Teenage Weekend List

4 Jun 2015 by Teenage

It’s the second weekend of the June holidays and if you’re out of ideas of what to do during your vacation, here are some activities and events in store for you. We also suggest a list of our fave eateries, cafes and places you should visit. 


VISIT: Gundam Docks at Singapore

Gundam Docks in Singapore

One of the world’s largest Gundam exhibition and showcase, Gundam Docks at Singapore will be opening in Singapore on 4 June and there will be a huge opening ceremony on 6 June (Saturday) at 2pm. Expect a special appearance by Japan’s legendary mechanic designer, Mr Kunio Okawara – designer of the Mobile Suit Gundam as well as the exclusive SG50 Gundam model kit, which will be available for sale during the showcase.

Gundam Docks at Singapore exhibition and showcase will be held between 4 to 28 June at Takashimaya Square and Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.

TRY: Beesket Singapore

Beesket Singapore

Try your hand at making your own juice concoction at Beesket! Hailing from Korea, this natural juicery allows you to pick three different fruits to form your own juice creation. You’ll be given a Beesket with three slots for the Juice Capsules, and each capsule comes with information on its calorie count and nutritional value. When you order, the RFID reader at the cashier will compile the information on all three capsules so you know exactly how much vitamins, minerals and calories you are consuming. If you’re not that adventurous, there are also in-house flavours and also suggested juices (for fatigue, working out, or fighting against influenza) that you can pick from!

Beesket Singapore is located at Changi City Point #01-20 and 321 Clementi Ave 3, #02-03. 

DO: Put on sunscreen

Bioré UV Perfect Spray SPF50+ PA++++

I’ve been advocating the use of sunscreens since I got interested in beauty products. The problem with sunscreens is that people often don’t see immediate results and benefits, but I promise that you will look younger than your peers who don’t put on sunscreen regularly in time to come. There’s really no excuse not to put on sunscreen these days either! With better formulation, sunscreens no longer feel sticky or are hard to apply. Take the Bioré UV Perfect Spray ($9.90) for example, it packs a SPF of 50+ and PA++++, which gives you complete protection from UVA and UVB rays. Plus, re-application is so easy – just spray on and go. 


DO: DIY Photobooth

Photobooth DIY

Credit: curbly

So many people are having photo booths at their birthdays/weddings/parties! It’s time to do some DIY and make mine for my own events. There are tutorials from how you can make a stand for the backdrop just by using PVC pipes to free printable props for the booth!

EAT: Buddy Hoagies

Buddy Hoagie Rosti

Credit: Buddy Hoagies

For some cheap and good western food, I head to Buddy Hoagies. And if you can’t get your rosti fix rom Marche, they have (IMO) one of the best rostis. What’s best is that they have student specials during weekdays, making affordable even more affordable!

Buddy Hoagies is located at Nee Soon South Community Club, 30 Yishun Street 81, Singapore 768455 AND 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #B1-05 Bt Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179

WATCH: San Andreas

San Andreas Movie

I love apocalyptic films! Just to name a couple, 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow are a few of my favourite end-of-the-world films, so you can imagine how excited I am to catch San Andreas. I know the plot can be bit generic, estranged couple working together to look for their lost daughter when the earthquake hits, but I still want to know what happen! What caused the earthquake? Do they reunite as a family? Is it the end or there will be more?


WATCH: Insidious: Chapter 3 

Insidious Chapter 3

I’m gonna put on my brave-girl pants on this weekend to catch the third instalment of the Insidious franchise. Set before the haunting of the Lambert family, we’ll follow Elise Rainier as she unwillingly uses her psychic ability to contact the dead in order to help Quinn Brenner, a girl who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity. This prequel unfolds from there as its predecessor does (is it me or does this sentence sounds a tad paradoxical?), but the promised shock and chill factor is definitely something you can’t mentally prep for. 

