The heat of the Singapore sun is inescapable, and more so when one is out and about. If you’re thinking about taking a walk into Sentosa but dreading the boring, tiring stroll through its boardwalk, don’t be – it seems that the 670m bridge has gotten some interesting new additions, in the form of curated vending machines.

Launch of Boardwalk AdVENDture

Now, before you roll your eyes and continue on your way, we must say that the Boardwalk adVENDture options aren’t your ordinary canned soda providers. The 35 machines (all with the ability to go cashless) are spread across four retail clusters and provide visitors with more than just refreshments. With novelty gifts, beauty products and even full meals available for your selection, of which many are first-time vending machine vendors, you’ll definitely be in for a treat.

Stop A: Fresh Point

Starting your trek from VivoCity shopping centre into Sentosa, the first cluster is fairly close to the mega-mall. Named the Fresh Point, it features cool snacks and local nibbles that will fuel one on their walk. Besides the usual ice creams and beverages, however, we noticed some fun picks when we dropped by the boardwalk during their launch event.

Eureka Popcorn

You’d think popcorn comes hand-in-hand with movies, but they’re also great to munch on when you’re in need of a mid-day nibble. Popping up (literally) in their first vending machine, Eureka by Eureka Snacks offers both classic and localised flavours that will be sure to suit everyone’s fancy. Also, can we just take a look at how gorgeous the packaging is?

Art Faculty by Pathlight

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your loved ones, how about one from Art Faculty by Pathlight’s fundraising collection? Featuring handcrafted artworks such as fans, cups and notebooks by differently-abled artists, proceeds will go towards the school’s efforts to nurture burgeoning artists. Shopping while doing good? Count us in!

There’s something for the beauty junkies too. No time to shop for your favourite K-beauty essentials at your local retail store? You can now pick up daily essentials from Korean skincare brand su:m37° along the boardwalk stretch at their vending machine spot. How convenient is that?

Stop B: Gift Street

Souvenirs are all the rage with tourists, but even the most discerning local wouldn’t be able resist getting some of the quirky novelty items available here. Upon entering Gift Street, you’ll be greeted by a row of vending machines that come lined up in the style of Sentosa’s Monorail. Check out some of the fun offerings:

Fragrance - Bak Kwa

The festive snack bak kwa (Chinese salty-sweet meat jerky) is a favourite amongst Singaporeans and foreigners alike. Get your bak kwa fix – and some other undeniably Singaporean flavours – at Fragrance Foodstuff’s first ever vending machine.

Salted Egg Potato Sticks - Fragrance Foodstuff

A bookstore in a vending machine, anybody? Literature lovers looking to delve into Singapore’s history and leading figures can also pick up a copy or two at Books by World Scientific, which displays biographies of famous Singapore leaders as well as some local works for your reading pleasure.

Stop C: Fun Alley

Heading to Sentosa means that you’re all geared up for a day of fun, but as much as you’ve prepared, there could be an item or two that you’ve might’ve forgotten to pack. Cue Fun Alley’s dispensers, which allows one to pick up everyday necessities without having to run to a convenience store.

Banana Boat

Going to the beach? Arm yourself with full-spectrum protection from the harsh sun rays! Suncare essentials from Banana Boat by DKSH Singapore are available at Fun Alley.


Family essential products are compiled into a nifty dispenser here as well, with items like baby wipes, mosquito repellent patches and plasters neatly arranged for purchase – just in case mom forgets to bring anything!

Stop D: Foodie Zone

On the cusp of entering Sentosa, vending machines are cosied away in an air-conditioned space – this makes the Foodie Zone, where famished visitors can grab ready-to-eat grub. With standing tables placed in the area, tourists and locals alike can refuel before going all-out in the State of Fun.

Crab Vending Machine

Think you can finish a whole steamed crab? Fresh, “restaurant-quality” crustaceans are available in Singapore’s first-ever crab vending machine by House of Seafood. At the price of $59.90, these whole crabs are heated up for five minutes and served piping hot. Options include black pepper crab, salted egg crab and the popular chili crab.

Crab Vending Machine - Salted Egg Crab

Feeling parched? The area also houses a semi-automated bar counter by Bar Stop!, where craft beers and cocktails from the mainland will be served for those in need of an alcoholic thirst quencher (to those of age, of course).

If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with trusty cup noodles. Aptly taking cues from the Japanese and their specialised vending machines, Koka and Nissin offer a wide assortment of flavours that will satisfy your tastebuds.

What other interesting items would you like to see in such vending machines? Let us know in the comments below!

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