We explored Prudential Marina Bay Carnival ahead of the crowds to find out if it truly is worth all the hype. Our verdict? It definitely is!

Singapore’s largest carnival is in town! Officially opening after a week’s delay, the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival spans over 25,000 square metres and boasts over 40 thrilling rides and attractions, more than 20 food vendors and over 1 million toys to be won. Not to mention the lineup of musical acts that will be performing throughout the duration of the carnival. Starting from today till 1 April 2018, the mega-event is perfect not only for adrenaline junkies and carnival lovers, but also for those who’d like a memorable experience. After all, many of the rides and games were specially flown in from Europe – you’ll have fun strolling through fairgrounds and revelling in the nostalgic atmosphere. Needless to say, huge crowds should be expected, especially during the opening weeks. If you’re heading down this weekend, here’s a guide of what to see, play and eat! 



The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival spreads across two locations at Marina Bay: the Promontory and Bayfront Event Space. The former houses mostly carnival games and attractions like the Paddle Boats, Star Flyer and Inflatable Zone, while the latter hosts a wider spread of thrill rides, food options and games. 

The Promontory Marina BayBayfront Event Space Marina Bay 

Payment Methods

While entry to the carnival is free, rides and games at the carnival cost from $4 to $14 – you should also be prepared to shell out $15 to $20 on food. Much like its other carnival counterparts, the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival uses credits in place of cash; you’ll have to purchase and top-up credits via an RFID card onsite. If you’d like to beat the queues, Klook offers an advanced booking carnival package which consists of $35 worth of game credits and $20 worth of food coupons. Purchase the bundle here and cut down on your waiting time at the fairgrounds! Update: according to our friends at Klook, score get an additional $5 off the carnival package by using this promo code: MBCFIVE


With over 22 rides and attractions, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice. Here are the rides any thrill seeker should definitely hit up!

Star Flyer


Where: Promontory
Thrill meter: 3/5 
Credits: 10

The highlight ride at the Promontory, the Star Flyer lifts riders up 35-metres off the grounds and offers a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the event and city skyline. 

Das Fun Schiff


Where: Bayfront Event Space @ Marina Bay
Thrill meter: 2/5
Credits: 9

The viking rides from our childhood makes a comeback with Das Fun Schiff! For those who prefer a thrill without having to lift off into the high heavens, this one’s for you. 

Mach 5 


Where: Bayfront Event Space @ Marina Bay
Thrill meter: 5/5
Credits: 14

Are you ready to be twisted repeatedly at a speed of 96km per hour while hoisted 55 metres in the air? Adrenaline junkies should definitely strap onto the tallest ride at the carnival for a blood pumping experience that might just make you heave. 

Euro Coaster


Where: Bayfront Event Space @ Marina Bay
Thrill meter: 3/5
Credits: 10

A potential crowd favourite, this classic roller coaster promises sharp, tight turns and bunny hops that produces high lateral G-forces and a dropping sensation for a heart in mouth experience. If you’re a fan of USS Battle Star Galactica: Cylon, you will surely enjoy this ride.  

Jungle River 


Where: Bayfront Event Space @Marina Bay
Thrill Meter: 2/5 
Credits: 8

Prepare for a splashing good time at the only wet ride at the carnival – you’ll cruise along the water course, navigate unassuming climbs before getting dunked straight into the rapids. This ride is definitely an entertaining way to cool off in the heat. Jump on this ride before you leave the premises to avoid the discomfort that wet clothes entail, you don’t want to catch a cold during the peak of this holiday season!


With a whopping 1,200,000 toys from Marvel and Pixar to be won at the carnival across 25 different games, and a limited amount of credits, you’ll definitely have to play smart. Here are our top picks! 

Wiggle Wire 


Star Wars fans, bring your steady hands to score huge Yoda and Storm Trooper plushies. The Wiggle Wire requires players to deftly manoeuvre a metal ring through a rotating wire without touching it – much like the game of Operation, the thingamajig will buzz shrewdly every time both metals come into contact.  



Score a new Toy Story friend by tossing a ball into these goblets – aim for the coloured cups to win the ‘premium’ plushies. 

Hot Shots 


Drag that basketball playing friend to this game to score a gorilla pal!

