Instagram is stepping up their Stories game and further pushing Snapchat out of the playing field. 

From a logo revamp to a user interface colour switch-up, a new app algorithm to the introduction of Gallery posts and Instagram Stories, the IG team has certainly been keeping busy– the latter feature even boldly invades Snapchat’s digital territory with its similar concept. With that being said, the latest Stories update (10.21 version on iOS and Android) that was rolled out on 16 May, might have users quitting Snapchat for good. Here’s why. 

Update #1: Live Face Filters 

Photo: Instagram

The social media landscape has been altered forever thanks to the introduction of puppy dog ears, hippie flower crowns, rainbow puke amongst other creative filters. Arguably Snapchat’s biggest lure RN (hands up, everyone who goes onto Snapchat just to repost their photos onto IG Stories), Instagram’s latest face filters update means that users will be able to use of a range similar filters like animal ears, flower bands, etc. directly (there are currently 8 different face filters). Simply swipe to camera mode and click the new icon located on the bottom right.

PS: The face filters work with Boomerang too. 
PPS: You can use certain face filters with two people at the same time, so grab a friend and snap away! 

Update #2: Rewind Mode

 Instagram Rewind Mode 2017

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but we kinda missed being able to use the ‘Rewind’ function to make an otherwise mundane story update stand out. And while the current update only allows it on live-view alongside the Boomerang and Handsfree mode (which means you won’t be able to edit a rewind into your pre-taken video), we’re hopeful IG’s next update will incorporate it as an editable function. 

Update #3: The ‘Erase’ Tool 

Instagram Eraser Tool
Photo: Instagram

We all know the frustration of trying to draw/write elaborate designs onto our IG story updates, but the process just got way easier thanks to IG’s new ‘erase’ tool. Instead of having to press ‘Undo’ and hope that you don’t run out of undo options, you can now simply erase your ruined scribbles and be done with it. 

Update #4: Story Hashtags

Hashtagging feature Instagram

Photo: Instagram

An integral feature on Instagram has always been hash-tagging – previously only reserved for IG posts, you can now choose or create your own hashtags and use ’em in Stories too. This way, you’ll be able to increase the visibility of your posts and easily discover related photos and videos. 

What are your thoughts on the updates so far, and what features do you think Instagram should include in their next major update? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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