Back for its 42nd edition, the annual Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) is returning stronger than ever with an exciting lineup of local and international acts (some specially commissioned for the festival). Taking place from 16 May to 12 June, be prepared for a fortnight-long appreciation of music, dance, technology and more. From cross-cultural classics to moving images and virtual reality, here are our top picks to look out for.

#1 Dionysus

Dionysus SIFA 2019

Under the masterful hand of Japanese director Tadashi Suzuki and highlighting a huge cast of actors from Indonesia, Japan and China, this retelling of Euripides’ Greek tragedy The Bacchae will open the festival with a bang on 17 and 18 May. Featuring costumes by Indonesian designer Auguste Soesastro and Tadashi Suzuki himself as well as a musical score with Indonesian instruments by composer Takada Midori, Dionysus is sure to awe with intense storytelling and captivating visuals.

Dionysus will be showing on 17 and 18 May at the Victoria Theatre, tickets from $40.

#2 100 Keyboards

100 Keyboards SIFA 2019

Both an exhibition and a music performance, sound artist ASUNA will be presenting 100 Keyboards in Singapore for the first time. 100 battery-operated analogue keyboards will be on display during the day; come nightfall, the avant-garde musician will experiment with sound waves to create tunes from hip-hop and lo-fi pop to ambient noises and overlapping textures. The sounds differ depending on where you’re seated, so be sure to keep your ears peeled.

100 Keyboards exhibition will take place from 16 to 19 May at Gallery II, Festival House (The Arts House), admission is free. 100 Keyboards performance will be showing from 17 to 20 May at Gallery II, Festival House (The Arts House), tickets from $20.

#3 The Mysterious Lai Teck

The Mysterious Lai Teck SIFA 2019

As short as Singapore’s history is, a number of shadowy figures never quite made it into our textbooks. One of them is Lai Teck, remembered as the leader of the Malayan Communist Party from 1939 to 1947 and a triple agent of the Fresh, British and Japanese, whose dark tale will be explored in The Mysterious Lai Teck. Performed by acclaimed Singapore artist Ho Tzu Nyen and commissioned by SIFA, travel back to wartime Southeast Asia through innovative staging using visual projections, theatrical drapes and an animatronic puppet to discover one man’s enigmatic story.

The Mysterious Lai Teck will be showing from 17 to 19 May at SOTA Drama Theatre, tickets from $40.

#4 Peter and The Wolf

Peter and the Wolf 

Peter and the Wolf is a timeless classic, but seeing it come to life in the form of videography and puppets will definitely be a treat for many. The beloved whimsical tale will be told to crowds young and old through the efforts of a six-piece band, live animation, puppetry and a local narrator. Adapted by Sophie Roberts of New Zealand’s Silo Theatre, join Peter as he goes on a quest to capture an escaped wolf while discovering a new magical world.

Peter and the Wolf will be showing on 18 to 20 May at the KC Arts Centre Home of SRT, tickets from $30.

#5 Frogman

Frogman SIFA 2019

What happens when the past catches up to you? Utilising both theatre and virtual reality, Frogman is a murder mystery and supernatural thriller all in one, where the story jumps back and forth between two timelines in an attempt to rescue a missing girl. Participants will don a VR headset that immerses them into the gripping narrative, granting them a multi-sensory experience that is definitely worth the dollars.

Frogman will be showing from 21 to 26 May at SOTA Studio Theatre, tickets from $40.

#6 ST/LL


In an intriguing mix of performance and installation, Japanese artist Shiro Takatani’s ST/LL will be gracing the SIFA stage after successful showings in Europa, Tokyo and Taiwan. Melding lighting, media art, stage design and dance movement into one breathtaking piece, this beautiful performance is further enhanced by the music score, composed by Oscar-winning songsmith Ryuichi Sakamoto.

ST/LL will be showing on 24 and 25 May at Esplanade Theatre, tickets from $40.

#7 Bill Frisell Trio

Bill Frisell Trio

He has over 40 years of musical experience as well as a Grammy award under his belt, but there is still no telling how each show of Bill Frisell’s will go down with his penchant for freestyle and improvisation. Joined by drummer Rudy Royston and bassist Thomas Morgan – two of the most in-demand acts in the jazz world – get ready to be awed by some of Bill’s most iconic compositions in this one-night-only performance.