Mini Hoop the Block 


Our favourite of the carnival games simply because of its super cute unicorn prizes, Mini Hoop the Block is way more difficult than it seems. You’ll have to toss hula hoops around the plushie and make sure the entire hoop falls flat – no prizes if the hoop gets wedged on the block! You’ll have to successfully clear three hoops to get the ultra huge unicorn. 

Can Blaster


Ready, aim, fire! Winnie the Pooh and Friends toys are waiting for you to bring ’em home, so topple over those cans and you’ll be set.  


 Pulled Beef Mantou

You won’t have to worry about going hungry at the carnival because there are 26 food vendors serving up delicious grub. From Three Bun’s tasty burgers to cheesy goodness at the Raclette Factory to Truffle Lobster Roll Croissant from Street Food Circus Singapore, get your tummies ready for the galore of food that’s coming your way! 

Things To Take Note Of

We fully advise that you stay light on your feet and stick to the bare essentials while at the carnival. Here are some things to bring (or not): 

With December being a particularly rainy month and the carnival being held outdoors, experiencing downpour seems inevitable. Prep ponchos beforehand so you’ll be able to fully enjoy the carnival games (even in the rain!) instead of scrambling around looking for shelter.

If you’re the type that can’t stand the heat, pack a fan to help you coast through the crowd without getting too sweaty. 

Wet Tissues 
Ah the sweet relief of being able to clean off sticky fingers easily after grabbing a messy bite. You won’t regret bringing wet wipes with you even though it may seem a tad auntie

Phone Rings
Thinking of bringing your phone up with you on the rides? Make sure you’ll be able to hold onto it securely because some of the rides are wild – we suggest sticking on a phone ring or a lanyard so you’ll have a extra good grip.

Covered Shoes 
Ditch your favourite slippers and opt for sensible shoes instead. Whether you’re going on 55-metre rides or trying to avoid getting stepped on in the crowd or leaping around huge rain puddles,  flimsy slippers aren’t a good idea. Comfort is key! 

Tote Bag 
With over one million toys to score at the carnival, we’re sure you’ll leave with more than a few prizes in hand. Make your life way easier by bringing an eco-friendly tote bag that’s large enough to stuff your spoils of war in. As much as possible, keep your hands free and easy. 

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival opens daily from now till 1 April 2018, from 4pm to 11pm except for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve where the carnival is open from 3pm to 2am.

All images courtesy of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Will you be heading down to the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival? Let us know in the comment section, and tag us on Instagram (@TeenageMagazine). 

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From overseas food trends to overnight local sensations, we take a look at some of the hype-worthy fare that got us whipping up an appetite this past year.

Tendon Kohaku


Where: Suntec City  #03-310/311, Eat At Seven, Singapore 038983
Tel: 6333 4386

Snaking queues are a common sight at the third level of Suntec City, all thanks to Tendon Kohaku’s comforting bowls of tendons served with Hokkaido rice. Despite opening its doors since last year, the specialty joint hasn’t stopped patrons from lining up early just for a go at tempura fried to golden perfection. The standard Kohaku Tendon ($15.90) is a definite crowd-puller, but opt for the Seasonal Tendon Spicy Flavour ($17.90) – only 100 bowls are available daily – for an extra gastronomical kick.

Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles


A post shared by Lickety (@licketysg) on

Where: 34 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199452
Tel: 6291 7670

You won’t have to travel to Hong Kong the next time you’re craving some authentic egglet waffles. New Halal dessert parlour Lickety opened its doors earlier this year to bring the sweet treat to Singapore with an OTT twist, paired with a wide assortment of unique localised ice cream flavours such as gula melaka and mao shan wang. You can also choose to have your ice cream and waffles combi served in a fanciful bouquet, which will look ever so chio against the pastel-perfect shopfront. Should we even be surprised that this spot’s a hit on Instagram?


Rainbow cakes were all the rage once upon a time, but here’s the latest colourful confectionary fad to get you into a tizzy. Local-based online bakery Batikrolls launched their creative spin on Swiss rolls earlier this year, which has swiftly caught attention on social media feeds. With a choice of cream filling from vanilla to nutella, these handcrafted sponge cakes (from $26) come adorned with meticulously-drawn floral patterns and abstract motifs, wrapped in an equally attractive pull-out box. While they look almost too good to eat, these artistic creations certainly make for great additions to that mandatory #Flatlay!

