Get Fit And Fab With These YouTube Channels

13 Jun 2017 by Teenage

With a plethora of fitness videos across the workout spectrum, we rounded up seven of the best fitness health gurus on YouTube to subscribe to for your daily dose of #Getsweat motivation.

Joanna Soh 

Having just been named the Top Health & Fitness Influencer at the Influence Asia 2017 awards, it’s safe to say Joanna Soh is at the top of her fitness game. Even more impressive, this certified personal trainer is a one-man team when it comes to her YouTube channel which is filled with fitness tips, nutritional advice and workout tutorials that she shares with over 850,000 subscribers (and growing!) weekly. To think it all started simply because she noticed a lack in fitness-related content tailored for Asian lifestyles, and took it upon herself to get the ball rolling. Just goes to show what you can achieve if you simply start moving it.

Chris Heria 

The creator behind Miami’s Calisthenics Academy, Chris Heria adapts the balance, strength and control used in gymnastics to help his followers develop all round physical fitness. While most of his videos appear to be targeted at more advanced fitness buffs, the athlete has begun a “How To Start Calisthenics” series on his channel, allowing newbies to get into the game. Don’t fret if you can’t master it on the first few tries – Chris advocates taking things slow and steady. After all, it’s better to be a person who celebrates little achievements than one who takes a big leap (literally) and falls over and over again.

Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn 

Working out is always better with a friend, and that community vibe is what these BFFs, Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, aim to achieve with Tone It Up. Apart from pushing you through their killer workouts with boundless enthusiasm, these ladies serve to inspire and educate their viewers with fitness and nutrition plans, and lifestyle tips! Using their social media influence for good, they also started #TIUGirls on Instagram, building a platform for women to support each other through their fitness journeys. Way to spread female empowerment!

Linora Low

Known for being the bubbly radio jock on MIX FM, Linora Low is also slowly but surely cementing herself as another force to be reckoned within the regional fitness scene. While the Under Armour ambassador admits to struggling with her fitness journey in the beginning, she credits perseverance and unfailing support from people around her that helped her to where she is today. Coupling workout videos with fun vlogs on other aspects of her life, the spunky redhead feels more like a BFF than a fitness trainer –making exercising all the more enjoyable!

 Jordan Yeoh

With a workout plan that transformed him from flabby to fit. Jordan Yeoh now wants to share his calorie-burning tips and tricks with anyone who wants to listen. No time to hit the gym? Then check out his popular “No Gym Full Body Workout” video – a four and a half minute routine you can do anywhere, which will have you working all the core aspects of your body. Bonus: the hunky 29-year-old also has his own fitness app, JY Fitness Timer , that will help you keep tabs on your fitness goals.

Cassey Ho

Best known for her pop Pilates videos and infectiously peppy demeanour, exercise guru Cassey Ho’s videos – which also include HIIT and dance workouts – will test your limits in the best way possible. If you are new to Cassey’s channel, check out her ‘Beginner Workout’ series where you’ll learn to perfect the basics before moving on to more advanced routines. Feeling hungry after your workout? Cassey’s ‘Cheap, Clean Eats’ playlist which features affordable and guilt-free recipes will have you sorted.

Tony Do

After watching Taylor Lautner rip it up in The Twilight Saga: New Moon with his phenomenal physique, Tony Do was inspired to get abs of his own. After mismatched workout routines that were useful but not effective, the 24-year-old soon found the solution in lifting – where he managed to obtain the solid lean frame he’d always wanted. And he’s now committed to helping others achieve their ideal physique – though you’ll have to hit your nearby gym regularly if you follow his programme because those weights are no joke!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels. This is an adaptation of an article published in the May 2017 issue of Teenage. 

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Popular Books To Binge-read Your Way Through June

8 Jun 2017 by Germaine Cheah

The month-long school holidays is not only good for catching up on sleep and hanging out with your friends, it also presents an opportunity to delve into reading something other than your textbooks. Ahead, we list some must-reads that will have you well occupied in the days to come. 

For The Fantasy Enthusiasts

#1 The Lunar Chronicles – Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles

With references to classics like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White, follow the journey of Linh Cinder (a cyborg mechanic) and the unlikely friends and allies she makes along the way as they embark on a mission to save the citizens of Earth from a plague, and the planet as a whole from being taken over by Lunar Queen, Levana Blackburn.