VISIT: The PC Show (4 – 7 June)

The PC Show 2015

If you’re looking to buy any gadget/tech thingamajig, The PC Show 2015 is your best bet for a good bargain. I’ve been wanting to get a new camera, so this weekend’s PC Show comes at a pretty good timing. Some advice for first-timers: get a map of the entire fair to avoid getting lost – plus it’s good to know what brands/booths there are – scout around for the best deals (don’t settle for the first one you see), and make sure you haggle for loads of freebies. Happy shopping! 

DIY: Clothes Repurposing 

Naked Armour Slit Top Black

Credit: Naked Armour 

Confession: I have a teeny-weeny hoarder tendency, and I hate throwing away clothing just because they’re out of style. Instead, I’ll always try ‘upcycling’ the pieces that I can’t sell or donate. This weekend, I’m going to turn an old maxi dress into a slit top that I wanted to buy, but was sold out. This method is good for those on a budget, because this way you’ll be able to create different (but same) pieces for your wardrobe. There are tons of inspiration sites/tutorials you can find online, but a pair & a spare and Q2Han is pretty useful.


LISTEN: EXO – Love Me Right

EXO Love Me Right

EXO really knows how to spoil us fans – not that I’m complaining though. Shortly after wrapping up promotions for Exodus, the boys returned as smokin’ hot athletes in their brand new MV for ‘Love Me Right’, the title track from their repackaged album of the same name. Aside from that, the album also introduces four new songs – including Lay, Chanyeol and Chen’s self-composed track ‘Promise’ that EXO-Ls have waited so long for. It’s a bittersweet nine-member comeback without a certain kungfu panda, but keep faith yeah?

EAT: 23 Jumpin

23 Jumpin

Okay, so unless you’re an avid cafe-hopper, chances are you wouldn’t bother schlepping all the way to some obscure industrial park for brunch. But I’ll step up to say that 23 Jumpin is deffo worth the time if you’re in the vicinity. This place’s not easy to find, considering the fact that it’s enclosed within black-tinted doors and has nothing but a tiny signage to mark its presence, so be careful not to bypass it. Despite the strictly minimal set-up, 23 Jumpin impresses with its array of tasty grub at wallet-friendly prices. Perfect if you’re on a budget! Noteworthy dishes include the Honey Paprika Wings ($8) and Mushroom Pizza Waffle ($14).

23 Jumpin is located at The Commerce @ Irving, #01-25 1 Irving Pl, Singapore 369546.

DIY: Emoji Clutch

 Emoji Clutch DIY

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Chanced upon this super adorable wristlet clutch on Buzzfeed a few weeks ago and I was so smitten with it that I just have to try my hands on this DIY. I mean, what better way to showcase our love for these lil’ yellow icons than carrying it around IRL? If you’re keen on attempting it, tag us @TeenageMagazine on Instagram with your finished product! Full tutorial can found on A Beautiful Mess. Have fun!

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5 Things To Try Out This June Holidays

29 May 2015 by Venetia Sng

The June Holidays are upon us, if you are lazy (like us) and have NOTHING planned for the holidays, why not pick up a new hobby that’s easy to maintain? We share with you 5 super fun hobbies that are easy to pick up!

1. Upcycle everything


Crafting is fun and theraputic, and upcycling means turning the trash that’s sitting around into things that are actually useful. Once you start, you can never stop! It gives you a sense of achievement and is strangely satisfying at the same time.

Get started: Scan through your place for items which you don’t use. Instead of tossing them, look through this list of 33 Impossibly Cute DIYs You Can Make With Things In Your Recycling Bin to find a potential project. You can try Pinterest for inspiration as well.

2. Cook for yourself


The more you cook, the better your food will turn out and you won’t be eating alone for the rest of your life, so use it as a skill to woo your future significant other.

Get started: Go with simple recipes first then progress to more complicated stuff like a 3-course meal. Check out these insanely easy Three-Ingredient Recipes or you can look through websites like Simply Recipes cause they have recipes for almost anything!

3. Paint something


Paint anything and everything, from a mug to a T-shirt or even your wall. Listen to some music and just paint whatever you feel like painting according to your mood. Free therapy FTW.

