We’ve all probably fallen victim to Instagram envy at some point. It’s time to ditch those accounts that don’t make us feel great about ourselves, and liven up your feed with a handful of self-care accounts that are so visually pleasing, you just can’t stop checking them. Bring on the good vibes!

Recipes For Self Love (@recipesforselflove)

Heads up, fellow gal pals! A mix of gorgeous pastel illustrations and inspiring one-liners, this gynocentric account is bound to ignite your inner girl pride while satisfying your sense of aesthetic. From encouraging body confidence to learning how to love yourself, @recipiesforselflove dishes out reminders of self love from a female perspective.

Phiney Pet (@phineypet)

Enter the eclectic world of womenswear designer @phineypet, who shares a slightly crude but fiercely independent spirit that of a girl boss through her loud, playful designs. If you’re all about girl power and proud of it, her feed will certainly be up your alley. Not for the faint-hearted!

Subliming.jpg (@subliming.jpg)

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Designed for the “visually passionate and emotionally confused”, @subliming.jpg brings to life a vibrant scheme of motivational quotes via bold typography and eye-catching graphic elements. One for the deeper souls, we like that it evokes a possible shift in your thoughts and perspectives without coming across as cliche. 

Mind Body Green (@mindbodygreen)

For the health and wellness enthusiasts, look no further than @mindbodygreen. More than just doling out uplifting quotes, it presents itself as an all-in-one “wellness package” to keep your mind and body on track – think healthy recipes, workout routines and stress relief tips, all served up in bite-sized videos and imagery.

The Gold Script (@thegoldscript)


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If you’re a fan of poetry, @thegoldscript could be another account to add to your following list. Instead of the usual quotes and sayings, the brainchild behind the account uses it as a platform to pen her own writings. After a rough day, scroll though this little space and let it be a place of healing for you.

Dallas Clayton (@dallasclayton)

An author and illustrator for kids’ books, @dallasclayton brings you along on his graffiti adventure as he paints punch, thought-provoking quotes on different canvases – from paper, to plain walls, to concrete pavements. Beyond his artworks, he encourages us to bask in the spirit of spreading love and positivity.

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It’s a Tokidoki dream come to life at the first-of-its-kind pop-up Tokidoki cafe!

From now till end June 2018, fans of the Simone Legno brand can head down to Kumoya to get their unicorn fix. All decked out in Tokidoki’s trademark eye-popping aesthetic, you’ll be greeted by a larger-than-life statue of Little Terror at the entrance along with dozens of Unicorno plushies waiting for you at every table. There are also plenty of merchandise on display, from collectible toy figurines to quirky accessories, all available for purchase.

Tokidoki x Kumoya

But let’s get down to the real deal: the food. Created by Little Miss Bento, the Tokidoki-inspired menu features a variety of insanely adorable mains, desserts and beverages that will leave you spoilt for choice. Here’s what we ordered.

Unicorno Cotton Candy ($17.90)

Unicorno Cotton Candy

Undeniably the star of the show, this mountain of rainbow goodness arrived with a massive cotton candy sitting atop a concoction of passionfruit and strawberry calpis with butterfly pea tea. It makes for perfect Instagram fodder, but we suggest that you snap it quick ’cause it’s gonna create a huge mess if you leave it out for too long. Let the cotton candy melt into the drink for a sweeter flavour, and sip away!

Donutella & Sweet Friends Japanese Curry ($25.90)

Donutella & Sweet Friends Japanese Curry

Can we expect anything less from Little Miss Bento? This scores major points for presentation – think Teriyaki flavoured rice shaped into Donutell and doused in Japanese curry. A plate of Donutella sets you back a solid $25.90, but it makes up for the price tag with generous portions of tempura salmon, breaded ebi, scallops, calamari rings and fresh garden salad.

SANDy and Polpettina Full-of-Life Chicken Katsu Burger ($23.90)

SANDy and Polpettina Full-of-Life Chicken Katsu Burger

The SANDy and Polpettina burger doesn’t disappoint, either. For $23.90, you get a juicy slab of chicken katsu dipped in sweet teriyaki sauce and sandwiched between toasty green buns, served with a bite-sized pink custard mantou and hand-cut fries on the side.