Ah Mah Homemade Cakes


Where: VivoCity #B2-K7, Singapore 0985851

Don’t let these unassuming batches of sponge Castella cake fool you: their ability to draw a sizable crowd is proof of its widespread appeal. The trend started in Taiwan, before this Malaysian-based bakery wisely brought the craze over for the local crowd. What’s special about the Ah Mah brand is undeniably the Cheese version ($11) that entices with Parmesan crunch and melted cheese threatening to spill out of its jiggly frame – and hungry visitors get to view its baking process from start to finish right at the store. It’s no wonder that they’ve already opened a multitude of outlets islandwide, with more to come!

Mao Shan Wang Cafe


Where: 49 Temple Street, Singapore 058594
Tel: 6221 2338

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the seasonal appeal of our famed national fruit. For durian fanatics however, you can now get your thorny fix all year round at the newly-opened Mao Shan Wang Cafe. The brainchild of Four Seasons Durian, the first-of-its-kind concept store dishes up plates of durian-everything – from ice cream puffs ($15.80 for six pieces) to french fries served with durian dipping sauce ($3.80). Oh, don’t forget to also pick up some packed D24 goodness for your finger-licking consumption at home too!

 Omotesando Koffee


Where: Downtown Gallery #04-01, Singapore 068815

 Famed Japanese coffee brand Omotesando Koffee has finally arrived in Singapore to much fanfare, and for good reason. While the Downtown Gallery joint specialises in artisanal brews that would satisfy even the most serious caffeine aficionados, casual coffee drinkers will also enjoy sipping on their signature Iced Cappuccino ($7.50), an airy mocha concoction that fluffs up with large milk bubbles – photo ops, anyone? The lack of seats might not appeal to those looking to linger over a cuppa, but it’s the perfect setting to strike up a conversation with the friendly baristas who would be more than happy to share their knowledge with you.

Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei


Where: 72 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079329
Tel: 6908 4348

No stranger to the ramen scene in Singapore, Keisuke has done it yet again with its latest dining concept. A stone’s throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station, the Japanese food chain outlet is a haven for sizzling plates of cheese-oozing hamburger patties. You know it’s good because they only serve up two menu varieties – Plain ($18.80) or Triple Cheese ($20.80) – but it more than makes up for the lack of options with flavour, complete with a free-flow salad buffet spread and eggs done the way you like it. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so be sure to head down early to secure a table!

This article was adapted from the December 2017 issue of Teenage.

Where are your favourite food spots in Singapore? Share your recommendations in the comment section!


10 Unique Gift Exchange Ideas For Someone You Don't Know

13 Dec 2017 by Isabel Pang

Let’s get real: gift exchanges may be fun, but the struggle of getting a present that’s budget-friendly and versatile enough that any giftee would like it, is very real. Want to avoid being the Grinch of Christmas parties? Check out our list of cool knick-knacks that anyone would be happy to receive. 

Staple-Free Stapler

Muji Staple FreeLet’s face it, a zero bullet stapler tops the list for things we all want but will never buy for ourselves – can you imagine never having to top up those pesky metal bullets or dealing with a jammed stapler? This gift is definitely a welcomed convenience!

Where to get: Available at Muji, $9.30

Archie Comic Books

The hit teen drama Riverdale is based off the classic Archie Comics – even if the set of books lands up with someone who isn’t a fan of the show, they would still appreciate the serious nostalgia factor and humour packed in between pages! You might even be converting a new fan.

Where to get: Available for sale on Carousell for as low as $1 or at Popular Book Stores

Money Tree 

Money-TreeIf you’re well out of creative juices or simply don’t have the time to buy a gift, stick with cash! Ditch the red packet or plain envelopes and get creative with paper craft – since our notes are made of plastic, you can even use a little bit of tape!

Personalised Stationary


A personalised gift is a thoughtful gesture, who doesn’t like their name or initials embellished on their belongings?  Here’s how you can customise a gift for an anonymous person: buy a notebook and a pack of pretty alphabet stickers! The person who receives your gift can doll it up however he or she likes.

