5 Things To Look Out For At Singapore Comic Con 2019

15 Jul 2019 by Jasmine Ong

Fans of all things pop culture rejoice: the annual Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) returns this year from 7 to 8 December at Marina Bay Sands with a star-studded lineup of comic illustrators and toy designers, as part of the Singapore Media Festival (SMF).

Formerly known as the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention (STGCC), the newly rebranded convention is back for its 12th run with two days of fandom madness for everyone to satisfy their nerdiest desires. To help you make the most of your weekend adventure, here are five things you can look out at this year’s SGCC.

#1 Get upclose with DC Comics artists 


If you’re a DC Comics aficionado, you’re in luck as New York Times best-selling artist Mark Simpson aka Jock and DC Comics’ Batman series artist Greg Capullo will be making their way here for SGCC. Famed for their artworks in titles such as 2000 AD, Wolverine and the award-winning Batman: The Black Mirror series as well as Quasar, X-Force and Spawn respectively, fans can stand a chance to rub shoulders with the duo and get your prized comics signed in person.

#2 Meet popular illustrator Tara McPherson


Known for creating art pieces that explore otherworldly characters borne from the complexities of the human psyche, leading female illustrator and toy artist Tara McPherson will be in town to meet with fans of her work while giving the uninitiated a peek at her stunning illustrations.

#3 Get in the e-sports action at the PVP finals


The stage is set for e-sports fanatics to enjoy the final showdown between PVP Community Leagues in games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and DOTA 2. Plus, guests will also get a chance to rub shoulders with professional gaming influencers and experience the latest development for AR and VR in gaming technology at the exclusive industry showcases.

#4 Experience old-school gaming from Gamersaurus Rex


If you’ve seen Stranger Things, you might be one of those who’ve always wondered what it would be like to sit in on a Dungeons & Dragons session. Well, now you can have the tabletop game experience at SGCC and try your hand out at the various role-playing adventure games available! Not to worry if you’re a newbie as sessions for beginners will also be hosted, giving you a chance to learn as you play.

#5 Get first dibs on the latest merchandise


The best part about conventions are the vast variety of exclusive merchandise up for grabs, which are made available to SGCC-goers before it hits stores. From the latest Hot Toys releases to the recent designer XM Studios figurines, it’s every collector’s ultimate paradise.

Singapore Comic Con will take place from 7 to 8 December 2019 at Marina Bay Sands. Tickets from $21, visit Singapore Comic Con for more information.

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If you don’t have time to constantly shop online but want to treat yourself once in a while, consider subscription boxes. By paying a monthly fee, you get a box of items ranging from snacks to apparel and everything in between, depending on the service you’ve subscribed to.

And here’s why it’s even better than something you picked up from the retail shelves: with most of them giving only the hint of a theme every month, what you receive will be a total surprise – just like how presents should be. Here are 10 themed subscription services (both local and international) to cater to vastly different tastes.

For the health nut: Boxgreen


For those looking to switch up the nutritional value of your midday snacks, swing by snack subscription service Boxgreen. Offering the options of savoury, sweet or a mix of both in easy-to-keep bags, you can either choose your favourite varieties or receive recommendations based on your taste and dietary preference. To ensure that subscribers get the best bang for their buck, calories are measured by an in-house nutritionist so you know exactly what’s going into your body. As a bonus, a portion of proceeds of every box sold will go to providing meals for the less fortunate under soup kitchen Willing Hearts. Snacking while doing good? Sign us up! Price: $19.90/month

For the self-professed geek: Lootcrate

Image credit: Bookalicious

Are movies, comics and games up your alley? Try out international geeks-only subscription Lootcrate. Each monthly box comes with a selection of pop culture swag such as wearables (think accessories and tees), vinyl figures and comic books. There are also franchise-specific subscriptions for most well-known fandoms, so if you’re thinking of stocking up on merch of your favourite superheroes or preparing for that eventual letter from Hogwarts (it’ll come one day!), Lootcrate is the one for you. Price: From $42/month (including shipping)

For indecisive shopper: Her Velvet Vase

Her Velvet Vase

Homegrown fashion label Her Velvet Vase offers a subscription service for their Moodbox, where all you have to do is to indicate a Mood Preference and you’ll receive your apparel monthly. All the items in the Moodbox are hand-picked by a stylist, who will create a customised ensemble just for you, including accessories. Remember to indicate specific sizes so you get the right outfits catered for you! Price: From $50/month

