How to Get that Quality Sleep

7 Oct 2016 by Venetia Sng

Been sleeping at irregular hours or not getting enough snooze lately due to late-night cramming seshs? We have these simple tips that will allow you to have that much needed beauty sleep.

Food for Thought

We’ve all heard of the age-old reasoning of cutting off food three hours before bedtime, but what you might not know is that this has nothing to do with getting fat. Going to bed on a full stomach might trigger indigestion and heartburn, therefore keeping you up at night. If you really have to counter those hunger pangs, stick to a snack rich in protein like a piece of cheese or a cup of yogurt.

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Soak It Up & Stay Cool

Indulge in a nice warm soak before going to bed and keep your bedroom cool for a nice rest. While taking a warm bath increases your temperature, stepping into a cold room causes a dip in temperature. Your body will take it as a signal that you’re ready for slumber. Science!

Electronic Curfew

Exposure to blue light puts you at risk of sleeping disorders, and that includes TVs, computers and your beloved smartphone. A two-hour abstinence before bed is all you need. For desperate measures, turn to a pair of amber-tinted shades – these babies are proven to block the blue light from your screens.

Getting-Quality-SleepCredit: Getty

Nap Right

Avoid long day time naps as they can interfere with night time sleep, especially if you’re struggling with insomnia. If you choose to nap during the day, limit yourself to about 10 to 30 minutes and make it during the mid afternoon. Drinking a cup of coffee before taking a short nap will make you feel more alert when you wake up as well! As caffeine usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to get going, the trick is to consume it then immediately hit the hay. You’ll wake up just in time for the caffeine to kick in, making you extra alert.

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Aroma Therapy

Different scents have varying effects – therapeutic fragrances like lavender, vanilla and camomile have calming properties that lull you to sleep, while sandalwood and ylang ylang flower oils will help sooth the mind. Message some onto your temples or wrists before going to bed. It’s also an excuse to stock up on those scented candles.

Comment below if you have any good tips to share with us!


Up Your #DeskGame With These Accessories

5 Oct 2016 by Venetia Sng

Sick of looking at that boring study table of yours? Why not do a mini revamp, clean up that desk and get some awesome accessories to make studying more enjoyable? Here are some pretty lit ones we found online and if they’re too expensive, maybe you can subtly hint your friends that you want it as a present next time!

Acrylic Marble and Gold Desk Organiser Set, $250Acrylic Marble and Gold Desk Organiser Set

Strike Gold File Folders (set of 6), $29.90Strike Gold File Folders

Tackle Box, $69.90Tackle Box

Wood Square Desk Organiser, ¥12.90 (approx. $2.64)Wood Square Desk Organiser

Wood Paper Tray, ¥166 (approx. $33.97)Wood Paper Tray

Wood Tray Organiser, ¥65 (approx. $13.28)Wood Tray Organiser

Wood Triangle Stationery Organiser, ¥19.90 (approx. $4.07)Wood Triangle Stationery Organiser

Desk Bonsai, $31.90Desk Bonsai

Miss Wave Concrete Pen Holder, $30Miss Wave Concrete Pen Holder

Pack Sticky Notes, $24.90Pack Sticky Notes

Need some study tips? Check out these effective study tips we gathered for you, start planning and you are on the right track to your As!


7 Ways You Can Keep Fit For Free

4 Oct 2016 by Venetia Sng

If your resolution is to get that #BeachBody this year, don’t despair if you don’t have extra funds for a gym membership. Here’s how you can get fit without breaking the bank. 

1. Socialise More

Meet with friends and do activities together be it walking, running, hiking or cycling at Bishan Park. If you have lazy friends, join a fitness meet up and grab a friend along! Working out with other people is great for staying motivated and for singles maybe you’ll find your soul mate as well? 

2. Utilise that Commercial Break

Guilty of being a couch potato? Jump rope, roll on a stability ball or give yourself mini challenges by counting how many crunches, sit-ups or squats you can do within a commercial break. Besides, the more intense the show is, the more pumped up you’ll get with the moves.

3. Online Fitness Gurus

Why fork out your hard earned money for an expensive course when you can get the same experience with these workouts online? YouTube is a treasure trove of instructional fitness channels from traditional aerobics all the way to high-intensity interval training routines. For starters, we recommend channels like Fitness Blender, Blogilates and Frugal Fitness.

4. Outdoor Exercise Stations

You can find exercise stations anywhere from public parks at Punggol to right below your house at Jurong. They come fully equipped with balance beams, pull up bars, sit-up benches and everything in-between. Well they are funded by tax payers’ money so might as well make full use of the stations.

5. Student Gyms

Best thing about being a student is that many school have excellent recreation facilities. Since these are typically funded by student fees, you may have an automatic membership once you enroll so take advantage of it!

6. Use Them Legs

Don’t be lazy and start taking the stairs whenever possible, and instead of taking that feeder bus home, try walking home from the train station. It helps you relax and unwind after a day in school or at work plus you can save that extra dollar.