Dolce Pretty-in-Pink Berries Sponge Cake ($18.90)

Dolce Pretty-in-Pink Berries Sponge Cake

This one’s almost too pretty to eat, but you’re gonna have a hard time resisting anyway – it’s a unicorn in cake form! The strawberry sponge cake comes accompanied with delightful swirls of fresh cream, marshmallow hearts and a fluffy cloud of cotton candy, and what’s not to love about that?

To sweeten the deal, you can also get your very own Peperino or Marea plush key ring with every purchase of Unicorno Rainbow Magic Parfait ($23.90). All Frappe beverages ($17.90) are also served with a free Donutella float that you can take home.

The Tokidoki x Kumoya pop-up cafe is located at 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320, opens from 29 March to end June 2018.

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10 Fun Everyday Ways To Go Green In 2018

24 Mar 2018 by Trixy Aw

It’s time to flick off your lights! With Earth Hour ticking in, we debunk traditional means and pack in ways to go green the fun way! From stay-home activities to everyday habits, here are 10 easy ways to #Connect2Earth in 2018.

#1 Ditch the plastic straws


Say no to disposable plastic straws (or anything plastic, really – but plastic straws are a good place to start). If you’re not a fan of sipping straight from a cup, get yourself a cute reusable straw that will last you a lifetime. Pop this baby into a glass of lemonade or homemade smoothie, and tuck yourself in for a movie night-in during Earth Hour!

#2 Bring your own bottle

Nearing a project deadline? Exams just right around the corner? While you’re heading out to grab your morning cuppa for a pick-me-up, don’t forget to bring along a mug or tumbler with you. If you’re reading this now, hit up your nearest Starbucks during Earth Hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm with your bottle and get a free tall-sized coffee on the house. Don’t say bojio!

#3 Make smart shopping choices

Start incorporating environmentally-friendly products in your life – this means supporting sustainable, ethical brands that are committed to making a difference. For makeup junkies, here are some eco-friendly beauty brands to consider adding into your collection.

#4 Swap your wardrobe


We’re all too familiar with the dilemma of having a wardrobe filled with tons of options, but still have nothing to wear. Before you start aimlessly throwing out your clothes, why not set a date with your pals for a big wardrobe swap? This shouts for a fun yet economical way to refresh your wardrobe and change up your style – all while saving the Earth and the dollars in your bank!

Alternatively, you can also donate your old threads to secondhand shops like Refash or charity organisations like The Salvation Army so they can have a new lease of life.

#5 Opt for E-tickets

Why print out something just to toss it out? With the ease of technology and handy access to emails these days, start opting for E-tickets for your next movie date or vacation instead! This saves the hassle of printing and possibly, a couple of trees too.

#6 Seek out a new outdoor activity

There’s a whole world out there for you to explore beyond your pixelated screens. Leave your electronics indoors and head out for a weekend of outdoor fun! Take the opportunity to try out activities outside of your comfort zone – ride the waves at Wavehouse Sentosa, bring out your inner Tarzan at Forest Adventure, or go on a real outdoor rock-climbing adventure at Dairy Farm. Doing your part for Earth Hour while burning the weekend calories? Count us in!

#7 Board games aren’t bored games

For those who prefer staying indoors, don’t just have your eyes glued to your favourite shows all day. When the lights go off, switch up Netflix for some classic board games that will keep you entertained for hours even after Earth Hour. To spice things up, you can even impose fun forfeits and penalties.

#8 DIY your own recycle bin

Image credit: Brian Kramer

Instead of trashing everything into one bin, we suggest having a recycling bin at home to sort out your recyclables. To make recycling more fun, feel free to personalise and doll up your bins – trusty ol’ Pinterest got your back with a ton of DIY tutorials. Living green doesn’t get any more stylish than this!

#9 Take a cold shower

Before you say “brrr…”, hear us out. Although it’s more tempting to go for a hot shower in the morning, taking a cold shower does wonders for your body and is healthier for the environment too. Not only does it keep you feeling fresh and alert, it’s also proven to improve circulation and aid weight loss! Besides, what better way to depuff your face after a sinful night of supper? 