For the dapper gent: Ohhmybox


Guys, you’re not forgotten. Grooming products, fashion accessories and other gentlemen essentials come together in Ohhmybox, a male-oriented service which delivers monthly. Selected based on a short questionnaire, you get to bring home elegant cufflinks, fancy tech gadgets and an assortment of facial products when you order one up. Price: From $59/month

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Stickii Club

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For the aesthetic bookworm: Carpe Librum

Carpe Librum

“We deliver happiness, one book at a time” – that’s the slogan of Carpe Librum, which was started by a pair of book lovers who wanted to help grow the local book community. With a new theme introduced every month, these intriguing reads come carefully packaged in a tote bag with related merchandise that avid bookworms would definitely enjoy. Price: $35/bi-monthly for self-collection (additional fee required for delivery)

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Japan Crate

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For the furry friends: Perro Box

Perro Box

Your pooches deserve a gift every now and then too! Perro Box gifts your fur-kid two treats, a toy, a chewy item and something extra every month, every two months or every year. Simply indicate your doggie’s size and how often you want the boxes – and you’ll be sure to come home to a box of treats in the first week of the month. Price: From $29.90/month

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Snacks are a must when the afternoon feels like a slow crawl to the end of a workday. If you’re getting bored of your usual chips and biscuits, here are some unique Singaporean-esque bites to switch up your pantry stash.

F.EAST Egg Prata With Fish Curry Potato Chips

Teenage_Snacks_F.EAST_Egg Prata with Fish Curry

If you’re craving for prata but don’t have the time to run to the nearest coffeeshop, these chips could do the job. They might not be the same as your usual egg prata doused in tangy fish curry, but we think the taste from local brand Flavours of the East (stylised as F.EAST) are close enough to do the trick. Other novel flavours include the iconic Singapore laksa and Hainanese chicken rice. 

Nutkins Black Pepper Crab Peanuts

Teenage_Snacks_The Nutkins

Oftentimes, a good crunch is all you need to do away with work woes (ASMR anybody?). Homegrown company Nutkins has reimagined well-known flavours into – yes, you guessed it – peanuts. And we don’t just mean the usual sugared or salted ones; think decidedly local dishes like black pepper crab and baked prawns, hand-baked to crisp perfection. So shiok!

Mala Mala Handcut Potato Wedges

Teenage_Snacks_Mala Mala

Sichuan mala-flavoured potato chips may be passé, but what about hand-cut potato wedges? While made from the same crop, using wedges means each piece is thicker and more substantial than chips – definitely worth the afternoon calories. And if you’re not a fan of potatoes, Mala Mala also offers spicy mushroom chips as an alternative.

Kettle Gourmet Teh Tarik Popcorn

Teenage_Snacks_The Kettle Gourmet

The folks behind Nutkins are also responsible for gourmet popcorn brand Kettle Gourmet, a Singapore-based haven for popcorn lovers. These round crisps come seasoned in sweet flavours such as cookies and cream and salted caramel, as well as the familiar tastes of chicken rice and our go-to order, teh tarik.

The Cookie Museum Nasi Lemak Cookie

Teenage_Snacks_Cookie Museum

For an interesting spin to your usual companions to coffee, opt for The Cookie Museum. Sure, finding shrimps and ikan bilis in your normally sweet biscuits may cause a few to be taken aback, but the rave reviews tell us that their products are something to shout about. Besides, it’s nasi lemak in cookie form – what more could you ask for?

The Golden Duck Salted Egg Crab Seaweed Tempura

Teenage_Snacks_Golden Duck

One of the early purveyors of salted egg chips and fish skins, The Golden Duck has since branched out into the local snack staple of seaweed tempura – with a seafood twist. Using real crabs in their ingredients, the tempura- battered seaweed melds perfectly with the rich salted egg flavour. Order up the chili crab variation as well to round out your pantry!

Fossa Chocolate Nanyang Kaya Chocolate

Teenage_Snacks_Fossa Chocolate

Although Fossa Chocolate doesn’t limit their products to strictly local flavours, these resident cocoa specialists do hide some interesting twists in their palate of unassuming sweets. One such offering is the nanyang kaya chocolate, which reimagines the local favourite into a breakfast bar layered with crunchy toasted bread.