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

#2 The Throne Of Glass Series – Sarah J. Maas

Throne Of Glass Series

18-year-old Celaena Sardothien is a trained assassin who has been imprisoned by the King of Adarlan. Spending a year as a slave in the salt mines, she is offered a precious chance at freedom – become the king’s champion and be granted freedom after 4 years – by Dorian, her captor’s son and Alarlan’s Crown Prince. The catch? She has to compete against ruthless assassins and thieves in order to gain the coveted position. As she sets forth in her fight to be free, Celaena soon gets entangled with a dangerous conspiracy and is lead to discoveries between the kingdom and her true destiny that will test her in ways she never imagined possible. 

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle 

#3 The Young Elites Series – Marie Lu

The Young Elites

A survivor of the blood fever, a deadly illness that killed most of the infected and marked the survivors forever, Adelina Amouteru discovers that she has a strange and powerful gift, the power to create illusions, and a raging thirst for vengeance and destruction. And she is not alone, for some the fever’s survivors – now known as the Young Elites – have too gained mysterious powers, and are hunted down by the Inquisition Axis. Will Adelina’s extraordinary gift turn out to be the reason for her destruction? 

Available to purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

For The Chick Lit Fans

#1 The Billy and Me Series – Giovanna Fletcher

Billy and Me Series

Sophie May is content with her simple life in a quaint English village, but when famous actor Billy Buskin comes into town for a movie shoot, Sophie finds herself the only object of his affection – and him, hers. After years of staying out of the spotlight, Sophie wants to take a chance on love, but will she be able to handle the constant scrutiny that comes with dating a celebrity?

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

#2 Geekerella – Ashley Poston

Ashley Poston - Geekerella

Elle Wittimer loves all things related to the sci-fi series Starfield, so when she sees a cosplay contest that will score her an invitation to the ExcelsiCon Cosplay Ball, she’s determined to win. Playing the Federation Prince Carmindor from Starfield is all teen actor Darien Freeman’s ever wanted, but with the Starfield fandom writing him off as just another pretty face, he can’t help feeling more and more like a fake. A modern re-telling of the classic Cinderella story, this charming tale is one you’ll want to complete in a single sitting.

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

#3 I Heart Series – Lindsey Kelk

I Heart Series - Lindsey Kelk

Fleeing a cheating boyfriend in her crumpled bridesmaids dress, Angela Clark jumps on a plane and heads straight for New York City, hoping to start her life over. Now, she has an incredible job at a publication firm that brings her all over the world, a fabulous BFF that’s got her back and an amazing boyfriend on her arm – but will the sudden changes in her new life be too much for this British gal to handle?

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

For The Sci-Fi Buffs

#1 Carve The Mark – Veronica Roth

Carve The Mark - Veronica Roth

After her best-selling Divergent series, Veronica Roth is back with a stunning new sci-fi series set in another galaxy where every being develops a “gift” that helps them shape the future. But there are some gifts, like those belonging to Akos and Cyra, that are so powerful that their bearers become vulnerable to exploitation by even the closest people around them. When a twist of fate throws Akos and Cyra together, unexpected allies are created in the face of seemingly unsurmountable odds. Will they be able to escape the dire paths set out for them? 

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

#2 The Binti Series – Nnedi Okorafor

The Binti Series - Nnedi Okorafor

The first of her people to be offered a place at Oomza University, Binti’s educational journey will bring her within the deadly reach of the Meduse, an alien race the stuff of nightmares that the people of Oomza University have wronged. Headed straight into the heart of the war, Binti is determined to survive, but she’ll need both the gifts of her people and the wisdom enshrined within the University – but even if she succeeds, will human and alien ever learn to truly live in harmony?

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

#3 The Stars Are Legion – Kameron Hurley

The Stars Are Legion - Kameron Hurley

As far as memory serves, a war for control over a fleet of worldships – known as the Legion – have been waged with no clear resolution. Enter Zan, a prisoner who wakes up without memories around a group of people who say they’re her family – so why in the world would they say that she’s the only salvation to the war? As she tries to make sense of her surroundings, but when Zan realises she must choose sides in this genocidal campaign, will she choose destruction or salvation?