Where to get: Alphabet sticker sets can be found in stationary stores such as Popular and The Paper Market. While notebooks are available at various stores, Muji sells some of the most affordable (and minimalistic) ones from $1.30.

Blast from the Past


Everyone can appreciate some reminiscing especially at this time of year! Gather up a combination snacks and games from your childhood days for an Instagram worthy present and a sure conversation starter. Wrap your gift in the iconic Good Morning Towel for an interesting wrapper alternative!

Where to get: Assorted old school snacks are available at Fairprice and The Biscuit Shop, you can find various old school games at Sin Tat Toys Import and Export Trading or Red Mart

Phone package

It’s the era of screens and technology, you can’t go wrong with a bunch of phone accessories. A wireless charging port and cables that are compatible with both androids and iPhones, a new ear piece, a universal adapter, clip on fish eye lenses. The list really is endless!

Where to get: Charging port available on Lazada

Breakfast Set


You might not be able to treat them to a meal but you can give them the ingredients of a satisfying breakfast – a box of pancake premix, bottle of syrup or honey and some chocolate chips if you’re feeling generous!

Where to get: Major supermarket stores

Doody Head
Doody head

Don’t be too quick to brush this off as a novelty gift! This is a great game to play with your pals on a staycaytion or for you and your family to bond over. All the laughter Doody Head promises makes this an awesome gift for everyone of all ages! 

Where to get: Available on Amazon

DIY Gift Voucher

Create your own little coupon! If it’s a gift exchange amongst closer people, you can make it interesting by promising to queue, pay and deliver their favourite Gong Cha any time next month. If not keep it simple, pay for their Grab Ride home after the Christmas party.

A Box


This might have been a punch line from the famous Sponge Bob series, but in all seriousness, a rustic wooden crate looks great in any interior and there’s no harm in being more organised.

Where to get: Available at IKEA for $9.90

Share with us some of your quirky gift ideas in the comments below!

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What should you get that gadget-loving friend for Christmas? Don’t fret about busting your budget on expensive gadgets – our list of under $50 gift ideas will inch you closer to finding the perfect present for both your pal and your wallet.

#1 Remax Lipstick Power Bank, $13.90, Megafash


A tiny lippie-shaped power bank that holds 2400mAh capacity, this trooper will fast-charge your pal’s drained battery without weighing down their carryall.

#2 Bluelounge Cableyoyo Earbud Cable Management, $19.90, Megafash


Know a friend who ruins their earphones easily? Get ‘em sorted with this earbudy carrying case. Available in three colours, it’s made of a durable silicone material, simply wrap the cable around its spool – it has a magnet in the middle of its spindle to hold dangling earbuds in place. And it takes seconds to unravel; simply place your finger in the middle of ‘yoyo’ and pull.

#3 Luckies Smart Phone Projector 2.0, $45, Naiise


The Smartphone Projector 2.0 creates a nifty cinematic experience by magnifying your phone screen up to eight times, allowing users to project images and videos wherever, whenever.

#4 DP Electronics Asnap Selfie Ring Light , $45, Naiise


Treat your selfie-loving friend to the ultimate selfie ring light. It ups the game by providing not one but five different types of lights in varying intensity – from yellow and warm light for cloudy days, to Rembrandt Light for face adjustment, to white and cold light for picture perfect snaps at night festivals. Easily clip it on to your device (mobile, laptops and tablets) and snap away!

#5 Mustard Super Hub USB Hub – Playhub, $29.90, Naiise


Boasting a retro game remote design, this hub connects up to four USB devices into its 2.0 ports, all at the same time. This will come in handy for students with laptops that have limited ports; how else will we charge our phone/portable charger/tablet and more?

#6 Logitech Mouse, $29, Lazada


Save your pal from tap tap tapping away on their keyboard by gifting them one of these Logitech mice. It fits nicely into the palm of the hand and comes with the Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking Sensor Technology for even greater precision. Plus, this series comes with trendy designs – pick one that fits your friend’s personality.

#7 Xiaomi Touch Screen Mi Band 2 Smart Bracelet, $45, Lazada


Able to measure your heart rate, steps taken and even monitor your sleep cycles, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a highly affordable option that’ll get the basics settled. If your friend’s thinking of investing on a more expensive activity tracker, have ‘em try this on for starters.