Get started: Get familiar with the different basic brushes and acrylic paints are easy to use (if you’re a beginner like us) because they dry fast and can be used either straight from the tube or thinned out with water. If you’re still not inspired, you can check out artists like José Parlá or just step out of your house and explore the environment around you.

4. Or just use a colouring book

Adult Colouring Book

Credit: Megamunden

Colouring books are actually very fun when you get creative. Everything is done for you (perfect for lazy people) and you just have to start colouring straight away. Check out adult colouring books from Richard Merritt, Moose Allain and Emma Farrarons or you can even download and print out line art illustrations from DeviantArt (Psst… local artist Stanley Lau aka @artgerm has some sweet character line art you can colour)! 

Get started: All you need is to get that colouring book and some colour pencils and you’re all set to go!

5. Be a photographer


Posting “artsy” photos on Instagram does not make you’re a legit photographer. Why not dabble with a proper DSLR and give photography a try?

Get started: Figure out your budget and get a camera of the highest quality that you are comfortable with. Check out this review of the best entry-level DSLR cameras for 2015 (Ed’s note: I highly recommend the Canon 750D). Once you get the camera, you can search photography tutorials on YouTube to learn more about the different settings on your camera. Flip through Flickr as well where people share their work and give each other constructive criticism. Practise, take lots of photos and don’t be afraid to get into weird stances for the perfect angle. 

What are you doing this June holidays? Share your plans with us!


Teenage Weekend List

28 May 2015 by Teenage

Rejoice for yet another long weekend! Here are some ideas on what you can do over the weekend in sunny Singapore! 


TRY: Gel manicures

Etude House Enamel ting Gel Nails

I’ve never been the type of girl who will shell out hundreds to get her nails done on a regular basis as I can be quite chor lor (chipped nails within hours of getting out of the nail salon, I swear). Thanks to Etude House VivoCity’s store opening last weekend, I got to try out a free gel manicure with the Etude House Enamel Ting Gel Nails and I was sold at how easy it was to create gel manicures at home. In fact, I was so convinced that I bought a promotional set ($99 for the UV lamp, remover, nail cleanser, top coat, base coat and three nail colours) there and then, got home and painted my mom’s nails. Time to surf Pinterest for some ideas so I’ll have pretty nails for the whole of next week! 

VISIT: Eight Slate’s pop-up store at Soon Lee

 eightslate pop up store

If you love minimalist designs, hop by Soon Lee at Haji Lane this weekend for Eight Slate’s first ever pop-up store. There will be an exclusive preview of their new collection and shopping vouchers if you’re one of the first 150 shoppers. More deets here

JOIN: Nespresso Inissia contest


If you’re a hardcore Instagram flatlay artist and a coffee lover, you need to take part in the Nespresso Inissia social media contest, stat! They’re holding the contest in conjunction with the limited edition Nespresso Inissia colours (Fuchsia Velvet and Pacific Blue) where the top five most creative entries will win an Inissia experience worth $900 each. Just hashtag your posts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with #MyNespressoColour or head on over to their Facebook Page for more information. 


WATCH: Tribes


Feeling artsy this weekend? Catch this play which is uniquely humorous and gives you a look at the complexities of communicating with the your loved ones. A script by British playwright Nina Raine, Tribes won the 2012 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play. It is a look at one young man’s encounter with deaf culture after living with a prickly family that has shunned it since his birth in an attempt to make him as “normal” and well-adjusted as possible.

More details at Pangdemonium.

VISIT: The Little Prince in the Dark


For fans of The Little Prince, this is an exhibition you cannot miss! French visual artist has created 13 all-white sculptures to be discovered by the senses of touch and hearing audio versions of the book, all to be presented in the dark. Experience Saint-Exupery’s beloved book in new ways never imagined before.

Free entry. More details at Alliance Francaise.

