Christmas shopping can be fun, but it often turns into somewhat of a nightmare when you’re set on finding the perfect gift for the people on your list, then turn up empty-handed. Instead of losing sleep over the ideal item, why not switch things up with a little unpredictability? Be inspired by our list of quirky, one-of-a-kind gifts that would make wonderful surprises for your loved ones this festive season!

#1 Receive divine intervention for your food decisions

As a well-known food haven, living in the gourmet paradise that is Singapore often plagues us with too much or too little choices. To solve this first-world problem, let fate make the food decision for you. With these Meal Divination Sticks, you can choose to pick the sticks from a holder at random, or shake the holder the traditional way and wait for one of the sticks to fall out. Whatever it is, these sticks are looking to be a foolproof meal plan!

#2 Enjoy local flavours in a cup


Nothing hits home more than familiar local flavours like ice kachang and nasi lemak turned into refreshing cups of tea. Founded through tea maker Victor Koh’s imaginative plate, these original tea blends from ETTE Tea are sure to please even the most discerning of tea connoisseurs.

#3 Hug your organs to sleep

If you know someone who’s really into plushies, these Plush Organs might make an ideal substitute for the usual teddy bears and animal soft toys available in the market. This adorable line of stuffed guts includes all the major organs in our human body, and are squishy enough to hug without causing any internal damage.

#4 Will the perfect Singaporean please stand up?

Created by the masterminds at SGAG, The Singaporean Dream is an interactive card game that all locals need in their life. Encompassing the things we are best known for, this innovative game allows you to sabo, complain and pay your way into becoming the perfect Singaporean – one card at a time.

#5 Be a traveling performer


You no longer have to feel obligated to go to a karaoke sesh anymore when you gift this Mini Karaoke Microphone to the wannabe pop star on your list. With the ability to be plugged straight into a smartphone, this palm-sized mic works perfectly with most karaoke apps, and can even be used to make phone calls. Dual functionality for the price of one!

#6 Grow organic ingredients at home


Know someone who’s got a real knack for gardening? Challenge the green thumbs in your life to grow their own food with this Indoor Allotment. Complete with miniature plant pots, snips, soil pellets and seeds, your very own herb garden is open for business!

#7 Accessorise with wearable local delights


Who says you can’t eat your food and wear it too? Having made waves on social media with their delightfully adorable clay food earrings, Klay’s collection of handmade miniature clay accessories would make the perfect gift for the fellow foodies.

#8 Go back in time with a nostalgic timepiece 


Ideal for a 90s baby, this Gameboy Watch is bound to bring back memories from yesteryears. Functional and retro, this bad boy can rival a Baby-G and win with its nostalgic Super Mario Land alarm. Throwback vibes, anyone?

What will you be getting for your loved ones this Christmas? Share the love in the comments below!

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