Wok Wok Cereal Prawn Potato Chips


It can’t get any more local than when our hawkers join in the fray. Conceptualised at the back of an Yishun hawker centre, the chefs behind Ah Tan Wings debuted their cereal prawn potato chips under Wok Wok in 2018 and have never looked back since. While they have to be ordered in at least a box of six (with free delivery!), these crisps are so irresistibly good that we’re sure they would be wiped out in a jiffy. 

 This article was adapted from Teenage Portfolio 2019.


Known for their compact and colourful outlook, instax has always been the go-to camera for instant photo prints. Now, Fujifilm has upped their instax game with a new hybrid model that is able to capture our photo memories with sound!

Dubbed the instax mini LiPlay, this new-generation instax serves as the latest addition to their current line-up of iconic instant cameras as the smallest and most lightweight camera in the history of its series. Compared to the look and feel of its predecessors, the LiPlay has a streamlined body that is complemented with three stunning colour variations – Stone White, Elegant Black and Blush Gold – each holding their own unique finish. The Elegant Black, for example, has an embossed finishing that makes for an eye-catching detail on its camera surface.


In addition to the primary functions of the instant camera, this powerhouse is packed with brand new features that incorporate digital technology to create lasting memories. Unlike previous models, the LiPlay features a 2.7-inch LCD monitor at the back, which gives it the ability to mimic various functions of a digital camera. Instead of having only one chance to get the shot right, you will now be able to get in more than a few tries without the worry of wasting your film as you have the ability to select the shot you want for printing.

What’s more, the camera comes with a remote shooting capability which makes taking group photos a breeze – even if you’re not anywhere near the camera. Controlled simply using a smartphone operation, having to squeeze in your entire clique into the frame will no longer be an issue!


Built with a brightness adjustment capability based on exposure compensation, as well as six filters for processing images, the LiPly lets you make quick edits to your chosen shot before finalising it. The digital capabilities of the camera also creates an easier way for you to print images that are stored in your smartphone. So instead of using an external photo printer, you can now materialise photos that were taken last month with your instax camera via Bluetooth.

However, the defining factor that sets LiPlay apart from its counterparts – is its impressive ability to record audio. Although it might sound a bit like sorcery, this cleverly-devised function actually lets you record up to 10 seconds of sound which gets converted into a QR code that is printed onto your photo. This allows you to relive the exact moment the photo was taken with just a scan of the QR code using your smartphone. It’s exceptionally handy when you want to revisit those special vacation moments!

An instant camera, portable printer and audio recorder all in one? Consider us sold.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay retails at $249, available at all authorised Fujifilm dealers in Singapore.


It seems that the surprises just keep on coming for Singapore ARMYs! As if the recent UNIQLO and BT21 collaboration wasn’t enough to delight avid BTS fans, Changi Airport has decided to up the ante by launching an exclusive pop-up experience with LINE FRIENDS and BT21.

From now till 8 August, head on down to Changi Airport Terminal 3 to browse the extensive range of limited edition BROWN & FRIENDS merchandise, with some items making their first ever appearance in Singapore such as the BROWN SHARK and SALLY OCTI as well as the LINE FRIENDS JUNGLE BROWN collection.


In addition to the BROWN & FRIENDS products, diehard fans of BTS are also in for a treat at the pop-up store with a dedicated section packed full of BT21 goodies. From stationary goods to cuddly cushions, tech gadgets to bag charms, you can now get your hands on rare collectibles that carry the design of your favourite BT21 character without even leaving the country. You can even get first dibs on recent collections such as the BT21 Von Voyage Summer Dolls. Just be prepared to brave the queues!



While we’re definitely expecting the products to be snapped up quickly, fans will be glad to know that new merchandise for both BROWN & FRIENDS as well as BT21 will be added to the shelves weekly, with the older collections getting restocked on a regular basis. So if you’re on the hunt for a particular item, you might be in luck the next time you visit.

That’s not all; in celebration of the launch weekend special from 28 to 30 June, the first 50 shoppers in line at the LINE FRIENDS pop-up store will get to walk away with an exclusive LINE FRIENDS character balloon.

ARMYs, you know what to do!

The LINE FRIENDS pop-up experience runs daily from 28 June to 8 August 2019, 10am to 11pm at Changi Airport Terminal 3, Departure Hall (next to the link bridge to Jewel).

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