EAT: Beach Road Prawn Mee


Credit: ieatandeat

Is spending $11.80 on a bowl of prawn noodle worth it? If you’re having it at Beach Road Prawn Mee, then yes it’s totally worth the money! The bowl goodness is served with jumbo prawns, huge serving of bean sprouts, pork ribs and yellow noodle or bee hoon. The key to any prawn noodle is the broth and the Beach Road prawn broth delivered with that sweet prawn flavour, well balanced and not too overpowering. Salivating yet?

Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House is located at 370/372 East Coast Road, Singapore 428981


TRY: Make LEGO Brick Gummy Candy 

Lego brick candy Credit: Boredpanda/ Grant Thompson “The King of Random” 

I love eating gummy bears so when I chanced upon this tutorial on stackable LEGO brick-shaped gummy candy, I just HAD to try it out. The recipe is pretty simple and boasts to be even better than the traditional gummy bears – just purchase the silicone moulds from Ebay/Carousell (or make them if you’re feeling adventurous) and you’re ready to go. If you decided to do this as well, show us your results by tagging us on Instagram! 

VISIT: Universal Studios Singapore (Battlestar Galactica Ride: HUMAN vs CYLON)

Battlestar Galactica USSCredit: The Straits Times

It took nearly two long years, but the Battlestar Galactica Ride at USS has finally been re-opened! I’ve been on it before (the four-seater version), but the new re-designed ride has been said to be able to “bring riders closer to the experience” and “improve the overall guest experience”, which reads as awesome in my book. 

Singapore residents can now purchase a USS Adult Day at $68, which includes a free meal and drink. Offer period from May 27 to July 31. 

DO: The Ultimate Movie Workout

mad-max-workout Credit: Darebee

Ever wondered how your favourite movie characters gets their toned bod and how you can get their excellent physique? Enter Darebee, where there are tons of quirky workouts to try – granted they mayn’t be their exact routines, but it’s definitely more interesting to partake in a Nikita and/or Legolas workout as compared to plain old ab crunching or planks, right? 


EAT: FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

 Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar

Credit: Sassy Singapore

No stranger to all the cafe-hoppers on Instagram, this oh-so-glorious ice cream parlour has already conquered the online realm with its famed charcoal waffles ($6). It’s good enough with a scoop of ice cream, but nothing beats the golden goodness when drizzled with salted egg yolk custard sauce. Plus, FATCAT is conveniently situated at the heartlands (in fact, it’s just a 10 minute walk from our workplace!) so we can have our liu sha fix easily.

Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar is located at 416 Bedok North Ave 2, #01-25, Singapore 460416.

VISIT: Capitol Piazza

Capitol Piazza Capitol Singapore

Credit: Capitol Singapore

Many young’uns patronising the new Capitol Piazza are probably there for the stellar food offerings – Taiwan’s Dazzling Café, Paris’ Angelina, and Italy’s Equilibrium amongst others – but what you might not have known is that this four-storey mall was once part of a historical marvel back in the ’30s. One-fourth of the current Capitol Singapore, Capitol Piazza boasts stunning architectural detailing and plays host to brands like Dr. Martens, Aesop, Skin Inc etc. Oh yeah, don’t forget to pop by the freshly re-opened Capitol Theatre – this refurbished 900-seat cinema is the biggest single-screen, dual-purpose theatre in Southeast Asia! #SingaporePride

Capitol Piazza is located at 15 Stamford Road, Singapore 178906.

DO: Clear out clutter!

Clear Out Clutter (Kimberly Davis)

Credit: Kimberly Davis on Pinterest

I admit: I’m the kind of girl who ogles at Pinspiration boards of swoon-worthy, organised workspaces every day, but doesn’t actually do anything to tidy up my own room.  If you’re anything like me and your room is in need of some serious de-cluttering, it’s time to get things in order. Here’s a tip for clearing out junk: start out small – tackle the easier-to-manage areas such as your drawers first, and build up your momentum to handle the bigger projects. You can then move on to decorate your space when you’re done!

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Teenage Weekend List

21 May 2015 by Teenage

Eating, shopping, pampering, grooving – here’s what the Teenage team will be up to this weekend. 