#8 Urban Outfitters Clear Cube Bluetooth Speaker, $18


Unable to decide on a colour scheme for your gift? Pick up this transparent wireless speaker instead. This Bluetooth-enabled sound blaster comes in a compact design that’ll complement any room décor – its only downside is that it only plays two hours wirelessly and takes up to an hour to charge. But its novelty design will be sure to score points!

#9 Urban Outfitters Clear Pixapet, $10


The minimalist version of the Tamagotchi, choose from over 160 breeds of Pixapet and have your very own digital pet, right in your pocket!

#10 Urban Outfitters Clear Casette Player, $38


Do it the Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy) way and indulge in a pre-Internet/CD/Spotify era where cassettes were the only way to music on the go. Available in two colours (clear and pink), this ultra retro gift also comes with AM/FM radio for even more audio variety.

#11 Urban Outfitters Handheld Pac-Man Arcade Game, $25.95


A game boy and arcade machine rolled into one, the Handheld Pac-Man Arcade Game comes with a start/pause button, joystick and other controls for you to easily manoeuvre Pac around the screen. Forget smart phone games, Pac-Man’s where the fun is at!

#12 Urban Outfitters Plug-in TV Double Dragon Arcade Game, $19


Time to dust off your TV! Enter ‘80s nostalgia with this arcade game that’ll have you team up with twin martial artists, Billy and Jimmy Lee as they battle against their rivals. Simply connect it to any TV with Audio RCA cables and you’re good to go.

What would your ideal Christmas present be? Share your wish list in the comment section!


Soak Up The Festive Cheer At These Christmas Events!

7 Dec 2017 by Isabel Pang

It’s time to crank up the festive meter! Whether it’s admiring the dazzling light displays, splurging on carnival games, satisfying your food loving soul or getting crafty with seasonal décor, here’s a guide for all your yuletide musings.

Christmas Fairs

Christmas Wonderland

gardens by the bay christmas Photo: @easyeggsbyjar

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Gardens by The Bay. Get ready to be mesmerised by the sea of twinkling lights that’s brighter than all the previous years. If the fun carnival games and seasonal treats doesn’t get you in the festive spirit, how does skating under the stars or a trip to Sana’s Grotto sound?

Date: 1- 26 December
Venue: Gardens By The Bay
Tickets from $4, visit www.christmaswonderland.sg for more information

The Great Christmas Village

The spirit of Yuletide is very much evident in The Great Christmas Village. Walk through the civic plaza dressed as a charming Christmas village with European-inspired décor and traditional ornaments. Amusement rides and gourmet galore, this is a magical place indeed!

Date: Until 25 December
Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza
Check out their event page here!



If you enjoyed the Artbox fair earlier this year, you’re going to love their festive edition! The eyegasmic food, interactive exhibitions, neon light art pieces, performances, games and workshops – it’s going to be filled with Instagram worthy opportunities at every corner.

Date: 9 to 30 Dec
Venue: open-air carpark at Grange Road and 313 Discovery Walk
More details available at www.flashbang.asia

Pets Jingle


What is the holiday without time spent with your loved ones? Both hoomans and fur, feathered or scaly friends are welcomed at the largest lifestyle Christmas carnival. Even if you’re not up for the various costume contests, indulge in the varied vendor booths and other exciting stage programs. During this jolly time, the event also honours the memory of lost or departed furkids with a Christmas tree light-up.  

Date: 9 to 10 December
Venue: Singapore Turf Club
Entry only for those aged 18 years old and above, visit their Facebook page for more information


Moonbeats Xmas Party with Ryan Hemsworth

Moonbeats Christmas with Ryan HemsworthRyan Hemsworth is back in Asia to celebrate the festivities, so get your dancing shoes on. This Canadian artist will put on a dazzling display of his songs for you to dance the night away. With music spanning across all genres, party goers will be in for a treat – whether you’re into hip-hop, R&B or indie rock, Hemsworth has your covered!

Date: 22 December
Venue: MAO Singapore
Tickets from $25, find out more at www.moonbeats.asia

The Nut Cracker

2017 The-Nutcracker-PerformanceThere’s no better time than now for a Christmas classic tale! Brought to life through ballet by the Singapore Dance Theatre, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King will take you inside the enchanted world of sugar plum fairies, toy soldiers and dancing snowflakes.

