House: Pumpkin Crush – Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

#3 Shoot The Zombirds – $1.48, Available on Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store

For the horror buffs, these fear-inducing games are also worthy of a download. Destroy zombirds in a classic shooter game, clear levels by crushing pumpkins in Candy Crush fashion, or wander into a dark world of Limbo in search for a lost girl. These will keep you occupied for hours on end, but just make sure you’re not alone in the dark while playing them…

For Scare Thrills


#1 Ghost Stories – Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store

#2 Ghost Detector Radar – Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store

#3 Ghost Lens – Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store 

Home alone and stuck with door-answering duties? Scare yourself silly with these oh-so-addictive apps where you’ll be able to kill time by reading up on horror tales, ‘scan’ your surroundings for possible spirits lurking around, or add a chilling effect to your camera roll just for kicks. And hey, even if you can’t find the joy in scaring yourself – at least you’ll have some laughs when you prank your friends with the eerie results!

For Halloween Fun

Halloween 4

#1 Spooky Makeover – Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store

#2 Halloween Voice Changer – Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

#3 Pumpkin Pal – $2.98, Available on Apple iTunes Store

What better way to get into the black and orange celebratory mood than with some good ol’ Halloween fun? While pumpkin carvings are a rare sight here as compared to our Western counterparts, you’ll be able to carve your very own virtual jack-o’-lantern with Pumpkin Pal. Elsewhere, enjoy warping your voice clips for cheap thrills or glamourise your avatar with Halloween-themed makeup in anticipation for that upcoming party. Happy Halloween!

This article was adapted from the October 2017 issue of Teenage. 

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Remember the infamous white/gold or black/blue dress that rocked the Internet back in 2015? Get ready for 2017’s version, in the form of these Vans Old Skool sneakers. 

First appearing on Facebook, this unassuming photo of a pair of Vans Old Skool shoes came accompanied a mind-boggling question that divided the Internet once more: “Mint and grey or pink and white???”

Needless to say, the baffling photo went viral as netizens debated over the actual colour combination, even bringing out various conspiracy theories and their Photoshop skills – the Teenage team was equally split between both choices as well.

Then, there were the netizens who just wanted some peace. 

What colour do you see? Let us know the comment section!

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17 Exciting Things To Do In Singapore This October!

5 Oct 2017 by Germaine Cheah

October marks the start of the last quarter of 2017, but even though the year’s beginning to wind down, there are still a multitude of events to keep you occupied this month. Get ready, ’cause it’s time to fill up your calendar! 

Comedy at Canvas with Kumar: October Edition

comedy at canvas with kumar

Ever since the early nineties, Kumar has undoubtedly been our country’s leading comic and drag queen through years of cracking relentless jokes and performing lip-synching sets. But besides his entertainment talents, Kumar is also admired for his bravery to speak up for LGBTQ issues and those pertaining to local politics. So, for every Tuesday night in October, come on down to Canvas and enjoy a night of laughs, cries, and unabashed honesty from this legend. 

Date: 10, 17, 24 and 31 October
Admission Prices: From $25 onwards
Location: Canvas

For more information, please click here.

Architecture and Photography of the Pioneer Generation

Architecture & Photography of the Pioneer Generation

Inspired by photographer John Clang’s fascination with time and space, the curatorial team from the Singapore Institute of Architects put out an open call inviting seniors of Singapore to submit their impression of our nation through photography. From places where they grew up in, to buildings going through massive changes, all the submissions are now included in a landmark collaborative exhibition, hoping to expose Singapore’s built environment from the perspective of the pioneer generation.

Date: 4 October – 15 October
Admission Prices: Free
Location: DECK

For more information, please click here.

Discipline The City Exhibition

discipline the city

Take a walk around the city, what do you see? With a landscape constantly assaulted by ERP gantries, pavement studs and open plazas that masquerade as public space, everyone knows exactly where he or she should be. Housed within a former power station, this exhibition is a response to the question of control, access, and politics of space, designed as an anti-building with misaligned spaces ranging from a failed museum, a punk-in residence, to a bruising narrative of trapdoors in a dungeon.

Date: 4 October – 22 October
Admission Prices: Free
Location: The Substation

For more information, please click here.

To Be Fair

To Be Fair

In support of AWARE and Daughters of Tomorrow, this charity silent auction features 23 works from the 10 members of the Uncanned Art cooperative, and is each artist’s view of the gender equality topic. All proceeds from the event will go to the Aashita Foundation, a non-profit organisation for orphaned children in Jaipur, India. 

Date: 6 October
Admission Prices: Free
Location: Hotel Vagabond Singapore

For more information, please click here.



Get ready to tickle your funny bone as the gravity-defying comedic sensation is back in Singapore for its 30,000th show. Set in a typical Korean household, the JUMP family is anything but normal. Expect an awe-inspiring fistful of high-flying moves, sidesplitting antics and all-round entertainment. 

Date: 6 October – 8 October
Admission Prices: From $38 onwards
Location: Resorts World Theatre 

For more information, please click here.

Forever Young

forever young

Previously pillars of the Singapore arts scene, a group of actors are now residents of a nursing home. Looked after by no-nonsense Sister Sara, they still think that they’re nimble enough to belt out musical theatre numbers, rock classics and perform scenes from local television shows. Performing tracks from Bruno Mars to Britney Spears, and even Led Zeppelin, these ‘elderly’ will prove that age is just a (musical) number. 

Date: 11 October – 21 October
Admission Prices: From $40 onwards
Location: SOTA Drama Theatre

For more information, please click here.