7. Clean Up The House

Sweat it out and clean your place from top to bottom (even the darkest corners) once a week for a vigorous workout. In fact, you can burn 50,000 calories a year – that’s 6.5kg of fat just from cleaning up! 

Ways You Can Keep Fit For Free

Remember that sweat is your fat crying, so get off your ass and make it weep!

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7 Things We Hated As Children But Love Now

26 Sep 2016 by Venetia Sng

What are some things you hated as a child but love to do now? We list down a few just for laughs.


Remember how you’d dread having to sit still at the salon for what it seems like forever? Now we can’t wait to get that super awesome hair wash, head massage, plus how our hair are always perfectly blow dried and styled when we leave the salon.



We didn’t understand why adults love munching on raw green leaves all the time when we didn’t even like cooked ones! But considered us converts ’cause we’ll take salad with any type of sauce anytime anyday. 


Day Time Nap

Though it’s scientifically proven that naps do help children’s brains to develop better, we still weren’t particularly fond of naps as well ’cause that means lesser time to play! But hey, give us a chance to nap now and we’ll jump into our beds gladly. 



Siblings, you either love them or hate them. We used to fight over toys and cry over who’s the favourite child. But all’s in the past now that we’re grown ups – we talk about school/job, relationships, parents and anything else under the sun.


Reading News Online

As kids, we didn’t quite get why adults sit in front of the television and watch the news religiously at 10pm every night. Admit it! You find the news boring as hell when you were young too. Now with social media, we see news updates all the time and honestly don’t mind it a single bit. It’s always good to stay updated.

Long drives

Long Rides

We were impatient little pricks when we were young and would ask if we were reaching our destination every now and then (sorry mum, sorry dad). That said, we’ve learnt to appreciate long drives now especially the scenery.

Talking about our day

Talking To Friend

“How was your day?” and “What did you learn in school today?” Sounds familiar? Usually we’ll just give a half hearted reply just to shrug our parents off but we talk so much now, sometimes they would stuff our mouths with food just to shut us up.

Image Credit: Getty, Pexel

Have any funny stories to share with us? Let us know in the comment box below!


8 Best Foods for Good Skin

21 Sep 2016 by Venetia Sng

Food is our fuel and how we look like largely depends on what we eat. Certain foods work wonders for your skin, in fact, they are just as important as the moisturisers and sunblock you apply on your skin. Here are 8 foods you should eat more to nourish your skin inside and out!

#1 Fish

Best Food for Good Skin Salmon

Fish like salmon, sardine and mackerel contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, making it one of the best sources of the fat. It also has a type of omega-3 called DHA, an anti-inflammatory, which battles the root cause of acne. Time to ditch those meat for more fish!

#2 Green Tea

Best Food for Good Skin Green Tea

If you want elastic and smooth skin, drink a cup of freshly brewed green tea everyday – not those canned ones! Green tea contains EGCG, a type of antioxidant, that boost blood flow and oxygen to the skin. Plus it also reduces redness and helps fight inflammation. 

#3 Tomato

Best Food for Good Skin Tomato

Vitamin C is a daily essential and tomatoes are packed with vitamin C! It protects our skin from harmful UV rays, sun damage, pollutants, and cell-damaging free radicals. Plus it even helps collagen smooth out wrinkles by improving our skin’s overall texture.

#4 Bell Peppers

Best Food for Good Skin Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are a great source of antioxidants, vitamin C and carotenoids – especially in yellow and orange bell peppers. Eating more bell peppers helps the prevention of wrinkles and increases protection from the harmful sun rays!

#5 Sunflower Seeds

Best Food for Good Skin Sunflower Seeds

The perfect snack when your mouth’s itching to munch on something. Sunflower seeds are loaded with vitamin E and keeps your skin supple by protecting its top layers from the sun. Vitamin E also enhances immune function, allowing the body to fight off the inflammation that leads to acne.

#6 Walnut

Best Food for Good Skin Walnut

If you’re not a fish person, try walnuts! Walnuts contain omega-3 essential fatty acids, which can improve skin’s elasticity and the nuts are also loaded with copper, a mineral that boosts collagen production. They are also packed with an omega-3 called alpha-linolenic acid which helps with eczema.

#7 Soy

Best Food for Good Skin Tofu

A study found that people who consumed more soy products like tofu had fewer fine lines and better skin elasticity. Soy products contains isoflavone which can help stop collagen from breaking down, as it is what leads to sagging and lines.

#8 Dark Chocolate

Best Food for Good Skin Chocolate

One more reason to eat more chocolate but note that you should only binge on chocolate that’s at least 70 percent cacao! Cocoa hydrates your skin, making it firmer and more supple, and contains high levels of flavonols, a potent type of antioxidant. A couple of squares a day should be enough to improve luminosity.

Image Credit: Getty, Pixabay, Pexels

If you’re also looking to lose some kilos, avoid these fruits that are high in sugar!

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