We’re not kidding when we say that Singapore has been hit with a case of Pokémon fever. Not only did we get our very own Pokémon Go Safari Adventure in April, hardened fans were also treated to the theatrical release of the highly-anticipated Detective Pikachu earlier this month. And now, the pocket monsters are set to descend upon Singapore this upcoming June holiday at the first-of-its-kind Pokemon Carnival!

From 15 to 30 June 2019, Sentosa will be holding its inaugural Pokémon Carnival at Sentosa Cove Village. This marks the first time in Asia where all 403 Pokémon hailing from the region of Alola make their debut appearance for a photo opportunity of a lifetime.

Pokemon Carnival Singapore

They are also a key feature in the Pokémon Adventure hunt that you can participate in, where you can grab yourself Pokémon plushies by answering a couple of questions about the various Alolan Pokémon. Not sure if you’re up for the challenge? Hints are scattered around Sentosa Cove Village via QR codes – just keep a lookout for the Pokémon standees! 

In addition to the main attraction, the carnival includes other fringe activities such as Pokémon-themed carnival games, the crowd-favourite Pikachu Parade as well as meet-and-greet sessions to get up-close with the yellow pocket monster.

Pokemon Carnival Singapore

For the snap-happy Pokémon trainers, you’ll be happy to note that there will also be Pokémon inflatables (including a five-metre tall Pikachu!) and ball pits around the carnival, so you’ll definitely be able to capture that picture-perfect moment for the ‘gram. Once you’re done for the day, you’re invited to unwind under the stars for a special screening of a Pokémon movie at Sentosa Cove Village!

Photo credits: ©2019 Pokémon. ©1995-2019 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc. TM and ® are trademarks of Nintendo

Sentosa Pokémon Carnival runs from 15 to 30 June 2019, 5pm to 9pm at Sentosa Cove Village. Admission is free. For more information, visit www.sentosa.com.sg

Who doesn’t love White Rabbit candy? You know, that oh-so-familiar milky texture of the cylindrical sweet wrapped in an edible sticky rice paper that has an unforgettable spot in our childhood hearts. Transporting us back to the days of our youth, the famous throwback candy has now been transformed into a new line of beauty products like shower cream, perfume and more. 


Created by Chinese fragrance brand Scent Library, this exclusive range of beauty products is said to smell exactly like White Rabbit candy using a combination of sugared jasmine petals and Madagascan vanilla – sweet, milky and creamy all at once.

Sound a tad too sweet? It’s meant to be; the aim of the line is to hearken back to one’s childhood, where life was simpler and such candies could be had by the handfuls.

White Rabbit Handcream

The full range of offerings includes fragrances, hand cream, car fragrance clips, shower cream, body lotion and even bags. Of the beauty products, the shower cream and body lotion definitely strike our fancy – they come infused with vitamin E and shea butter to leave your skin feeling baby-soft and smelling fresh.

If you think the scent will fade off too quickly, you can also add a spritz of perfume before heading out, or slather on some hand cream to soak in the White Rabbit goodness while on the go. How’s that for sweetening up your day?

White Rabbit Candy Beauty

The White Rabbit Candy beauty line and other merchandise are now available online via Chinese retailer T-Mall, and range in price from S$6 to S$57 (excluding shipping).

Photo credits: T-Mall

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We all know that bubble tea is huge in the Asian regions, especially in the land of boba that is Taiwan. But with more and more countries making the move to ban the use of single-use straws in the coming years, there’s a need to come up with an innovative solution fast. Leave it to Taiwanese duo Mickey Wu and Fang Shih to do just that with Float – a reusable cup that lets you sip on your favourite BBT drinks with the pearls, but sans the straws.


So how exactly does it work?

Just like its namesake suggests, this ingenious design comes with a small inner container that holds the toppings so they “float” on top of the cup instead of sinking to the bottom of the drink. And in case you’re worried that it might be tough to clean, fret not – the rest of the parts can be easily disassembled for fuss-free washing too.



Besides eliminating the use of plastic straws, eco-conscious drinkers will also be glad to know that these cups are constructed with recycled glass, which helps to reduce environmental pollution. This means you can enjoy your boba without feeling the guilt – and it doesn’t hurt that it looks incredibly sleek. Functional and stylish while doing our part to save the earth? Just take our money!


But here’s the sad part: as much as we hate to burst your bubble (sorry, we had to), FLOAT unfortunately doesn’t appear to be available on the market as of yet. Let’s hope it will be up for sale soon!

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With a fast-paced working culture and a city that never sleeps, food you can eat on the go is immensely popular – and the reason why sandwich restaurants are dime a dozen in Singapore.

It’s thus a breath of fresh air to see one that’s clearly trying to go against the norm, albeit with familiar influences in their dishes. Located within the quieter sister of the two Somerset-named malls, 111 Somerset, the striking red hue of REBEL’s interior coupled with eye-catching murals of their mascot Rebel Gurl clearly shows how they aim to stand out from the crowd. And with a motto like ‘Normal is Boring’, you can be sure they aren’t your typical sandwich joint.