TRY: Woodworking

The General Co Woodworking Workshop

The General Co Woodworking Workshop

If you didn’t get a chance to take D&T in school, don’t fret. You can always take up a woodworking course to find out what you’ve been missing out. The General Co is holding a woodworking workshop this coming Sunday, and you can learn about the different types of wood, how to operate a table saw and sanding. You’ll even get to make and bring home your own personalised wooden tool caddy at the end of the workshop. 

VISIT: Etude House VivoCity

Etude House Vivocity

Etude House will be opening their newest branch in VivoCity’s spanking new basement. The new store will feature the first ever nail parlour, where customers can pamper themselves with a manicure or pedicure using their favourite Etude House products. There’s also a Sweet Catcher Machine, which allows customers a chance to win a mystery prize. Head down to Etude House VivoCity this weekend to win an array of cool prizes, including movie passes and dining vouchers. 

Etude House’s newest branch is located in VivoCity,#B1-03.

USE: Original & Mineral Seven Day Moisture Miracle Masque

O&M Original & Mineral Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque, $50

I just had my hair dyed pink last weekend. After several rounds of bleaching, blowdrying and colouring, my tresses are ready to call it quits. Thankfully, the Original & Mineral Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque ($50) managed to breath new life into my hair; repairing the damages and reducing the frizz for healthier-looking hair. 


WATCH: Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road

Judging from the action packed trailer, Mad Max will be quite a ride! Though the movie is about “Mad” Max Rockantansky, we would like to think that Charlize Theron’s role as the Imperator Furiosa is the main focus of the film. Plus Nicholas Hoult being part of the main cast as Nux (one of the War Boys) is why we should totally catch the movie as well! What is this whole chase about and who’s side is Nicholas Hoult on? We want to find out!

VISIT: Universal Studios Singapore

USS Puss In Boots Ride

Time to head down to USS before it gets super packed over the June Holidays. Though the roller coasters are not available anymore (boo!), there’s a new ride in town and if you didn’t know about it, where have you been? It’s the world’s first Puss in Boots‘ Giant Journey suspended coaster! There is a special promotion going on until 26th May which celebrates the launch of the new ride so go on and book your tickets now!

More details here.

EAT: New Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh

New Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh

I’ve always preferred the herbal kind of Bak Kut Teh as compared to the peppery type and the New Soon Huat BKT is one you must try! Though they do have the dry version, I still prefer this cause who eats BKT without soup? I especially love the tau kee (bean curd skin) with enoki mushrooms, it’s crispy and so savoury at the same time. I can totally devour one pot of that alone with rice.

New Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh is located at 949 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 534713


ATTEND: YouTube FanFest 2015 (22-24 May)

YouTube FanFest Singapore 2015

In case you haven’t heard, this weekend will be jam-packed with all things YouTube! I’ll be heading down to YouTube FanFest 2015 held at *SCAPE where workshops, fan-meets and performances from YouTubers like Jason Chen, Kurt Hugo Schneider, and The Fung Brothers. Plus local favourites like ShiGGa Shay, Gentle Bones, Munah & Hirzi and more. Watch our Instagram for snippets throughout the weekend. For ticketing deets and festival details, check out 

LISTEN: ‘Take Heart’ – The Sam Willows 

TAKE HEART The Sam WillowsCredit: Sony Music Singapore

The Sam Willows have been on my radar ever since we featured Benjamin Kheng (1/4 of The Sam Willows) in August 2014 – yay for local pride! This weekend, I’ll be listening to their latest lead single ‘Take Heart’ off their upcoming still-unnamed debut album on repeat – they sang it during their opening act for The Script, and I love the way their voices blend together in their unique sound. We interviewed The Sam Willows recently, so keep an eye out for that too! 

‘Take Heart’ is available on iTunes and all digital music stores. 