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

For The Thriller-seekers

#1 City of Saints & Thieves – Natalie C. Anderson

City of Saints & Thieves - Natalie C Anderson

Fleeing the Congo as refugees, Tina ends up in Kenya with her mother, who starts working as a maid for one of the most prominent families in the city – the Greyhills. In a tragic turn of events, her mum gets brutally shot dead. Believing that the patriarch of the family, Mr. Greyhill is behind her mother’s murder, Tina survives the street on her own, becoming a hardened street thief with vengeance constantly on her mind. 4 years on, her chance for vengeance comes when she lands a ‘job’ back at the Greyhill estate. But as she gets overwhelmed by painful memories and past friendships, Tina soon realises that the truth behind her mother’s murder is only one of many dangerous secrets that will change her life forever. 

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle 

#2 Camp So-and-So – Mary McCoy

Camp So and So - Mary McCoy

What would you do if you received an invitation to spend a week at a lakeside retreat that promised volleyball, rock-climbing, and Shakespeare under the stars? For 25 girls, whose RSVPs were  signed, sealed and delivered to a P.O. Box in an obscure Appalachian town, they soon find out that this luxurious camp does not exist. So where exactly are the girls going, and just what is waiting for them beneath the Starveling Mountains?

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

#3 The Butterfly Garden – Dot Hutchison

The Butterfly Garden - Dot Hutchinson

In this garden full of luscious flowers and shady trees lies a savage secret – the “butterflies” in it are actually young women who have been kidnapped and intricately tattooed to resemble their namesakes. When the garden is discovered by the FBI, agents Victor Hanoverian and Brandon Eddison are tasked with questioning a survivor (Maya) to help piece the case together. But with every detail uncovered, Maya proves to be a puzzle herself, and the agents are left with more questions than answers. 

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

For The Contemporary Lovers

#1 The Upside of Unrequited – Becky Albertalli

The Upside of Unrequited - Becky Albertalli

Molly Peskin-Suso’s the expert on unrequited love, after all, she’s lived through it twenty-six times. But it’s not like everyone’s rejecting her – Molly just can’t stomach the idea of rejection, so she’s careful. But when she meets funny and flirtatious Will, Molly has hopes that she’ll be able to get her first kiss if she can win him over. But there’s another ‘problem’: Molly’s coworker Reid – an awkward Tolkien superfan who may or may not have a crush on her. But there’s absolutely no way Molly could fall for him, right?

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

#2 Goodbye Days – Jeff Zentner 

Goodbye Days - Jeff Zentner

After sending a text that resulted in the death of his three best friends – Eli, Mars and Blake – Carver finds himself more alone than ever when everyone at school freezes him out. Wracked with guilt and fearing prison, Carver finds solace with Blake’s grandmother with a Goodbye Day, allowing them to share their memories and say a proper goodbye to his friend. Soon, the other families are asking for Goodbye Days of their own – but are they really trying to make peace with their losses, or are they just trying to find a way to land Carver in prison?

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

#3 North Of Happy – Adi Alsaid

North of Happy - Adi Alsaid

Living a privileged and sheltered life since birth, Carlos Portillo has always been more than happy to follow the path laid out for him by his parents. But when his older brother is tragically killed, Carlos decides to push back against his parents and runs away to the US to work for his favourite celebrity chef, and pursue his love for cooking that his parents always saw as a mere hobby. But when a burgeoning romance between him and his boss’s daughter threatens to have him fired, Carlos finds himself caught between two impossible choices – love and independence. 

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Book Depository, Kindle

What are some other books you’ll be reading during the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!


8 Fitness Apps To Download For Workout Noobs

2 Jun 2017 by Charis Chiang

Whether you’re having trouble keeping up a solid exercise routine, or if you’re a beginner looking to get fit and healthy, you’ll have no excuse not to squeeze in a workout with these app recommendations! 


Free, Available on Apple Itunes App Store and Google Play store

Some people exercise better in groups and Fitocracy totally understands that. Apart from basic workout regimes, this app encourages users to join health groups and gives you the chance to expand your social circle to meet like-minded folks who share similar fitness objectives. Having a support system to encourage your goals is just as important as committing yourself to physical training, which makes Fitocracy a must-have on your app shelf. 



Free, Available on Apple Itunes App Store and Google Play store

If you’re tired of having your lane blocked by other runners at stadium tracks, or having to wait for the gym junkie to be done at the machines, Yonder is a solution for an alternative workout at new places. Venture off the beaten track and discover new locations for activities like hiking, kayaking or rock climbing! The app also allows you to directly share photos or videos of your adventures, so your #Fitspo posts will literally be just a click away.