Bill Frisell Trio will be showing on 29 May at Victoria Theatre, tickets from $50.

#8 Crowd

Crowd SIFA 2019

Music is often an escape from reality, and the essence of that is depicted in Crowd, a dance and theatre piece inspired by the techno rave scene of 1990s Berlin. Choreographed and directed by Gisèle Vienne, 15 dancers explore their inner selves by drawing out alternative dreamscapes, distortions and realities to the beat of electronic dance music – a hypnotic performance and visual feast not to be missed!

Crowd will be showing on 1 and 2 June at Victoria Theatre, tickets from $40.

The full SIFA 2019 programme lineup can be found on their website. Catch the full trailer for the festival here!

Will you be catching any of the shows from SIFA? Let us know in the comments below!

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Staying organised in our daily lives is no easy task. Despite attempts on absorbing tips from renowned Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo, it’s admittedly still a challenge to keep things prim and proper when life gets hectic. To get you started on KonMari-ing your life, here are some organisational habits that you can easily integrate into your daily routine.

#1 Keep Your Living Space Clean With A Weekly Schedule


It can often be quite exhausting to have just one cleaning day scheduled every few months. Instead of having to spruce up the room at one go, distribute these tasks with a weekly cleaning schedule. From rearranging the books on your shelves to giving your study desk a wipe down, having a weekly timetable helps you to set aside adequate time to organise your home without having to procrastinate. The duration doesn’t have to be a long one either; carving out one to two hours a week is good enough to get yourself familiarised with this good habit.

#2 Donate Items That Don’t Spark Joy

Credit: Netflix

Do you find your closet cluttered with clothes that you only seem to wear once, or your shelves filled with unread books that are collecting dust? If your answer is ‘yes’, then it’s highly likely that you are taking up space with items that you are no longer interested in or have no practical use for. Spend some time going through the clutter, and pick out stuff that literally don’t make you happy anymore, to donate or sell. If it feels like too much work at one go, start small by throwing one item out every day until you can no longer find any more things to get rid of.

#3 Minimise Your Digital Inbox 

Credit: Fox

If you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends, then you’re most probably someone who subscribes to a number of newsletters. Despite your initial efforts in keeping up with your favourite brands, it’s inevitable to miss a couple of them especially when they have a habit of sending more than one newsletter every month. In such a scenario, employing the use of a stringent criteria for the content you want for your digital inbox is greatly beneficial. In addition to ensuring enough space for important emails, you wouldn’t feel the stress of a seemingly endless amount of unread emails. So if you haven’t read a single email from a particular brand in a while, it’s time to hit that unsubscribe button!

#4 Be Aware Of Expired Food

Credit: Giphy

Due to the hectic schedule we all face every day, it’s difficult to keep track of the perishables that sit in our kitchen. While it’s always tempting to leave it to someone else in the family to handle, part of developing organisational skills is to put it to good use. Simply spare 15 minutes of your day per week to take a look at the items in the kitchen, and toss out any expired food you may find. This helps to rid the cabinets of unnecessary clutter and make room for fresh, new supplies. Your folks will thank you for this!

#5 Organise Your Weekend


Create a list of activities that you are interested in trying out, which will come in handy when you are stuck with a plan-free and boring weekend. Having a curated list of to-dos will not only guarantee an enjoyable weekend, but it will also help prevent you from wasting precious time on decision-making.

#6 Plan Your Outfit For The Next Day

Credit: CW

Rather than feeling flustered and rushed to get yourself ready for school or work, prep things beforehand so you will feel more orderly and efficient to take on the day’s activities. By planning your outfit the night before, you won’t be wasting your morning away staring blankly at your closet, which leaves you with more time to clock in more sleep or eat a proper breakfast.

#7 Spring Clean Your Wallet

Credit: Tenor

One of the best and quickest ways to start becoming more organised is decluttering your wallet. Whenever you find yourself with some downtime, be it on the commute back home or in front of the TV after dinner, use it to clear your wallet of unwanted mess in three easy ways: file away receipts that you would like to keep before recycling the rest; go through your reward cards to make sure the ones you often use are prominent in your wallet; and remove half the amount of coins for safe storage in a jar or other designated containers in your home, because there’s simply no need for you to carry around all that extra weight.