Date: 6 to 10 December
Venue: The Esplanade Theatre
Tickets from $55, www.sistic.com.sg

SSO Christmas Concert

SSO singapore symphony ochestraListening to Chrimbo jingles is a sure fire way to fill up on the Christmas spirit. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra presents a collection of musical treasures complete with a sing along session – don’t hold back! Jingle bells, jingle bells…  

Date: 15 to 17 December
Venue: Victoria Concert Hall
Tickets from $88,  www.sistic.com.sg


Merry Market
If you’re running late on your list of Christmas gifts, the Merry Market is going to be stocked with present potential merchandise – it’s shopping time! Pick something unique from the array of local beauty products or fashion labels, vintage collectibles, artisanal pastries and original art pieces.

Date: 19 to 26 December
Venue: Tanglin Mall and Great World City
More information available at www.fleawhere.com

MOX Market

MOXFrom your celebration outfits and perfect presents to the indulging sweet treats, MOX Market is back for a Christmas edition with 210 stalls to satisfy your holiday needs.

Date: 8 December to 24 December, Friday to Sundays
Venue: Capitol Piazza (Outdoor Plaza)
Find out more at www.fleawhere.com

Sustainable Christmas market
It’s the season of giving after all and who better to show your appreciation for than Mother Earth? Support the vendors who are all about sustainable produce and crafts – Bring home some carbon neutral beers from Craft Beverage Supply, all natural granolas and nuts from Amazin’ Glaze, organic Lebanon produce from Salut Lebanon and many more. For something a little more exciting join in on the fun of organic cooking and food sampling or sign up for a fermentation workshop!

Date: 9 Dec
Venue: Mercure Singapore, 28 Stevens Road
Entry is free, more details available on their Facebook page

Public Garden

Public-Garden-2017-Teenage-MagazineThis is where brands all over Asia will converge for a one stop Christmas shopping experience. The sky is the limit at Public Garden, any brand from any industry with a good concept is welcome to join so you can strike off multiple gifts from your checklist at a go. Say goodbye to squeezing through crazy crowds at renowned departmental stores!

Date: 9 to 10 Dec
Venue: Suntec Convention Hall 403
Find out more at www.public-garden.com


Santa’s Workshop at The South Pole

Christmas Workshop singapore 2017If you’re down for getting busy with your hands, sign up for a Christmas workshop – learn how to make Santa’s pin badges, Christmas themed fondant cookie bars, calligraphy and customised gift wrappers. With an ongoing festive music line up, carnival games, face painting and a photo booth, it’s arguably the jolliest place to be!

Date: 15 – 17 December
Venue: South Beach, 26/36 Beach Road
More details are found on their Facebook page

Christmas Pop-up Market & Workshop

Christmas-pop-up-and-workshops40 vendors, 3 different workshops to sign up for and an opportunity to meet @Mongabong in the flesh! Whether it’s a handmade gift or buying an interesting knick knack, you’ll definitely find something for your loved ones here.

Date: 23 – 24 December
Venue: Studio Three Sixteen; 219 Henderson Rd #06-04
Learn more from their Facebook page


Christmas Souperchef Specials

Soup-SpoonNot all of us will have a home cooked Christmas feast to indulge in, but Soup Spoon’s festive menu is here to save the day with their seasonal pasta, Christmas meats and wholesome broths that will warm you up in time for the holiday! The ordering period closes on 27 December, you can check out the menu here.

IKEA Christmas Buffet Dinner
Mmmm, who could deny the shiok feeling after every meal at IKEA? Purchase your tickets directly at the IKEA restaurants for a seat at their annual yuletide buffet, we’re already salivating at the thought of their meatballs! Tickets are from $10 and sold on a first come first serve basis, find out more here www.ikea.com.

Manhattan Fish Market

MFMarketIf the traditional Christmas meats aren’t to your liking, how about a meal from depths of the deep blue? Manhattan Fish Market presents a clawsome menu with lobster at the centre of attention! See what else is available here www.manhattanfishmarket.com

What are your plans for Christmas? Share them with us in the comment section!

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