As if the return of the Nasi Lemak burger wasn’t enough to get McDonald’s devotees salivating, the major F&B chain has decided to spice up their offerings with a plethora of new treats to indulge in. From 27 June, McDonald’s Singapore will be introducing a total of five items, which consists of a spicy classic revamp along with all-new additions to the menu. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

McSpicy Deluxe, from $5.90


Without a doubt the most popular patty on the current menu, everyone’s all-time favourite McSpicy gets a Deluxe upgrade with white cheddar cheese, a slice of tomato and an extra kick of tomato jalapeño relish – all tucked between a soft cornmeal dusted bun.

Creamy Herb Chicken Pie, from $1


Making its return to the snack menu since its limited launch last year, the Creamy Herb Chicken Pie is back to satisfy your cravings when you’re in need of a savoury treat. Packed with chicken, carrots, potatoes, peas and mushrooms, get ready for a burst of creamy goodness as you bite into its crispy and flaky pie pocket.

McMuffin Stack, from $5.30


Enjoy a hearty brekkie with the all-new McMuffin Stack, which is stacked with two sausage patties, crispy chicken bacon strips, a sunny-side up egg and melted cheddar cheese sandwiched between toasted wholegrain muffins. Unlike its McGriddles buddy, this new item is only available during breakfast hours.

Bandung Soft Serve, from $1


Known for their interesting soft serve renditions, the team at McDonald’s has come up with yet another familiar flavour that will definitely resonate well with Singaporeans: the nation’s beloved pink drink. The refreshing lineup of Bandung ice cream desserts will be available exclusively at all dessert kiosks and you can get it in your preferred choice of a Cone, Twist Cone, ChocoCone, Strawberry Sundae or McFlurry.

Kueh Salat Cake, from $5.20 each


Available at all McCafe outlets, the Kueh Salat cake is a kueh-licious combination of pandan mousse, sponge cake and sticky rice topped with coconut flakes. If you’re a fan of all things pandan, this nostalgic creation may just be the perfect dessert for you!

The new items will be available at all McDonald’s Singapore outlets from 27 June 2019, while stocks last.

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