Free, Available on Apple Itunes App Store and Google Play store

Your next workout could be made better with the Strava app. Other than acting as a GPS tracker for your runs or cycles, the app will also prompt you to constantly strive for your personal best – with varying monthly challenges to give you that added burn. Make the upgrade to premium from $8.98 for the option of having live feedback on your performance, so you’ll be able to adjust your workout on the move! 

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga App

 S4.48, Available on Apple Itunes App Store and Google Play store

Bring peace and serenity anywhere with you by simply downloading the Pocket Yoga App – and be spoiled by the countless features it offers. You have the freedom of choice from 27 various yoga sessions to get into your Zen mode, each with contrasting durations, poses and difficulty. Why not have an educational journey as you attempt them too, as you uncover the benefits of the different stances. Namaste, indeed!

Map My Run

Photo: iMore

Free, Available on Apple Itunes App Store and Google Play store

Mankind’s most basic form of exercise, running/jogging can do wonders for not only your health, but your stress levels as well. With Map My Run, you can mow chart your favourite routes for future jogging sessions, and analyse your performance with post-run statistics providing an in-depth view on aspects like calories burned and your heart rate. Pace your way to #Fitnessgoals in no time!



Photo: Android Central

Free, Available on Apple Itunes App Store and Google Play store

There’s no excuse not to ditch your couch potato junk food eating ways! Get inspired to achieve a fit bod with the Sworkit app – not only does it help you work up a sweat without being daunting for beginners, you’re also able to choose from three main body goals for the course of six weeks: ‘Leaner’, ‘Fitter’ and ‘Stronger’, and from varying difficulty levels, to get the right routine for yourself. If that isn’t enough, the app’s bevy of body weight exercises gives you zero reasons to not attempt them. You want a fit body? You better Sworkit!


Photo: Trendspotters.TV

Free, Available on Apple Itunes App Store and Google Play store

Getting caught up with school, assignments and social activities inadvertently leads us to neglect our fitness. Enter Seven, the all-in-one exercise app that only requires seven minutes of your day to help you stay in shape. Just grab an available chair and you’re all set – from customised workouts for different muscle groups, to multiple circuits for when you want to keep going. It’s challenging to stay motivated, so you also have the option of setting up daily reminders and even a voice command trainer to help spur you forward! 


Free, Available on Apple Itunes App Store and Google Play store

If you’re the sort that needs distractions to keep you driven while doing your cardio, Aaptiv offers an optimal audio experience for you to crush your sweat session. In addition to featuring motivational words, the app also syncs a specially curated playlist of songs according to the type of workout you select, making each time you exercise slightly different and more exciting. If you need an added boost, in-app purchases (from $14.98 a month) offer unlimited access to all classes.

 This post was adapted from an article published in the May #341 issue of Teenage

What fitness apps do you use to work out? Share your recommendations in the comments below! 

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8 Millennial-Approved Things To Do At [email protected]

26 May 2017 by Bryan Yeong

For our Teenage Gorgeous You! 2017 challenge 4, we sent the finalists on a hunt for the hottest happenings and raddest stores at [email protected] – which quickly turned into a shopping spree for many of them. We check out how they recommend spending a day at the central hotspot.


View post on

Like Vivien (@Veeeyeo), you don’t need no map or Dora to help you start navigating your adventure within [email protected] Kickstart your day downloading the mall’s very own mobile app, Tring 313, that meets all your shopping requirements. Besides including a store locator and directory, the free app also offers location-targeted alerts when you’re within radius of certain shops – which makes saving even more effective! In addition, why splurge extra when there are exclusive deals and coupons available? Simply search for an available coupon from your favourite merchant, purchase the deal, and redeem the physical voucher at the Concierge located at Basement 1. Shopping truly made easier!

The Tring 313 app is free to download from the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. 


After some window shopping, put your fresh face forward by checking out the latest makeup looks and beauty products available at Etude House. Joyce (@jwanting) did just that and found discounted lipsticks amongst other squeal-worthy products!

Etude House is located at #B2-30.


View post on

Ditch the pricey restaurants and make this sushi joint your lunch spot like Joanna (@flyflybirdie) did, with its wide selection of sushi and sashimi at wallet-friendly and cosy counter seats so you can gossip with your BFF over that burst of wasabi. Oishii!

Umi Sushi is located at #B3-41.