#8 Manage Your Life With A Bullet Journal

Credit: Giphy

For the uninitiated, a bullet journal is a great way to make lists and take notes in a fully customisable way that tailors to your needs. As an alternative to information being recorded in five different places, this mindful practice allows you to record them all in one place. It really doesn’t take much to get started; all you need are some writing tools plus a notebook, and you’re all set! Colourful pens such as Pentel’s Hybrid Milky, Watercolour Sticks and Brush Sign Pen are good options to have on hand, especially when it comes to decorating the pages of your personalised bullet journal.

Bullet Journaling Essentials

Psst… if you’re interested in trying out your hand at bullet journaling, you’re invited to join Teenage x Pentel’s Bullet Journaling Workshop! Slots are limited so be sure to register ASAP if you want to secure a spot. Click here for the deets.

This post was brought to you by Pentel.

What are some of your best tips to keep yourself organised? Share with us in the comments below!

In the blink of an eye, we’re three months into the year – but the events continue to come in thick and fast. From throwback concerts to art festivals galore, here’s a definitive list of what you should go for in March.

2 Mar: Blue Live in Singapore

Blue in Singapore

Remember Blue? It has been eight long years, but the British boyband finally came through with their long-awaited concert at [email protected] Box! Experience nostalgia at its finest as the legendary four-piece sends fans back to the early-Noughties with their extensive catalog of smash hits such as ‘All Rise’, ‘One Love’ and ‘Guilty’.

Tickets from $108, visit APACTIX for more information.

5 Mar: Kodaline Live in Singapore


After dropping their third full-length album Politics of Living at the end of 2018, Irish band Kodaline has embarked on a world tour to promote their latest effort – with a stop in Singapore, marking their return to our shores nearly five years since their last gig here. Rock out with the quartet to tracks such as ‘All I Want’, ‘Love Like This’ and ‘Follow Your Fire’ in what’s sure to be a night to remember.

Tickets from $128, visit SISTIC for more information.

7 Mar: Maroon 5 Red Pill Blues Tour Live in Singapore

Maroon 5

Fans of Maroon 5, the wait is almost over: the American pop rock band’s one-night-only National Stadium concert is just around the corner! Led by charismatic frontman Adam Levine, get ready to be enthralled by Maroon 5’s larger-than-life performances as they bring their award-winning discography to the stage.

Tickets from $98, visit Sports Hub Tix for more information.

7 to 10 Mar: Textures 2019

Buy #Singlit Bazaar

After a well-received first run last year, The Arts House and #BuySinglit are joining forces once again for Textures 2019. A celebration of local literature with the theme of ‘Love and Loss (and some things in between)’, avid wordsmiths can enjoy an exciting lineup of performances, workshops and even a book fair, all while discovering Singapore’s budding literature scene.

Admission is free unless otherwise stated. Visit The Arts House for more information.

8 to 10 Mar: Street of Clans

Street of Clans - Dual

Before Bukit Pasoh Road became the gentrified, hipster road of cafes we know today, it was home to many of Singapore’s age-old clans as well as a thriving community of creatives. Held in conjunction with Singapore Design Week 2019, Street of Clans allows visitors a sneak peek into some of these clans’ homes where design installations, workshops and artist takeovers tell of stories past.

Admission is free. Visit Singapore Design Week for more information.

9 Mar: Garden Beats Festival 2019

Garden Beats Festival

Music and sustainability come together for a day of all-around good vibes at Garden Beats Festival. Taking place at Fort Canning Green, the fifth edition of this eco-friendly event features back-to-back music sets by both local and international artistes alongside a series of talks by champions of sustainable lifestyles. Don’t forget to pack your own picnic baskets for a party at the Picnic Fields, or pop by the Culinary Fields to grab some mouthwatering treats to keep your tummy happy throughout the fest!

Tickets from $98, visit Garden Beats Festival for more information.

14 to 17 Mar: Singapore Urban Design Festival

Singapore Urban Design Festival

Rounding off Singapore Design Week 2019 with a bang, we have the Singapore Urban Design Festival which promises you a vibrant weekend of live entertainment, delicious grub and fun-filled workshops. From quad skating on the rooftop of a carpark to getting crafty in hands-on activities, there’s a little something for everyone over four days of wholesome fun.

Tickets from $10, visit Singapore Urban Design Festival for more information.

