18 Eco-Friendly Yet Stylish Alternatives To Help You Ditch Plastic Straws

30 Aug 2018 by Jasmine Ong

Since the viral video from 2015 where a sea turtle had a plastic straw extracted from its nostril, there’s been a growing concern about our reliance on plastic straws among today’s millennials.

It’s reported that Singaporeans use about 2.2 million straws a day, and it’s estimated that by 2050, this would result in an increase of more plastics than the amount of fishes in the ocean. But aside from the harmful effects on the environment, the incessant plastic pollution has also skyrocketed the mortality rate of marine life to a staggering 50%.

To help create a pattern for society to be less plastic-reliant, major companies like Starbucks have since announced a global no-straw policy that will be put into effect within the next few years. But change can’t happen unless we do our part. By simply adopting the use of a reusable straw, we can cultivate this little habit and encourage others to do the same. Not to mention, you’re going to look très chic doing your part for the environment!

Click through the gallery to see 18 reusable yet fancy AF straws that will inspire you to help make plastic sips a thing of the past.

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