2:30pm – HOTWIND

It’s shopping time! For fashion-forward trends and threads, head to the newly-opened Hot Wind retail store hailing from Shanghai. Featuring unisex apparel and accessories designed from the region, you’re bound to have head-scratching decisions to make while choosing your next #OOTD. So is it left or right, Derrick (@Drrickjl)?

Hot Wind is located at #03-31 – 40.  

4:30pm – LIMITED EDT 


You’ve gotten your new set of clothes, but now what? A pair of shoes to complete the look of course! For sneakerheads, you’d be delighted to discover that [email protected] houses a total of five (!) Limited Edt stores within the mall, so you can find that perfect fit for your feet. Be it a new pair of sports shoes for your CCA, or fresh pastel-coloured kicks for weekend vibes, you’re likely to be heading home with a new box in tow. Just look at the brightly-lit array of shoes next to Don (@donnygao)!

Limited Edt Outlet – #02-25 – 27
Limited Edt Underground – #03-22
Limited Edt Vault – #04-13/14
Limited Edt Way – #04-31
Limited Edt Ballpark – #04-07 – 09


View post on

Take a cue from Amin (@amynosaurus) and dig in to the delectable burgers at Wildfire Burgers for a super gratifying meal and make sure to give their award-winning and #InstaWorthy Blackmore 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef Burger a try while you’re at it!

Widlfire Burgers is located at#01-28.

8pm – O’MA SPOON

View post on

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings after dinner, look no further than O’ma Spoon. Wind down your day with O’ma Spoon’s mouthwatering bingsus which will certainly cool you down from the ridiculous humidity. If you don’t believe us yet, we bet Maya’s (@mayatong) facial expressions above would change your mind.

O’ma Spoon is located at #04-20/32.


Spicy Korean noodles! Melon ice cream! Topokki! Some us certainly can’t live without our Korean goodies, so there’s every reason to follow Syahira’s (@shishikenobi) lead and check out Koryo Mart to get your homely K-fix, just before ending your day off on a truly sweet note. 

Koryo Mart is located at #B3-16.

What would you check out next at [email protected], and which is your favourite store? Tell us in the comments section below!

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 Instagram is stepping up their Stories game and further pushing Snapchat out of the playing field. 

From a logo revamp to a user interface colour switch-up, a new app algorithm to the introduction of Gallery posts and Instagram Stories, the IG team has certainly been keeping busy– the latter feature even boldly invades Snapchat’s digital territory with its similar concept. With that being said, the latest Stories update (10.21 version on iOS and Android) that was rolled out on 16 May, might have users quitting Snapchat for good. Here’s why. 

Update #1: Live Face Filters 

Photo: Instagram

The social media landscape has been altered forever thanks to the introduction of puppy dog ears, hippie flower crowns, rainbow puke amongst other creative filters. Arguably Snapchat’s biggest lure RN (hands up, everyone who goes onto Snapchat just to repost their photos onto IG Stories), Instagram’s latest face filters update means that users will be able to use of a range similar filters like animal ears, flower bands, etc. directly (there are currently 8 different face filters). Simply swipe to camera mode and click the new icon located on the bottom right.

PS: The face filters work with Boomerang too. 
PPS: You can use certain face filters with two people at the same time, so grab a friend and snap away! 

Update #2: Rewind Mode

 Instagram Rewind Mode 2017

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but we kinda missed being able to use the ‘Rewind’ function to make an otherwise mundane story update stand out. And while the current update only allows it on live-view alongside the Boomerang and Handsfree mode (which means you won’t be able to edit a rewind into your pre-taken video), we’re hopeful IG’s next update will incorporate it as an editable function. 

Update #3: The ‘Erase’ Tool 

Instagram Eraser Tool
Photo: Instagram

We all know the frustration of trying to draw/write elaborate designs onto our IG story updates, but the process just got way easier thanks to IG’s new ‘erase’ tool. Instead of having to press ‘Undo’ and hope that you don’t run out of undo options, you can now simply erase your ruined scribbles and be done with it. 

Update #4: Story Hashtags

Hashtagging feature Instagram

Photo: Instagram

An integral feature on Instagram has always been hash-tagging – previously only reserved for IG posts, you can now choose or create your own hashtags and use ’em in Stories too. This way, you’ll be able to increase the visibility of your posts and easily discover related photos and videos. 

What are your thoughts on the updates so far, and what features do you think Instagram should include in their next major update? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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