Their offerings certainly piqued our interest when we headed down for a tasting a few days before their opening. Taking inspiration from traditional Vietnamese banh mi with the use of pickled relish and coriander leaf in a baguette, REBEL puts together distinct Singapore flavours in its 15 offerings. While the usual style that local patrons know and love is still available in the Trad (traditional style chicken Cha Lua, chicken ham, pate), it’s the unique ones that most definitely steal the show.

Take the H.A.L.T. – an acronym for its ingredients of chicken ham, avocado salsa, lettuce and tomato – for example: the creamy avocado with its tinge of sour salsa elevates the otherwise normal ham to a whole new level. Although portions are generous, the avocado salsa tends to fall out when you take a big bite so we reckon eating in is the key.


Also of note are their vegan varieties, which are made in collaboration with eco-friendly protein producers Quorn. The meat-free patties used in the sandwiches are pleasantly realistic, with our favourite being the Pure – Quorn’s spicy patties coupled with decidedly Singaporean tempeh (fermented soy cake), sandwiched between the fluffy insides of their in-house bread.


Working together with local labels is also part of REBEL’s brand ethos. Quorn is just one of REBEL’s several boutique partners; local coffee roasters QOMUNE will also be offering up their brews for the morning cuppa, while meat is provided by premium halal certified meat brand Zac Meat. Even its packaging is meticulously selected to be environmentally friendly, in a bid to go plastic-free – PACKADZ uses biodegradable, recycled, unbleached or non-PVC lined papers to reduce their environmental footprint.

REBEL is located at 111 Somerset #01-08, Singapore 238164.


6 Stylish Tech Gadgets To Glam Up Your Workspace

13 May 2019 by Teenage

Feeling dull and uninspired in the office? Spark joy in your workplace with these nifty gizmos that are as good-looking as they are functional.

Muzen OTR Speaker

Muzen On The Road Speakers

The new Muzen On The Road (OTR) speakers ($139) are a blast from the past. Inspired by radio sets of the 1960s, the OTR range combines modern connectivity with vintage aesthetics for a unique, retro-looking design. The speakers are Bluetooth-compatible, boast a battery life of up to 10 hours, and can even tune in to the radio (talk about old-school charm!). Set it up on your work desk, or carry it around in its leather pouch – either way, this cute-as-button speaker will delight even the most discerning gadget guru in your office with its timeless appeal.

Canon Mini Photo Printer

Canon Mini Photo Printer

Between the paper jams and complicated buttons, a printer isn’t the easiest machine to handle. But downsizing all these problems is the Canon Mini Photo Printer (from $189). Like its name suggests, this printer is compact and weighs just 160g. But packed within its petite frame is the ability to print up to 20 photos, without the need for any ink cartridges. Play around with its editing features on the application, and watch your favourite memories come to life in glossy print-outs. These smudge-proof and scratch-resistant photos even make for the perfect desk decorations too!

Fujifilm X-T30

Fujifilm X-T30

Capture vivid imagery for both work and leisure with the Fujifilm X-T30 (from $1,399). This lightweight mirrorless camera might be small in frame, but it comes loaded with hardworking hardware required for quality photo and video captures. Bring your creative vision to life with its vivid 26.1 megapixels, smooth 4K video recording, and high-resolution audio recording. The result is crisp, professional output – all housed within a stylish body that comes in three minimalist-approved colourways: black, premium silver and charcoal silver.

Fitbit Versa Lite

Fitbit Versa Lite

It’s easy to lose sight of your health when deadlines kick in. Stay on top of your fitness goals with the Fitbit Versa Lite ($248), the company’s most affordable smartwatch yet. It comes with a four-day battery life, measures your heart rate, and has over 15 exercise modes to record various workouts. Bring it to the pool with its swim-proof design, or keep it on you for detailed information of essential health indicators. This trooper even works when you’re not – it has a sleep tracking function that assesses the quality of your rest. Coupled with its sleek body and bold colour choices, Fitbit Versa Lite will fit right in your busy lifestyle.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

The 10th anniversary phones for Samsung’s S series is shaping up to be its most celebrated one yet. At 6.1 inches, the Samsung Galaxy S10 (from $1,298) has a high screen-to-body ratio that’s powered by its vivid AMOLED display. Colours are sharper, brighter, better – and so are the other features. The S10 now comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner, an impressive ultra-wide 123-degree view to capture exactly what you see, and the highly-convenient wireless power sharing function between compatible devices.

HP Spectre Folio

HP Spectre Folio

The HP Spectre Folio ($2,299) looks unlike any other portable laptops. For one, it’s shaped like a leather notebook. The 13.3-inch convertible, when closed, comes wrapped in handcrafted, full-grain leather that lends it an air of luxury, which makes carrying it around (and using it) a snazzy affair. But beyond its handsome looks, this powerhouse of a laptop also has spectacular hardware to boot. It’s powered by one of the industry’s smallest motherboards, and delivers an exceptional battery life of up to 21 hours – more than enough to get you through a full workday and even a late-night Netflix binge before you sleep.

This article was adapted from Teenage Portfolio 2019.

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