Paper Citizen

paper citizen

After a move to Boston four years ago to pursue training in the recording arts, Claire Goh is back in her hometown with her indie-rock project, Paper Citizen. Blending crisp vocals with lyrical intimacy, spacious guitars and organic rhythms, come connect with Claire on a deeply personal level as she sings about falling in love, heartbreak, the feeling of loneliness, and creating a home away from home in Boston. 

Date: 12 October
Admission Prices: Free entry
Location: Artistry Space

For more information, please click here.

GameStart 2017

gamestart 2017

Get your geek on at the ultimate gaming convention, featuring a mega lineup of blockbuster game showcases, augmented reality treats and tons of cosplay fun. Don’t leave without taking home some of the fan-made merchandise at the Doujin Market – psst, there are over 150 booths for you to indulge in this year!

Date: 12 October – 15 October
Admission Prices: From $12 onwards
Location: Suntec Halls 401, 402 and 403 

For more information, please click here.

Asian Youth Theatre Festival

asian youth theatre festival

Cue the curtains for the first ever Asian Youth Theatre Festival! Featuring young talents across Asia, the three-day festival showcases a repertoire of original theatrics and live performances celebrating cultural diversity. If you have a flair for drama, you can even try your hand at one of the workshops hosted by the participating youth theatres. 

Date: 13 October – 15 October
Admission Prices: *SCAPE
Location: From $15 onwards

For more information, please click here.

Teenage Dance Challenge Finals

teenage dance challenge 2017

Our annual Teenage Dance Challenge is back and bigger than ever! The 8th edition opens the dance floor to two main categories – Rookie and Open – where contestants will battle it out, street dance style. In addition, we’ve also added the K-pop Dance Cover which will see K-pop enthusiasts bringing their favourite choreographies to life! Come on over to NEX and get ready to be impressed as you watch our awesome contestants slay the dance floor on 14 October!

Date: 14 October
Admission Prices: Free
Location: NEX B2 Event Plaza

For more information, please click here.

Rock and Indie Festival

rock and indie festival

Time to get your #supportlocal on, guys! Featuring an all local line-up of LASALLE students, alumni and top local artistes, get on your feet and jam to the beat of an array of original rock and independent music at Singapore’s first-ever Rock and Indie Festival. 

Date: 14 October
Admission Prices: Free
Location: Lasalle College of the Arts

For more information, please click here.

Jumping Big Party Singapore

jumping big party

For four hours, come and be a part of an extravagant and electrifying gathering of local and international jumpers on 400 trampolines at the first ever Jumping Big Party in Singapore! In addition, all the proceeds made from this event will go to New Hope Community Services, a charity that helps to provide support and shelters for families and individuals in crisis. Exercising for a good cause has never been this easy! 

Date: 21 October
Admission Prices: $149
Location: Singapore Expo Hall 5

For more information, please click here.

The PA

trdo recital

Bringing to the stage their first ever dance musical recital, TRDO is ready to entertain audiences with a story that follows a young girl’s journey from a small town to the big city. Get ready to be enthralled by the amazing talents from the dance company as they dance and sing their way into your hearts. 

Date: 21 October
Admission Prices: From $22 onwards
Location: Drama Centre Theatre

For more information, please click here.

Taeyang White Night World Tour


Two years after his last solo concert, Taeyang will be returning to our shores for a one-night-only gig! We’ve heard the album, but nothing beats seeing the BIGBANG vocal powerhouse perform the White Night tracks live. 

Date: 27 October
Admission Prices: To Be Announced
Location: The Star Theatre

For more information, please click here.

Paw Fest 2017

paw fest 2017

Who ever said that our furkids can’t celebrate Halloween? For the last weekend of October, head on down to 112 Katong for a spooky fair jam-packed with activities like pet adoption drives, vet talks and trainer demos. Plus, there will also be a specially curated weekend market featuring lots of chic pet accessories, doggy treats, fashionable trinkets and more!

Date: 27 October – 29 October
Admission Prices: Free
Location: 112 Katong

For more information, please click here.

Jazz For Dogs

jazz for dogs

Calling all lovers of dogs and jazz, this one’s for you! Join some of Singapore’s top jazz musicians in raising awareness of the plight of stray and abandoned dogs around our little red dot. The best part? You don’t even need to prepare anything. Picnic baskets filled with food, drinks and other fantastic goodies will be pre sold (all proceeds will be given to Action for Singapore Dogs to help with the extensive medical expenses) to complement your evening full of love, joy and song. 

Date: 29 October
Admission Prices: $88/couple
Location: Singapore Botanic Gardens

For more information, please click here.

USS Halloween Horror Nights 7


It’s that time of the year again to unleash your inner scream queen (or king). With a smorgasbord of haunted houses and scare zones, this year’s edition is said to be the most sinister one yet. Horror junkies can even immerse themselves in a Walking Dead-esque experience – laser tag style.

Date: Now till 29 October
Admission Prices: From $60 onwards
Location: Universal Studios Singapore

For more information, please click here.

What else will you be up to this October? Let us know in the comments below!

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Who cares if you can’t physically join the Mane Six on their epic My Little Pony: The Movie adventure? You’ll now be able to get your hands on uber cute limited edition My Little Pony Ez-Link cards so the crew can accompany you on your journeys on public transport instead! 


Fans of My Little Pony can get their hands on four limited edition designs, released in conjunction with the My Little Pony: The Movie release on 2 November. Available exclusively at all 12 Golden Village locations and on the GV website at $10 each (not inclusive of any load value), mark your calendars for every Thursday from 5 October onwards. 

Which design do you wanna snag the most? Let us know in the comment section! 

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