Snacks are a must when the afternoon feels like a slow crawl to the end of a workday. If you’re getting bored of your usual chips and biscuits, here are some unique Singaporean-esque bites to switch up your pantry stash.

F.EAST Egg Prata With Fish Curry Potato Chips

Teenage_Snacks_F.EAST_Egg Prata with Fish Curry

If you’re craving for prata but don’t have the time to run to the nearest coffeeshop, these chips could do the job. They might not be the same as your usual egg prata doused in tangy fish curry, but we think the taste from local brand Flavours of the East (stylised as F.EAST) are close enough to do the trick. Other novel flavours include the iconic Singapore laksa and Hainanese chicken rice. 

Nutkins Black Pepper Crab Peanuts

Teenage_Snacks_The Nutkins

Oftentimes, a good crunch is all you need to do away with work woes (ASMR anybody?). Homegrown company Nutkins has reimagined well-known flavours into – yes, you guessed it – peanuts. And we don’t just mean the usual sugared or salted ones; think decidedly local dishes like black pepper crab and baked prawns, hand-baked to crisp perfection. So shiok!

Mala Mala Handcut Potato Wedges

Teenage_Snacks_Mala Mala

Sichuan mala-flavoured potato chips may be passé, but what about hand-cut potato wedges? While made from the same crop, using wedges means each piece is thicker and more substantial than chips – definitely worth the afternoon calories. And if you’re not a fan of potatoes, Mala Mala also offers spicy mushroom chips as an alternative.

Kettle Gourmet Teh Tarik Popcorn

Teenage_Snacks_The Kettle Gourmet

The folks behind Nutkins are also responsible for gourmet popcorn brand Kettle Gourmet, a Singapore-based haven for popcorn lovers. These round crisps come seasoned in sweet flavours such as cookies and cream and salted caramel, as well as the familiar tastes of chicken rice and our go-to order, teh tarik.

The Cookie Museum Nasi Lemak Cookie

Teenage_Snacks_Cookie Museum

For an interesting spin to your usual companions to coffee, opt for The Cookie Museum. Sure, finding shrimps and ikan bilis in your normally sweet biscuits may cause a few to be taken aback, but the rave reviews tell us that their products are something to shout about. Besides, it’s nasi lemak in cookie form – what more could you ask for?

The Golden Duck Salted Egg Crab Seaweed Tempura

Teenage_Snacks_Golden Duck

One of the early purveyors of salted egg chips and fish skins, The Golden Duck has since branched out into the local snack staple of seaweed tempura – with a seafood twist. Using real crabs in their ingredients, the tempura- battered seaweed melds perfectly with the rich salted egg flavour. Order up the chili crab variation as well to round out your pantry!

Fossa Chocolate Nanyang Kaya Chocolate

Teenage_Snacks_Fossa Chocolate

Although Fossa Chocolate doesn’t limit their products to strictly local flavours, these resident cocoa specialists do hide some interesting twists in their palate of unassuming sweets. One such offering is the nanyang kaya chocolate, which reimagines the local favourite into a breakfast bar layered with crunchy toasted bread.

Wok Wok Cereal Prawn Potato Chips


It can’t get any more local than when our hawkers join in the fray. Conceptualised at the back of an Yishun hawker centre, the chefs behind Ah Tan Wings debuted their cereal prawn potato chips under Wok Wok in 2018 and have never looked back since. While they have to be ordered in at least a box of six (with free delivery!), these crisps are so irresistibly good that we’re sure they would be wiped out in a jiffy. 

 This article was adapted from Teenage Portfolio 2019.

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