17 Mar: Lovelyz Concert in Singapore [Lovelyz 3 of Winter World]

Lovelyz Live in Singapore - Lovelyz 3 of Winter World

Rising K-pop girl group Lovelyz will be making their Singapore concert debut this March with their Lovelyz 3 of Winter World tour. Charming the socks off Lovelinus with their bubblegum pop flavour, expect to be dazzled by infectious tunes such as ‘Candy Jelly Love’, ‘Now We’ and ‘Lost N Found’. Fans with category one and above tickets have a guaranteed high-touch with the girls and all ticket holders stand a chance to win exclusive posters and polaroids – what more can you ask for?

Tickets from $88, visit APACTIX for more information.

22 Mar: Dreamcatcher Invitation from Nightmare City in Singapore


After a short stint at HallyuPopFest last year, the mysterious ladies of Dreamcatcher will be returning to Singapore for a full-fledged concert as part of their Southeast Asian Tour, Invitation from Nightmare City. Set to thrill fans with their unique mix of horror-esque themes and rock-pop music, you’re in for a mesmerising night with numbers like ‘Chase Me’, ‘Fly High’ and their recently-released single ‘Piri’.

Tickets from $88, visit APACTIX for more information.

23 Mar: Noise Invasion Festival


Noise Invasion Festival takes centre stage in an urban setting this year, as experimental art performances and installations head to Parklane Shopping Mall’s level 8 car park. Interactive exhibitions, live music and a vintage streetwear and art market await guests looking to soak up the atmosphere on site, while others can participate in online conversations and watch the proceedings through a festival live stream from the comfort of their home.

Admission is free. Visit Noise Singapore for more information.

24 Mar: Ruel Ready Tour 2019 Live in Singapore


Named as one of the prominent breakout acts to look out for, up-and-coming star Ruel will be in town for his debut concert. Watch as the singer-songwriter enthral the crowd with singles like ‘Don’t Tell Me’ and ‘Younger’, as well as the song that netted him the ARIA award, ‘Dazed and Confused’.

Tickets from $88, visit Live Nation for more information. 

29 Mar: Tom Odell Live in Singapore 2019

Tom Odell

English singer-songwriter and piano sensation Tom Odell will be returning to familiar stomping grounds (he was last in Singapore six years ago) for a rollercoaster mix of sweeping melodies and emotional lyrics. For one night only, immerse yourselves in heartfelt crooning of various tracks from his albums Long Way Down, Wrong Crowd and Jubilee Road.

Tickets from $98, visit Live Nation for more information.

30 to 31 Mar: Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden

Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden 2018

Anime fans, mark your calendars – Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden is back for its sophomore run! Held at the picturesque Meadow at Gardens by the Bay, indulge in two days of cosplay showcases, summer festival games and a Japanese-themed food bazaar. Come nightfall, bask under the beautifully lit Supertrees as popular anisong artistes such as Ayaka Ohashi (Saya Yamabuki in BanG Dream!, Uzuki Shimamura in The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls) and Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier, voice provider of Vocaloid GUMI) turn up the tempo with electrifying performances.

Admission is free. Visit Gardens by The Bay for more information.

Which event are you planning to check out? Tell us in the comments below!

Trends come and go, but the unicorn mania is still going strong. Bringing these magical creatures to life in the most delicious way yet, Wall’s has unleashed their latest unicorn-themed Cornettos – and it looks straight out of a fairytale!

Housed in a gorgeous pink cone, the pastel-hued treat comes topped with strawberry jam and multi-coloured chocolate balls – all wrapped in a holographic packaging with a sparkly rainbow unicorn on the front. Oh, and it tastes like dreams, marshmallows and cotton candy – kinda like a paddle pop ice cream.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wall’s Indonesia (@wallsidn) on

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Have you seen our new arrival in Thailand: #UniCornetto #unicornicecream #unicorn #ยูนิคอร์นเนตโต

A post shared by Cornetto (@cornetto) on

Previously only available in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, the clever-named Unicornetto has now made its way to Singapore – but bear in mind that these bad boys can play a lil’ hard to get. For now, it’s only stocked at selected 7-Eleven stores islandwide, so be sure to pop by your neighbourhood outlet to hunt ’em down!

And in case you were wondering, no unicorns were harmed during the production of these mystical treats.

Featured image credits: Cornetto, kiyuair on Instagram

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