USE: SEED x heroine make 1 day UV contact lenses 

SEED x Heroine Make 1day UV lensesCredit: Bless Inc. Asia

I’ve always been a monthly-lens kinda girl, but I’ll use dailies whenever I know I’ll be too lazy for proper contact lens care. Also, this weekend is gearing up to be super busy and wonky contact lenses/dry eyes aren’t something I’d want to worry about, especially being on-the-go. I’m going to try out SEED x heroine make 1 day UV lenses which promise big-eye cosmetic effects while giving all day comfort. 

SEED x heroine make 1 day UV lenses comes in 30 lenses per box for $62, available at all leading premium optical stores. 




SHINee’s back, you guys! It feels like forever since we’ve last seen the fivesome as a whole, but the boys are f-i-n-a-l-l-y making a comeback. If there’s anything SM does right, it’s how they craft their groups’ brilliant concept photos. In this case, ODD is masked as a psychedelic, borderline f(x)-esque record that’s perhaps a lil’ too hipster for K-pop. SHINee may be known for their addictive tunes (think ‘Ring Ding Dong’ and ‘Sherlock’), but it’s really their atmospheric mix of R&B numbers like ‘Odd Eye’ and ‘View’ that creates the magic in this album.

ATTEND: Music Matters Live 2015

Sonamoo Music Matters 2015

Back for the fifth year in a row, this four-day mega music festival will be bringing over a gene pool of artistes from 25 countries including the likes of Aussie’s Dru Chen, Canada’s Time Giant, South Korea’s Sonamoo. You’ll also get to see our very own Shiggashay, Gentle Bones, Jaime Wong and more on stage. They’ll be playing at various venues around Clarke Quay, so catch ‘em if you can. Best of all, it’s completely free of charge! Visit the official website for the full schedule and artiste line-up.

Music Matters Live 2015 will be held on 20-24 May, at 3 River Valley Road, Singapore, 179024.

EAT: Snowy Village

Snowy Village SingaporeSnowy Village Singapore Bingsu

Credit: Daniel Food Diary

Possibly the coolest (pun intended) bingsu cafe that has ever existed on our shores, Snowy Village is housed within a container-designed exhibition space which showcases local photography and artworks. Not only that, the owners also repurposed oil drums into quirky dining tables for the alfresco area. Definitely worth the visit if you’re into the novelty factor! The menu contains the usual suspects of bingsus, toasts, waffles and coffee, but it still offers a pretty decent variety for an up-and-coming cafe.

Snowy Village is located at 120A Prinsep Street, Singapore 187937.

What’s on your list this weekend? Give us your recommendations in the comments box below! 

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Teenage Weekend List

14 May 2015 by Venetia Sng

For this week’s Weekend List, we put together a collection of cafes, DIYs and must-see movies. 


WATCH: Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

This weekend is going to be aca-awesome cause the pitches are finally back, and I can’t wait to watch them kick a** internationally. Is Fat Amy and Bumper gonna be a thing? Are Beca and Jesse staying together? So many questions! 

EAT: Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters Singapore Teenage Weekend List 14 May Teenage Weekend List 14 May

Just look at the pancake and tell me you don’t want to eat it. Admittedly, I went to Pacamara just last weekend and I’m already hankering for more. The cafe is filled with gorgeous natural lighting, which promises awesome insta-worthy food shots. They’ve got a good selection of grub but avoid going there from 4-5pm if you want food (the kitchen would be preparing for the dinner service during that time). 

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters Singapore is located at 185 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574333

TRY: L’Oreal False Lash Miss Manga 


The secret to big, round anime-like eyes is in this little tube. The L’Oreal False Lash Miss Manga ($22.90) is formulated to give you 10 times the volume and two times the curl, even on short Asian lashes. There’s a promotion for the month of May, where you can get it for an introductory price of $18.90. Score! 


PARTY: Singapore Fashion Week After-Party with H&M


Rub shoulders with fashion insiders and celebrities at the fashion party of the year. The best thing is, everyone’s invited! All you need to do is to be the first 500 to spend a minimum of S$100 at any H&M store and register for this event. Who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with Godfrey Gao? More details here!