#10 Keep an eco bag handy

An impromptu grocery or shopping run? Go green by always having a handy, foldable eco bag with you – you’ll always be ready when your inner Rebecca Bloomwood strikes! You can easily get a recyclable bag anywhere, but if you want to score bonus style points, you can choose to customise your tote bag at online stores such as thexstyle.

Every year, people around the world are switching their lights off from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on 24 March. But it’s more than just turning off the lights – follow our tips above to celebrate Earth Hour every day! Are you doing your part to #Connect2Earth?

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You no longer have to fly all the way to the Land of the Rising Sun to catch the cherry blossoms, as you can now get the full hanami viewing experience at our very own Gardens by the Bay from now till 8 April 2018.

As part of the inaugural Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival), the Flower Dome is transformed into a magical sakura forest embraced by a canopy of pink and white blooms. Set against a Japanese-inspired landscape, one can expect plenty of ‘gram-worthy ops – from traditional tea houses, to torii gates, to the lifelike dolls on display. While soaking in the views, don’t forget to immerse yourself in the other Flower Dome programmes such as Japanese tea ceremonies, kimono parades and more. 

Sakura Matsuri

Sakura Matsuri

Rounding off the festivities is the Sakura Japan Fair, which will be held over the last week of Sakura Matsuri from 30 March to 8 April. Savour delicious Japanese treats, enjoy cultural performances and participate in the various workshops such as baking, bento making and sake appreciation. But don’t leave without renting a yutaka (rental charge applies), which will make for super pretty #OOTDs – psst, those wearing a yutaka will be given priority to snap a free picture at the photo booth! Check out the Calendar of Events for the complete programme lineup.

Sakura Matsuri is happening from now till 8 April 2018 at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay.


Millennials vs Parents: Who's The Better Traveller?

16 Mar 2018 by Teenage

Travelling with our clan is an entirely different ball game when compared to going on a trip with our friends – travel habits, itinerary preferences and all. Family dynamics may be hard to navigate, but according to Expedia.com.sg’s Family Travel, 75 percent of teenagers said that their parents are their favourite holiday companions! That’s not all; 6 in 10 respondents also agree that at the end of the day, it’s making memories together with your loved ones that counts. Just ask these three millennials, who took part in the Expedia Singapore Family Showdown in hopes of scoring a dream staycation for their family.

Roping in their folks for the challenge, our friends at Expedia put them to the test to see who knows the other better. It was full of fun and laughter as the families spared no hesitation in spilling hilarious anecdotes about each other’s weird quirks, embarrassing overseas encounters and more! After all, our family knows us best – or do they?

And here’s the fun part: it’s up to YOU to decide which family gets to embark on the getaway of their dreams. Simply watch the videos below and vote for the pair whom you think deserves to win! The video entry with the most amount of votes will win a staycation for their family worth up to $3,000, while the remaining two finalists will each receive an Expedia voucher worth $500. 

Round one: Aisyah vs Mustapah

In the first episode of the Expedia Singapore Family Showdown, watch as Aisyah and her dad, Mustapah, battle it out to see who knows the other better as they talk about their favourite family vacation moments, who’s the more forgetful one in the family, and their wish for a dream family holiday.

Round two: Shirmin vs Vercilia

In the second instalment of the Expedia Singapore Family Showdown, we have Shirmin and her mum, Vercilia, giving us a peek into their embarrassing encounters overseas, and amusing family bickers as they spend time travelling as a family.

Round three: Ruqsaar vs Sarifah

In the last episode of the Expedia Singapore Family Showdown, Ruqsaar and her mum, Sarifah, tease each other on their family vacation quirks and habits to bring the series to a heart-warming close.

Which video is your favourite? Simply fill in your particulars below and start voting! Also, don’t forget to sign up here as an Expedia Rewards member to enjoy exclusive members-only deals.

Terms & conditions

  • Closing date for this contest is 30 March 2018. This contest is open to all residing in Singapore only.
  • Only one submission per person is allowed. Any entrant who enters more than once will be disqualified.
  • The video entry with the most amount of votes will win a staycation for their family worth up to $3,000, while the remaining two finalists will each receive an Expedia voucher worth $500. 
  • All details and particulars submitted must be accurate and complete.
  • Any incorrect or incomplete information found in the entry will result in the disqualification.
  • Media Group reserves the right to suspend or cancel the voting at any time.

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