DO: Cook at Home

Simple Grill Recipes

I’ve been eating out a lot and that’s not good for my poor wallet. Though I’m not an awesome cook, it’s never too late to start training right? Cooking is an important skill and everyone should at least know how to whip up a dish or two during urgent situations. Here are some simple grill recipes that anyone can do, all you need is to prep the ingredients and pop it in the oven!

TRY: Nude Lips

Nude Lips Sephora

My make-up regime is super standard, I rarely veer from my cat-eye liner, blush plus vaseline lip balm, so my goal this weekend is to try going nude (on my lips)! Sephora has just launched their Nude Lips Campaign and they have everything from creamy balms, stay-all-day liquid lipsticks, to neutral glosses, there’s the perfect shade of nude for everyone. Time to head down to Sephora and try all products!


DIY: Make A Lightsaber 

Star Wars Lightsaber

Credit: geektyrant

Star Wars has captured me fully, especially after seeing Arissa’s gorgeous lightsaber on Star Wars Day (4 May). I was doing the rudimentary lightsaber research and chanced upon a couple of ‘How to build your own Lightsaber’ tutorials, which inspired me to build my own! I liked this super detailed tutorial the most because the parts are made out of scrap – reduce, reuse recycle… It’s obviously not going to be a one-weekend assignment, but hey it’s worth a shot! Any Star Wars buff out there who wants to indulge in a lightsaber-building competition? 

DO: Negative Space Nails 

Negative Space Nails

Credit: The Nail Artelier

I prefer doing my own nails on a weekly basis instead of heading to the nail salons because it’s a) better on my wallet and b) super customisable depending on my mood. This week, I’m going to try my hand (lol) at the ‘negative space’ nail design. There a ton of tutorials online, but So Nailicious’ is pretty easy to follow. Here’s a tip (lol): If you don’t have access to striping tape, you can either cut up scotch tape, plasters, or even reinforcement labels (if you need that circular shape). Also, wait wait till the polish is fully dried before peeling the stickers out to avoid having jarred paint edges. 


TRY: Selfie Coffee

Selfie Coffee Singapore

Credit: zippyzipeng

Yes, it’s a thing y’all – you can now have your selfie and drink it too! From the same franchise that spawned the famous Selfie Coffee cafe chain, the freshly opened Singapore outlet allows you to print your fave shots on top of your cuppa (iced drinks are recommended if you want the pics to last longer on the foam, btw!). Fad or rad, you decide.

Selfie Coffee is located at 11 Haji Lane, Singapore 189204.

VISIT: The Projector

The Projector Singapore

Credit: Philipp Aldrup

If you’re an old-school film buff who watches movies from the golden age of Hollywood, you’ll love this new hipster hangout. A hidden gem tucked away in Golden Mile Tower (not to be confused with Golden Mile Complex), The Projector revives two cinema halls of the historic Golden Theatre as a fully-refurbished cinema. It now offers a wide selection of films, from cult favourites like A Single Man to idiosyncratic indie flicks like Citizenfour. The place’s a little scruffy and a little too obscure, but that’s what makes the hunt fun!

The Projector is located at 6001 Beach Road, #05-00 Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589.

WATCH: Producer and Orange Marmalade

Producer Korean Drama

Orange Marmalade Korean Drama

There’s a whole slew of fresh K-dramas worth watching this month, so one thing’s for sure: your Friday/Saturday nights are about to be super awesome. Topping the list is Producer, featuring small-screen hotshots Kim Soo Hyun, IU (reunion of the Dream High stars!), Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Tae Hyun. Talk about a star-studded cast! Another must-watch is Orange Marmalade, starring AOA’s Seolhyun as a vampire and Yeo Jin Goo as a normal high school student who falls in love with her. Cue the blood (and tears).

Producer premieres 15 May, every Friday and Saturday on KBS2 at 9:15PM KST. Orange Marmalade premieres 15 May, every Friday on KBS2 at 10:35PM KST.

What’s on your list this weekend? Share it with us in the comments box below. 

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